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Transparent screen displays free-floating 'holographic-like' images.

HoloVit--the start-up company based in Florida, US founded by Sibel Stanz and Jeff Deleon--recently announced an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise $18,000 to fund a production run of their 'holographic' screen and DIY recording kit that can be used with smartphones, tablets, PCs or TVs.

This latest campaign follows last December's successful Kickstarter-funded campaign to develop the screen prototypes that proved the technology and concept are possible.

Although the images displayed are not true 3D and are not based on diffraction, the system is nevertheless novel and engaging. The screen is designed to work without the need of a projector or special equipment as the device (whether a smartphone, tablet, laptop or TV) becomes the projector as it faces and reflects onto a Holovit[R] screen.

This screen requires no power and, when set at the optimal distance, enables images and video to be viewed from the side receiving the reflection, even in brightly-lit rooms, which can be a challenge for many projectors. However, a pre-requisite is that only content that has been formatted as a hologram will work.

The screens are available in three sizes depending on the device (small for smartphone/tablets, medium for laptops and large to reflect off TVs).

Although holographic video content is available, users wishing to record DIY 'holographic-like' images and videos of themselves will require a hologram recording set.

The set features a stand and a black, laminated background that can be used with any type of camera (eg. smartphones or tablet camera) so long as no other background (other than the special one included in the kit) is used in the recording.

Co-founder Sibel Stanz said 'we had a successful first production run which produced an outstanding product and we are hoping the Indiegogo community can help our products to market so we can make holograms more accessible.'

Holovit expect to begin shipping the DIY recording sets and screens as early as this month if manufacturing goes to plan.

Caption: Examples of a hologram like images using the HoloVit screen.


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Publication:Holography News
Date:Sep 1, 2016
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