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Technological evolution for hair transplants in Turkey; Travelling to Turkey in search of the perfect hairline is becoming ever more popular. By, Vicky Robson Jul 26, 2021 1045
Bone-Patellar Tendon-Bone Autograft Thickness Is a Risk Factor for Graft Failure: A Case-Control Analysis. Roach, Ryan; Anil, Utkarsh; Bloom, David A.; Pham, Hien; Jazrawi, Laith; Alaia, Michael J.; Gonzalez Apr 1, 2021 4353 launches updated EMV chip transplant procedure. Feb 11, 2021 151
The current and future state of uterus transplantation. Flyckt, Rebecca; Richards, Elliott G. Jan 1, 2021 1888
A prospective evaluation of clinical and functional outcome of single bundle anatomic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with hamstrings autograft. Shaikh, Saeed Ahmed; Ahmed, Naveed; Adil, Salman; Jamali, Allah Rakhio Report Dec 31, 2020 3590
Transvaginal reconstructive surgery for POP: Innovative approach to graft augmentation in the post-mesh era: These surgeons describe a novel technique for transvaginal reconstruction using a biologic allograft product. Sosa-Stanley, Jessica; Kennelly, Michael J. Sep 1, 2020 2566
Ethical and Societal Issues Occasioned by Xenotransplantation. Rollin, Bernard E. Viewpoint essay Sep 1, 2020 6528
Game, set and thatch; Sir Andy says wife wants him to get hair transplant. STUART MACDONALD Aug 22, 2020 250
Ex-Falcons star on how reunion led him to hair transplant. KATIE DICKINSON Reporter Jul 29, 2020 475
'Life changing hair transplant restored my confidence' TOM FAIRCLOUGH, 33, WOULD OFTEN SHY AWAY FROM PHOTOS BUT IS NOW MORE CONFIDENT THAN EVER. Jul 24, 2020 649
Meet the man whose confidence was restored after a 'life changing' hair transplant; Tom Fairclough, 33, would often shy away from photos but is now more confident than ever. By, Joseph Dexter Jul 21, 2020 678
TV Jimmy's new lock; Carr has a hair transplant to transform his thinning mop. TOM BRYANT Head of Showbiz Jun 27, 2020 191
Brit, 26, left with severely scarred head after botched [pounds sterling]1,250 hair transplant in Turkey; WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES Luke Horsfield, 26, was worried about his thinning hairline so found a clinic in Turkey which would perform a transplant for half the price it would be in the UK. By, Ashley Pemberton Jun 16, 2020 867
Tyson Fury rejects hair transplant offer as world champion vows to stay bald; Fury has shed his flowing locks over the years and the heavyweight world champion is happy with his sleek look. By, Martin Domin Jun 11, 2020 385
The Effectiveness of Triamcinolone Injection on Risk of Postoperative Operations with the Conjunctiva Autograft Technique and Its Association with Change of VEGF mRNA Expression. Purnamanita; Budu; Hatta, Mochammad; Massi, Muhammad Nasrum; Natzir, Rosdiana; Ichsan, A.M.; Sujuti, Report Jun 1, 2020 3382
Long-Term Outcomes of Allogeneic Ocular Surface Reconstruction: Keratolimbal Allograft (KLAL) Followed by Penetrating Keratoplasty (PK). Krysik, Katarzyna; Dobrowolski, Dariusz; Tarnawska, Dorota; Wylegala, Edward; Lyssek-Boron, Anita Apr 30, 2020 4565
Clinical Outcomes of Osteoarticular Extracorporeal Irradiated Autograft for Malignant Bone Tumor. Takenaka, Satoshi; Araki, Nobuhito; Ueda, Takafumi; Kakunaga, Shigeki; Imura, Yoshinori; Hamada, Ken Apr 30, 2020 5053
Comparisons of Efficacy between Autograft and Allograft on Defect Repair In Vivo in Normal and Osteoporotic Rats. Dreyer, Chris H.; Rasmussen, Marina; Pedersen, Rasmus Hestehave; Overgaard, Seren; Ding, Ming Mar 31, 2020 5538
Efficacy of the Combination of rhBMP-2 with Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate in Mandibular Defect Reconstruction after a Pindborg Tumor Resection. Alraei, Kamel; Sharqawi, Jameel; Harcher, Somaya; Ghita, Ibrahim Mar 31, 2020 3586
Hair transplant centre opens shop in Nairobi. Mar 8, 2020 563
Autologous Micrografts from Scalp Tissue: Trichoscopic and Long-Term Clinical Evaluation in Male and Female Androgenetic Alopecia. Gentile, Pietro; Scioli, Maria Giovanna; Cervelli, Valerio; Orlandi, Augusto; Garcovich, Simone Clinical report Mar 1, 2020 6289
Application of Platelet-Rich Fibrin as Regeneration Assistant in Immediate Auototransplantation of Third Molar with Unformed Roots: Case Report and Review of Literature. Alkofahi, Hamzah; Maghaireh, Alaa; Fnaish, Mamoon; Jarrah, Mohammad; Bataineh, Mohammad Mar 1, 2020 4187
Ryan Giggs has hair transplant after 'stress' of playing for Man Utd made it drop out; Manchester United and Wales icon Ryan Giggs admits that the strain of playing top-flight football for 24 years left his head of hair needing drastic restoration as his mates poked fun his way. By, Freddie Keighley Jan 19, 2020 933
Zone V Extensor Tendon Repair with a Palmaris Longus Tendon Autograft and Human Umbilical Membrane. Esquivel, Esteban; Cox, Cameron; Purcell, Amanda; MacKay, Brendan Jan 1, 2020 3777
Human Chorionic Membrane: A Novel and Efficient Alternative to Conventional Collagen Membrane. D'Lima, Cynthia; Samant, Urmila; Gajiwala, Astrid Lobo; Puri, Ajay Jan 1, 2020 4263
Vertical Guided Bone Regeneration with Mineralized Cancellous Bone Allograft in a Severe Anterior Maxillary Defect: A Clinical Report with 14-Year Follow-Up. La Monaca, Gerardo; Pranno, Nicola; Pompa, Giorgio; Annibali, Susanna; Vozza, Iole; Cristalli, Maria Clinical report Dec 31, 2019 4131
Extensive Recontouring of the Femoral Head with Osteochondral Allografting: A Case Report with Histological and MicroCT Analysis. Jamali, Amir A.; Rowland, Douglas; Vandewalker, Kristen N. Dec 31, 2019 3107
Complications following Iliac Wing Fibrosarcoma. Stan, G.; Orban, H.; Deculescu, R. Dec 31, 2019 2340
A Multicentre Study: The Use of Micrografts in the Reconstruction of Full-Thickness Posttraumatic Skin Defects of the Limbs--A Whole Innovative Concept in Regenerative Surgery. Riccio, Michele; Marchesini, Andrea; Zingaretti, Nicola; Carella, Sara; Senesi, Letizia; Onesti, Mar Dec 31, 2019 5427
Harley Street joins Charles Street; Head Quarters has just opened and Xavier Rush's team includes a Harley Street hair transplant surgeon Dr Ted. Dec 19, 2019 1133
Steph's hair of confidence; THE DIARY 211 2816 211 2194 online at: katie.fitzpatrick& VICKIE SCULLARD with all the inside stories hollyoaks actress finally takes the plunge and undergoes transplant. Nov 30, 2019 306
Reconstruction of Medial Wall Blowout Fracture Defect with a Combination of Resorbable Meshed Plate and Cancellous Bone Allograft. Shin, Jongweon; Park, Song I.; Hwang, Yunsup; Kwon, Ho; Shim, Hyung-Sup Oct 31, 2019 5449
Hair Transplant Market CAGR of 24.0% with Global Industry Size, Share, Trends, Cost Effective Technology, Business Demand, Top Leading Player and Forecast to 2023. Oct 21, 2019 1057
Hair Transplant Market 2019 - Size, Share, Analysis, Top Leading Players, Business Development, Current & Forecast Demand and Latest Growth Opportunities By 2023. Oct 16, 2019 1036
Corrie slaps fine on Jack over hair transplant plugs; Dressing-down for posts breaching strict ad rules. EXCLUSIVE BY JANINE YAQOOB TV Editor Oct 13, 2019 433
Global Soft Tissue Allograft of Cartilage Market Trends And Industry Size, Forecasts Till, 2019-2023: Radiant Insights, Inc. Oct 8, 2019 826
The company that chaperones you to Istanbul for hair transplant procedures; Hair Transplant Solutions has received high praise from previous and existing clients. Jonny Dillon Oct 4, 2019 579
Corrie actor shows off hair transplant results; THE DIARY Email: Phone: 0161 211 2816 Email: Phone: 0161 211 2194 See more celebrity pictures, videos and interviews online at: KATIE FITZPATRICK & VICKIE SCULLARD with all the inside stories In association with SOAP STAR SAYS HE ALMOST QUIT ACTING AFTER HIS HAIRLINE BEGAN TO RECEDE. Oct 3, 2019 576
Corrie actor shows off hair transplant results; SOAP STAR SAYS HE ALMOST QUIT ACTING AFTER HIS HAIRLINE BEGAN TO RECEDE THE DIARY Email: Phone: 0161 211 2816 Email: Phone: 0161 211 2194 See more celebrity pictures, videos and interviews online at: KATIE FITZPATRICK & VICKIE SCULLARD with all the inside stories In association with. Oct 3, 2019 596
I'm going to grow an Elvis quiff..then maybe Platts; Corrie Jack's hair transplant success. JON HARRIS Oct 3, 2019 215
I'm going to grow an Elvis quiffthen maybe Platts! Corrie Jack's hair transplant success. JON HARRIS Oct 3, 2019 329
Rugby legend Xavier Rush on why his new hair transplant clinic in Cardiff is worth a try; Head Quarters has just opened and Xavier Rush's team includes a Harley Street hair transplant surgeon. Leena Sidat Oct 2, 2019 1907
Reconstruction Using Frozen Autograft for Disseminated Phosphaturic Mesenchymal Tumor of the Humerus after a Pathological Fracture. Kobayashi, Hiroshi; Hirai, Toshihide; Makise, Naohiro; Ushiku, Tetsuo; Ito, Nobuaki; Koga, Minae; Ik Sep 30, 2019 2553
Eight-Year Follow-Up Using a Fresh Osteochondral Allograft for a Femoral Head Chondroblastoma in a 17-Year-Old Patient. Moreau, Louis-Charles; Beauchamp-Chalifour, Philippe; Belzile, Etienne L.; Dion, Norbert Sep 30, 2019 3261
A Retrospective Study on the Use of Dermis Micrografts in Platelet-Rich Fibrin for the Resurfacing of Massive and Chronic Full-Thickness Burns. Andreone, Alessandro; Hollander, Daan den Report Sep 30, 2019 6105
The Role of Autologous Dermal Micrografts in Regenerative Surgery: A Clinical Experimental Study. Tresoldi, Marco Mario; Graziano, Antonio; Malovini, Alberto; Faga, Angela; Nicoletti, Giovanni Sep 30, 2019 4652
Spinal Machined Bone Allograft Market To Show Healthy CAGR Due To The Growing Prevalence Of Spinal Cord Disorders Till 2028 / Million Insights. Sep 13, 2019 1098
Robotic Hair Transplant System Market Forecast Covering Growth Inclinations & Development Strategies. Sep 12, 2019 990
Global Hair Transplant Market Projected to Reach $30 Billion by the End of 2025. Sep 6, 2019 455
First Plastic Surgery offers deals on Hair Transplant services. Sep 4, 2019 497
Jaipur surgeon introduces combination of FUT+FUE hair transplant technique. Aug 21, 2019 898
Hair Transplant Market Outlook till 2023 / Market Growth Seen at 24% of CAGR with Top Merchants - Driven by MRFR. Aug 20, 2019 888
Robotic Hair Transplant System Market Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, and Forecast 2018 to 2028. Jul 30, 2019 887
Quacks active in hair transplant sector, causing skin disease. Jul 1, 2019 320
Reconstruction of the Peroneus Brevis Tendon Tears with Semitendinosus Tendon Autograft. Nishikawa, Danilo Ryuko Candido; Duarte, Fernando Aires; Saito, Guilherme Honda; Netto, Cesar de Ces Jun 30, 2019 3268
The Improvement of Dry Eye Symptoms after Pinguecula Excision and Conjunctival Autograft with Fibrin Glue. Jeong, Jinho; Rand, Gabriel M.; Kwon, Taejung; Kwon, Ji-Won Jun 30, 2019 3196
Whole Transcriptome Sequencing Reveals How Acupuncture and Moxibustion Increase Pregnancy Rate in Patients Undergoing In Vitro Fertilization-Embryo Transplantation. Cheng, Jie; Jin, Xun; Shen, Jie; Mu, Yanyun; Li, Qian; Xia, Liangjun; Gao, Youling; Xia, Youbing Jun 30, 2019 4105
Robotic Hair Transplant System Market Assessment and Key Insights Analyzed till 2028. May 20, 2019 902
Robotic Hair Transplant System Market Assessment and Key Insights Analyzed till 2028. May 20, 2019 862
Umbilical cord allograft may boost diabetic foot ulcer healing. Dotinga, Randy Clinical report May 1, 2019 371
Reconstructive Challenges of Proximal Ulnar Bone Tumors: Our Experience with Biological Osteoarticular Reconstruction Using Extracorporeal Irradiation and Reimplantation. Gundavda, Manit K.; Agarwal, Manish G.; Reddy, Rajeev Apr 30, 2019 3231
Medial Cuneiform Opening Wedge Osteotomy for Correction of Flexible Flatfoot Deformity: Trabecular Titanium vs. Bone Allograft Wedges. Romeo, Giovanni; Bianchi, Alberto; Cerbone, Vincenzo; Parrini, Matteo Maria; Malerba, Francesco; Mar Apr 30, 2019 3804
Robotic Hair Transplant System Market Forecast Covering Growth Inclinations & Development Strategies. Apr 9, 2019 1070
Ben Jardine splits from the mother of his baby and gets a hair transplant; The reality star hopes a new hairline will help him secure a new lover. Mar 20, 2019 545
Coronation Street's Alan Halsall unveils results of second hair transplant; The star said he looked like a 90s pop star. Mar 14, 2019 265
Corrie's Alan: I'm proud of fringe benefits; SOAP STAR DEFENDS SECOND ROUND OF HAIR TRANSPLANT SURGERY. Mar 13, 2019 277
Man dies within 50 hours ofundergoing hair transplant. Mar 12, 2019 246
Coronation Street's Alan Halsall books SECOND hair transplant as Lucy-Jo Hudson moves on; Corrie actor Alan Halsall has revealed he is getting another hair transplant after being 'thrilled' at the results of his first procedure. Mar 12, 2019 381
Why Prince William Doesn't Get A Hair Transplant. Mar 10, 2019 421
ADAM & WEAVE; Cold Feet star James has SIXTH hair transplant. Feb 24, 2019 457
Cold Feet to bald feat; Nesbitt set for sixth [euro]23,000 hair transplant; EXCLUSIVE. Feb 24, 2019 268
Cold Feet to bald feat; Nesbitt set for sixth PS20,000 hair transplant; EXCLUSIVE. Feb 24, 2019 262
Cold Feet star James Nesbitt having SIXTH [pounds sterling]20,000 hair transplant; EXCLUSIVE: Sitcom star James Nesbitt, 54, said the transplants 'had probably helped' his acting career. Feb 23, 2019 275
Global Processed Meat Robotic Hair Transplant System Market Projected to Witness Vigorous Expansion. Dec 11, 2018 1041
Global Coating Solvent Robotic Hair Transplant System Market Expansion Projected to Gain an Uptick D. Dec 11, 2018 816
Global Coating Solvent Robotic Hair Transplant System Market Expansion Projected to Gain an Uptick D. Dec 11, 2018 851
Global Processed Meat Robotic Hair Transplant System Market Projected to Witness Vigorous Expansion. Dec 11, 2018 1077
How to take care of hair in pollution. Nov 27, 2018 584
Robotic Hair Transplant System Market Shares, Strategies and Forecast Worldwide, 2018 to 2028. Nov 23, 2018 984
Robotic Hair Transplant System Market Set for Rapid Growth And Trend, by 2028. Nov 23, 2018 1052
200 foreigners visit monthly for hair transplant. Nov 15, 2018 354
200 foreigners visit monthly for hair transplant. Nov 15, 2018 310
Transplantology needs to be developed in Kyrgyzstan: MP Strokova. Oct 4, 2018 111
'Heartless' thief used dementia couple's life savings on hair transplant; CONMAN ALSO SPENT CASH ON ROLEX WATCHES, DESIGNER CLOTHES AND FIRST-CLASS AIR TRAVEL. Sep 12, 2018 535
Effectiveness of Titanium-Platelet-Rich Autograft: A Preliminary Report/Titanyum - Trombositten Zengin Fibrin Otogreftinin Etkinligi: On Bildiri. Nuhoglu, Fadime; Tugcu, Betul Cakmak; Tunali, Mustafa; Ozdemir, Hakan Aug 1, 2018 3420
Male hair transplant clinic bid. Jul 15, 2018 109
Changing faces of Chris Maloney as he reveals MORE cosmetic surgery plans; The X Factor finalist shelled out [pounds sterling]120,000 on SIX nose jobs, SIX hair transplants and teeth and eyelid operations. Jul 7, 2018 771
Pediatric Kidney Recipients Often Have Subclinical Inflammation; Associated with increased risk of composite end point of acute rejection, allograft failure. Jun 15, 2018 214
Britain's Got Talent winner George Sampson admits hair transplant saved his career because receding hairline stopped him getting roles; The 24-year-old has undergone three procedures after 'feeling low' about his lack of job opportunities. May 25, 2018 438
Dr. Gokhan Gur Provides Tips to Clients Interested in Turkish Hair Transplant Procedures. May 1, 2018 482
JASON DONOVAN 'KYLIE AND I LIVE IN A PARALLEL UNIVERSE - WE TURN 50 IN THE SAME WEEK' As he hits the half decade, the pop idol turned West End star talks kindred spirit Kylie, hair transplants and camp costumes. Apr 29, 2018 762
Bioventus Co-Develops Bone Allograft with LifeLink; Launches DUROLANE. Mar 1, 2018 463
Hyderabad man loses vision after hair transplant. Feb 22, 2018 429
Flying without wigs; Former Westlife star Brian reveals hair transplant to fight baldness. Feb 5, 2018 276
Is Prince Harry Getting Hair Transplant After Royal Wedding? Jan 29, 2018 439
'Meghan's massively behind it': Prince Harry 'to undergo [pounds sterling]50,000 hair transplant after wedding'; The ginger royal reportedly wants to pull a Wayne Rooney and get himself a luscious new barnet. Jan 28, 2018 1187
Maria Fowler shows off the results of her painful hair transplant; The TOWIE babe gave fans an up close and personal look at her new hairline via social media. Jan 20, 2018 321
Incidence and Extent of Graft Extrusion following Meniscus Allograft Transplantation. Lee, Dae-Hee Jan 1, 2018 6624
Structural and Morselized Allografting Combined with a Cementless Cup for Acetabular Defects in Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty: A 4- to 14-Year Follow-Up. Chen, Hou-Tsung; Wu, Cheng-Ta; Huang, Tsan-Wen; Shih, Hsin-Nung; Wang, Jun-Wen; Lee, Mel S. Jan 1, 2018 4746
Immunological Compatibility of Bone Tissues from Alpha-1,3-galactosyltransferase Knockout Pig for Xenotransplantation. Kim, Se Eun; Kang, Kyung Won; Gu, Suna; Hwang, Seongsoo; Ock, Sun A.; Shim, Kyung Mi; Jang, Kwangsik Jan 1, 2018 4666
Expression and Regulation Profile of Mature MicroRNA in the Pig: Relevance to Xenotransplantation. Song, Zongpei; Cooper, David K.C.; Cai, Zhiming; Mou, Lisha Jan 1, 2018 5784
The Augment of the Stability in Locking Compression Plate with Intramedullary Fibular Allograft for Proximal Humerus Fractures in Elderly People. Chen, Hua; Yin, Peng; Wang, Song; Li, Jiantao; Zhang, Lihai; Khan, Kamran; Zhang, Licheng; Tang, Pei Jan 1, 2018 5401
Allograft Reconstruction of the Extensor Mechanism after Resection of Soft Tissue Sarcoma. Muller, Daniel A.; Beltrami, Giovanni; Scoccianti, Guido; Cuomo, Pierluigi; Totti, Francesca; Capann Report Jan 1, 2018 4762
Risk Factors for Endothelial Decompensation after Penetrating Keratoplasty and Its Novel Therapeutic Strategies. Liu, Mengyuan; Hong, Jing Jan 1, 2018 11393
Ologen Implantation versus Conjunctival Autograft Transplantation for Treatment of Pterygium. Chen, Xiuping; Yuan, Fei Jan 1, 2018 2947
The Balance of Th1/Th2 and LAP+Tregs/Th17 Cells Is Crucial for Graft Survival in Allogeneic Corneal Transplantation. Li, Shang; Yu, Jing; Guo, Chungang; Jie, Ying; Pan, Zhiqiang Jan 1, 2018 5510
Outcomes of Vertical Split Conjunctival Autograft Using Fibrin Glue in Treatment of Primary Double-Headed Pterygia. Elhamaky, Tarek Roshdy; Elbarky, Ahmed Mohammed Jan 1, 2018 4013
Maxillary Sinus Lift Using Autologous Periosteal Micrografts: A New Regenerative Approach and a Case Report of a 3-Year Follow-Up. Lupi, Saturnino Marco; Rodriguez, Arianna Baena; Todaro, Claudia; Ceccarelli, Gabriele; Rodriguez, R Jan 1, 2018 3785
B7-H1 Expression Is Required for Human Endometrial Regenerative Cells in the Prevention of Transplant Vasculopathy in Mice. Ye, Kui; Lan, Xu; Wang, Grace; Zhang, Baoren; Xu, Xiaoxi; Li, Xiang; Zhao, Yiming; Wang, Hao Jan 1, 2018 6280
A Multicentric, Open-Label, Randomized, Comparative Clinical Trial of Two Different Doses of Expanded hBM-MSCs Plus Biomaterial versus Iliac Crest Autograft, for Bone Healing in Nonunions after Long Bone Fractures: Study Protocol. Gomez-Barrena, Enrique; Padilla-Eguiluz, Norma G.; Avendano-Sola, Cristina; Payares-Herrera, Concepc Jan 1, 2018 8675
Treatment of a Neglected Patellar Tendon Rupture with a Modified Surgical Technique: Ipsilateral Semitendinosus Autograft Reconstruction with Suture Tape Augmentation. Samagh, Sanjum P.; Huyke, Fernando A.; Buchler, Lucas; Terry, Michael A.; Tjong, Vehniah K. Jan 1, 2018 3205
Absence of Rejection in a Facial Allograft Recipient with a Positive Flow Crossmatch 24 Months after Induction with Rabbit Anti-Thymocyte Globulin and Anti-CD20 Monoclonal Antibody. Gelb, Bruce E.; Diaz-Siso, J. Rodrigo; Plana, Natalie M.; Jacoby, Adam; Rifkin, William J.; Khouri, Jan 1, 2018 4477
Corrigendum to "The Role of Costimulation Blockade in Solid Organ and Islet Xenotransplantation". Samy, Kannan P.; Butler, James R.; Li, Ping; Cooper, David K.C.; Ekser, Burcin Correction notice Jan 1, 2018 267
Xenotransplantation: The Way beyond and Ahead toward Clinical Application. Iop, Laura; Padler-Karavani, Vered; Cozzi, Emanuele Jan 1, 2018 862
The Role of NK Cells in Pig-to-Human Xenotransplantation. Yung, Gisella Puga; Schneider, Marten K.J.; Seebach, Jorg D. Jan 1, 2018 15452
Rugby's Man of Steel gets a hair transplant after fans' baldy jibes; Luke says ribbing hit his confidence. Dec 30, 2017 458
'I've been led to believe that when I'm grumpy I can be a bit camp' Strictlysensation Anton Du Beke , 51, on just becoming a dad, having a hair transplant, organising a wedding without his wife, and being a bit camp. Nov 26, 2017 1718
Federation of BiH gets new Law on Medical Transplantation of Organs and Tissues. Nov 21, 2017 260
Benefits of an Experienced Hair Transplant Surgeon. Nov 16, 2017 513
Knowing about hair transplant treatment. Nov 2, 2017 659
Hair transplant doctor denies practising without licence. Oct 3, 2017 479
Hair transplant doctor denies practising without licence. Oct 3, 2017 475
Endoscopic fat grafting of small and residual tympanic Myringoplasty-a clinical study. Veetil, Shameem Ahamed Seere; Rajendran, Githin Chempakathinal; Mukundan, Aswin; Kandoth, Sandeep; J Report Jun 22, 2017 3038
First Choice Hair Transplant & Cosmetics Has Opned New Branch in Ludhiana. May 22, 2017 254
Postoperative graft and flap care: What clinical nurses need to know. del Rosario, Chessa; Barkley, Thomas W., Jr. Report May 1, 2017 3771
Company's allograft promotes cardiac repair following heart attack. Feb 6, 2017 504
Company's allograft promotes cardiac repair following heart attack. Feb 6, 2017 504
Comparative Effectiveness of Bone Grafting Using Xenograft Freeze-Dried Cortical Bovine, Allograft Freeze-Dried Cortical New Zealand White Rabbit, Xenograft Hydroxyapatite Bovine, and Xenograft Demineralized Bone Matrix Bovine in Bone Defect of Femoral Diaphysis of White Rabbit: Experimental Study In Vivo. Mahyudin, Ferdiansyah; Utomo, Dwikora Novembri; Suroto, Heri; Martanto, Tri Wahyu; Edward, Mouli; Ga Report Jan 1, 2017 3750
Pasteurized Autograft-Prosthesis Composite Reconstruction May Not Be a Viable Primary Procedure for Large Skeletal Defects after Resection of Sarcoma. Lee, Seung Yong; Jeon, Dae-Geun; Cho, Wan Hyeong; Song, Won Seok; Kong, Chang-Bae; Kim, Bum Suk Jan 1, 2017 4456
Effector and Regulatory T Cell Trafficking in Corneal Allograft Rejection. Amouzegar, Afsaneh; Chauhan, Sunil K. Report Jan 1, 2017 4372
The Immunogenicity of HLA Class II Mismatches: The Predicted Presentation of Nonself Allo-HLA-Derived Peptide by the HLA-DR Phenotype of the Recipient Is Associated with the Formation of DSA. Jucaud, Vadim Report Jan 1, 2017 8762
The Potential of MicroRNAs as Novel Biomarkers for Transplant Rejection. Hamdorf, Matthias; Kawakita, Satoru; Everly, Matthew Report Jan 1, 2017 8004
Not All Antibodies Are Created Equal: Factors That Influence Antibody Mediated Rejection. Butler, Carrie L.; Valenzuela, Nicole M.; Thomas, Kimberly A.; Reed, Elaine F. Jan 1, 2017 7614
The Role of Costimulation Blockade in Solid Organ and Islet Xenotransplantation. Samy, Kannan P.; Butler, James R.; Li, Ping; Cooper, David K.C.; Ekser, Burcin Jan 1, 2017 7554
Failed TAVI in TAVI Implantation: TAVI Dislocation Followed by Ensuing Surgical Graft Resection. Novotny, Robert; Hlubocky, Jaroslav; Kovarnik, Tomas; Mitas, Petr; Hlubocka, Zuzana; Rulisek, Jan; G Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 2319
Pectoralis Major Tear with Retracted Tendon: How to Fill the Gap? Reconstruction with Hamstring Autograft and Fixation with an Interference Screw. Baverel, L.; Messedi, K.; Pietu, G.; Crenn, V.; Gouin, F. Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 4070
Delayed Tibial Osteomyelitis after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction with Hamstrings Autograft and Bioabsorbable Interference Screw: A Case Report and Review of the Literature. Weiss, Kevin S.; Weatherall, Justin M.; Eick, Jen; Ross, James R. Case study Jan 1, 2017 3885
Diagnostic Lessons from a Complex Case of Postintestinal Transplantation Enteropathy. Wade, Cian; Allan, Philip; Collantes, Elena; Reddy, Srikanth R.; Friend, Peter J.; Vrakas, Georgios Case study Jan 1, 2017 3172
Dental Implant Placement with Simultaneous Anterior Maxillary Reconstruction with Block and Particulate Fresh Frozen Allograft Bone: A Case Report with 24-Month Follow-Up Data. Vieira, J.S.; Brandao-Filho, E.M.; Deliberador, F.R.; Zielak, J.C.; Giovanini, A.F.; Deliberador, T. Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 1897
Reconstruction of Chest Wall by Cryopreserved Sternal Allograft after Resection of Aneurysmal Bone Cyst of Sternum. Sheikhy, Kambiz; Dezfouli, Azizollah Abbasi; Beigee, Farahnaz Sadegh Case study Jan 1, 2017 2291
Human Assisted Rapid Robotic Hair Transplant System. Dec 21, 2016 267
NeoGraft Acquires Hair Transplant Device Manufacturer Medicamat. Nov 16, 2016 108
NeoGraft Acquires Hair Transplant Device Manufacturer Medicamat. Nov 16, 2016 112
US FDA Clears Spineology Interbody Devices' Allograft Bone. Oct 11, 2016 155
DJ Niall's 'bullying hell' from top radio stars; Alopecia victim 'taunted' over hair transplant. Oct 10, 2016 425
Hair Transplants in Silicon Valley Are Increasing, According to Drs. Lieberman and Parikh. Sep 8, 2016 618
'Getting under our skin': introducing banked allograft skin to burn surgery in South Africa. Allorto, N.L.; Rogers, A.D.; Rode, H. Report Sep 1, 2016 1427
Hair transplants make men look more attractive, youthful: survey. Aug 26, 2016 486
Advancing the science behind allograft implantation. Aug 8, 2016 212
Advancing the science behind allograft implantation. Aug 8, 2016 212
Study validates cellular bone allograft technology, company says. Jul 18, 2016 165
Preclinical study validates cellular bone allograft technology, company says. Jul 11, 2016 167
Preclinical study validates cellular bone allograft technology, company says. Jul 11, 2016 167
Hair transplants now performed by machines. Jun 17, 2016 690
KP Medical Transplantation Regulatory Authority established. Apr 21, 2016 191
KP Medical Transplantation Regulatory Authority established. Apr 21, 2016 209
KP Medical Transplantation Regulatory Authority established. Apr 21, 2016 209
Efficacy of allograft fascia lata in tympanic membrane repair. Forster, Ashley O'Connell; Jones, Joel; Davis, John; Weber, Brittany; Hawkshaw, Mary; Sataloff, Robe Report Apr 1, 2016 2485
Outcome of simultaneous arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament and posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with hamstring tendon autograft: a multicenter prospective study. Panigrahi, Ranajit; Mahapatra, Amita Kumari; Priyadarshi, Ashok; Das, Dibya Singha; Palo, Nishit; Bi Clinical report Mar 1, 2016 4357
Repair of a gingival fenestration using an acellular dermal matrix allograft. Breault, Lawrence G.; Brentson, Raquel C.; Fowler, Edward B.; Bisch, Frederick C. Jan 1, 2016 1828
Civil Society representatives commend the dedicated team of SIUT for providing service with dignity and respect. Report Dec 31, 2015 1875
AlloSource Receives US Patent for Flagship Cellular Bone Allograft Product. Dec 18, 2015 278
Region's first hair transplant robot in Dubai. Dec 16, 2015 386
Robot to simplify hair transplant procedure. Dec 16, 2015 424
Hair transplant procedures popular amongst youth in Iran. Dec 1, 2015 354
Postoperative range of motion and stability after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using quadrupled hamstring autograft. Ahmad Khan, Rana Dawood; Tayyab Hassan, Syed Muhammad; Bin Saeed, Usama; Yasin, Ajmal Report Nov 30, 2015 2598
Macroscopic and Histological Evaluations of Meniscal Allograft Transplantation Using Gamma Irradiated Meniscus: A Comparative in Vivo Animal Study. Zhang, Jin; Song, Guan-Yang; Chen, Xing-Zuo; Li, Yue; Li, Xu; Zhou, Jun-Lin Report Oct 1, 2015 4105
New hair transplant process ends guesswork. Sep 24, 2015 479
Hair transplantprocedure is 100 %religion acceptable. Aug 31, 2015 953
Increase in Hair Transplant Tourism in Greece. Aug 23, 2015 380
Former Newcastle United midfield general Didi Hamann gets a hair transplant; Hamann has joined the surge in Premier League football veterans following Wayne Rooney's lead for the [pounds sterling]6,000 treatment. Aug 20, 2015 575
Allografts stimulate stem cell proliferation, migration. Aug 3, 2015 678
Allografts stimulate stem cell proliferation, migration. Jul 27, 2015 692
Allografts stimulate stem cell proliferation, migration. Jul 27, 2015 683
Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction using hamstring tendon autograft fixed with Endobutton CL[R] and BioRCI-HA[R] interference screw. Saravanan, P.; Dominic, Dobson Jun 11, 2015 4098
Nobody Notices DiStefano's Great Hair Transplants. The proof of perfect Hair Loss Restorations. Jun 9, 2015 346
Leading Hair Loss Clinic Offers FUT and FUE Hair Transplant in Mexico. May 8, 2015 461
Meniscal allograft transplantation: a comprehensive historical and current review. Hannon, Michael G.; Ryan, Michael K.; Strauss, Eric J. Report Apr 1, 2015 6870
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Recurrence rate with use of intraoperative Mitomycin-C versus Conjunctival Autograft following pterygium excision. Report Dec 31, 2014 2174
Lifestyle: Hair transplants: Pakistan's new weapon of mass seduction. Nov 14, 2014 788
Globus medical buys allograft tissue processing company. Nov 1, 2014 381
Meniscal allograft transplant in a 16-year-old male soccer player: a case report. Menta, Roger; Howitt, Scott Clinical report Oct 1, 2014 4473
Royal Princes Harry and William May Soon Go Bald Unless They Undergo Hair Transplants. Jul 30, 2014 406
Study of inferior limbal conjunctival autograft for primary pterygium. Shetty, Niharika K.; Lokesh, H.M.; Shah, Jayashree; Mahabaleshwar Jul 7, 2014 3163
Ultra Refined Transplant Procedure Allows for Great Hair Transplants. Jun 20, 2014 299
Gordon Barnet! Chef's 'hair transplant' nightmare at Posh do. Apr 29, 2014 318
Gordon Barnet! Chef's 'hair transplant' nightmare at Posh do. Apr 29, 2014 280
Alliqua to introduce Biovance human amniotic membrane allograft product at Spring 2014 Symposium on Advanced Wound Care in Orlando. Apr 24, 2014 199
Alliqua to introduce Biovance human amniotic membrane allograft product at Spring 2014 Symposium on Advanced Wound Care in Orlando. Apr 24, 2014 195
A comparataive study of conjunctival limbal autograft and amniotic membrane transplantation in management of pterygium. Chhawania, Pramod Kumar; Pipariya, Prashant Raj Report Apr 14, 2014 4433
Dr. Lawrence Samuels Joins Hans Wiemann as the Leading Hair Transplant Surgeon for ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplants. Apr 5, 2014 475
Determinants of knowledge and motivation towards organ donation. Raghavendra, Bellara; Sameena, A.R.B; Karinagannanavar, Aravind; Khan, Wahid; Vandana; Sneha, K.; Ku Report Mar 24, 2014 3803
Health Travels Offers FUE Hair Transplant Surgeries for a Reasonable Price. Mar 6, 2014 492
Bacterin launches new orthopedic allograft. Mar 1, 2014 241
Fecal transplants. Sagall, Richard J. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 220
Artisan of Beauty Medical Practice Now Offering the No Scarring NeoGraft FUE Hair Transplant. Feb 13, 2014 442
Hair Transplant Providence Office Offers Exclusive IGT Method. Jan 19, 2014 381
Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr. Scott Boden Earns Fellow Designation from the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. Jan 9, 2014 402
Hearing benefit in allograft tympanoplasty using Tutoplast processed malleus. Lieder, Anja; Issing, Wolfgang Report Jan 1, 2014 2310
Robbie Williams got hair transplant out of sheer boredom! Nov 23, 2013 103
Robbie Williams Reveals Secret Hair Transplant. Nov 22, 2013 191
Aurora Spine releases liquid bone allograft. Nov 1, 2013 180
Feces happens. Rosen, Meghan Brief article Oct 5, 2013 172
Thanks to Louis, hair transplants are going to our head. Sep 18, 2013 823
Louis' hair transplants are going to our head; JUDGE STARTS CRAZE; EXCLUSIVE. Sep 18, 2013 563
Elucidating the inhibitory mechanisms of the ethanolic extract of the fruiting body of the mushroom Antrodia cinnamomea on the proliferation and migration of murine leukemia WEHI-3 cells and their tumorigenicity in a BALB/c allograft tumor model. Liu, Fon-Chang; Lai, Ming-Tsung; Chen, Ying-Yi; Lin, Wen-Hsin; Chang, Shu-Jen; Sheu, Ming-Jyh; Wu, C Report Jul 15, 2013 6936
Wayne Rooney sports shaven head at Wimbledon after having 2nd hair transplant. Jul 9, 2013 115
Limb transplantation: a skeptic's view. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 164
Limb transplantation: from a concept to reality over the last 50 years. Kaufman, Christina L. Jul 1, 2013 709
Estimation of safe donor area in hair transplant surgery. Jun 30, 2013 198
Wayne Rooney undergoes 2nd hair transplant op. Jun 10, 2013 119
Vitamin D deficiency causing more women to seek hair transplant... May 19, 2013 525
Embarrassing Bodies' Christian Jessen has [pounds sterling]5,500 Hair Transplant after Twitter Jibes. May 14, 2013 305
California Hair Transplant Surgeon to Perform Hair Transplant Live on May 2, 2013 331
Brain Tumor Survivor Has New Lease on Life Following Pro Bono Hair Transplant. Apr 17, 2013 431
Blooming trend of hair transplantation, cosmetic surgery gaining momentum. Apr 10, 2013 474
Human cells rev up mouse brains: transplanted neural support cells accelerate learning. Saey, Tina Hesman Apr 6, 2013 405
Functional outcomes of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with tibialis anterior allograft. Shybut, Theodore B.; Pahk, Brian; Hall, Gregory; Meislin, Robert J.; Rokito, Andrew S.; Rosen, Jeffr Clinical report Apr 1, 2013 4489
Two-year results of chimney grafts show excellent stent-graft patency and stable/shrinking aneurysms. Mar 31, 2013 450
Poo fighters. Braun, Wendy Brief article Mar 1, 2013 212
Distefano Hair Transplant Boston Offers Tips to Getting the Best Hair Transplant. Feb 25, 2013 380
Wayne Rooney named celeb with best hair transplant. Jan 19, 2013 267
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'Facial hair transplant' gaining popularity in Turkey. Dec 27, 2012 221
Former Training Director of Restoration Robotics, ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System Joins The Lam Institute for Hair Restoration. Nov 6, 2012 667
Hair Transplant Institute Unveils 3 Effective Restoration Procedures. Nov 3, 2012 631
Calum Best gets hair transplant just like Wayne Rooney. Oct 26, 2012 203
Prominent Hair Transplant Surgeons Partner Together to Offer Online Resource for Men and Women Dealing with Hair Loss. Oct 21, 2012 533
Roo 'needs top-up hair transplant'. Oct 14, 2012 162
Dallas Hair Transplant Specialist Performs FUE Hair Transplants Using ARTAS Hair Restoration System by Restoration Robotics, Inc.. Sep 24, 2012 842
Dr. Dan McGrath Performs Pro Bono Hair Transplants for Two Cancer Survivors Through Operation Restore. Sep 22, 2012 557
Football pundit Savage mocks ex-England captain Vaughan's hair transplant. Sep 12, 2012 248
Ovarian cortex autografts yield live births: at a meeting on in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer. Bates, Betsy Medical condition overview Sep 1, 2012 567
Liam Gallagher taunts Wayne Rooney over hair transplant. Aug 2, 2012 241
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Dr. Sara Wasserbauer to Conduct Live Pro Bono Hair Transplant on Brain Tumor Survivor. Jul 27, 2012 464
Inverse implantation and rapid postoperative necrosis of conjunctival autograft in pterygium surgery/Pterjium cerrahisinde konjonktival otogreft ters implantasyonu ve ameliyat sonrasi hizh nekrozu. Kucukevcilioglu, Murat; Hurmeric, Volkan; Ceylan, Osman Melih; Erdurman, Fazil Cuneyt Jul 1, 2012 1115
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Former Brit footie undergoes world's first live hair transplant online. Jun 12, 2012 502
First live hair transplant on the web. Jun 12, 2012 106
22,000 view star's hair transplant. Jun 12, 2012 116
Ex-England star Gray set for live hair transplant. Jun 11, 2012 255
Rooney and Elton John bond over hair transplants. Jun 5, 2012 170
Jason Donovan admits to having 'done a Rooney' by getting hair transplant. Mar 22, 2012 246
Becks fighting baldness but refuses hair transplant. Jan 23, 2012 184
Man U kids mock Rooney's hair transplant in Xmas play. Dec 18, 2011 158
LOUIS EUR35K HAIR TRANSPLANT; Amelia 'stitched up' by KelLOUIS HAIR SWAP. Dec 10, 2011 237
LOUIS pounds 30K HAIR TRANSPLANT; Amelia 'stitched up' by Kel. Dec 10, 2011 249
LOUIS pounds 30K HAIR TRANSPLANT; X Amelia 'stitched up' by Kel. Dec 10, 2011 248
LOUIS pounds 30K HAIR TRANSPLANT; Amelia 'stitched up' by Kel LOUIS HAIR SWAP 20m to watch final LOUIS HAIR SWAP 'Cowell's jibe made me do it' LOUIS HAIR SWAP. Dec 10, 2011 261
X Factor Louis: My pounds 30k hair transplant. Dec 10, 2011 237
Louis Walsh's X Factor hair transplant. Dec 10, 2011 188
Clinic unveils new hair transplant facility. Nov 22, 2011 337
How hair transplant can boost sex drive and energy. Nov 14, 2011 368
Rooney's surgery triggers 'absolute explosion' in hair transplant interest. Nov 1, 2011 187
Rooney's hair transplant better for his form than training: Man-U coach. Oct 6, 2011 186
Biomechanical comparison of translaminar screw versus pedicle screw supplementation of anterior femoral ring allografts in one-level lumbar spine fusion. Razi, Afshin E.; Spivak, Jeffrey M.; Kummer, Frederick J.; Hersh, David S.; Goldstein, Jeffrey A. Oct 1, 2011 2723
Transplants: To Sign or Not to Sign?. Brief article Sep 27, 2011 112
Rushing into hair transplants can be disastrous for young men, warns top surgeon. Sep 3, 2011 216
Ethnicstraight[TM] Hair Transplant Procedure Now Available. Sep 2, 2011 280
New half-match bone marrow transplant procedure shows promising results. Sep 2, 2011 385
Wayne Rooney cant stop admiring his hair transplant in front of mirror! Aug 31, 2011 142
Rooney's hair transplant boosting his goal scoring skills! Aug 24, 2011 178
Coleen says hubby Wayne got an Afro after hair transplantation. Aug 6, 2011 103
Rooney doesn't have much to show for his Au30k hair transplant! Jul 14, 2011 208
That hair transplant's worked wonders, Wayne. Jul 3, 2011 151
Hair transplant coming along nicely, Wayne. Jul 3, 2011 152
Rooney tweets photo of hair transplant results. Jun 9, 2011 141
Rooney tweets photo of hair transplant results. Jun 8, 2011 141
Rooney tweets photo of hair transplant results. Jun 7, 2011 141
Rooney confirms hair transplant on Twitter. Jun 7, 2011 147
Wayne Rooney reveals 10K Pounds hair transplant with a bloodied snap. Jun 7, 2011 165
Wayne Rooney dubbed 'Frankenstein' after A[pounds sterling]30K hair transplant. Jun 7, 2011 104
Rooney tweets photo of hair transplant results. Jun 6, 2011 141
Vain Wayne gets to the root of hair transplant. Jun 5, 2011 211
Rooney confirms hair transplant on Twitter. Jun 4, 2011 147
Hair transplant rumours for DOI Judge. Mar 19, 2011 113
Hair transplant rumours for DOI Judge. Mar 18, 2011 113
Hair transplant rumours for DOI Judge. Mar 17, 2011 113
Hair transplant rumours for DOI Judge. Mar 16, 2011 113
Hair transplant rumours for DOI Judge. Mar 15, 2011 113
Hair transplant rumours for DOI Judge. Mar 12, 2011 113
Extracapsular versus intracapsular allograft nephrectomy: impact on allosensitization and surgical outcomes. Touma, Naji J.; Sener, Alp; Caumartin, Yves; Warren, Jeff; Nguan, Christopher Y.; Luke, Patrick P.W. Report Feb 1, 2011 2159
Bald SPOT THE DIFFERENCE.. TV chef Gordon Ramsay splurged pounds 30,000 on a revolutionary hair transplant treatment, but can you.. Jan 8, 2011 300
Bald SPOT THE DIFFERENCE.. TV chef Gordon Ramsay splurged EUR35,000 on a revolutionary hair transplant treatment, but can you.. Jan 8, 2011 296
Commentary: transplantation and the Affordable Care Act: our experience can help guide implementation in US. Burdick, Jim Report Jan 1, 2011 1165
Gordon Ramsay's 30K pounds hair transplant. Dec 29, 2010 211
Homograft implantation to descending aorta for aortic coarctation repair/Aort koarktasyonu duzeltilmesi icin inen aorta homogreft implantasyonu. Ozdogan, Mehmet Emin; Iriz, Erkan; Erer, Dilek; Coskun, Elif; Olgunturk, Rana Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2010 792
More women now seek treatment for hair loss; A growing number of women are trying hair transplants rather than wigs, says Professor Harryono Judodihardjo. Sep 6, 2010 710
Comparative evaluation of conjunctival autograft versus limbal autograft in the surgery of primary pterygium. Verma, Shuchi; Vats, B.P. Author abstract Sep 1, 2010 206
Plastic Surgeon Dr. Samuel Lam Launches Hair Transplant Forum. Aug 20, 2010 550
Limbal autograft transplantation in a dog with alkali-induced ulceration/ Transplante de limbo autogeno em cao com ulcera por alkali. Brito, Fabio Luiz da Cunha; da Cunha, Olicies; Laus, Jose Luiz Aug 1, 2010 1811

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