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Transportation employees agree to concessions.

Transportation employees agree to concessions

Bus Lease, Inc., and the Amalgamated Transit Union agreed on a 3-year cost-cutting contract effective in March, when the company completed the purchase of Greyhound Lines Inc. The announcement of the sale came after the 8,000 union members had rejected a contract offer from Greyhound Lines and were in the process of voting on a 3-month extension of the current agreement, which had expired on October 31, 1986. Union President James LaSala conceded that the contract was "concessionary' on the employees' part, but stressed that it maintained existing pension and health and welfare funds. The employees' efforts to help reserve the decline in profits that had affected the bus line in recent years was not new--in 1983, they agreed to an 11.8-percent pay cut, after a 7-week strike.

The 1987 accord provides for:

A cut in drivers' mileage pay rates that will be more or less offset by a change in contract language permitting them to drive more hours in a shift. An official of Bus Lease described the change as a "productivity improvement. It doesn't mean longer hours, and it's still within government safety regulations.'

Premium pay for drivers in eight large cities.

Possible incentive payments to drivers, contingent on increases in ridership.

Job guarantees for all full-time employees with at least 5 years of service.
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Publication:Monthly Labor Review
Date:Apr 1, 1987
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