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Transmission electron microscopy sample preparation system.

Sela USA, Inc introduced the "Xact" system with Adaptive Ion Milling (AIM), an advanced transmission electron microscopy sample preparation system. AIM provides a dynamic beam for rapid and accurate ion milling of a sample in preparation for TEM imaging. AIM features recipe-driven control of beam shape, size, power, and ion milling angle. The benefits of this AIM technique includes high precision for site-specific applications, broad area thinning of 10 [micro]m or more, routine thinning to <50 nm, very high yield of quality samples, and automatic sample preparation with endpoint.

The Xact system is in production use at several engineering and failure analysis labs, generating silicon samples for TEM imaging approaching sustained production of five samples per eight hour shift. Routine thinning to <50 nm with no amorphization produces high quality images. Applications include both wide area thinning for characterization and site specific target thinning for failure analysis. Tool footprint is just 9 [ft.sup.2]. User interface is easily mastered in one or two days training. Installation and start up for production has been demonstrated in two days, and tool qualification a short period thereafter, generating ROI in the shortest possible time.

Sela, Inc,

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Date:Aug 1, 2009
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