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Translating Knowledge Management Visions Into Strategy.


Translating Knowledge Management Visions Into Strategy

Monique Ceruti, Angel Williams, and Denise Bedford



203 pages


Working Methods for Knowledge Management


Business specialists Ceruti et al. explain how to translate knowledge management visions into strategy. They draw on research and practice in knowledge economies, knowledge capital, knowledge capacity building, and knowledge organizations to provide practical information for organizations of any type or size in any region to develop a vision of a knowledge organization and strategies to achieve that vision based on the organization's core culture, beliefs, and assumptions. They discuss the knowledge economy, the role of knowledge organizations in that new economy, and the importance of having a vision to navigate that transition; knowledge strategies, including the current state of practice and literature, the importance of building knowledge capacity to lead a strategy development effort, and the value of identifying strategic alignments and affinities across an organization; translating the strategy into tactics and the key roles and responsibilities required to manage it; and developing a governance model to sustain the knowledge strategy. Distributed in North America by Turpin Distribution. (Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Date:Feb 1, 2020
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