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Putting shielding time to great use with charity mask. SOPHIE FINNEGAN Reporter Sep 7, 2020 426
A simple heart to heart will help kids like Daithi get a new lease of life; Family urges public to discuss donation. ORLAITH CLINTON & NADIA BREEN Sep 7, 2020 595
10-year-old dances through the pandemic, and two heart transplants. Sep 6, 2020 1239
Constable: 10-year-old dances through pandemic, and two heart transplants. Sep 6, 2020 1251
Parents pack a suitcase full of hope for bravest little buccaneer waiting for a new heart; Family of three-year-old on the transplant list reveal how they strive for normality while praying for phone to ring. Janet Boyle Sep 6, 2020 1061
Mum waiting for a phone call that will save her son's life; LENNIE WAS BORN WITH RARE HEART DEFECT AND DESPERATELY NEEDS A HEART TRANSPLANT. DANYA BAZARAA News Reporter Aug 28, 2020 952
Mum of boy, 2, born with heart 'back to front' waiting for phone call to save his life; EXCLUSIVE:Lennie Eyre was born with a rare heart defect and desperately needs a heart transplant -but his mum says it's a "waiting game" to find a suitable match. By, Danya Bazaraa Aug 26, 2020 995
Papworth pioneers lead way in mission to save more lives. Aug 23, 2020 331
Student once dubbed the sickest boy in Scotland is most grateful teenager as he thanks doctors for saving his life; Teen looks to career in film after making remarkable recovery. Janet Boyle Aug 23, 2020 655
Sickbed groom has heart transplant in secret to save wife from worry after three cancelled ops Page 15; EXCLUSIVE BIG SURPRISE FOR BRIDE Couple now hope to renew vows at Celtic Park. SALLY HIND Aug 13, 2020 960
'My ignorance almost killed me' Source: I was in total organ failure and received last rites. Steven Urizar Straight From The Source Aug 9, 2020 959
'My ignorance almost killed me'. Steven Urizar Straight From The Source Aug 9, 2020 959
Plasma-Derived Extracellular Vesicles as Potential Biomarkers in Heart Transplant Patient with Chronic Chagas Disease. Cortes-Serra, Nuria; Mendes, Maria Tays; Mazagatos, Clara; Segui-Barber, Joan; Ellis, Cameron C.; Ba Aug 1, 2020 4757
Listeria monocytogenes Meningoencephalitis and Cerebral Abscess in a Heart Transplant Recipient. Adjei, Paul C. Jul 31, 2020 2135
Orthotopic Heart Transplantation for Congenital Heart Disease with Dextrocardia: A Single-Center Clinic Experience. Wang, Guohua; Wang, Yixuan; Zhang, Jing; Sun, Yongfeng; Cai, Jie; Liu, Jinping; Dong, Nianguo Jun 30, 2020 5556
My brother died on transplant list.. don't leave it late; Family's plea after death of 37-yr-old. ORLAITH CLINTON Jun 23, 2020 370
The face of hope; COVID-19 CRISIS: OP JOYJames, 12, thrilled at new heart. EXCLUSIVE BY GRACE MACASKILL Jun 7, 2020 649
The face of hope; COVID-19 CRISIS: OP JOY James, 12, thrilled at new heart. EXCLUSIVE BY GRACE MACASKILL Jun 7, 2020 649
Boy, 12, gets heart transplant during pandemic despite NHS' focus on Covid-19 crisis; EXCLUSIVE: Brave James Barrow is one of only 20 patients given a new heart since the entire focus of the NHS turned to stemming the virus outbreak -and was able to go home a fortnight ago. By, Grace Macaskill Jun 6, 2020 656
'Don't waste your organs when you die' Heart transplant recipient Max makes plea as law in his and the girl who saved his life's name is rolled out. JEREMY ARMSTRONG, MARTIN BAGOT AND JULIE MCCAFFERY May 21, 2020 1170
36 years ago I was told my new heart would give me five years now I'm celebrating my 80th; Grandad hails organ donation law change. PAUL BYRNE May 21, 2020 500
Hoops & downs; couple enjoy double celbebration Sick Celts fan weds in hospital on day his team win the league Minutes before, doctors find him a donor heart .. but sadly it's not perfect match. SALLY HIND May 20, 2020 850
Hoops & downs; WARD'S DOUBLE CELEBRATION FOR HAPPY COUPLESick Celts fan weds in hospital on day his team win the league >>Minutes before, doctors find him a donor heart but sadly it's not perfect match >>. SALLY HIND May 20, 2020 848
Don't waste your organs when you die save a life; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: NEW DONOR LAW BUT PATIENTS STILL ON HOLD- max johnson, heart recipient. EXCLUSIVE BY JEREMY ARMSTRONG May 20, 2020 997
Don't waste your organs when you die save a life; coronavirus crisis: new donor law but patients still on hold- max johnson, heart recipient. EXCLUSIVE BY JEREMY ARMSTRONG May 20, 2020 993
'Have that conversation ..for kids like my Ethan'. EXCLUSIVE BY JULIE MCCAFFREY and GRACE MACASKILL May 20, 2020 588
I worried Elsie might grow up without a mum holding her after I got my new heart was the best moment of my life; AS ORGAN DONOR LAW COMES INTO FORCE, A MOTHER'S THANKS. EXCLUSIVE BY JULIE MCCAFFREY May 18, 2020 1237
Mum who nearly died after birth saved by miracle heart transplant -on 8th attempt; EXCLUSIVE Jordan Green was placed on life support less than a month after giving birth to Elsie, and was eventually saved by a transplant when the first seven donors were deemed unsuitable. By, Julie McCaffrey May 17, 2020 1706
Pediatric Home Milrinone Use While Awaiting Heart Transplant. DeCastro, Jessica May 1, 2020 3202
CareDx to present heart, lung transplant data in virtual meetings. Apr 22, 2020 266
Family unable to see toddler waiting for heart transplant. RHEA TURNER Apr 7, 2020 445
Use of Idarucizumab to Revert the Anticoagulant Effect of Dabigatran in Heart Transplant Surgery: An Institutional Experience. Herrera-Escandon, Alvaro; Castano-Cifuentes, Orlando; Plata-Mosquera, Carlos A. Mar 31, 2020 1758
Right Coronary Artery to Coronary Sinus Fistula Post Endomyocardial Biopsy: A Case Report of a Rare Complication. Rali, Aniket S.; Sami, Farhad; Sauer, Andrew; Shah, Zubair Mar 31, 2020 1979
The Role of IL-33 in Experimental Heart Transplantation. Chen, Jie; He, Yan; Xie, Zhongming; Wei, Yingying; Duan, Lihua Mar 31, 2020 6314
Stay at home to save our lives, pleads transplant girl. SOPHIE FINNEGAN Reporter Mar 24, 2020 608
'Follow advice and save lives' KAYLEE'S MUM BEGS YOU TO STAY AT HOME. SOPHIE FINNEGAN Reporter @SophieeFinnegan Mar 24, 2020 612
Vinnie: Wife's heart transplant saved my life and hers. Mar 22, 2020 279
Star Jones Wife heart op saved my life too. Mar 22, 2020 248
Vinnie: Wife's heart transplant saved my life as well as hers; Star applauds the new opt-out donor law. OLIVIA BUXTON Mar 22, 2020 422
Vinnie: Wife's heart transplant saved my life as well as hers; Star applauds the new opt-out donor law. OLIVIA BUXTON Mar 22, 2020 413
Scarlett's still upbeat; new health concern for family Scarlett Hope Coleman, who has been diagnosed with post-transplant lymphoma disorder. DAVID HUNTLEY @davey_huntley Mar 16, 2020 343
DON'T LET MY SON DIE FEAR: Sophie Mansuy with son Frankie; Mums: PM is gambling with lives. Grace Macaskill and Alan Selby EXCLUSIVE Mar 15, 2020 762
Mum marries critically ill boyfriend in hospital bed in front of sons, 10 and 6; The couple tied the knot in Cambridge's Royal Papworth Hospital's critical care room, where the groom is awaiting a desperately needed heart transplant to save his life. By, Ella Pengelly Feb 29, 2020 495
Liverpool FC to bring heart transplant patient, 12, to Anfield after he appears on Lorraine; Jack has been through years of ill health but the club's gesture made his day. By, Jess Flaherty Feb 18, 2020 194
Have a heart: Amazing story of a transplant revealed. Murray Scougall Feb 16, 2020 311
I promise to take good care of my heart.. when I say thank you, it's just not enough.. you saved my life; Transplant girl's thank you to donor family. EXCLUSIVE BY JEREMY ARMSTRONG Feb 10, 2020 400
Transplant girl's heartbreaking promise to donor who gave her a new heart; EXCLUSIVE: Kayleigh fell seriously ill late last year and was diagnosed with an enlarged heart. Her only hope was a transplant and she was wired up to machines to pump her blood and help her to breathe. By, Jeremy Armstrong Feb 9, 2020 426
First Circulatory Death Heart Transplant in U.S. Feb 1, 2020 190
Manipal Hospitals Bangalore successfully performs India's first Bentall operation for a Jehovah witness patient. ANI Jan 24, 2020 653
Narayana Health City performs Karnataka's youngest heart transplant. ANI Jan 21, 2020 1117
Global Heart Transplantation Therapeutics Market 2020-2024: AbbVie Inc, Mylan NV, Pfizer Inc & Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. Jan 13, 2020 744
Heart Transplants From Donors With Hepatitis C May Be Safe: Study. Jan 13, 2020 350
Heart transplant saved me from certain death then my fiancee died 48 hours before wedding; FAMILY'S WORLD TORN APART BY A CRUEL TWIST OF FATE. EXCLUSIVE by HARRIET WHITEHEAD Jan 12, 2020 1195
Aurora child in need of lifesaving heart transplant. Submitted by Children's Organ Transplant Association Jan 9, 2020 291
Aurora child in need of lifesaving heart transplant. Submitted by Children's Organ Transplant Association Jan 8, 2020 281
Heart Transplants From Hep C Virus-Positive Donors Seem Safe; No significant difference seen in one-year posttransplant survival for HCV+, HCV− donors. Jan 8, 2020 276
ASK THE DOCTORS. Cho, Leslie; Rocco, Michael Jan 1, 2020 580
Incidental Anomalous Left Coronary Artery in a Transplanted Heart. Patlolla, Sri Harsha; Vallabhajosyula, Saraschandra; Bell, Malcolm R. Jan 1, 2020 1730
Surgeon performs 3 kids' heart transplants in 4 days. Nader Issa Chicago Sun-Times Dec 31, 2019 762
1 surgeon, 3 kids' heart transplants, 4 days. Nader Issa Chicago Sun-Times Dec 31, 2019 761
I don't know how Harry has fought so hard with only half a heart he won't survive without a transplant; GIFT THAT CAN SAVE A BOY'S LIFE. EXCLUSIVE BY WARREN MANGER Dec 23, 2019 1190
'Harry has fought so hard with half a heart, he won't survive without a transplant'; EXCLUSIVE: All little Harry Lee wants for Christmas is a new heart. In our festive miracle appeal, we highlight how he faces a race against time to find the gift that can save his life. By, Warren Manger Dec 22, 2019 1140
Successful cardiac and renal transplants successfully performed in Sousse and Sfax hospitals. Dec 19, 2019 186
Cardiac and renal transplants successfully performed in Sousse and Sfax hospitals. Dec 19, 2019 186
Exposure to Air Pollution May Up Mortality After Heart Transplant; Estimated mortality hazard ratio 1.43 per 10 [micro]g/m[superscript three] increment increase in annual PM2.5 exposure. Dec 9, 2019 245
A newlywed heart transplant patient has died days after marrying his high school. Chicago Sun-Times Obituary Dec 8, 2019 202
First footballer to play on after heart transplant raises organ donation awareness in Abu Dhabi. Samihah Zaman, Staff Reporter Dec 5, 2019 336
Giving thanks for a second crack at life. JUDITH TONNER Dec 4, 2019 766
Decreased Survival Under New System. Dec 1, 2019 465
A Rare Case of Chylothorax after Heart Transplantation. Alam, Amit; Hou, Linle; James, Dreamy; Mody, Kanika; Iyer, Deepa; Ghaly, Aziz; Almendral, Jesus Nov 30, 2019 3422
First heart transplant in Kuwait fruit of Amir directives - Health Min. Nov 27, 2019 300
Outcomes Poorer With New U.S. Donor Heart Allocation System; Early observations show lower waitlist mortality but higher posttransplant mortality or retransplantation. Nov 27, 2019 254
First heart transplant for Kuwait "a success" - Minister. Nov 26, 2019 169
Kuwait Amir congratulates health Min. on country's first heart transplant. Nov 26, 2019 153
Successful heart and liver transplant surgeries performed at Mongi Slim, Rabta hospitals. Nov 20, 2019 174
Two successful surgeries of heart and liver transplant in Rabta and Mongi Slim hospitals. Nov 12, 2019 227
Racial Bias Seen in Heart Transplants. Nov 12, 2019 393
Woman died three years after heart transplant. BEN WALDRON News Reporter Nov 7, 2019 347
Family's medical conditions don't stop them from travelling; Nicola Hague had a devastating stroke at just 18, and then needed a heart transplant. But that didn't stop Nicola and her family from wanting to travel. Nov 6, 2019 244
Scarborough's Hays Travel branch fundraise to send Thalia, 4, on the holiday of a lifetime to Disneyland Paris. Nov 1, 2019 915
The Montreal Heart Institute celebrates its 500th heart transplant. Oct 31, 2019 991
A Rare Complication of HVAD Outflow Thrombosis and the Importance of HVAD Waveform Analysis. Ning, John; Gaglianello, Nunzio Oct 31, 2019 1737
Profound Iron Deficiency Anemia and Irreversible Dilated Cardiomyopathy in a Child. Wittekind, Samuel G.; Martinez, Hugo R.; Villa, Chet; Bacon, Matthew; Hammill, Adrienne M.; Lorts, A Oct 31, 2019 1660
Malondialdehyde and Uric Acid as Predictors of Adverse Outcome in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure. Romuk, Ewa; Wojciechowska, Celina; Jachec, Wojciech; Zemla-Woszek, Aleksandra; Momot, Alina; Buczkow Oct 31, 2019 9524
I'll be transplant nurse in memory of my husband.. STEPHEN WHITE Obituary Oct 28, 2019 306
Vice PM Omurbekova discusses optimization issues of heart and organ transplantation university. Oct 25, 2019 144
Kidney and Heart Transplant Conference reviews full range of treatment options. Conference news Oct 25, 2019 236
Global Heart Transplant Market Analysis, Trends, Size and Forecasts to 2025. Oct 23, 2019 734
Extra 35 years for heart op detective. Oct 13, 2019 124
I feel the same with a donor heart.. I just want to get on with life; OLDEST TRANSPLANT OP PATIENT HITS 90 TOMORROW; Ex-Yard cop still going strong 35yrs on. ELEANOR PERKINS and ALAN SELBY Oct 13, 2019 545
World's oldest transplant patient told new heart would last decade -35 years ago; Ex-Scotland Yard chief David Aggat was told the transplant could buy him 10 more years when he was given heart of a 14-year-old girl. By, Eleanor Perkins & Alan Selby Oct 12, 2019 621
Aimee loses fight for life waiting for heart donor; 11-yr-old was face of organ campaign. ORLAITH CLINTON Oct 11, 2019 364
AHA News: Women and Men Tolerate Heart Transplants Equally Well, But Men May Get Better Hearts. Oct 11, 2019 546
Assessing Rejection in Heart Patients. Oct 1, 2019 528
Stranger's heart let me live to meet my boy.. now he needs a donor miracle too; transplant dad's desperate battle to save baby son. EXCLUSIVE BY GRACE MACASKILL Sep 29, 2019 1287
Stranger's heart let me live to meet my boy.. now he needs a donor miracle too; TRANSPLANT DAD'S DESPERATE BATTLE TO SAVE BABY SON. EXCLUSIVE by grace macaskill Sep 29, 2019 1287
New heart gave me a second chance at life, says patient. Staff Report Sep 28, 2019 680
'Stranger's heart saved my life -- now my baby son needs a miracle donor too'; EXCLUSIVE: In a cruel twist of fate, Richard Eaves learned newborn son has the condition that killed his dad and he also needs a new heart. Grace Macaskill Sep 28, 2019 1345
'No evidence' overdose factor in unwell baby's tragic death. KATIE DICKINSON Reporter Sep 26, 2019 734
Inquest finds baby's death was not down to overdose; youngster died aged five months after heart transplant. KATIE DICKINSON Reporter @KATIEJDICKINSON Sep 26, 2019 749
New research enables more heart donations. ANI Sep 26, 2019 473
Family's medical conditions don't stop them from travelling; Nicola Hague had a devastating stroke at just 18, and then needed a heart transplant. But that didn't stop Nicola and her family from wanting to travel. Sep 25, 2019 244
I try to be positive ... but it feels like time is running out for me; LYNDSEY, 34, URGENTLY NEEDS NEW HEART. JONATHAN HUMPHRIES ECHO reporter @JHUMPHRIESECHO Sep 24, 2019 781
Huge rise in need for heart transplants. Sep 24, 2019 197
Wait for a new heart doubles; UK & WORLD. Sep 24, 2019 150
Wait for a new heart doubles; UK & WORLD. Sep 24, 2019 150
RECORD NUMBERS WAIT FOR HEART TRANSPLANT; Hundreds await law change. MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor Sep 24, 2019 275
HEART TO HEART; Brothers both have transplants at 46 years old. EXCLUSIVE by Matt Barbour Sep 22, 2019 729
Brothers both need heart transplant at 46 - the same age their mum died; EXCLUSIVE: Stuart and Dave Webb suffered from a condition causing irregular heartbeats, which can eventually lead to heart failure and death. mirror Sep 22, 2019 793
Heart Transplant Market Global Analysis by Demand, Growth, Size, Share, Emerging Trends, Future Scope by Top Leaders till 2023. Sep 17, 2019 1026
Gift of life leaves transplant duo so grateful to donors. Sep 4, 2019 1205
Please help my girl get the best life she deserves; Mum's heart transplant plea to give four-year-old a future. Sep 4, 2019 476
Soft Tissue Infection with Diaporthe phaseolorum in Heart Transplant Recipient with End-Stage Renal Failure. Howard, Julia C.; Chen, Kevin; Werno, Anja; Metcalf, Sarah Sep 1, 2019 1459
Scarborough woman raising awareness during Organ Donation Week in four-year-old granddaughter's search for a new heart. Aug 30, 2019 489
I knew that when I couldn't cross the street without getting out of breath, that my heart was failing. Aug 23, 2019 903
Heart op brings hope to others; transplant involved restarting organ that had stopped. Aug 23, 2019 483
Veteran receives 'groundbreaking' transplanted heart from donor who died when it stopped beating; Experts at the Institute of Transplantation at the Freeman Hospital carried out the new procedure for the first time and say it was a success. Aug 22, 2019 960
Hopes to use pig hearts [...]; UK & WORLD. Aug 19, 2019 161
Hopes to use pig hearts in human transplants. Aug 19, 2019 153
Hopes to use pig hearts in human transplants; UK & WORLD. Aug 19, 2019 153
Hopes rise for pig heart transplants. Aug 19, 2019 123
Jim always put the needs of others before his own and he brought a sparkling light to the lives of everyone he met; Brave Jim Lynsky died in May after a lifelong battle with heart problems caused by childhood meningitis - but what he accomplished in a life cruelly cut short is remarkable. Family friend LAUREN KNOWLES tells his story and explains how his legacy lives on. Aug 17, 2019 1117
Novel Dual Stem Cell Therapy May Improve Cardiac Regeneration. Aug 12, 2019 670
For my 21st, I'll have a huge party, aca ke with two tiers and millions of fairy lights. But a stranger has given me the greatest birthday gift of all.. the beating heart that means I'm alive to see this day; AMAZING TRANSFORMATION OF ILL STUDENT WHOWAS SO WEAK SHE COULDN'T EVEN DRESS HERSELF; Heart transplant girl so grateful to donor. Aug 11, 2019 1238
Family's medical conditions don't stop them from travelling; Nicola Hague had a devastating stroke at just 18, and then needed a heart transplant. But that didn't stop Nicola and her family from wanting to travel. Aug 7, 2019 237
Family's medical conditions don't stop them from travelling; Nicola Hague had a devastating stroke at just 18, and then needed a heart transplant. But that didn't stop Nicola and her family from wanting to travel. Aug 7, 2019 237
Award for Max; Donor campaign work recognised; EXCLUSIVE. Jul 23, 2019 175
Pearl Cameron, 69, from Aberdeen, [...]. Jul 21, 2019 359
New heart's given me 35 extra years of life please he a donor; Longest surviving patient's plea after shock fall in number of vital transplants. Jul 18, 2019 718
New herart's given me 35 extra years of life please be a donor; Longest surviving patient's plea after shock fall in number of vital transplants; EXCLUSIVE. Jul 18, 2019 716
ALL WE WANT FOR RUBY IS A SAFER PLACE TO SLEEP; Special bed plea for heart transplant op four-year-old. Jul 18, 2019 951
SIGHTS SET ON LIVING; Siblings aim for Games medals. Jul 17, 2019 684
Taiwan woman gets transplant after heart failure caused by bee sting. Jul 12, 2019 451
Aimee, 10, cut off from world as she waits for a life-saving transplant; Heart hope schoolgirl can't leave hospital before op. Jul 10, 2019 535
Family joy as coma son returns home; transplant saves life of teenager hit by mystery illness. Jun 28, 2019 489
He can now go outside & eat proper meals; FAMILY'S JOY AS TODDLER GETS A NEW HEART; EXCLUSIVE. Jun 15, 2019 884
He can now go outside ...& eat proper meals; family's joy as toddler gets a new heart. Jun 15, 2019 906
Story to warm the heart. Jun 5, 2019 524
CNPTO announces success of 4 organ transplants from brain-dead donor. May 28, 2019 162
Scarlett is as well now as she ever will be without a heart transplant. She's terrific, a born survivor; SCARLETT's STORY. May 26, 2019 429
Consuming dietary fibre can reduce heart transplant risk. May 26, 2019 319
Fan dies waiting for transplant; E&S BRIEFING. May 15, 2019 210
Czech teacher survives 34 years with heart transplant. May 15, 2019 145
New agony for family of teen with heart defect; mystery infection now makes transplant necessary. Apr 29, 2019 413
Teenager has 'absolute maximum' of two weeks for life-saving heart transplant; Doctors have an 'absolute maximum' of two weeks to find a new heart for 17-year-old John Leiper. Apr 29, 2019 567
After all interventions including CABG, Angioplasty and Heart Transplants profession has come back to preventive cardiology. Apr 15, 2019 808
Teenage heart op girl dies after doctors said her organ rejection was food poisoning; EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Brooks, 18, died after doctor said she had food poisoning - but her body was rejecting a heart transplant. Apr 6, 2019 408
Apollo Hospital: Medical Experts Suggest That 80-95 Percent Heart Transplant Patients Survive the First Year. Apr 1, 2019 481
Role of Physical activities in prevention of non-communicable diseases. Feb 28, 2019 3045
Review of Danon Disease Cases in the International Journal of Cardiology. Feb 26, 2019 498
Donors saved my life THREE times; INSPIRATIONAL TALE OF ONE GIRL'S DETERMINATION"; Linzis still only 21 but t has battled back from transplants; EXCLUSIVE. Feb 22, 2019 1025
Donors saved my life THREE times; EXCLUSIVE; Linzi is still only 21 but has battled back from transplants. Feb 22, 2019 952
Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage opens heart failure center -BYLN- Submitted by Northwestern Medicine. Feb 20, 2019 719
DAD DENIED HEART TRANSPLANT DIES; 38-year-old refused life-saving op after overstaying visa We're all OK. Sania, his wife, was crying for hours.It's tough for us all and difficult. It's incredibly sad. Faisal Hanif. Obituary Feb 16, 2019 446
Bride forced to plan funeral instead of wedding after fiance dies in her arms; Phill Alcock, from Holbrook, Derbyshire, had waited 10 years for a heart transplant, but tragically passed away just weeks after getting the new organ. Feb 11, 2019 664
Prince Sultan Cardiac Center in Ahsa receives international accreditation certificate for clinical care program. Feb 4, 2019 246
Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage opens new advanced heart failure center. Feb 3, 2019 724
Cross-species Heart Transplant Successful. Feb 1, 2019 189
Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage opens new advanced heart failure center. Jan 30, 2019 724
I know this law will make a difference; Transplant boy Max on organ donor bill; EXCLUSIVE. Dec 12, 2018 339
One Step Closer to Pig-to-Human Heart Transplants. Dec 11, 2018 159
Heart failure patient George is first in UK to get exercise boost; Unique technique will make grandad fitter for transplant. Dec 5, 2018 665
Max's Law backed by House of Lords; Mum's delight at transplant vote. Nov 24, 2018 294
I just want him to have a normal life, go to school, go on holiday, have a life like any other child; PLIGHTOF HEART BOY OSCAR - MUM ABBIE AS SON WAITS FOR DONATION. Nov 21, 2018 1079
Heart transplant guidelines New rules better for gauging most urgent candidates, NJ doctors say. Vecchione, Anthony Nov 19, 2018 703
Keeping soaps true to life. Nov 14, 2018 359
Harold dies 35 yrs after new heart op. Oct 30, 2018 126
Accepting Increased-Risk Donor Heart Tied to Higher Survival; Survival benefit persists through five years from the time of offer for an increased-risk donor allograft. Oct 30, 2018 281
Family affair at the Transplant Games; DOUBLE ACT. Oct 17, 2018 504
Arab Baby Clings to Life after Heart Transplant from Israeli. Oct 16, 2018 766
Transplanted heart 'feels different, but in a good way'. Sep 21, 2018 137
Surgeons at transplant centre pass on expertise. Sep 18, 2018 408
North medics share expertise. Sep 18, 2018 201
Thank you for the gift of Charlie's life; parents' gratitude to family after vital heart transplant. Sep 7, 2018 675
Parents less likely to consent to child donation of organs. Sep 7, 2018 396
We'd hope a donor family will see it as a chance for their child's heart to live on; Mum's plea for more kids' organs. Sep 6, 2018 556
Organ donation shortage for children revealed -- and bereaved parents of kids are less likely to donate. Sep 6, 2018 525
Increase Observed in Hearts From Drug-Intoxicated Donors; However, use of drug-intoxicated donor hearts does not adversely affect post-transplant survival. Sep 6, 2018 226
I became a nurse after heart swap now I need a new kidney; Mum backs opt-out campaign; EXCLUSIVE. Sep 4, 2018 478
Patient waits nine years for new heart. Sep 3, 2018 247
Patient waits nine years for new heart. Sep 3, 2018 248
Patient waits nine years for new heart. Sep 3, 2018 234
Patient waits nine years for new heart. Sep 3, 2018 234
Patient waits nine years for new heart. Sep 3, 2018 247
Patient waits nine years for new heart. Sep 3, 2018 234
New Heart-Failure Therapy Serves Patients without Other Choices. Sep 1, 2018 199
11-year-old girl gets heart transplant after visit by Drake. Aug 29, 2018 130
Girl's second birthday wish comes true: A new heart. Aug 28, 2018 637
Girl's second birthday wish comes true: A new heart Heart: Family, surgeon cautiously optimistic with Sofia in recovery. Aug 28, 2018 637
After meeting Drake, second birthday wish comes true for Downers Grove Girl: A new heart. Aug 28, 2018 637
Awaiting heart transplant, a wish to meet Drake. Aug 17, 2018 451
PRIDE JOY FOR MAX; Nod to transplant lad who fronted Mirror campaign. Aug 11, 2018 166
Pride joy for transplant lad who fronted Mirror campaign. Aug 11, 2018 124
'Every inch of you breaks into a million pieces': Mum's agony on losing son after heart transplant; Rio Rutter received a new heart after ten months on the waiting list - but the complications proved one battle too many. Aug 11, 2018 691
Organ donor system will become opt-out in 2020 in huge breakthrough for Max's Law campaign; EXCLUSIVE: Ministers will bring in a scheme of presumed consent in a bid to tackle the shortage of organs. Aug 5, 2018 1237
Max's Law organ donation fight by Mirror praised by Theresa May after Government reveals opt-out system plans; EXCLUSIVE: After news the new system will come in 2020, the PM said: "The Mirror's campaign is a big reason we are closer to passing Max's Law, inspired by a very brave young man". Aug 5, 2018 971
We did it baby; MIRROR DONOR CAMPAIGN: RELIEF FOR TOT'S FAMILY; Mum's tears of joy after Ben gets new heart after 9 months. Aug 4, 2018 1045
We did it baby; MIRROR DONOR CAMPAIGN: relief for tot's family Mum's tears of joy after Ben gets new heart after 9 months. Aug 4, 2018 1074
How heart transplant saved Surrey man's life so he could go on to win medal for Team GB; Tim McWilliams won a silver medal at the World Winter Transplant Games and now has his sights set on completing a half marathon. Jul 30, 2018 553
NOSTALGIA: As the 41st Transplant Games open in Brum next week, we look back to the early days of heart trasnplants... Jul 29, 2018 400
Mum who lost 'heart transplant warrior' baby nominated for Chronicle Champions award; Tracie says encouraging others to sign up as organ donors is 'close to her heart' after Charlie lived for four precious months after his tranplant. Jul 29, 2018 621
Meeting athlete who received heart transplant 'brings a kind of comfort' for donor's mum. Jul 26, 2018 781
Haunted by 'what-ifs?' Mother's agony at swap-op girl's death; INQUEST TOLD OF MUM'S CONCERNS. Jul 15, 2018 484
Mum of girl, 8, who died waiting for a new heart will 'always have questions' after inquest; Ella Dee lost her battle for life in Newcastle's Freeman Hospital last year after her body rejected its first donor heart. Jul 14, 2018 450
Newlywed died two months after heart transplant. Jul 12, 2018 695
Newlywed died due to transplant complications; woman knew she had 'no choice' but to have new heart op. Jul 12, 2018 799
FAIRWAY TO HEAVEN; Dad Mike hits his first hole in one after getting transplant heart from golfer killed in accident. Jul 10, 2018 216
Patients on organ donor list await 'call of their life'. Jun 23, 2018 506
I was so grateful for my second heart, but now I need a new one; DAD WHO HAD TRANSPLANT AT 17 IS BACK ON CRITICAL LIST. Jun 9, 2018 839
MAX ON THE BOX; Hero Mirror heart transplant boy in TV appeal for research funds; EXCLUSIVE. Jun 9, 2018 275
Transplant hero Max Johnson, 10, becomes the face of new TV fundraising drive for the British Heart Foundation; The youngster whose transplant last summer inspired a law change after pressure from Mirror campaign will star in a TV broadcast featuring our front pages. Jun 8, 2018 332
Fundraising helps team buy heart-saving 'box'. Jun 4, 2018 639
Fundraisers help to keep hearts beating with box; TEAM BUYS PIONEERING SYSTEM THAT WILL SAVE MORE LIVES. Jun 4, 2018 395
See the pioneering technology saving lives by keeping transplant hearts beating OUTSIDE the body; Freeman Hospital's 'heart in a box' enables donor hearts to be kept viable far longer before being transplanted. Jun 3, 2018 476
"Malignant" Chronic Constrictive Pericarditis. Albarran, Ali Ayaon; Gonzalez, Jose Antonio Blazquez; Garcia, Jose Maria Mesa Case study Jun 1, 2018 384
'Don't worry, everything will be fine': Teenager's tragic final words to family before dying after failed heart transplant; Brave Maddy Orford, 18, never regained consciousness and was placed in an induced coma after surgeons' second attempt to give her a new heart. Obituary May 25, 2018 1457
'She's pretty incredible': Lombard girl recovers from heart transplant. May 23, 2018 1403
First human-to-human heart transplant in eastern India. May 22, 2018 189
Max op on TV sparks 490% rise in donors; Sign-ups as transplant shown; EXCLUSIVE. May 17, 2018 270
TV broadcast about heart transplant hero Max Johnson, 10, sparks 500% rise in organ donor sign-ups; Figures showed 3,172 people registered between 8pm and midnight on Monday, with the BBC documentary A Chance to Live airing at 9pm. May 16, 2018 305
BBC documentary shows life-saving work of heart transplant unit at Newcastle's Freeman Hospital; Transplant: A Chance to Live will feature seven patients awaiting transplants and reveal a pioneering new technology. May 11, 2018 594
Heart recipient, 10, thanks the family who saved him. May 4, 2018 593
Mansoor refuses offer to undergo heart transplant in Pakistan. May 1, 2018 193
Fatal case of donor-derived colistin-resistant carbapenemase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae transmission in cardiac transplantation. Galvao, Lisia Miglioli; Oliveira, Anna Paula Romero de; Ibanes, Aline Santos; Monteiro, Jussimara; I Clinical report May 1, 2018 2456
Free treatment, transplant for Pakistani hockey hero Mansoor Ahmed at Karachi hospital. Apr 29, 2018 417
Indian hospital offers free heart transplant to Pakistan's hockey legend. Apr 28, 2018 417
Heart transplant recipient thankful for the gift of life: After waiting only two short weeks, Sam Lee got a new heart and a second chance at life. Apr 26, 2018 545
Heart transplant recipient thankful for the gift of life: After waiting only two short weeks, Sam Lee got a new heart and a second chance at life. Apr 26, 2018 546
Mansoor seeks heart transplant in India. Apr 24, 2018 353
Pakistan's hockey World Cup winner looking towards India for heart transplant. Apr 24, 2018 360
Local Charity, Organ Transplant Support, Inc. Recognized by HSN Cares during Annual $1,000 a Day Giveaway. Apr 20, 2018 188
Heart transplant tot now needs kidney. Apr 11, 2018 574
New transplant heartache for sick youngster; ADVERTISING FEATURE It's clearly a great choice. Apr 11, 2018 1101
A heart transplant program grows on Long Island. Apr 4, 2018 536
Celebrating 50 years of heart transplant surgery: A missed opportunity to honour Hamilton Naki. Zilla, Peter; Brink, Johan; Pennel, Tim Letter to the editor Apr 1, 2018 271
Baby Charlie loses fight for life after heart transplant. Mar 31, 2018 557
Charlie loses fight for life; emotional tributes paid to tot born with only half a heart. Mar 29, 2018 573
Brave baby Charlie Douthwaite loses his fight for life months after heart transplant; The six-month-old baby, who was born in Newcastle with half a heart, died on Tuesday night with his parents by his side. Mar 28, 2018 563
The heart of the problem. Mar 27, 2018 2296
Two-day old baby's life saved with complex heart surgery. Mar 25, 2018 712
Emirati youth awaiting heart transplant critical. Mar 22, 2018 170
Doctor Dressed As Chewbacca To Tell Teen About A Heart Transplant. Mar 21, 2018 453
Donor gave me a kidney - and a whole new future; Jade keen to thank inspirational hero for giving her gift of life. Mar 18, 2018 744
Charity's work not done; Letters. Mar 16, 2018 275
First heart transplants performed on Long Island. Mar 15, 2018 388
Critical teenage Emirati awaits heart re-transplant in India. Mar 12, 2018 514
Appeal for British Heart Foundation. Mar 7, 2018 207
Trasplante cardiaco en paciente bipolar: reporte de caso. Mar 1, 2018 4339
Celebrating 50 years of heart transplant surgery: A missed opportunity to honour Hamilton Naki. Mankahla, N.; Dlamini, S.; Taunyane, I.C.; Maqungo, S.; Cairncross, L.; Chiliza, B. Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2018 653
A 12-year-old girl was waiting for a heart at the same time as me. I was lucky, she wasn't that is sounfair; LEGENDARY COMEDIAN BACKS OUR DONOR CAMPAIGN. Feb 21, 2018 1561
Every morning I tell Benjamin this could be the day he gets a special gift.. Every night I tell him I'm sorry it didn't happen; FAMILY'S ANXIOUS WAIT FOR TOT'S HEART TRANSPLANT; EXCLUSIVE. Feb 17, 2018 1655
'Please stay another day, I beg you': Mum's heartbreaking pleas as she waits for tot's heart transplant; Ashley Rayner is desperate for six-month-old Benjamin to get a new heart and is begging Theresa May to adopt an opt-out organ donor register to save others from the same pain. Feb 17, 2018 1287
The gurgles that tell us little battler Charlie is making real progress after heart transplant. Feb 10, 2018 350
DHA signs partnership with Italian university. Feb 7, 2018 338
DHA signs organ transplantation pact with Italian varsity. Feb 7, 2018 212
CytoSorbents' CytoSorb blood purification shows positive results in publication. Feb 1, 2018 198
Gold for transplant patient Alex. Jan 24, 2018 465
Snowboarder wins gold after heart transplant; ATHLETE THANKS DONOR'S FAMILY AND MEDICAL TEAM. Jan 24, 2018 515
Medal win for heart-op mum; Curler's transplant games gold. Jan 16, 2018 305
Pakistani girl, 5, needs urgent heart transplant. Jan 13, 2018 672
Fifty Years Of Heart Transplants. Jan 8, 2018 611
A time for us all to leave a gift of life to others. Jan 7, 2018 489
Organ donor campaigner speaks of incredible 'gift of life' after waiting 14 years for transplant; Isabel Terry left the Freeman Hospital after a 12-hour double lung and heart transplant which saved her life. Jan 6, 2018 610
The smile we have been waiting for. Jan 6, 2018 547
Why these mums back opt-out organ donation; plea to save lives of others in need. Jan 3, 2018 884
Transplant mums' heartfelt backing for opt-out organ donation proposal. Jan 2, 2018 935
Mums pledge support for opt-out donation scheme; families are urged to give their permission to donate. Jan 2, 2018 863
Recurrent Cardiac Myxoma Treated by Orthotopic Heart Transplantation: A Case Report and Literature Review of Heart Transplantation for Primary Cardiac Tumor. Kewcharoen, Jakrin; Prasongdee, Klaorat; Sinphurmsukskul, Supanee; Siwamogsatham, Sarawut; Puwanan, Jan 1, 2018 3986
Neutropenic Enterocolitis in a Pediatric Heart Transplant Recipient on Multiple Immunosuppressants. Miller, Emily E.; Reardon, Leigh Christopher Jan 1, 2018 2397
Management Strategies for Posttransplant Diabetes Mellitus after Heart Transplantation: A Review. Cehic, Matthew G.; Nundall, Nishant; Greenfield, Jerry R.; Macdonald, Peter S. Jan 1, 2018 10756
Corticosteroid Weaning in Stable Heart Transplant Patients: Guidance by Serum Cortisol Level. Baran, David A.; Rosenfeld, Cheryl; Zucker, Mark J. Jan 1, 2018 3677
Temporal Changes on the Risks and Complications of Posttransplantion Diabetes Mellitus Following Cardiac Transplantation. Iannino, Nadia; Nasri, Amine; Rakel, Agnes; Ducharme, Anique; Lachance, Kim; Racine, Normand; de Den Jan 1, 2018 7561
Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in an 8-Month-Old Infant for Ostial Stenosis of a Reimplanted Left Main Coronary Artery. Cai, Amanda; Kramer, Courtney; Bandisode, Rani; Fernandes, Valerian L. Jan 1, 2018 2211
High-Sensitivity Troponin T and Soluble Form of AXL as Long-Term Prognostic Biomarkers after Heart Transplantation. Mirabet, Sonia; Garcia-Osuna, Alvaro; Frutos, Pablo Garcia de; Ferrero-Gregori, Andreu; Brossa, Vice Jan 1, 2018 4244
Boy shifted to CMH after requesting COAS' help with heart transplant. Dec 31, 2017 245
Boy taken to CMH after asking for COAS' help with heart transplant in video. Dec 30, 2017 220
Become a donor. Dec 27, 2017 161
Girl who was just hours away from dying as five-month-old baby celebrates 10 years with her new heart; Little Louisa McGregor Smith was just hours away from death as her heart was failing due to acute cardiomyopathy. Dec 27, 2017 557
Louisa's celebrating 10 years since she got her new heart. Dec 26, 2017 583
UAE health care -- poised for a paradigm shift. Dec 26, 2017 1255
Paradigm shift in UAE health care. Dec 26, 2017 1258
From chubby-cheeked heart transplant tot to smiling ten year old: Louisa is a record-breaker; In 2008, Louisa McGregor Smith became the youngest ever to survive on an artifical heart while a donor was found. Dec 25, 2017 567
The best presents ever; Two miracle tots are back home for Xmas. Dec 24, 2017 1117
Plea for donors as heart transplant waiting list rises; brum student urges families to help save lives. Dec 23, 2017 650
Big increase in number of people waiting for transplants. Dec 22, 2017 404
My 14-year wait for op has saved my life; Campaigner tells of joy at getting triple transplant. Dec 22, 2017 434
Aaron has hope for a Christmas miracle.. Dec 22, 2017 166
Twin shows need for organ reform; Madeuthink; WHAT WE'RE ALL SAYING. Dec 21, 2017 560
Are 3D-Printed Hearts The Future Of Cardiac Surgery? Dec 19, 2017 592
Twinspirational; 'MIRACLE' MOMENT THAT SAVED TOT; Heart baby brought back to life.. by the sound of his brother's name; EXCLUSIVE. Dec 18, 2017 1072
UAE surgeons perform first cadaver heart transplant in Abu Dhabi. Dec 14, 2017 895
UAE hospital performs first cadaver heart transplant. Dec 14, 2017 617
Portugal's Eurovision Winner Salvador Sobral has Heart Transplant. Dec 10, 2017 109
Hearts and heads and everything else. Dec 7, 2017 624
At the heart of history. Dec 6, 2017 887
Transplant deaths cut by Max's Law. Dec 5, 2017 235
Revolutionary Treatment May Help Thousands of Heart Patients. Dec 4, 2017 227

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