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Resistors, Resistance Thermocouples, Analogue Key, Transistors, Flame Sensor, Capacitors, Microswitches, Diode Bridge, Microprocessors, Microcircuit, Optocouplers, Resistance Thermocouple, Differentia. Jul 13, 2019 137
India : GaN Systems' GS-065 650V Enhancement Mode GaN Transistors for Sub-1kW Power Applications Now at Mouser. Jul 12, 2019 195
Radio Frequency Transistors. Jul 4, 2019 132
Faster code: get more 'bang for your buck': ROBERT ROE INTERVIEWS JOHN SHALF ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF DIGITAL COMPUTING IN THE POST MOORE'S LAW ERA. Shalf, John Jun 1, 2019 1360
Beyond 1 and 0: Successor to Transistors? Jun 1, 2019 870
World's Ultra-Fast Power Transistor Gallium Nitride (GaN) Used Again on 3rd Power Amplifier from Merrill Audio Advanced Technology Labs, LLC. May 3, 2019 549
Purchase Of Chips, Transistors, Relays And Temperature Sensors. Apr 30, 2019 107
Monolithic Integration Of Gan Gate Driver And Power Transistor Switching Functions. Apr 9, 2019 114
Monolithic Integration Of Gan Gate Driver And Power Transistor Switching Functions. Apr 8, 2019 112
Supply & Installation Of Experimental Setup For Physics Lab Set Up For Study Of Resistance, Diode And Transistors Characteristics Set Up For Measurement Of V-l Characteristics Of Solar Cejj set Up For Study Of Transistor Characteristics Set Up For Study O. Mar 29, 2019 146
Purchase Of Connectors, Diodes, Transistors, Chips, Quartz Resonators, Capacitors, Printed Circuit Boards, Resistors. Mar 26, 2019 115
Purchase Of Connectors, Diodes, Transistors, Microcircuits, Quartz Resonators, Filters, Capacitors, Printed Circuit Boards, Resistors, Transformers, Telephony_. Mar 12, 2019 118
Fast, Flexible Ionic Transistors for Bioelectronic Devices. Feb 28, 2019 1001
Transistors. Feb 1, 2019 250
Key Advance for Future Topological Transistors. Dec 12, 2018 767
TowerJazz: KERI begins prototyping gate driver IC on SOI 0.18um platform. Dec 3, 2018 114
Transistors Jans2n5666 For More Details Visit Our Website Nov 8, 2018 158
Single Electron Transistor Market to Make Great Impact in Near Future by 2027. Oct 30, 2018 213
Transistors 2n2907a For More Details Visit Our Website Oct 9, 2018 158
Zecotek Photonics starts production of new series of solid-state micro-pixel avalanche photo diodes and transistors. Oct 1, 2018 265
Spain : NXP Triples Its 65 V LDMOS Offering for RF Power. Oct 1, 2018 442
Connectors, Diodes, Transistors, Microcircuits, Quartz Resonators, Filters, Capacitors, Printed Circuit Boards, Resistors, Transformers, Telephony. Sep 21, 2018 123
Rf Power Ldmos Transistors. Sep 20, 2018 133
Connectors, Diodes, Transistors, Inductors, Cores, Quartz Resonators, Generators, Transformers, Printed Circuit Boards, Microcircuits, Miscellaneous, Resistors, Capacitors, Filters, Accumulators. Sep 11, 2018 127
Connectors, Diodes, Transistors, Inductors, Cores, Quartz Resonators, Filters, Transformers, Printed Circuit Boards, Microcircuits, Telephony, Resistors, Capacitors, Accumulators. Sep 11, 2018 127
Microchips, Diodes, Transistors, Capacitors, Chokes, Fuses, Telephony, Connectors, Resistors, Transformers, Quartz Resonators, Printed Circuit Boards. Sep 11, 2018 103
Japan : Fujitsu Successfully Triples the Output Power of Gallium-Nitride Transistors. Aug 13, 2018 286
The Right To Enter Into An Agreement For The Supply Of A Set Of Spare Boards For The Repair Of Traction Converters On Igbt Transistors Of Locomotives 225. Aug 12, 2018 116
Fujitsu Successfully Triples the Output Power of Gallium-Nitride Transistors. Aug 10, 2018 1313
Hirel Npn Silicon Rf Transistors Bfy193c. Jun 19, 2018 159
Audio Frequency Oscillator Upto Lookhz iteml 1.00 frequency Generator Upto 1mhz item2 1.00 dc Power Supply For Transistors Experiment (0-2 Volt) item3 1.00 digital Microammeter (0-200 Microa) item4 1.00 digital Mili-ammeter (0-200 Ma) item5 1.00 powe. Jun 10, 2018 300
Netherlands : NXP Brings Standard Packages to RF Power. Jun 9, 2018 546
Avalanche Transistors. May 8, 2018 135
United States : Mouser Now Stocks Qorvo's Powerful 1800W QPD1025L GaN-on-SiC Transistors for Avionics. Apr 21, 2018 201
Supply Of Avalanche Transistors. Apr 20, 2018 132
IEDM sees transistor, memory, laser innovations. Nelson, Rick Editorial Mar 1, 2018 2289
750-W CW RF transistor. Mar 1, 2018 147
72-V hybrid step-down DC/DC controller. Mar 1, 2018 229
GaN's Time in the Spotlight Has Finally Arrived: Switching to Gallium Nitride over silicon offers improved power density and higher efficiency at a lower cost. Moreno, Tomas Mar 1, 2018 1020
Methods for Extension of Tunability Range in Synthetic Inductance Simulators. Sotner, Roman; Jerabek, Jan; Herencsar, Norbert; Langhammer, Lukas; Petrzela, Jiri; Dostal, Tomas Report Mar 1, 2018 3366
Japan : Panasonic Develops Insulated-Gate GaN Power Transistor Capable of Continuous Stable Operation. Feb 26, 2018 455
Panasonic develops Insulated-Gate GaN power transistor. Feb 23, 2018 605
POWERFUL SOURCES OF PULSE HIGH-FREQUENCY ELECTROMECHANICAL TRANSDUCERS FOR MEASUREMENT, TESTING AND DIAGNOSTICS. Plesnetsov, S.Yu.; Petrishchev, O.N.; Mygushchenko, R.P.; Suchkov, G.M.; Sotnik, S.V.; Kropachek, O. Report Feb 1, 2018 3205
A Novel Super Transistor-Based High-Performance CCII and Its Applications. Safari, Leila; Minaei, Shahram Report Feb 1, 2018 5381
WRIT Media Group, Optical Digital Transmission Firm Ink MOU for Crypto Mining Transistor Technology. Jan 23, 2018 345
WRIT Media Group, Optical Digital Transmission Firm Ink MOU for Crypto Mining Transistor Technology. Jan 23, 2018 349
Novel First Order Current Mode MOS-C Phase Shifters. Ozenli, Deniz; Yesil, Abdullah; Arslan, Emre; Kuntman, H. Hakan Author abstract Jan 1, 2018 3266
An Architecture of 2-Dimensional 4-Dot 2-Electron QCA Full Adder and Subtractor with Energy Dissipation Study. Abdullah-Al-Shafi; Bahar, Ali Newaz Report Jan 1, 2018 5439
A Glitch-Free Novel DET-FF in 22 nm CMOS for Low-Power Application. Singar, Sumitra; Joshi, N.K.; Ghosh, P.K. Jan 1, 2018 3053
High-Performance Solution-Processed Amorphous InGaZnO Thin Film Transistors with a Metal-Organic Decomposition Method. Xi, Yingtao; Wang, Dongping; Fon, Hon Hang Jan 1, 2018 4361
Design Consideration for High Step-Up Nonisolated Multicellular dc-dc Converter for PV Micro Converters. Hayashi, Yusuke; Matsugaki, Yoshikatsu; Ninomiya, Tamotsu Jan 1, 2018 8408
Supply And Warranty Of Rf Transistors. Dec 20, 2017 141
Supply Of High Power Rf Ldmos Transistors. Dec 16, 2017 142
16 Types Of Electronics Items (transistors. Dec 12, 2017 104
High-Performance Thin Film Transistors. Dec 1, 2017 216
Power Transistors. Aug 18, 2017 126
Germany : OptiMOS Linear FET combines a low RDS(on) with a large Safe Operating Area. Jul 26, 2017 138
ULTRA-LOW VOLTAGE VDBA DESIGN BY USING PMOS DTMOS TRANSISTORS. Basak, Muhammed Emin; Kacar, Firat Report Jul 1, 2017 3216
Supply Of Rf Power Transistors Tp 9383 Or Sd 1460 In Matched Pairs As Per Specifications Given On Page 10 Of This Document. 2. Supply Of Rf Power Transistors Tp 9380 As Per Specifications Given On Page 11 Of This Document. Jun 29, 2017 153
Supply Of Rectifiers Diodes And Transistors. Jun 7, 2017 109
Design of energy efficient and low power asynchronous 8*8 multiplier. Maheswari, C.; Gowthami, B.; Neelima, K. Jun 1, 2017 2127
Comparative Study of SiC Transistors for Active Current Limitation in S3R. Marroqui, David; Borrell, Jorge; Gutierrez, Roberto; Manuel Blanes, Jose; Garrigos, Ausias; Maset, E Report May 1, 2017 4319
Design a full adder based GDI logic using FinFET technology. Senthilkumar, V.M.; Stella, K. Report Apr 30, 2017 2208
Design a FinFET based 4-2 compressor for arithmetic operation. Senthilkumar, V.M.; Sowmiya, S. Report Apr 30, 2017 2070
Supply Of Electronics Components & Electrical Items Such As Ec%s, Diodes & Transistors. Socket Led, Coil & Transformer, Lcd, Transmitter Receiver Body, Connectors, Key Actuators. Hose Pipe, Capacitors, Relay, Hybrid Driver, Cables, Pcb & Flexible Pcb. Mag. Apr 24, 2017 144
Testing Of High Power Gan Transistors As Per . Apr 14, 2017 107
Major Breakthrough in Smart Printed Electronics. Apr 7, 2017 639
Shrinking packages if not transistors. Nelson, Rick Apr 1, 2017 599
Touch and go for Moore? Moore's law - the observation that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every 18-24 months - is a projection and not a physical or natural law. Andy Pye looks at some of the disruptive technologies which aim to ensure it can continue. Apr 1, 2017 1149
An Accurate PSO-GA Based Neural Network to Model Growth of Carbon Nanotubes. Asadnia, Mohsen; Khorasani, Amir Mahyar; Warkiani, Majid Ebrahimi Jan 1, 2017 3587
Germany : Panasonic to Start Mass Production of High-speed Gate Driver Dedicated to GaN Power Transistor X-GaN (TM). Nov 8, 2016 277
Semiconducting nanotubes from electron-poor polymers. Lougheed, Tim Nov 1, 2016 462
Bandwidth Tuning in Transistor Embedded Metamaterials Using Variable Resistance. Barrett, John P.; Katko, Alexander R.; Cummer, Steven A. Report Nov 1, 2016 6519
Development Of Scientific And Technical Solutions Improve The Reliability Of Transistors. Oct 20, 2016 138
United Kingdom : AVERY DENNISON makes investment in PRAGMATIC. Oct 18, 2016 187
09 Types Of Electronic Items (transistors). Oct 10, 2016 145
Electronic Items (transistors). Oct 10, 2016 145
Smallest Transistor Ever: One Nanometer Long. Oct 7, 2016 826
Researchers Create World's Smallest Transistor. Oct 7, 2016 556
United States : FTC approves Final Order Preserving Competition in Market for Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistors Used in Automotive Ignition Systems. Oct 6, 2016 114
Stretchable transistors. Corneliussen, Roger Oct 1, 2016 168
OrgaDetect: Commercializing NuDev's Organic Permeable Base Transistors (OPBT) in full Organic photodetectors and chip-size spectrometers. Sep 28, 2016 386
Canada,United Kingdom : e2v and GaN Systems global alliance extends the power of GaN to Aerospace and Defense industries. Sep 28, 2016 266
United Kingdom : e2v and GaN Systems global alliance extends the power of GaN to Aerospace and Defense industries. Sep 28, 2016 266
Supply Of Rf Ld Mos Transistors And Amplifier Test-jig For Above Transistor. Sep 15, 2016 119
Germany : Infineons 800 V CoolMOS P7 series sets a new benchmark in efficiency and thermal performance. Sep 9, 2016 318
Supply Of Rf Transistors. Aug 20, 2016 112
Nature Nanotechnology: "Large-Scale Chemical Assembly of Atomically Thin Transistors and Circuits". Zhao, Mervin Reprint Aug 1, 2016 170
Ultrathin Film Transistors for Wearable Display. Aug 1, 2016 384
Delivery Of The Heat Exchanger And A Circulating Pump For Cooling Igbt Transistors. Jul 30, 2016 271
Supply Of Power Transistors. Jul 27, 2016 114
United States : Fairchilds New Active Bridge Solution Delivers Best-in-Class Performance for Power Over Ethernet-Based IoT Devices. Jul 27, 2016 342
Space Grade Transistors. Jul 23, 2016 112
United Kingdom : INTEGRATED Power Solutions business developed High temperature power module. Jul 15, 2016 198
Rf transistors. Jun 23, 2016 122
Design of nanoscale memristive arrays for memory applications. Dharani, K.G.; Bhavani, S. Jun 15, 2016 1155
Could Modern, Nanoscale Vacuum Tubes Replace Transistors? Jun 8, 2016 609
ATLASS: Advanced high-resolution printing of organic Transistors for Large Area Smart Surfaces. Jun 8, 2016 429
Procurement of transistors. May 30, 2016 118
Procurement Of Rf Transistors. May 28, 2016 113
United States : NXP Introduces New High Performance GaN RF Power Transistors for Cellular Base Stations. May 26, 2016 451
United States : NXP GaN Transistors Bring Broad Bandwidths, High Power, and Ruggedness Suited for Electronic Warfare and Communication Systems. May 26, 2016 492
United States : Mentor Graphics Launches Unique MicReD Power Tester 600A Solution for Electric and Hybrid Vehicle IGBT Thermal Reliability. May 24, 2016 816
United States : Mouser First to Stock Infineon's CoolMOS C7 Gold Series. May 11, 2016 326
Noise Minimization in CMOS Current Mode Circuits That Employ Differential Input Stage. Yesil, Abdullah; Ozenli, Deniz; Arslan, Emre; Kacar, Firat May 1, 2016 4056
Temperature Dependence of Electrical Properties of Organic Thin Film Transistors Based on pn Heterojuction and Their Applications in Temperature Sensors. Ye, Rongbin; Ohta, Koji; Baba, Mamoru May 1, 2016 2320
Supply of avalanche transistors. Apr 21, 2016 163
Purchase of RF Power Transistor TP 9383 or SD 1460 & TP 9380 for 2x3/2x5 KW GCEL / BEL FM Transmitters of AIR Stations in West Zone. Apr 11, 2016 165
First Transistors Made Entirely of Nanocrystal 'Inks'. Apr 9, 2016 764
RF transistor ideal for ultra-wideband asymmetrical Doherty apps. Apr 1, 2016 123
Implementation of low-power and area-efficient carry save adder. Boopathi, K.; Dhayabarani, R.; Raja, S. Report Apr 1, 2016 2524
Design of low power bulk driven current generator based subthreshold Cmos circuit. Saravanan, S.; Prasana, P. Report Apr 1, 2016 2024
Performance analysis of a low power high speed hybrid 1-bit full adder circuit. Devi, P. Uma; Muthuvel, C. Report Apr 1, 2016 2560
Purchase of RF Power Transistor TP 9383 or SD 1460 & TP 9380 for 2x3/2x5 KW GCEL / BEL FM Transmitters of AIR Stations in West Zone. Mar 1, 2016 163
Hooter assembly pcb with all relevant parts assembled for tlb instrument to drg .No. cwm 01098 alt 2 all the components like condensers resistors. transistors mentioned in part list shall be properly. Feb 19, 2016 136
Supply of diodes and transistors, make cdil or equivalent as per details in tender document. Feb 17, 2016 147
Purchase of RF Power Transistor TP 9383 or SD 1460 & TP 9380 for 2x3/2x5 KW GCEL / BEL FM Transmitters of AIR Stations in West Zone. Feb 15, 2016 161
Supply of Transistors L Band 100 W GaN HEMT Devices. Feb 12, 2016 128
Hooter assembly pcb with all relevant parts assembled for tlb instrument to drg .No. cwm 01098 alt 2 all the components like condensers resistors. transistors mentioned in part list shall be properly. Jan 9, 2016 144
Hooter assembly pcb with all relevant parts assembled for tlb instrument to drg .No. cwm 01098 alt 2 all the components like condensers resistors. transistors mentioned in part list shall be properly. Jan 4, 2016 144
Supply of Machinery and Equipment:Diodes (P-n)- CDIL 4007,LED mm 2.5/5/10,Ics 741,555, 7486, 7408,7404, 7432, 7473, 7400,Npn Transistors S L 100 Metalic (CDIL),Pnp Transistors S K 100,Plano convex lan. Dec 8, 2015 118
purchase of Zener diode assorted voltage,light LED-assorted type, size, and voltage,NPN transistor Assorted nos,PNP transistor Assorted nos,IC regulator Voltage Positive series (7805 series,IC regulat. Dec 3, 2015 120
Tender for screening of diodes and transistors. Dec 2, 2015 121
Beyond Moore's Law. Pye, Andy Dec 1, 2015 449
Quantum computing goes old school: engineers modify silicon transistors to perform basic logic tasks. Grant, Andrew Report Nov 14, 2015 535
United States : IBM Research Breakthrough Paves Way for Post-Silicon Future with Carbon Nanotube Electronics. Oct 3, 2015 739
IBM research paves way for post-silicon future with carbon nanotube electronics. Oct 2, 2015 341
IBM research paves way for post-silicon future with carbon nanotube electronics. Oct 2, 2015 326
IBM research paves way for post-silicon future with carbon nanotube electronics. Oct 2, 2015 341
Austria : Ams offers truly scalable transistors in High-Voltage CMOS. Oct 1, 2015 427
Supply Of Power Transistors. Oct 1, 2015 121
Phosphorus: the new black? Silicon Valley in Northern California got its nickname from the multitude of computer chip manufacturers that sprung up in the surrounding area in the 1980s. But silicon may be facing some competition. Andy Pye takes a look at black phosphorus, which could make it possible to pack more transistors on a chip. Oct 1, 2015 615
Electronic components, ics transistors. Sep 3, 2015 107
Supply of transistors. Aug 26, 2015 142
Transistors , for details, visit our website, eprocure.Isro.Gov.In. Aug 20, 2015 116
Tiny Transistor Built from Molecule and Atoms. Jul 14, 2015 551
Supply of rf transistors. Jul 10, 2015 121
The mission of the synthetic diamond: synthetic diamond: superior heat spreader and enabler of next generation GaN transistors. Bolliger, Bruce Cover story Jul 1, 2015 1060
HCAPT: High Current All Printed Transistors. Jun 26, 2015 342
IONOSENSE-POC: Exploitation of Organic Electrochemical Transistors for Biological Ionsensing Proof Of Concept. Jun 19, 2015 344
Supply Of Transistors. May 12, 2015 106
Open tender for a contract for the supply of uninterruptible power supplies for QFT-7, in the framework of the project Modernization of the production of transistors and MMIC. Apr 17, 2015 177
Low power transistors. Mar 21, 2015 104
United States : Applied Materials Unveils Breakthrough E-Beam Metrology Tool for FinFET Transistors and 3D NAND Devices. Feb 25, 2015 368
"Global Carbon Nanotubes Market 2015-2019" is now available at Fast Market Research. Jan 30, 2015 376
Transistors Hi-Rel 2N 5154, Rad Hard NPN Power Silicon Transistor, Collector-Emitter Voltage. Jan 9, 2015 145
United States : Imec Presents Ultralow Power RFID Transponder Chip in Thin-Film Transistor Technology on Plastic at IEDM 2014. Dec 19, 2014 352
Belgium,Netherlands : Thin-Film Hybrid Oxide-Organic Microprocessor. Dec 12, 2014 430
United States : Modelithics Releases the Latest TriQuint GaN RF Simulation Model Library. Dec 9, 2014 305
Gate Driver Board and SPICE Models for Silicon Carbide Junction Transistors (SJT) Released. Nov 21, 2014 601
Bridge to a 'post-silicon' era: silicon transistors, tiny switches that carry information on a chip, have been made smaller year after year, but they are fast approaching a point of physical limitation. Brief article Nov 1, 2014 288
GeneSiC Releases 25 mOhm/1700 V Silicon Carbide Transistors. Oct 29, 2014 504
supply traction converters with IGBT transistors for diesel locomotives. Oct 9, 2014 114
supply traction converters with IGBT transistors for diesel locomotives. Oct 8, 2014 112
11 types of electronic items (chip & transistors). Sep 30, 2014 106
Singapore : Element 14 accelerates automotive applications with the industry s first bipolar transistors in LFPAK from NXP in Asia-Pacific. Sep 25, 2014 188
Carbon nanotubes could step in to sustain Moore's law: chips made with nanotube transistors, which could be much faster than today's products, should be ready around 2020, says IBM. Simonite, Tom Sep 1, 2014 474
On the power dissipation of 8-bit ripple carry adder using CMOS circuits, pass transistors and transmission gates. Ismail, Muhammad; Arshad, Sahar; Ahmad, Usman; Husnain, Anees ul; Ijaz, Qaiser Report Sep 1, 2014 1433
United States : BASF spend in Welsh flexible display materials firm. Aug 14, 2014 337
United States : IBM invests $3 billion in processors of the future. Jul 25, 2014 431
United States : Carbon nanotubes have potential of packing computing power of IBM Watson system into smartphone. Jul 14, 2014 209
United States : Cree Introduces New Low Cost, High Power GaN RF Transistors to Enable Higher Data Rate Telecom Systems. May 30, 2014 426
OmniPhy Announces 2.5v I/O Transistor Based Mixed Signal PHY Availability in TSMC 28nm HPM. May 23, 2014 568 Launches Online Store for Mitsubishi Transistor Lovers. May 21, 2014 284
United States : Cree Introduces Highest Power and Frequency Plastic Packaged GaN Transistors for Low Cost Radar and Datalinks. May 15, 2014 318
United States : Cree Announces Low Cost Extended Bandwidth GaN HEMT Transistors to Support Data-Hungry Small Cell Networks. May 9, 2014 371
Transistors target hard-switching power converters. Apr 1, 2014 116
SOI Lubistors: Lateral, Unidirectional, Bipolar-type Insulated-gate Transistors. Brief article Apr 1, 2014 130
Germany : Infineon s 700W L-Band Transistor with Highest-in-Industry Output Power Reduces BOM and Provides Higher Reliability and Ruggedness. Mar 26, 2014 272
Connecting transistors--and measuring their performance. Nelson, Rick Editorial Mar 1, 2014 565
Light, camera action!: GaN transistors take to the sky: HEMI devices give breakout performance for power amplifiers used to film aerial scenes in action movies. Warner, Chris Feb 1, 2014 1024
Supply of Ics, diodes, transistors. Jan 17, 2014 155
World's fastest organic transistor developed. Jan 9, 2014 250
Heat removal from bipolar transistor by loop heat pipe with nickel and copper porous structures. Nemec, Patrik; Smitka, Martin; Malcho, Milan Report Jan 1, 2014 4696
Percolation of carbon nanoparticles in poly(3-hexylthiophene) enhancing carrier mobility in organic thin film transistors. Lee, Chang-Hung; Hsu, Chun-Hao; Chen, Iu-Ren; Wu, Wen-Jong; Lin, Chih-Ting Report Jan 1, 2014 4781
Temperature effects on a-IGZO thin film transistors using Hf[O.sub.2] gate dielectric material. Lin, Yu-Hsien; Chou, Jay-Chi Jan 1, 2014 2586
AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors with multi-[Mg.sub.x][N.sub.y]/GaN buffer. Chang, P.C.; Lee, K.H.; Wang, Z.H.; Chang, S.J. Jan 1, 2014 1785
Improvement in brightness uniformity by compensating for the threshold voltages of both the driving thin-film transistor and the organic light-emitting diode for active-matrix organic light-emitting diode displays. Fan, Ching-Lin; Chen, Hao-Wei; Lai, Hui-Lung; Guo, Bo-Liang; Huang, Bohr-Ran Jan 1, 2014 3112
GaN transistors boast amplification capability into the multiple-GHz range. Nov 1, 2013 142
Elusive graphene transistor gets a little closer: by making clever use of DNA, researchers spot a possible way to make ultra-efficient circuits. Orcutt, Mike Brief article Nov 1, 2013 285
Procurement of tpv 3100/tvv 100 rf power transistors. Oct 8, 2013 107
Enhanced gallium nitride FET family adds 100-V, 16 m[ohm] power transistor. Oct 1, 2013 116
GaN transistors offer lighter-weight option. Oct 1, 2013 181
Scientists build first nanotube computer. Sep 27, 2013 348
Belgium : Imec, KULeuven and AIST report new process that paves the way toward increased mobility of beyond 10nm MOS devices. Sep 18, 2013 329
DNA used to assemble transistor from grapheme. Sep 8, 2013 249
Transistors designed for radar, communications systems. Jul 1, 2013 159
Self-healing circuits: a living immune system for ICs: the evolution of integrated circuits from fragile components to healing electronics. Panetta, Kasey Jul 1, 2013 714
Beyond Silicon: Transistors Without Semiconductors. Jun 22, 2013 634
Now, transistors without semiconductors. Jun 22, 2013 303
Transistor built for living computers: DNA-based switches could diagnose and treat diseases. Rosen, Meghan May 4, 2013 346
Faster FET testing with SMUs. Tupta, Mary Anne May 1, 2013 1009
'Smart' artificial skin could give robots adaptive sense of touch. Apr 29, 2013 358
'Taxels' Convert Mechanical Motion to Electronic Signals. Apr 27, 2013 919
Molecular transistors bring bio-computers closer to reality. Mar 29, 2013 395
IBM looks to a silicon-free future. Mar 24, 2013 580
Germany : Infineon Introduces DrBlade, the New Generation DrMOS in Innovative Chip-Embedded Packaging Technology. Mar 19, 2013 278
France - Responsive Field-Effect Transistors: A Life-Long Training Career Development action. Mar 5, 2013 312
Nanotube computers: IBM creates a new way to make faster and smaller transistors. Talbot, David Mar 1, 2013 340
New Research Report on Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) for Electronics & Electrics Market 2013-2023 by MarketResearchReports. Feb 27, 2013 605
Gate bipolar transistor technology platform reduces power dissipation. Feb 1, 2013 127
Next generation batteries may last 10 times longer than today's. Feb 1, 2013 385
Now, basic component of all computer chips boasts highest 'carry mobility'. Jan 3, 2013 706
Low voltage Schmitt Trigger in 0.18 [micro]m comes technology. Arith, Faiz Bin; Mamun, Md; Bhuiyan, Mohammad Arif Sobhan; Bakar, Ahmad Ashrif A. Report Jan 1, 2013 1921
Comparative study of gamma radiation effects on solar cells, photodiodes, and phototransistors. Nikolic, Dejan; Stankovic, Koviljka; Timotijevic, Ljubinko; Rajovic, Zoran; Vujisic, Milos Report Jan 1, 2013 3556
Carbon nanotubes for thin film transistor: fabrication, properties, and applications. Wu, Yucui; Lin, Xinnan; Zhang, Min Jan 1, 2013 7740
Donor-like surface traps on two-dimensional electron gas and current collapse of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs. Yu, Chen-hui; Luo, Qing-zhou; Luo, Xiang-dong; Liu, Pei-sheng Report Jan 1, 2013 3623
Transistors controlled by laser pulses to be 10000 times faster. Dec 6, 2012 333
Block copolymer alignment method for mobility anisotropy and enhancement of poly(3-hexylthiophene) thin-film transistors. Cheng, J.-W. John; Ho, Jeng-Rong; Tseng, Yu-Wei; Su, Hung-Jie; Chien, Chi-Horng; Tsiang, Raymond C.- Report Dec 1, 2012 4133
Carbon nanotubes could soon replace silicon in computer chips. Oct 30, 2012 308
IBM working to replace silicon with carbon nanotubes in computer chips. Oct 30, 2012 474
IBM Reports Carbon Nanotube Breakthrough For Advanced Chips. Oct 29, 2012 329
Netherlands : TriQuint's New GaN Transistors Deliver Superior Gain, Can Reduce Amplifier Size 50%. Oct 29, 2012 405
China,United States : Fairchild Semiconductor Wins Prestigious Top-10 Power Products Award in China. Oct 4, 2012 226
Genealogies. Salzer, Beeb Sep 22, 2012 902
High Durability of Nanotube Transistors in Harsh Space Environment Demonstrated. Sep 20, 2012 423
United States : 1011GN-700ELM RF TRANSISTOR released by MICROSEMI CORP. Sep 3, 2012 128
-Microsemi releases RF transistor for air traffic control radars. Aug 31, 2012 162
-Microsemi releases RF transistor for air traffic control radars. Aug 31, 2012 173
UMC Licenses IBM 20nm Kit For FinFET 3D Transistors. Aug 1, 2012 329
United States : Fairchild Semiconductor's New Low-Power LED Drivers with Integrated MOSFETs Help Designers Reduce Board Space and Design Times. Jul 24, 2012 329
Million-Fold Increase in Computing Efficiency. Jul 11, 2012 423
Future computers may be 1mn times more power-efficient than today. Jul 11, 2012 402
Industrial IT and telecommunications: converging fields continue to spark changes. Reed, Anne Jul 1, 2012 1363
Miniaturisation of electronic goods due to ICs. Irfan, Muhammad Jun 3, 2012 557
50-A SiC MOSFET family with 1700-V device boasts improved efficiency for high-power applications. Jun 1, 2012 149
Low [V.sub.CE(SAT)] transistors come in ultra-miniature TLM621 package. Jun 1, 2012 162
Dialog Semiconductor and TSMC Create A Process Platform. May 1, 2012 575
Soon, biodegradable transistors made from human body. Mar 8, 2012 522
Application-specific MOSFETs. Shekhawat, Sampat Mar 1, 2012 872
MOSFETs support high efficiency, power density and low [RDS](on) in SMPSs. Mar 1, 2012 135
'Perfect' single-atom transistor brings quantum computer closer to reality. Feb 20, 2012 477
New gate driver extends TI's family of GaN FET driver ICs. Interview Feb 1, 2012 548
'3-D' transistors bring faster circuits and lighter laptops closer to reality. Dec 7, 2011 492
Protecting power transistors in automotive inverter design. Sullivan, Patrick Aug 1, 2011 335
A readout circuit for infrared focal plane array using cascode technique. Houshyarifar,Vahid Report Jul 1, 2011 2346
In caseyou missed it. Jul 1, 2011 702
Toyota recalls 110,000 hybrid models in US, Japan and Europe over faulty transistors. Jun 30, 2011 293
Experimental investigation on the power electronic transistor parameters influence to the near-field radiation for the EMC applications. Manjombe, Y.T.; Azzouz, Y.; Baudry, D.; Ravelo, B.; Benbouzid, M.E.H. Report Jun 1, 2011 4903
Intel announces its 22nm technology with transistors entering the third dimension. May 5, 2011 578
Intela[euro](tm)s 3-D Transistor Looking To Break An ARM. May 5, 2011 631
Intel: 3-D Is The Dawn Of A New Transistor Era. May 4, 2011 507
Delivering the industry's best 60-A current rating. Smith, Carl; Huang, Wenkang May 1, 2011 443
The microelectronic radiomeasuring transducers of magnetic field with a frequency output/Magnetinio lauko matavimas taikant radijo matavimams skirtus mikroelektronikos keitiklius. Osadchuk, V.S.; Osadchuk, A.V. Report Apr 1, 2011 1710
Removal and sequestration of iodide from alkaline solutions using silver-doped carbon nanotubes. Pishko, Adrian L.; Serkiz, Steven M.; Zeigler, Kristine E.; Rao, Apparao M. Report Mar 22, 2011 4046
Nanotechonology: enabling future space viability. Jenkins, Eva S. Interview Mar 22, 2011 14922
Preventing technological failure in future war. Day, Allan E. Mar 22, 2011 20413
Applied Materials Unveils Breakthrough Technology for Building 3D Transistors. Mar 17, 2011 378
Bipolar Power Transistor Features A Low-Voltage Planar Technology. Mar 7, 2011 132
Now, 100K times more efficient transistors possible using molybdenite. Jan 31, 2011 223
Scientists make memory breakthrough with revolutionary field effect transistors (FET). Jan 25, 2011 364
Nanoscale Transistors Used to Study Single-Molecule Interactions. Jan 25, 2011 478
On the detection limit of the lateral bipolar magnetotransistors. Panait, Cornel; Caruntu, George; Dumitrascu, Ana Report Jan 1, 2011 1092
Fujitsu Develops Technology to Manufacture Power-Supply Transistors On Nearly Any Flat-surface Material. Dec 3, 2010 683
The dashboard of tomorrow. Brief article Nov 1, 2010 122
Efficiency increase of switched mode power supply through optimization of transistor's commutation mode/Galios saltiniu perjungimo busenos efektyvumo didinimas optimizuojant tranzistoriu perjungimo busenas. Spanik, P.; Frivaldsky, M.; Drgona, P.; Kandrac, J. Report Nov 1, 2010 2414
DC/DC Converter for commercial refrigeration LED lighting. Scheidegger, Nina R.; Stankovic, Ana V. Report Oct 1, 2010 3515
Gas transistor. Winters, Jeffrey Oct 1, 2010 332
big boys toys. Sep 28, 2010 212
Scientists Observe Single Ions Moving through Tiny Carbon-Nanotube Channel. Sep 13, 2010 630
High-speed graphene transistors could mean faster mobiles, computers. Sep 4, 2010 241
Iranian Researchers Introduce New Dual-Gate Transistor. Aug 21, 2010 274
Nanotechnology set to make computers faster. Jun 2, 2010 441
Nano Scientists One Step Closer to Production of Faster Computers. Jun 2, 2010 514
Understanding modern transistors and diodes. Book review Jun 1, 2010 132
Integrated circuits, photodiodes, and organic field effect transistors. Book review Jun 1, 2010 154
Nanowires will make computers smarter: new breakthroughs may overcome limits to Moore's law--at least for a while. Docksai, Rick May 1, 2010 541
Power packages unlock discrete semiconductor performance. Jackson, Benjamin Apr 1, 2010 319
Various parametric analysis and comparison of full adder cells for DSP data path block. Marimuthu, C.N.; Thangaraj, P. Apr 1, 2010 2519
EPC signs exclusive distribution agreement with Digi-Key for enhancement mode GaN transistors. Mar 8, 2010 148
EPC signs exclusive distribution agreement with Digi-Key for enhancement mode GaN transistors. Mar 8, 2010 148
Improved nanotubes will help transistors shrink smaller than silicon ones. Jan 16, 2010 291
World's first molecular transistor created. Jan 13, 2010 516
Fujitsu Succeeds in World's First Operation of 100W-Class Amplifiers Employing Carbon Nanotubes for Next-Generation Mobile Base Stations. Dec 13, 2009 1134
Grid computing tunes tiny transistors for future silicon chips. Dec 5, 2009 441
Fujitsu Develops World's First Technology for Low-Temperature Full-Service Direct Formation of Graphene Transistors on Large-Scale Substrates. Nov 28, 2009 1614
Nanowires may help in developing ultrasmall transistors. Nov 27, 2009 431
Finlike design can create smaller transistors and powerful computer chips. Nov 11, 2009 344
Miniaturized ICs Produced by Nano-Transistors. Nov 1, 2009 204
CNT's Effective Role in Designing Field-Effect Transistors Revealed. Oct 18, 2009 259
RF and microwave modeling and measurement techniques for compound field effect transistors. Book review Sep 1, 2009 128
New transistors may reduce power leakage during 'AC to DC conversion' by a third. Jul 15, 2009 253
Laser beam powered optical transistor may lead to ultrafast light-based computers. Jul 2, 2009 389
Fujitsu Develops World's First Gallium-Nitride HEMT for Power Supply. Jun 24, 2009 1690
Fujitsu Develops World's First 100 W-Class X-band High-Output Amplifier Featuring High Efficiency Exceeding 50%. Jun 12, 2009 1510
Cheaper, more stable transistors on the way. Williams, Robert H. May 1, 2009 83
Self-assembled nanowires can help make transistors smaller and faster. Apr 21, 2009 395
Dual TLM transistors exhibit low [V.sub.CE(SAT)]. Feb 1, 2009 111
Carbon nanotube 'ink' may pave way for thinner, lighter transistors, solar cells. Jan 11, 2009 285
Thin film transistors gas sensors: materials, manufacturing technologies and test results/Plonu pleveliu tranzistoriniai duju jutikliai: medziagos, gamybos technologijos ir bandymu rezultatai. Pereira, M.C.; Martins, M.J.; Bonnaud, O. Report Jan 1, 2009 5001
Transistors demonstrate low [V.sub.CE(SAT)]. Jan 1, 2009 106
World's first graphene RF field effect transistors (FETs) demonstrated. Jan 1, 2009 242
Fifty-volt LDMOS power transistors serve L-Band radar applications. Dec 15, 2008 143

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