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Transistors and solid state switches.

Avago Technologies expanded its solid state relay (MOSFET) family of opto-isolation products with the ASSR-301C/302C and ASSR-401C/402C. With input drive as low as 2 mA and fast switching speeds of <0.5 ms, these relays are suited for sensing and multiplexing applications such as test and measurement and data acquisition systems, where low power consumption and high system throughput are essential.

The solid state relays provide low off-state capacitance of <15 pF for good signal isolation and low on-resistance for less insertion loss. Low off-state leakage of <10 nA reduces system measurement errors. The company's expanded ASSR Series feature qualified performance across a wide temperature range of -40[degrees]C to 85[degrees]C, with high transient immunity >1 kV/[micro]s and what is said to be an industry high of 3.75 kV in insulation protection in a miniature SO4 package. The ASSR-301C and ASSR-401C are single channel, 1 Form A relays that come in an S04 package; the ASSR-302C and ASSR-402C are dual channel, 2 Form A relays that come in a standard DIP8 footprint

The ASSR-301C is priced at $1.97 each, and ASSR-302C is $3.60 each in 1,000-piece quantities. The ASSR-401C is priced at $1.97 each, and ASSR-402C is $3.60 each in 1,000-piece quantities.

Omron Electronic Components' G3VM-21LR and 41LR Series SSOP MOSFET relays measure 1.8 mm (H) x 2 mm (W) x 3.8 mm (L) and are said to offer designers a board space savings of 67 percent when compared to a standard SOP package. Their solid-state, high reliability construction provides hundreds of millions of operations with low power consumption. The MOSFET chip is available in a 1-Form-A contact configuration, provides fast turn-On and turn-Off times in the microsecond range, and it is capable of handling both AC and DC loads.

On-resistance as low as 1[ohm] and Off-state capacitance beginning as low as 1 pF ensures accuracy. This series also offers what is said to be the lowest available range of C x R values in the industry, starting at 2.5 pF*[ohm]. These features make these MOSFET relays appropriate for medical imaging applications such as CT, MRI and ultrasound equipment. In quantities of 10,000 pieces, the cost ranges from $6.79 to $7.10, depending on the model.

Companies Mentioned in Product Technology Review

* Avago Technologies

* Omron Electronic Components

* Microsemi

* ON Semiconductor

* Fairchild Semiconductor

* Vishay Intertechnology

Avago Technologies

Product: ASSR-301C/ASSR-302C Solid State Relays


Key Highlights:

* 250V output withstand voltage

* 0.05A current rating

* Low input current: [I.sub.F] = 1 mA

* Low C x R: 340 pF*[ohm] typical

* Low output Off-state leakage current: 0.3 nA typical

* Fast speed switching: 0.07 ms ([T.sub.on]), 0.07 ms ([])

* High transient immunity: >1 kV/[micro]s

* RoHS-compliant


Omron Electronic Components

Product: G3VM-21LR Solid State Relays


Key Highlights:

* Output capacitance of 1 pF (typical) allows high frequency applications

* C x R values starting at 2.5 pF*[ohm]

* Fast turn-On and turn-Off times in the microsecond range

* Measure 1.8 mm x 2 mm x 3.8 mm

* RoHS-compliant

              Microsemi                      ON Semiconductor

              Power MOS 8 is a high-speed,   The [e.sup.2]PowerEdge low
              high voltage N-channel         [V.sub.CE(sat)] SMT
              switch-mode power MOSFET.      transistors feature high
              This FREDFET version has a     current gain capability and
              drain-source (body) diode for  are designed for DC/DC
              high reliability in ZVS phase  converters and power
              shifted bridge and other       management applications in
              circuits through reduced       portable and battery
              [t.sub.rr], soft recovery,     powered products. The high
              and high recovery dv/dt        current gain allows the
              capability. Low gate charge,   devices to be driven
              high gain and a reduced ratio  directly from PMU's control
              of [C.sub.rss]/[C.sub.iss]     outputs, and the Linear
              result in desirable noise      Gain (Beta) makes them
              immunity and low switching     suitable in analog
              loss.                          amplifiers.

Model Type    APT7F120B/APT7F120S N-Channel  NSS12501UW3T2G NPN
              FREDFET                        Transistor
Applications  ZVS phase shifted and other    DC/DC converters; power
              full bridge; half bridge; PFC  management in portable and
              and other boost converter;     battery powered products;
              buck converter; single and     low voltage motor controls
              two stitch forward; flyback    in mass products;
                                             automotive industry
Key Features  * Fast recovery body diodes:   * Low [V.sub.CE(sat)]
                [T.sub.rr] = 190 ns (max.)   * ESD robust
                at [T.sub.J] = 25[degrees]C  * High current gain
              * Low [C.sub.rss] for          * High cut-off frequency
                desirable noise immunity     * Low profile package
              * Low gate charge              * Linear Gain (Beta)
              * Avalanche energy rated       * Pb-free
              * RoHS-compliant
Key Specs     * 1,200 [B.sub.VDSS];          * 12 [V.sub.(BR)CEO]
                [I.sub.D] = 7A                 (min.), 7A [I.sub.C]
              * 2.90[ohm] max.                 (max.) at [I.sub.C] =
                [r.sub.DS(on)]                 10 mA DC, [I.sub.B]=0
              * [C.sub.rss] = 31 pF (typ.)   * Equivalent
                at [V.sub.GS] = OV,            [r.sub.DS(on)] =
                [V.sub.DS] = 25V, f = 1 MHz    31 m[ohm]
              * Total power dissipation at   * [V.sub.CE(sat)] = 0.035V
                [T.sub.C] = 25[degrees]C =     (max.) at [I.sub.C] = 1A,
                335W (max.)                    IB= 0.100A
              * [V.sub.GS] = [+ or -]30V     * [f.sub.T] = 150 MHz
                                               (min.) at [I.sub.C] =
                                               100 mA, [V.sub.CE] = 5V,
                                               f = 100 MHz
Pricing       Contact manufacturer           $0.27 per unit in 10,000

              Fairchild Semiconductor        Vishay Siliconix

              The FDMA1023PZ is designed     Vishay released seven p-
              specifically as a single       channel power MOSFETs in a
              package device for the         new PowerPAK ChipFET
              battery charge switch in       package that offers
              cellular handsets and other    desirable thermal
              portables. It features two     performance in a 3 mm x
              independent P-Channel MOSFETs  1.8 mm footprint. Providing
              with low on-state resistance   a small-footprint
              for minimum conduction         alternative to MOSFETs in
              losses. When connected in the  the TSOP-6 package, these
              typical common source          devices feature low thermal
              configuration, bi-directional  resistance values, and a
              current flow is possible.      0.8 mm thin height profile.
                                             Maximum power dissipation
                                             is 3W.

Model Type    FDMA1023PZ Dual P-Channel      Si5479DU P-Channel 12V
              MOSFET                         (D-S) MOSFET
Applications  battery charching, load        Load switch, PA switch and
              switching, boost and DC/DC     battery switch for portable
              conversion                     applications
Key Features  * Max [r.sub.DS(on)] =         * Thermally enhanced
                72 m[ohm] at [V.sub.GS] =      PowerPAK ChipFET package
                -4.5V, [I.sub.D] = -3.7A       with small footprint, low
              * Max [r.sub.DS(on)] =           On-resistance and 0.8 mm
                95 m[ohm] at [V.sub.GS] =      profile
                -2.5V, [I.sub.D] = -3.2A     * RoHS-compliant
              * Max [r.sub.DS(on)] =         * -12 [V.sub.DS]
                130 m[ohm] at [V.sub.GS] =
                -1.8V, [I.sub.D] = -2A
              * Max [r.sub.DS(on)] =
                195 m[ohm] at [V.sub.GS] =
                -1.5V, [I.sub.D] = -1A
              * RoHS-compliant
Key Specs     * -20[V.sub.DS], -3.7A,
                72 m[ohm] [r.sub.Ds(on)]     * [r.sub.DS(on)] =
                (max.) at TA = 25[degrees]C    0.021[ohm] at
              * Operating and storage          [V.sub.GS] = -4.5V;
                junction temperature range:    0.028[ohm] at
                -55[degrees]C to               [V.sub.GS] = -2.5V;
                150[degrees]C                  0.039[ohm] at
              * Low profile = 0.8 mm (max.)    [V.sub.GS] = -1.8V
                in MicroFET 2 mm x 2 mm      * Total gate charge = 21 nC
                package                        (typ.)
                                             * Pulse-drain current =
Pricing       $0.39 each (1K pieces)         U.S. delivery in 100,000-
                                             piece quantities starts at
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