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Transindigo Inc Launches Partner Solutions Program.

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NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 17, 2000

New partnerships build on strengths of flagship solution, Elara,

and help support global demand for product

Transindigo Inc, a leading provider of Internet security and authorization technologies, today announced that the company has launched an aggressive partner program to leverage its groundbreaking transaction-level offering, known as Elara, and to continue to enhance the range of that offering to the entire Internet security marketplace. The program will provide Transindigo customers with secure, integrated solutions that solve root security problems within their organizations.

Transindigo has already entered into agreements with a number of organizations, including RSA Security and announced two more partnerships today: Fiorano Software, the leading provider of Java messaging solutions; and Neoteric, Inc., a boutique system integrator specializing in core e-commerce solutions, such as directory management, security and communications to enable secure policy-based Intranet and B2B portals and services.

"By partnering with industry leaders, we are able to build on the inherent strengths of Elara to deliver the authorization and transactional entitlement solutions that will be most effective for each of our customers. This type of integrated security is vital to our customers' success," John Weinschenk, President and CEO, Transindigo, said.

Transindigo has developed the first mission-critical solution for real-time management of transactional entitlement and authorization. The company's flagship product, Elara, enables businesses to implement and ensure enforcement of business policies on a transaction-by-transaction basis. Moreover, Elara uses dynamically updateable business rules to automate all facets of transactional entitlement from authentication, authorization and access control to single sign-on and delegated administration.

Transindigo partners fall into five strategic areas comprising security, resource management, middleware and systems and networking providers. "To complement Elara's capabilities and to ensure that it meets the relentless demands of e-commerce, we needed a proven and reliable Java messaging service," John Weinschenk, President and CEO of Transindigo, said. "According to benchmark testing, FioranoMQ is the fastest, most robust messaging server available in the marketplace today, so we are very pleased to have Fiorano as a partner."

Atul Saini, President and CEO of Fiorano Software, continued, "Transindigo is providing the next generation user authorization technology by implementing real-time transactional entitlement. Elara exemplifies how FioranoMQ is enabling high-value, real-time e-business in a heterogeneous computing environment."

Similarly, Neoteric has proven expertise in employing best practices and designing effective e-business directory management and security solutions based on LDAP, PKI, XML. Neoteric will work closely with Transindigo clients to design and implement directory and PKI infrastructure necessary to integrate the Elara product suite into the client enterprise. Terrence McCarthy, CTO of Neoteric, stated, "Elara provides a crucial component of e-commerce security technology. From our perspective, real-time entitlement and authorization is essential for any company offering transactional capabilities to their customers and/or business partners via an e-commerce portal. We are delighted to be working with Transindigo because their Elara product line has great vision, is elegantly designed and well executed."

Commenting on the relationship with Neoteric, Mr. Weinschenk said: "The global security market is growing exponentially and is projected to reach $3.5 billion by 2003. To support the demand for Elara, we need to ally ourselves with companies like Neoteric whose professional integration and implementation services are second to none."

About Transindigo Inc

Transindigo Inc is a leading next generation e-infrastructure company that has developed the first mission-critical solutions for securely managing every aspect of authorization and transactional entitlement. Transindigo's Elara employs cutting-edge technology to enable real-time authorization down to the transactional level. It uses business rules to centralize, unify and automate all facets of entitlement including user authentication, authorization, access control, Web single sign-on and delegated administration. Transindigo solutions are platform independent, highly scalable, and employ an open, extensible, standards-based architecture. Headquartered in New York, Transindigo also has offices in Boston, Chicago and London. For more information, please visit
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Date:Oct 17, 2000
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