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DIED: Dirk Bogarde, 78, British actor who segued from comedies to dramas such as Death in Venice, of a heart attack May 8, He was preceded in death by his life partner of 40 years, Anthony Forwood,

DIED: Russell John "Rusty" Hartzell II, 34, Cincinnati AIDS activist, of unknown causes April 8.

DIED: Robert A. Udick, 41, New Orleans gay activist, of AIDS-related complications April 14.

ANNOUNCED: Aim Sitar, openly gay Minnesota state senator, that he will not run for another term after 26 years in the legislature, April 24.

APPOINTED: Openly lesbian Nina Jacobson, as copresident of Walt Disney Co.'s Buena Vista Motion Pictures, the highest film studio position attained by an out lesbian.
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Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
Date:Jun 8, 1999
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