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Transport garments on hangers with power-and-free system.

A garment on hanger overhead rail system moves apparel in manufacturing and warehouse facilities using light duty, inexpensive power-and-free conveyors. Maneuvering trolleys filled with hanging garments over great distances, through changing elevations and across long complex paths, the system permits separation of the trolleys from the power chain onto free (non-powered) lines. This allows trolleys to be stopped, switched or diverted to other paths, either powered or non-powered. Custom configured for each installation, systems can include multiple entry points; automatic or manual routing; non-powered areas for inspection, tagging/ ticketing or other value-added processes; vertical inclines and declines; accumulation and unit sortation; large capacity baskets for handling flat goods; and multiple discharge points. For automatic control and routing to various destinations, the system can be integrated with readers for bar codes, chips and magnetic identification. W&H Systems, 201-635-3493,

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Title Annotation:SPECIAL FOCUS: Overhead handling
Publication:Material Handling Product News
Date:Oct 1, 2015
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