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Britain's RAF begins secret missions to rescue Afghan translators. Arab News Oct 14, 2021 528
Police cracking down on unqualified interpreters; strict vetting to weed out fraud. FINVOLA DUNPHY News Reporter Oct 13, 2021 433
200 Afghan allies 'abandoned and at risk of execution after British withdrawal'; It is estimated up to 200 translators, British embassy support staff and families are at risk of execution or imprisonment by the Taliban and many are now in hiding. By, Sean Rayment Oct 9, 2021 463
Abandoned Afghanistan interpreters beg for help. DANYA BAZARAA Sep 27, 2021 170
Liz Truss and Dominic Raab urged to settle row by putting Afghan heroes up in Chevening; But Lib Dem Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Layla Moran suggested the pair settle the squabble by both giving it up, and letting Afghan interpreters live there instead. By, Mikey Smith Sep 23, 2021 754
Second MOD data breach uncovered putting safety of Afghan interpreters at risk; Dozens of people who may be eligible to come to the UK were mistakenly copied into an email earlier this month. By, Lizzy Buchan Sep 23, 2021 379
Terror of 255 interpreters stuck in Kabul after MoD personal emails data breach; The Ministry of Defence has ordered an investigation after the data breach involving email addresses of hundreds of Afghan interpreters who worked for British forces. By, William Walker Sep 22, 2021 507
Anambra Gov'ship: PWDs Urge INEC On Sign Language Interpreters. Sep 22, 2021 524
25 Years Ago in These Pages. Jager, Marjolijn de Sep 22, 2021 288
PWDs: Group Urges INEC To Provide Sign Language Interpreters For Anambra. Sep 22, 2021 732
Official suspended over Afghan data breach that put 250 interpreters at risk; Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said he was furious at the blunder, as he was warned that Afghans who worked for Western forces would be 'hunted and killed' by the Taliban. By, Ben Glaze Sep 21, 2021 427
Investigation ordered into data breach of hundreds of Afghan interpreters' addresses; Defence Secretary Ben Wallace requested the probe after being alerted to the lapse, which could potentially jeopardise their safety of around 250 Afghan interpreters. By, Ben Glaze Sep 20, 2021 723
AFGHAN HELPERS LEFT BEHIND. Harrigan, Fiona Sep 18, 2021 436
City to welcome Afghan clerks and translators; support urged for relocation plan. MOLLY DOWRICK Sep 4, 2021 590
Former interpreters plead for 'humanity'. Aug 24, 2021 229
Raab rejects calls to quit amid fury over support offered to translators. PRESS ASSOCIATION REPORTERS Aug 20, 2021 938
RAAB MU AB MUST GO; RETURN OF TALIBAN: ANGER AS AFGHANISTAN CRISIS GROWS Foreign Sec blasted over refusal to help interpreters while on hols. ALETHA ADU Aug 20, 2021 551
RAAB MU AB MUST GO; RETURN OF TALIBAN: ANGER AS A S AFGHANISTAN CRISIS GROWS Foreign Sec blasted over refusal to help interpreters while on hols. ALETHA ADU Political Correspondent Aug 20, 2021 565
RAAB MUST GO; RETURN OF TALIBAN: ANGER AS AFGHANISTAN CRISIS GROWS Foreign Sec blasted over refusal to help interpreters while on hols. ALETHA ADU Political Correspondent Aug 20, 2021 569
Interpreters take to streets in protest over refugee numbers. Aug 19, 2021 187
Interpreters f s for UK troops in 'save our families' plea. ALETHA ADU Aug 19, 2021 177
Interpreters for UK troops in 'save our families' plea. ALETHA ADU Aug 19, 2021 178
Dominic Raab was 'too busy' on holiday in Crete to help brave translators in Kabul; Senior Foreign Office officials reportedly made it clear that it was important for Raab to urgently speak to his Afghan counterpart to help translators to lead but he delegated the job. By, Tim Hanlon Aug 19, 2021 567
BREAKING Labour raise 'serious questions' over whether Dominic Raab should be sacked; 'The Prime Minister has serious questions to answer over why he remains in the job', said Lisa Nandy after it emerged the Foreign Secretary failed to make a key phone call to help Afghan translators. By, Dan Bloom Aug 19, 2021 166
LGUs urged: Tap sign language interpreters to assist the deaf, mute in vaccination sites. Aug 18, 2021 216
First Afghan evacuees arrive in UK after dramatic escape from Kabul; An RAF Airbus KC2 Voyager aircraft landed at RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, on Tuesday, reportedly carrying British personnel and Afghan interpreters. By, William Walker & Sonia Sharma Aug 18, 2021 552
First UK mercy mission lands at Brize Norton as PM pledges to take 20,000 Afghans; The plane, said to be carrying Brit personnel and Afghan interpreters is one of a number of flights expected to land in the next few days as Kabul evacuation efforts continue. By, William Walker Aug 18, 2021 528
Afghan interpreters received their reward. Aug 10, 2021 166
Afghan translators who served US and Nato to be housed in city. Aug 5, 2021 381
More than 2,000 Afghan interpreters arrive in US. Pajhwok Monitor Jul 31, 2021 313
City to take in Afghan translators and families. Jul 29, 2021 373
Former UK military chiefs sound alarm over Afghan interpreters 'left behind to die'. Arab News Jul 28, 2021 397
Deaf woman who sued over lack of sign language at Covid briefings wins compensation; Katie Rowley has won her legal fight over a lack of British Sign Language interpreters at Government coronavirus briefings after taking action against the Cabinet Office. By, Sam Elliott-Gibbs Jul 28, 2021 487
US to begin airlifting Afghan interpreters by the end of July. Jul 15, 2021 196
US to begin airlifting Afghan interpreters by the end of July. Jul 15, 2021 165
County to welcome Afghans who risked lives to help UK forces; WREXHAM WAS ASKED TO TAKE 5 FAMILIES BUT HAS DOUBLED THAT AS 'DUTY OF CARE' TO INTERPRETERS. LIAM RANDALL Local Democracy Reporter Jul 8, 2021 331
First Afghan translators land at city's airport. Jul 1, 2021 357
A need for building an ethical and trusting partnership between police officers and interpreters: Findings from South Korea. Lee, Jieun; Huh, Jiun Jul 1, 2021 8641
Where is plan to rescue Afghan translators who helped us? Jun 28, 2021 856
Afghan interpreters who fled Taliban land in Brum; translators brought to uk to protect them from attacks from radical group. MARK CARDWELL Local Democracy Reporter Jun 25, 2021 398
The White House plans to evacuate 18,000 Afghan translators as troops withdraw. Jun 24, 2021 355
Afghan translators of departing foreign forces face a mortal danger: Taliban retaliation. Sayed Salahuddin Jun 15, 2021 1401
Interpreters are no longer our enemies, they must not flee the country: Taliban. Jun 7, 2021 206
'Gaps' in plan to bring Afghan interpreters to UK. Jun 1, 2021 172
Iraqi and Afghan Special Immigrant Visa Programs. Bruno, Andorra Report Jun 1, 2021 15261
Hundreds of Afghan interpreters to be welcomed to UK as safety fears increase; A scheme to offer sanctuary to Afghan nationals who worked for the British military will be accelerated as security threats increase with exit of foreign forces. By, Ben Glaze May 31, 2021 443
US govt planning evacuation of Afghan interpreters. Nizamuddin May 28, 2021 246
Lost in translation: Afghan interpreters fear for future after US troops' exit. Sayed Salahuddin Apr 26, 2021 1016
MOD must save the brave Afghans who protected our men; Plea as Taliban hunts down and executes interpreters. EXCLUSIVE BY SEAN RAYMENT Apr 25, 2021 663
Ruthless Taliban are executing interpreters helping British troops in Afghanistan; EXCLUSIVE: One of the brave interpreters told the Sunday Mirror that targeted killings of those who helped the British Army are taking place every day -another revealed he is in fear of his life. By, Sean Rayment Apr 24, 2021 795
Iraqi interpreters face death threats from Iranian-backed militias. Arab News Feb 27, 2021 440
Biden orders review of visa scheme for Afghan translators. Pajhwok Monitor Feb 6, 2021 195
Whose Banquet? Whose Coronet? Whose Zodiac?: George Chapman and Seventeenth-Century Ovid Sammelbande. Luis-Martinez, Zenon Critical essay Jan 1, 2021 11844
Who pays for an interpreter? Every issue, OT poses a scenario from a practitioner. This edition, what you need to know about booking interpreters for appointments. Dec 1, 2020 682
Dancing with interpreters. Oct 27, 2020 882
Pilot program in Kane County aims for better court interpreters at a better price. James Fuller Oct 16, 2020 425
AzSTC joins International Forum of Translators in Ukraine [PHOTO]. Oct 6, 2020 258
Translating Toshiko Hirata's Ars Poetica. Hyett, Eric E.; Thurlow, Spencer Sep 22, 2020 677
Completism, Retranslations, and Discovering New Writers: A Conversation with Margaret Jull Costa. Esposito, Veronica Interview Sep 22, 2020 1462
More Afghan interpreters are welcome. KAREN ROCKETT Sep 20, 2020 161
BID TO AID 150 'LOST' AFGHAN INTERPRETERS; Let loyal helpers into Britain, pleads ex-forces diplomat. EXCLUSIVE BY CHRIS HUGHES Defence and Security Editor Aug 18, 2020 464
BID TO AID 150 'LOST' AFGHAN INTERPRETERS; let loyal helpers into Britain, pleads ex-forces diplomat. EXCLUSIVE By chris hUghes Defence and Security Editor Aug 18, 2020 415
bid to aid 150 'lost' afghan interpreters; Let loyal helpers into Britain, pleads ex-forces diplomat. to EXCLUSIVE BY CHRIS HUGHES Defence and Security Editor Aug 18, 2020 465
Translators for Brit forces in Middle East now living in squalor in Calais refugee camps; EXCLUSIVE: Andy Brown, of Care 4 Calais charity, said translators who helped British troops during the war on terror are now "marked men" in Afghanistan and are desperate to cross the Channel from Calais. By, Matthew Young Aug 13, 2020 528
Interpreters feel pinch of COVID-19 pandemic. Jul 30, 2020 469
Motswako Translators drops Tsamaya Satane. Jul 8, 2020 610
The Tragic, the Absurd in Sadaa al-Daas's "Zoo Syndrome". Qaqish, Omar Jun 22, 2020 700
Exploring Translated Lit's Ecosystem: A Conversation with Bonnie Huie. Esposito, Veronica Interview Jun 22, 2020 1751
CHR asks netizens to stop ridiculing sign language interpreters on TV. Apr 8, 2020 582
Exploring the Effects of Interpreters' Experiences of Mindfulness Interventions on Their Connection With Nature and Subsequent Environmental Interpretation. Dussler, Rob; Deringer, Stephen Anthony Apr 1, 2020 9131
Good Storytelling Still Trending: An Interview with Antonia Lloyd-Jones. Esposito, Veronica Interview Mar 22, 2020 1741
Translating History: A Conversation with Isabel Fargo Cole. Bryant, Andrea Interview Mar 22, 2020 2855
PS5 an hour is unfair pay in any language; TRANSLATORS' ANGER OVER TRAVEL TIME CASH; Workers say they are being exploited. John Ferguson Political Editor Mar 1, 2020 332
Interpreters Unlimited Affiliate, Interpreter Marketplace, Launches a New App for On-Site Foreign Language and ASL Interpreting. Jan 10, 2020 600
Translation's Trends and Blind Spots An Interview with Elisabeth Jaquette. Esposito, Veronica Interview Jan 1, 2020 1629
Comparative satisfaction among freelance and directly-employed Irish-language translators. Moorkens, Joss Jan 1, 2020 9920
Corpus Linguistics approaches to trainee translators' framing practice in news translation. Pan, Yun Jan 1, 2020 14019
Development and evaluation of interprofessional e-learning for speech pathologists, interpreters and translators. Zhang, Claire Xiaochi; Marshall, Jeanne; Bernard, Anne; Walker-Smith, Katie Jan 1, 2020 8109
Sinologists as Translators in the Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries. Honey, David B. Jan 1, 2020 1445
Aural Pariahs. Dubois, Mary Elizabeth Short story Jan 1, 2020 5109
Interpreters Interpreting Interpretation. Editorial Jan 1, 2020 344
LTI Korea honors devoted literary translators. Dec 16, 2019 984
Athletes clamour for interpreters at major races. Dec 5, 2019 295
We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants. Miller, Jay Nov 1, 2019 535
Brexit Translates To Challenge For EU Interpreters. AFP News Oct 31, 2019 691
Footballers' 'wives': the interpreters who are a lifeline in China. Oct 30, 2019 787
Kogi: INEC Involves Sign Language Interpreters For PLWD. Oct 29, 2019 378
Kogi guber: INEC involves sign language interpreters for PLWD. Oct 29, 2019 378
Konica Minolta develops a multilingual interpretation service for financial institutions and government offices in Japan; Assisting services that require professional knowledge through hybrid interpretation by Artificial Intelligence and Human Interpreters ... Oct 28, 2019 1255
Odisha: Sign language interpreters at police stations for hearing-impaired, mute people. ANI Oct 18, 2019 228
Translators foster world peace and trade by linking nations. Sep 30, 2019 761
Translating Women's Stories out of Oblivion. Robertson, Aaron Sep 22, 2019 743
PDO hosts Omani Translators Forum. Sep 18, 2019 538
Deaf persons in demo over lack of interpreters in Embu. Sep 13, 2019 237
Trained interpreters recommended for non-English speakers. Bosworth, Ted Sep 1, 2019 717
Interpreters Unlimited Named One of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in San Diego. Aug 15, 2019 440
Qualified interpreters for non-English speaking patients. Bosworth, Ted Aug 1, 2019 401
Translating Identity. Lobaugh, Jennifer Jun 22, 2019 637
Urban One to Sell WDMK-FM Detroit, Three Translators for USD 13.5m to Beasley Broadcast Group. Jun 11, 2019 350
Urban One to Sell WDMK-FM Detroit, Three Translators for USD 13.5m to Beasley Broadcast Group. Jun 11, 2019 356
Women from the Parsonage: Pastors' Daughters as Writers, Translators, Salonnieres, and Educators. Book review Jun 1, 2019 228
MOHSEN EMADI--A POET OF EXILE. Saresma, Tuija Biography Jun 1, 2019 8984
Ernst & Young Announces Sayed Ali of Interpreters Unlimited as Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019 Award Finalist. Jun 1, 2019 555
Sayed Ali of Interpreters Unlimited Wins SBA Small Business Person of the Year Award. Apr 26, 2019 596
Ernst & Young Announces Sayed Ali of Interpreters Unlimited as Entrepreneur Of The Year[R] 2019 Award Semifinalist. Apr 18, 2019 482
Representing Translation: The Representation of Translation and Translators in Contemporary Media. Book review Apr 1, 2019 108
Bill would boost pay for workers' comp judges: Other bills affect court reporters, judicial assistants, mediators, and court interpreters. Blankenship, Gary Apr 1, 2019 803
Alien Citizen Field Notes: An Introduction. Osman, Ladan Essay Mar 22, 2019 930
Afghan interpreters eligible to bring family members to the UK. Mar 9, 2019 323
In hirsute of a higher goal. Brief article Mar 1, 2019 114
Minister of Higher Education opens 1st scientific forum for Yemeni translators. Feb 28, 2019 203
Curricular design and implementation of a training course for interpreters in an asylum context. Bergunde, Annika; Pollabauer, Sonja Report Jan 1, 2019 10902
Speech-language pathologists' collaboration with interpreters: Results of a current survey in California. Saenz, Terry Irvine; Langdon, Henriette W. Jan 1, 2019 9164
Exploring signed language interpreters' perceptions of e-professionalism on Facebook. Best, Brett Jan 1, 2019 8035
Translators' experiences of occupational stress and job satisfaction. Courtney, Jennifer; Phelan, Mary Jan 1, 2019 6105
Neocolonialism in Translating China. Qiao, Guoqiang Critical essay Dec 31, 2018 6693
Translating Ashur Etwebi's Handshake with the World. Byrne, James Nov 1, 2018 650
Translators urged to shed 'secondary status' stigma. Oct 25, 2018 515
The use of language interpreters for immigrant clients in a dental hygiene clinic. Doucette, Heather J.; Haslam, Kim S.; Zelmer, Kellie C.; Brillant, Martha Smith Survey Oct 1, 2018 4846
PhilPop song interpreters announced. Sep 16, 2018 975
PhilPop 2018 song interpreters. Sep 13, 2018 378
Squad of interpreters gearing up to help two million Muslims Pilgrims speaking dozens of languages. Aug 20, 2018 338
Interpreters Unlimited Acquires New Premium Domain. Jul 4, 2018 455
Negotiating Four Generations of Voices (with a Little Help from Google Earth). Palermo, Lynn E. Jul 1, 2018 766
Materiality, Meaning, and Disbelief: Rene de Lucinge's The Beginning, Continuance and Decay of Estates. Almasi, Zsolt Critical essay Jul 1, 2018 8161
"To Admire and Do Otherwise": Hopkins's Modified Translations of Shakespeare's Casket Song. Howard, Elizabeth Critical essay Jun 22, 2018 6229
Hope for the best; The 'Little Rocket Man' and the 'mentally deranged dotard', alone in a room with only their translators.. Jun 12, 2018 400
Hope for the best; The 'Little Rocket Man' and the 'mentally deranged dotard', alone in a room with only their translators.. Jun 12, 2018 406
Hope for the best; The 'Little Rocket Man' and the 'mentally deranged dotard', alone in a room with only their translators.. Jun 12, 2018 407
Victory for brave Afghan interpreters as Tories finally let more settle in Britain; Changes to the Government's relocation scheme mean more volunteers who served in Helmand province will be granted visas in recognition of their "unflinching courage". Jun 11, 2018 361
Examining Ethics: Professional interpreters' ethical standards improve reliability. Apr 5, 2018 604
Skilled Chinese Interpreters and translators need of an hour. Apr 4, 2018 425
The Phenomenon of Translation in Terms of Psycholinguistics. Metleaeva, Miroslava Essay Mar 1, 2018 2356
The Person and the Personal. Landrum, Matthew Mar 1, 2018 480
INTERPRETING for DEAF STUDENTS: FACTS and FANTASIES: Students who benefit from the services of an interpreter also have to be developmentally cognitively, and socially accustomed to navigating the educational experience. King, J. Freeman Mar 1, 2018 871
CPEC to produce about 40,000 jobs of Chinese Language interpreters: Irfan. Feb 28, 2018 107
CPEC will produce 40,000 jobs of Chinese language interpreters. Feb 28, 2018 474
Experts, translators and interpreters will be under greater control. Feb 6, 2018 377
Trends in E-Tools and Resources for Translators and Interpreters. Book review Feb 1, 2018 107
Card game murder probe; Interpreters quiz Polish witnesses. Jan 3, 2018 245
Middling-status profession, high-status work: Finnish translators' status perceptions in the light of their backgrounds, working conditions and job satisfaction. Ruokonen, Minna; Malusalo, Jukka Jan 1, 2018 7036
Comparing the use of lexical bundles in Indonesian-English translation by student translators and professional translators. Novita, Hilda; Kwary, Deny A. Jan 1, 2018 8861
Trust and Proof: Translators in Renaissance Print Culture. Book review Jan 1, 2018 123
A Dialogue with Medical Interpreters About Rhetoric, Culture, and Language. Gonzales, Laura; Bloom-Pojar, Rachel Report Jan 1, 2018 6900
Rethinking Gender and Language in Stephen Scrope's Epistle of Othea. Schieberle, Misty Critical essay Jan 1, 2018 9894
De Worde's Edition of Trevisa's Translation of De proprietatibus rerum (c. 1495) and its Relationship to MS Plimpton 263. Edwards, A.S.G. Critical essay Jan 1, 2018 5890
Caxton at Work: How the Temporale of the Golden Legend Was Made. Scahill, John Critical essay Jan 1, 2018 5982
Community Involvement and the Three Levels of Heritage Interpretation Standards. Kohl, Jon; Jimenez, Antonieta Jan 1, 2018 1528
Who Are interpreters? Identity and Individuality. Lapage, Will Jan 1, 2018 1038
A Practice-Theory Analysis of Scientific Editing by Translators. Olohan, Maeve Jan 1, 2018 10153
See How She Creates Light On Translating Liu Xia. Ming Di Dec 31, 2017 1049
Treasuring the Tradition of Inspired Resistance: A Conversation with Maureen Freely. Johnson, Michelle Interview Dec 31, 2017 2455
150 translators, academics at Forum for Arab and Int'l Relations' conference. Conference news Dec 12, 2017 248
State America Great Again. Beck, Larry; Cable, Ted; Dustin, Dan Nov 1, 2017 1633
Soldiers on the Front Line of Interpretation. Istre, Elista Nov 1, 2017 1606
There are no Translators who Want to Work for the State Agency for Refugees. Oct 16, 2017 140
More Than Words: Translating a Path to Global Awareness. McMahon, Serah-Marie Interview Sep 22, 2017 2596
Translating Eli Eliahus difficult efficiency. Haworth, Kevin Sep 1, 2017 753
Interpreters Unlimited, Inc. Wins Contract from the State of Georgia. Aug 26, 2017 282
Interpreters Unlimited, Inc. Helps San Diego Families and Kids Prepare for 2017-2018 School Year. Aug 25, 2017 502
Texas voting law on language interpreters violates Voting Rights Act, court says. Aug 17, 2017 801
Amendments to the Rules of Judicial Administration concerning interpreters. Aug 1, 2017 1831
Palace confirms hiring interpreters for Duterte's Sona. Jul 13, 2017 422
"It's good for them but not so for me": Inside the sign language interpreting call centre. Napier, Jemina; Skinner, Robert; Turner, Graham H. Report Jul 1, 2017 10881
Medical terminology rendition techniques employed by paraprofessional Chin-Hakha <> English interpreters. Lian Ching, Salai Biak Za Report Jul 1, 2017 6034
Investigating tolerance of ambiguity in novice and expert translators and interpreters: An exploratory study. Rosiers, Alexandra; Eyckmans, June Report Jul 1, 2017 7318
The Interpreter's Ethical Responsibility IN COMMUNICATING SCIENCE. Beck, Larry; Dustin, Dan Jul 1, 2017 1162
How Do Rainforests Talk? Moving Science from Journals to Communities. Mayorga, Marisol; Garcia-Sanchez, Mariela Jul 1, 2017 1178
Inspiring Visitors' Scientific Inquiry by Transforming an Interpreter's Science Communication. Parker-Geisman, Alyssa Jul 1, 2017 1247
NAI CALENDAR. Calendar Jul 1, 2017 192
You: The Artist. Miller, Jay Jul 1, 2017 549
A critical review of Japanese scholarship on modern Chinese fiction and translation studies. Guarde-Paz, Cesar Report Jun 22, 2017 10274
NAB Reacts To FCC 'Special Displacement Window' For LPTVs, Translators. Jun 14, 2017 245
Appeals court to weigh Texas voting law limiting language interpreters. Jun 8, 2017 1119
Specialized English for tourism legislation. Nadrag, Lavinia; Buzarna-Tihenea, Alina "Galbeaza" Report Jun 1, 2017 3069
NO ENGLISH, NO PROBLEM: Air Force culture and language expert bridges communication gap during Eager Lion 2017 June 19, 2017. Ferguson, Brian Jun 1, 2017 1208
Dynamic dialogue: translating with Gili Haimovich. Barnat, Dara May 1, 2017 643
Interpreters Unlimited, Inc., President, Sayed Ali Selected as Semifinalist for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, San Diego. Apr 21, 2017 419
Netflix invites Arabic translators to take online test for subtitling jobs. Apr 5, 2017 177
Retrospective protocols: Tapping into the minds of interpreting trainees. Shamy, Marwa; de Pedro Ricoy, Raquel Report Jan 1, 2017 10504
Sign language interpreter aptitude: The trials and tribulations of a longitudinal study. Stone, Christopher Report Jan 1, 2017 7823
Interpreters' Self-Perceptions of Their Use of Self When Interpreting in Health and Behavioural Health Settings. Dubus, Nicole Report Dec 30, 2016 4706
Dr. Ghazi urges translators to be careful during translation. Nov 16, 2016 316
Dr. Ghazi urges translators to be careful during translation. Nov 16, 2016 316
Many are not following the rules for interpreters. Nov 15, 2016 621
PDO Organizes Omani Translators Forum. Sep 19, 2016 206
PDO to Host Omani Translators Forum. Sep 18, 2016 303
Towards understanding interpreter trainees' (de)motivation: An exploratory study. Wu, Zhiwei Report Jul 1, 2016 6078
Impoliteness in interpreting: A question of gender? Magnifico, Cedric; Defrancq, Bart Report Jul 1, 2016 9590
Contribution of prosodic and paralinguistic cues to the translation of evidentiary audio recordings. Chakhachiro, Raymond Report Jul 1, 2016 9047
Introduction: beyond Babel, or, the agency of translators in early modern literature and history. Coldiron, A.E.B. Essay Jun 22, 2016 5111
Interpreters push for 'fair' wages. May 26, 2016 1550
From Pasolini to the Pope. Stransky, Oonagh May 1, 2016 718
Some good news is that Afghan interpreter James Akam has finally made his way to Canada. Brief article May 1, 2016 147
Persuasive spaces: translators' prefaces to the Divine Comedy. Feltrin-Morris, Marella Critical essay May 1, 2016 5715
Renato Poggioli traduttore e comparatista: Attualita del duplice esilio di uno spirito cosmopolita nel nome della liberta di pensiero. Alcini, Laura Critical essay May 1, 2016 21119
Aid saves money on interpreters. Apr 30, 2016 123
PS100m cost of interpreters; Letters. Apr 19, 2016 130
Flexword Translators & Consultants Continue Innovative Streak with New Broadband Cable Technology. Mar 24, 2016 255
Jacob S. D. Blakesley: Modern Italian Poets: Translators of the Impossible. Minardi, Enrico Book review Mar 22, 2016 1217
Translating extra-linguistic culture-bound concepts in Mofolo: a daunting challenge to literary translators. Sebotsa, Mosisili Mar 22, 2016 5410
From Catalan Poetry to Fortuny Gowns: a conversation with Pere Gimferrer. West, Adrian Nathan Interview Mar 1, 2016 2345
Aristotle for Interpreters. Korf, Rebecca Mar 1, 2016 1584
Unpaid Debt To Afghan Interpreters. Feb 5, 2016 425
Please, Mr. McCallum. Peate, Les Brief article Feb 1, 2016 273
Translators as Adaptive Experts in a Flat World: From Globalization 1.0 to Globalization 4.0? Raido, Vanessa Enriquez Feb 1, 2016 8024
Cultural Translators of Communication Studies in Greater China. Qiu, Jack Linchuan Feb 1, 2016 9420
Perspectives on Professional Development and Training. Gill, Sarena Randall Jan 1, 2016 1005
Is grit the 'X-factor' for interpreters leaving the profession? McCartney, Jamie L. Report Jan 1, 2016 10056
More translators of The Thousand and One Nights. Fudge, Bruce Book review Jan 1, 2016 7521
De los paratextos a la ideologia del mecenazgo en las traducciones de El Tiempo entre Costuras en chino simplificado y no simplificado. Ku, Menghsuan Critical essay Jan 1, 2016 5654
Arthur Golding's metamorphoses: a protreptic endeavor for a reformation readership. Ruiz, Florinda; Gibbs, Gary G. Dec 22, 2015 11092
Interpreting for the 21st-Century Family: Talented living history interpreters weave tales that captivate museum visitors of all ages. Raney, Katie Nov 1, 2015 1433
Reading skills for sight translation in public-sector services. Nilsen, Anne Birgitta; Monsrud, May-Britt Report Oct 1, 2015 5309
Equal access to community interpreting in Flanders: a matter of self-reflective decision making? Roels, Britt; Seghers, Marie; De Bisschop, Bert; Van Avermaet, Piet; Van Herreweghe, Mieke; Slembrou Report Oct 1, 2015 8675
Interpreted communication with children in public-sector services. Nilsen, Anne Birgitta Report Oct 1, 2015 5653
Semi-authentic practices for student health interpreters. Crezee, Ineke Report Oct 1, 2015 6199
The impact of emotional and psychological factors on public service interpreters: preliminary studies. Garces, Carmen Valero Report Oct 1, 2015 7059
"I feel we don't really understand each other": interpreting medication instructions for a Turkish-speaking diabetes patient. Hofer, Gertrud; Eggler, Marcel; Sleptsova, Marina; Langewitz, Wolf Report Oct 1, 2015 6862
Development of reliable evaluation tools in legal interpreting: a test case. Salaets, Heidi; Balogh, Katalin Report Oct 1, 2015 8156
Interpreting the discourse of reporting: the case of screening interviews with asylum seekers and police interviews in Finland. Maatta, Simo K. Report Oct 1, 2015 8795
Caution and compliance in medical encounters: non-interpretation of hedges and phatic tokens. Albl-Mikasa, Michaela; Glatz, Elisabeth; Hofer, Gertrud; Sleptsova, Marina Report Oct 1, 2015 6711
Speech-to-text interpreting in Finland, Sweden and Austria.d. Norberg, Ulf; Stachl-Peier, Ursula; Tiittula, Liisa Report Oct 1, 2015 7234
Non-professional volunteer interpreting as an institutionalized practice in healthcare: a study on interpreters' personal narratives. Aguilar-Solano, Maria Report Oct 1, 2015 10061
Community interpreting: mapping the present for the future. Remael, Aline; Carroll, Mary Report Oct 1, 2015 4303
Shame--on both sides of the Atlantic: leave none behind! Hutson, Thomas R. Essay Sep 22, 2015 586
Trans-fusion cuisine; or, cooking with your ears. Mihalycsa, Erika Sep 1, 2015 833
The cognitive impact of computer-assisted translation (CAT) and machine translation (MT) on professional legal translators. Radulescu, Adina Report Jul 1, 2015 2225
Reflections on interpreting settings and ethics in view of visual representations of la Malinche. Zimanyi, Krisztina Report Jul 1, 2015 7504
Conceptual construct and empirical validation of a multifaceted instrument for translator satisfaction. Rodriguez-Castro, Monica Report Jul 1, 2015 9984
Crezee, Ineke (2013). Introduction to healthcare for interpreters and translators. Roat, Cynthia E. Book review Jul 1, 2015 1512
Reproducing Iphigenia at Aulis. Findlay, Alison Critical essay Jul 1, 2015 6273
Translating Amy Clampitt into Italian. Portnowitz, Todd Critical essay Jun 22, 2015 3093
Translators in fear of attacks by UK 'lunatics'. May 10, 2015 181
God's Tectonic Interpreters. May 4, 2015 1264
New poetry in translation: why poets translate. Rosenthal, Mira Critical essay May 1, 2015 4030
Court tightens rules for court interpreters. Apr 1, 2015 353
"Analyzing the Quality of Machine Translation Using Professional Translators" KantanMT's Tony O'Dowd to Present at Annual EUATC Conference, Lisbon, Portugal. Conference news Mar 7, 2015 470
Rewriting, ideology, and poetics in Goldblatt's translation of Mo Yan's (The Garlic Ballads)". Du, Ping; Zhang, Lili Mar 1, 2015 4358
Google turns smartphones into realtime translators. Feb 28, 2015 371
On the applicability of internet-mediated research methods to investigate translators' cognitive behaviour. Mellinger, Christopher D. Report Jan 1, 2015 6201
An experimental study into the acquisition of cultural competence in translator training: Research design and methodological issues. Olalla-Soler, Christian Report Jan 1, 2015 10718
Directionality in translation: investigating prototypical patterns in editing procedures. de Lima Fonseca, Norma Barbosa Report Jan 1, 2015 6918
Eastward Ho! Diplomats, Travellers and Interpreters of the Middle East and Beyond, 1600-1940. Leiser, Gary Book review Jan 1, 2015 2418
KL Translation Sets Aside Over 10,000[pounds sterling] to Train Translators in 2015. Nov 29, 2014 334
Sign language interpreters to help tourists. Nov 15, 2014 225
Deaf Interpreters at Work: International Insights. Book review Nov 1, 2014 116
Net-Translators Silver Sponsor and Exhibitor at Localization World Vancouver. Oct 7, 2014 512
In memoriam H. Wayne Walker Pipkin (1939-2014). Brewer, Brian C. Obituary Oct 1, 2014 678
Interpreters Unlimited takes over Accessible Communication for the Deaf. Sep 19, 2014 172
Interpreters Unlimited takes over Accessible Communication for the Deaf. Sep 19, 2014 166
US Army Looks for Interpreters for its Joint Military Exercise with Morocco. Sep 6, 2014 185
Bards of heart, wind, sky: an interview with Simon Wickham-Smith. Wilson, Sara Interview Sep 1, 2014 2739
The interpreter as activist. Lapage, Will Sep 1, 2014 1376
Global interpretive community loses a leader and friend. Brief article Sep 1, 2014 124
Major interpretive text now available in Chinese. Brief article Sep 1, 2014 102
1,000 preachers, interpreters to guide Hajis. Aug 31, 2014 441
ATBA testifies before House Subcommittee on behalf of LPTV, translators. Jul 24, 2014 283
Afghan military interpreters settle in Australia. Jun 1, 2014 172
Broadcasters urge FCC to protect LPTV, translators. May 7, 2014 859
The care and feeding of interpreters. Barry, J. Patrick May 1, 2014 1713
Kafka translated; how translators have shaped our reading of Kafka. Brief article Apr 1, 2014 162
CCTV translators could ease staff crunch at Dubai Courts. Mar 29, 2014 901
The validity of United States v. Nazemian following Crawford and its progeny: do criminal defendants have the right to face their interpreters at trial? Kracum, John Mar 22, 2014 10354
Multicultural family law facilitators project. Kumar, Nayanika Mar 1, 2014 1693
Liberty's language: Stephen Du Ponceau was a young French linguist who translated for the Continental Army, on his way to becoming an exemplar of liberty's advantages. Scaliger, Charles Biography Feb 17, 2014 4256
A Portrait without frames: Olga Pankina, winner of goce's Thoughts award. Feb 1, 2014 857
Conveying medication prescriptions in American Sign Language: use of emphasis in translations by interpreters and deaf physicians. Nicodemus, Brenda; Swabey, Laurie; Moreland, Christopher Report Jan 1, 2014 9012
Cognitive spaces: expanding participation framework by looking at signed language interpreters' discourse and conceptual blending. White, Julie A. Personal account Jan 1, 2014 5493
Ethical issues in machine translation. Vasilescu, Ruxandra Report Jan 1, 2014 2275
Approche quantitative des procedes de traduction. Ceban, Tamara Report Jan 1, 2014 5029
Methodologie de la critique des traductions. Farnoud, Esmaeel Report Jan 1, 2014 2845
Le role de la collaboration auteur-traducteur dans le transfert des coordonnees identitaires. Chapelan, Mihaela Report Jan 1, 2014 3181
Murakami Haruki the translator. Mori, Masaki Jan 1, 2014 2642
?Aprenden vocabulario los estudiantes de traduccion cuando traducen? Martin-Martin, Jose-Miguel Dec 1, 2013 7407
CIUTI-Forum 2012; translators and interpreters as key actors in global networking. Book review Dec 1, 2013 132
Mad interpreters. Van Winkle, Debbie Nov 1, 2013 635
On translating Magris: 'closelaboration' with a difference. Appel, Anne Milano Critical essay Nov 1, 2013 8150
Deaf call for access to debates at Senedd; PETITION FOR SUBTITLES AND SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETERS. Oct 25, 2013 560
Slowly, but surely: Willa Cather's reception in France. Palleau-Papin, Francoise Essay Sep 22, 2013 9722
Comic laughter in The Blithedale Romance: Miles Coverdale and the idea of the gentleman humorist. Caron, James E. Critical essay Sep 22, 2013 12138
Translators on translation memory (TM). Results of an ethnographic study in three translation services and agencies. LeBlanc, Matthieu Jul 1, 2013 6085
Community interpreting: Asian language interpreters' perspectives. Ra, Sophia; Napier, Jemina Jul 1, 2013 6726
Translation and negotiation of linguistic varieties amongst translators of the Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian languages. Hlavac, Jim Jul 1, 2013 11232
Evaluating student interpreters' stress and coping strategies. Kao, Po-Chi; Craigie, Philip Report Jul 1, 2013 3385
Transition and transformation: with special reference to the translation practice of Eileen Chang in the 1950s Hong Kong. Sun, Yifeng Essay Jun 22, 2013 8691
Translating poetic modernity: Zhou Zuoren's interest in modern Japanese poetry. Green, Frederik H. Jun 22, 2013 12606
Congress to vote on visa plan for Afghan interpreters. Jun 14, 2013 302
FUNDS NEEDED FOR SIGN INTERPRETERS; Short supply for hearing impaired. May 25, 2013 364
Lend an Ear to Your Translators. May 25, 2013 303
Afghan interpreters will get a chance to start new life in Britain. May 23, 2013 393
Deaf & Hearing Impaired Services is a Leading Provider of Certified Sign Language Interpreters in Southeast Michigan. May 23, 2013 462
600 Afghan interpreters will relocate to Britain. May 22, 2013 525

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