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Violence, lack of access to healthcare among problems faced by women -- CWR. Nov 27, 2021 740
Dedicated Michele is healing physical and mental scars of hurt to help so many regain their confidence; THURSDAY 18.11.2021 LIFE live it well EXCLUSIVE By SIOBHAN O'CONNOR Harley Street trained cosmetic specialist gives time & expertise to help victims of domestic abuse and transgender community. SIOBHAN O'CONNOR Nov 18, 2021 1024
International Olympic Committee introduces new framework for transgender athletes; New guidelines introduced by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have suggested hormone treatments will no longer be necessary for transgender and intersex athletes to compete. By, Tom Sunderland Nov 17, 2021 434
Transgender woman left with broken jaw after 'police put her in cell with three men'; Kristina Frost was on a "book-and-release" at San Diego Central jail in the US but she was remanded into custody and held with three male inmates who assaulted her, her lawsuit claims. By, Ryan Fahey Nov 15, 2021 513
JI seeks formation of medical board to recommend gender change instead of 'self-perceived identity'. Nov 15, 2021 529
UP polls: Shahida Begum becomes first transgender elected representative in Khulna. Nov 13, 2021 329
Rights activists want govt to provide financial help to transgender persons. Nov 12, 2021 281
Campaign launched to protect rights of transgender persons, minorities. Nov 10, 2021 324
Transgender street crossing could cause chaos for guide dogs and blind Londoners; Disability groups have warned colour crossings make life harder for the blind. By, Josiah Mortimer Nov 10, 2021 534
Minister Ronald Lamola addresses historic policy dialogue on Intersex and Transgender Rights in South Africa, 4 to 5 Nov. Nov 3, 2021 249
Changes to law on rights of transgender persons planned. Nov 3, 2021 376
LHC moved against non provision of jobs to transgender in federal, provincial departments. Nov 2, 2021 160
LHC asks Punjab govt for data on transgender persons' recruitment. Nov 2, 2021 382
LHC asks Punjab govt for data on transgender persons' recruitment. Nov 1, 2021 381
Providing Competent, Supportive Care for People Who are Transgender. Robinson, F. Patrick Nov 1, 2021 1966
Court seeks AGP's help on pleas against law about trans people. Oct 28, 2021 718
FSC issues notice to AGP over petitions challenging Transgender Act 2018. Oct 28, 2021 400
Democratic process of voting an "affirmation" of rights. Oct 28, 2021 773
Castrate those who defile children - Population Council boss. Oct 27, 2021 354
Transgender person injured for resisting assault bid. Oct 27, 2021 250
Anglican church in UK fight Ghanaian bishops over anti-gay bill. Oct 27, 2021 428
CIP calls for measures to protect political, electoral rights of marginalized segments. Oct 25, 2021 268
CIP calls for measures to protect political, electoral rights of marginalized segments. Oct 25, 2021 268
Now free in Australia, Nur Sajat eager to rebuild business and join Malaysian diaspora. Oct 22, 2021 1583
Special quota for women, transgender to be allocated in 'Ehsaas Rehri Ban' project. Oct 18, 2021 915
Special quota for women, transgender to be allocated in 'Ehsaas Rehri Ban' project. Oct 18, 2021 914
LHC moved against transgender persons being denied jobs in Punjab police. Oct 17, 2021 391
MORE POWER TO YOU; Talulah-Eve, the first transgender contestant on Britain's Next Top Model, embraces tough-girl tailoring, mixing military shapes with slender slip dresses and powerful prints. Oct 17, 2021 276
Jail cells upgrade to help trans lags; PS150M ON PRISON ROOMS. EXCLUSIVE by Amy Sharpe Oct 17, 2021 230
Jail cells upgrade to help trans lags; PS150M ON PRISON ROOMS EXCLUSIVE. Amy Sharpe Oct 17, 2021 228
LHC moved against transgender persons being denied jobs in Punjab police. Oct 16, 2021 392
£150million to give transgender prisoners new cells with en suite toilets and showers; The Government is spending millions to build single occupancy prison cells that will give jail inmates who are transgender their own private rooms and bathrooms. By, Amy Sharpe Oct 16, 2021 253
Punjab police told to explain 'discrimination' against transgender people in recruitment. Oct 16, 2021 181
Transgender rights. Oct 15, 2021 332
New Protection Centre. Oct 15, 2021 339
ON THE WEB. Oct 15, 2021 443
Shireen Mazari inaugurates first Transgender Protection Centre. Oct 14, 2021 178
Shireen Mazari inaugurates first Transgender Protection Centre in Islamabad. Oct 14, 2021 278
Govt has included transgender community in Ehsaas Program: Shireen Mazari. Oct 14, 2021 280
Shireen Mazari inaugurates first Transgender Protection Centre. Oct 14, 2021 178
I had to travel 3000 miles before I truly found myself; SASHA LEFT BROADWAY FOR LIVERPOOL TO PURSUE HER THEATRE DREAM ... AND DISCOVERED A LOT MORE. OLIVER ADAMS ECHO Correspondent @LIVECHONEWS Oct 13, 2021 640
Govt asked to take steps for protection of transgender community. Oct 13, 2021 433
Netflix defends Chappelle, suspends staff in transgender row. Oct 12, 2021 513
Opportunity to improve. Oct 10, 2021 169
DOLE: No discrimination in TUPAD program. Oct 10, 2021 171
Netflix urged to pull Dave Chappelle's stand-up show over trans jokes; Groups condemn material from US comic's new set The Closer. By, Keiran Southern, PA Los Angeles Correspondent & David Flett Oct 7, 2021 309
Mum's devastating struggle with young transgender son targeted by bullies; 'I'M JUST SO WORRIED OF WAKING UP TO FIND MY CHILD DEAD IN THEIR BEDROOM'. PETER CRAIG @GTPETERCRAIG Oct 7, 2021 610
Transgender killed in acid attack in Karachi. Oct 7, 2021 284
'Hannibal Lecter Jr' murderer says she's not being freed because she's transgender; Sophie Eastwood, 36, was sentenced to life with a minimum 15-year sentence for murdering her cell mate in 2004 while in jail for a dangerous driving offense. By, Marcello Mega & Shiler Mahmoudi Oct 4, 2021 745
Mum's agony as transgender son, 11, told to kill himself by cruel bullies; 'Martha' turned to medical professionals in the area in a bid to combat her son's self-harming, but she says they have not been helpful during his time of need. By, Luke Green Oct 4, 2021 626
Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard wins university's sportswoman of the year award; Laurel Hubbard made history by becoming the first transgender athlete to appear at the Olympics and has now won a landmark university award in her native New Zealand. By, Samuel Meade Oct 3, 2021 394
'Words have power' Delegate stands up for trans equality; LAURA, 26, HAILED AT LABOUR CONFERENCE. OLIVER ADAMS ECHO Correspondent @LIVECHONEWS Conference news Oct 2, 2021 495
MPAs submit 'transgender people's protection bill'. Oct 2, 2021 250
Dedicated ward for transpersons at DHQ hospital. Oct 2, 2021 222
Redrafting of council policy on menopause; Transgender people and under-40s included This is a great document and a very important piece of work. KAIYA MARJORIBANKS Medical condition overview Oct 1, 2021 648
Transgender people brutally killed in Punjab over past seven years. Oct 1, 2021 703
Bench: A growing number of states have passed legislation banning transgender girls and women from playing sports, learn how students and plaintiff attorneys are challenging these laws. Miceli, Kate Oct 1, 2021 1813
Covid: 3 youths get transgender and hijra volunteer award. Sep 30, 2021 657
Schizophrenic knifed transgender escort in 'vicious' flat stabbing. ROSS MCCARTHY Court Reporter Sep 29, 2021 383
Don't breach Constitution by banning transgender Muslims from entering mosques, religious authorities told. Sep 29, 2021 496
Govt asked to protect rights of disabled, transgender persons. Sep 26, 2021 322
Abusing trans people. Zofeen T. Ebrahim Sep 26, 2021 784
Amid calls for ban, Penang mufti says transgender people should 'change appearance' to enter mosques. Sep 26, 2021 306
Transgender entrepreneur Nur Sajat may seek asylum. Sep 23, 2021 219
WOMEN'S WORK: sarah mcbride: elected and transgender. Ewens, Amelia Sep 22, 2021 522
Raja Rajamannar. Miller, Shannon Sep 20, 2021 563
MoHR to ensure implementation of 'The Transgender Act 2018'. Sep 20, 2021 519
MoHR to ensure implementation of 'The Transgender Act 2018'. Sep 20, 2021 520
Eleazar orders probe, manhunt vs those behind Maguindanao bomb attack. Sep 20, 2021 190
Transgender man thought he'd gained lockdown weight but it was a huge ovarian tumour; An ultrasound revealed a mass so large medics 'couldn't see any of his organs'. By, Harrison Moore (SWNS) & Victoria Jones Sep 19, 2021 514
Labour MP Rosie Duffield to miss conference over online abuse in trans rights row; The MP for Canterbury said a backlash over her views had erupted into abuse and threats to her safety, adding: 'I just thought it was better for everyone if I quietly stayed away'. By, Dan Bloom Conference news Sep 19, 2021 718
Equalities Minster called trans people 'men using women's bathrooms' in leaked audio; Kemi Badenoch was condemned by Labour over the comments she made in 2018, despite the government insisting they had been taken out of context. By, Dan Bloom Sep 17, 2021 729
NHS trust wins appeal over puberty-blocking drugs for kids with gender dysphoria; An NHS trust has won a Court of Appeal fight to overturn a landmark ruling over the use of puberty-blocking drugs for children with gender dysphoria. By, Jess Glass Sep 17, 2021 462
Who is Kemi Badenoch? Equalities minister criticised over 'disgusting' trans rights remarks; UK equalities minister Kemi Badenoch appeared to refer to trans women as "men" in an audio clip recorded in 2018. By, Tom Blackburn Sep 17, 2021 519
IHC issues notices in petition filed by girl born with 'gender identity disorder'. Sep 17, 2021 603
MoHR to ensure implementation of "The Transgender Act 2018". Sep 16, 2021 520
MoHR to ensure implementation of 'The Transgender Act 2018'. Sep 16, 2021 520
PHL Embassy-The Hague commends Fil-Dutch groups' humanitarian work. Sep 15, 2021 344
UFC star Sean O'Malley criticises transgender MMA fighter after debut win; O'Malley has hit out at transgender fighter Alana Mclaughlin after she took victory in her professional MMA debut, claiming that she has "higher testosterone levels". By, Ben Davies Sep 14, 2021 528
Piers Morgan gives predictable response to transgender MMA fighter's debut win; Alena McLaughlin became the second transgender fighter to compete in MMA this past weekend and popular broadcaster Piers Morgan has since weighed in on the topic. By, Harry Davies Sep 14, 2021 466
Transgender woman sues Sainsbury's after store worker said 'look at state of that'; The 68-year-old said that she was left feeling "angry and humiliated" after the comment was made to a delivery driver as she walked past a city centre Sainsbury's store. By, Tim Hanlon Sep 14, 2021 701
Nisha Rao is the first transgender student at Karachi University. Sep 13, 2021 492
Evangelical Lutheran church elects 1st transgender bishop. Associated Press Sep 12, 2021 159
Police arrest 38 suspects for torturing transgender. Sep 11, 2021 195
PH Embassy in The Hague commends Filipino-Dutch groups for humanitarian work. Sep 11, 2021 400
Transgender fighter wins debut after choking out opponent in second round; Alana McLaughlin, the first openly-transgender MMA fighter to compete in the US since 2014, beat Celine Provost on Friday night. By, Martin Domin Sep 11, 2021 375
Where a vulnerable community found they could live in dignity. Sep 8, 2021 372
First successful transgender operation at LGH. Sep 5, 2021 564
First Transgender Rehabilitation Centre to be set up in Lahore: minister. Sep 5, 2021 494
First successful transgender operation conducted at LGH. Sep 5, 2021 575
GENDER INCLUSION AT CAMP. Matthews, Ben Sep 1, 2021 2437
The Difficulties for Sexual Minority Individuals: A Qualitative Study. Mermer, Gulengul; Yilmaz, Mualla; Oncel, Selma Report Sep 1, 2021 5720
Transforming Parenthood. Hewett, Heather Sep 1, 2021 2705
Cunning: Eruptions of Inanna: Justice, Gender, and Erotic Power. Grahn, Judy; Moore, Lisa L. Sep 1, 2021 1260
AAP 'silencing debate' on gender dysphoria, says doctor group. Nainggolan, Lisa Sep 1, 2021 329
For transgender adults, early cognitive decline more likely. Brooks, Megan Sep 1, 2021 701
School ordered to pay £950k to transgender student banned from using boys' toilet; Grimm said the board had violated policy Title IX, which bans sex discrimination in schools, by banning him from accessing the bathroom that matched with his gender identity. By, Graeme Murray Aug 31, 2021 395
Coalition for Inclusive Pakistan demands rights for women, transgender community and differently-abled persons. Sohail Bhutto Aug 30, 2021 344
'Every night I prayed I'd wake up as a girl' Growing up transgender, Charlie Craggs, 28, became suicidal. Here, she shares her journey to becoming the woman she always knew she was. Aug 29, 2021 1259
Transgender persons rights. Wajahat Ali Malik Aug 26, 2021 842
Masks, transgender policy protested at Unit 2 meeting Meeting. CURTIS WINSTON Contributing Writer Aug 25, 2021 963
Epstein - Barr virus epidemiology in HIV infected transsexuals. Salahuddin, Sadia; Azhar, Joharia; Akhtar, Hashaam; Khan, Jabbar; Muhammad, Noor Report Aug 23, 2021 1811
'How city life helped me discover my gay identity'. OLIVER ADAMS ECHO Correspondent @Oliver_Adams_ Aug 21, 2021 410
Masks, transgender policy protested at Unit 2 meeting Board. CURTIS WINSTON Contributing Writer Aug 20, 2021 961
Masks, transgender policy protested at Unit 2 meeting. CURTIS WINSTON Contributing Writer Aug 20, 2021 961
Hobby Lobby ordered to pay $220K to Oswego trans employee. Caroline Anders The Washington Post Aug 19, 2021 403
New Policies will Help Transgender People Obtain Appropriate Treatment for Gender Dysphoria: NYS Office of Mental Health and Department of Financial Services Announce NY Insurance Carriers Complying with State Requirements to Provide Coverage for All Gender-Affirming Treatments. Aug 16, 2021 411
Prostate cancer survivor now spreads awareness as a woman. Aug 15, 2021 1144
Prostate cancer survivor now spreads awareness as a woman Constable: Runner says she had support in transition many trans people don't. Aug 15, 2021 2083
Prostate cancer survivor now spreads awareness as a woman Constable: Runner says she had support in transition many trans people don't. Aug 15, 2021 1144
Police probe sick abuse of Britain's first transgender referee that left her suicidal; Lucy Clark said that she was left suicidal after she was the victim of a transphobic "ambush" during a game between Spartan's Youth FC and Worcester Park FC, in May. By, Amy Sharpe Aug 14, 2021 550
About Time Pakistan Established Transgender Persons' Right To Education. Aug 14, 2021 778
Four persons including 1 transgender person killed in twin cities. Aug 13, 2021 354
Tom Daley insists sport has 'a lot further to go' in combating homophobia after being singled out on Russian state TV; Daley was the subject of homophobic comments during his gold and bronze medal exploits at the Tokyo Olympic Games. By, Paul Eddison at Tokyo Aquatics Centre & Will Jennings Aug 7, 2021 765
CHR to probe killing of transgender woman, condemns gender-based violence. Aug 6, 2021 298
Bureaucratic hurdles prevent trans people from getting CNICs. Aug 5, 2021 555
Kyla attacked for alleged 'transphobic' comment. Aug 4, 2021 249
Transgender weightlifter Hubbard makes history at Olympics. JAMES ELLINGWORTH and SALLY HO Associated Press Aug 3, 2021 491
History-maker Hubbard says not a transgender icon, but an athlete. Aug 3, 2021 566
Transgender Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard Makes History At Olympics. Aug 2, 2021 378
Transgender Jenny, 21, in surgery plea; PS50K BID TO FIND PEACE AND HAPPINESS. Aug 2, 2021 411
Petition for rule change on transgender weightlifter removed as 'hate speech'; New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard will become the first openly transgender athlete to compete in an Olympics on Monday, and her participation has been a divisive issue. By, William Walker Aug 2, 2021 469
How transgender Laurel Hubbard is allowed to compete in the weightlifting at the Tokyo Olympics; Hubbard transitioned from a man to a woman in 2012, with her participation at the Tokyo Olympics sparking much debate. By, Jon Doel Aug 2, 2021 636
BEAUTY ISN'T BINARY: A new inclusive line of fragrances highlights the beauty of gender diversity. Guerrero, Desiree Aug 1, 2021 322
SHATTERED GLASS: Stephanie Battaglino writes of the difficulties facing trans workers in her new book, Reflections From Both Sides of the Glass Ceiling. Padgett, Donald Aug 1, 2021 582
Sports participation for transgender athletes. Lawlis, Shauna M. Aug 1, 2021 1057
Writing letters for transgender patients undergoing medical transition. Riese, Amy Aug 1, 2021 701
Providing Competent, Supportive Care for People Who are Transgender. Robinson, F. Patrick; Roper, Sherry L. Aug 1, 2021 1971
2000 National Women's Studies Association Talk: "Challenges: Women of Color within Women's Studies and LesbiGayTrans Studies" by Angela Bowen. Speech Aug 1, 2021 3197
"We're all in an abusive relationship with the health-care system": Collective memories of transgender health care. Davis, Charlie E.; Johnson, Corey W.; Flanagan, Ashley; Silk, Washington Report Aug 1, 2021 11061
Transgender weightlifter Hubbard thanks IOC before competing. Jul 31, 2021 304
Puberty not sole factor in transgender eligibility says IOC. Reuters News Service Jul 29, 2021 392
Priority seats reserved for transgender in BRT: Kamran. Jul 28, 2021 178
How to deal with rude comments about transgender daughter. Jul 28, 2021 558
Czech President Calls Transgenders "Disgusting". Jul 19, 2021 320
Provoking the transgender community. MUHAMMAD SIDDIQUE-Kashmore. Jul 18, 2021 162
Fairfax schools adopt protections for trans students. Jul 17, 2021 1121
Culture wars battle is 'fabricated' by politicians, says think tank; The Fabian Society has warned Labour not to allow Britain to become as divided as the US. By, Rachel Wearmouth Jul 12, 2021 484
Two killers of transgender arrested from Takhtbhai: ASP. Jul 11, 2021 165
Transgender person killed at dance party. Jul 10, 2021 174
Transgender shot dead over minor dispute in Mardan. Jul 10, 2021 165
Equitable Education. Jul 10, 2021 330
Shehzad Roy, Ahsan Khan laud opening of first transgender school. Jul 9, 2021 300
Transgender spa customers have same rights as everyone else. Jul 8, 2021 615
Punjab to establish separate schools for transgender community: Murad Raas. Jul 7, 2021 303
Service is in blood of transgender veterans. Jul 4, 2021 1247
Service is in blood of transgender veterans Constable: At least 15K trans people in military. Jul 4, 2021 1247
Housing transgender women in female prisons lawful. Jul 3, 2021 170
TRANSITIONING 2.0. Kalish, Lil Jul 1, 2021 1518
First transgender woman to compete for Miss USA title. Jul 1, 2021 235
'Ministry's commitment towards women, child rights meets international obligations'. Jul 1, 2021 415
'Commitment to women, child rights meets international obligations'. Jul 1, 2021 415
Kataluna Enriquez becomes first transwoman to be crowned Miss Nevada USA. Jun 30, 2021 239
Filipina American Kataluna Enriquez becomes first transwoman to be crowned Miss Nevada USA. Jun 30, 2021 239
Transgender persons to be included in Ehsaas Kafalat programme. Jun 29, 2021 239
Cardiff's transgender vicar on Pride, religion and 'how God transcends gender'; Reverend Canon Sarah Jones wants to make churches more inclusive places. By, Joseph Ali Jun 27, 2021 1039
This week's TV; We're talking about... Emmerdale's first Pride celebration. Jun 26, 2021 366
Debate over transgender athletes is complicated; OPINION. Jun 26, 2021 311
Trans rights law and the community's future. Jun 26, 2021 412
World's first fully transgender family urge others to be true to themselves; EXCLUSIVE: Shirley Austin and Daniel Harcott have found new happiness after coming out as transgender, and have now been joined by Daniel's children Mason, 14, and Joshua, 17. By, Christopher Bucktin Jun 26, 2021 1223
Claim your space. Jun 25, 2021 717
Unique colourful bench marks Pride Month in town. Jun 24, 2021 327
Trans ruling 'another kick in the teeth' for female athletes; SHARRON TRASHES 'UNFAIR' OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTER DECISION. MOLLY DOWRICK Jun 24, 2021 697
Pride 2021: Should trans women join beauty pageants for natural-born women? Cadupay, Aldy Jun 23, 2021 912
'Freedom' concerns over uni links to diversity group. FFION LEWIS Reporter Jun 23, 2021 693
Academics call to cut Stonewall links. FFION LEWIS Reporter Jun 23, 2021 642
Out, proud and standing out. Jun 22, 2021 892
New Zealand PM backs transgender Olympic selection. Jun 22, 2021 340
Transgender and Gender Non-Binary Healthcare Coverage in State Medicaid Programs: Recommendations for More Equitable Approaches. Kempf, Robin J.; Elias, Nicole M.; Rubin-DeSimone, Alonso J. Report Jun 22, 2021 9143
Women and Anti-fascist Resistance in India: Personal Documentation in Arundhati Roy's The Ministry of Utmost Happiness. Mitra, Pujarinee Critical essay Jun 22, 2021 6892
Transgender weightlifter Hubbard selected for Tokyo Olympics. Jun 21, 2021 860
Pritzker Military Museum & Library marks Pride Month. Submitted by Chloe Kiser Jun 21, 2021 476
Mehreen Syed's vocational training centre is helping trans people become hair and makeup artists. Jun 19, 2021 636
Transgender community now have there Clinic. Jun 19, 2021 257
Govt urged to protect electoral rights of marginalised groups. Jun 19, 2021 390
foodpanda trains transgender riders. Jun 17, 2021 161
Islam should be blessing to all including transgender persons, activists stress as PAS opposes Suhakam's research. Jun 17, 2021 459
Pritzker Military Museum & Library Marks Pride Month with a Panel Discussion on the Nation's Largest Employer of Transgender People, The Department of Defense. Chloe Kiser Discussion Jun 17, 2021 702
KP govt to take steps for uplifting transgender community. Jun 16, 2021 217
KP govt to allocate funds for welfare of transgender persons through legislation. Jun 16, 2021 400
KP govt to allocate Rs. 50 million for welfare of transgender community. Jun 16, 2021 403
People rally for teens subjected to homophobic abuse in town; 'amazing' support for friends. NICHOLAS DAWSON News Reporter Jun 16, 2021 415
KP govt to allocate Rs. 50 million for welfare of transgender community. Jun 16, 2021 403
New shelter for homeless women, transgender youths being built. Russell Lissau Jun 11, 2021 487
Out in Fox Valley celebrates Pride on the Fox June 11-20. Submitted by Michael Stroud Jun 11, 2021 404
Couple remarry as 'bride and bride' after groom comes out as transgender; Rayna Harvey, 33, married her beloved wife Jae as a man called Jake -but while on their honeymoon she realised she was a woman, so she is now remarrying as her true self. By, Nia Price Jun 10, 2021 851
Out in Fox Valley hosts the first Tri-Cities Pride on the Fox June 11-20. Submitted by Michael Stroud Jun 9, 2021 403
Balerno child rape and sexual assault victims speak of lasting trauma which has 'ruined' parts of their lives after abuser is jailed for 5 years; A transgender man who was raped as a child and a woman who was molested as a girl by the same Balerno predator have waived their right to anonymity to speak about the lasting trauma caused by their abuser. Jamie McKenzie Jun 8, 2021 1074
On Pride Month, Robredo calls for 'fairer, truly equitable society'. Jun 7, 2021 335
THRILLMAKER: No deal for transgenders joining national pageants (for now). Jun 6, 2021 616
Leeds based transgender charity Mermaids launches crowdfunder to strike pressure-group it says is discriminatory off the charity register; A Leeds-based transgender youth charity is appealing for another campaign group, which it says discriminates against trans people, to be struck off the charity register. Victoria Finan Jun 3, 2021 486
Moray schools fly the flag for Pride. Jun 2, 2021 300
Florida bans transgender women from school sports. Jun 2, 2021 330
Is this making you uncomfortable? Jun 1, 2021 833
Sunderland landmarks to be lit up to mark the beginning of national Pride Month; Sunderland City Council are set to light up iconic landmarks across Wearside to to mark the beginning of national Pride Month. Ryan Smith Jun 1, 2021 349
Florida joins states to ban transgender girls from sports. Reuters News Service Jun 1, 2021 202
2021 champions of pride. Rude, Mey; Ring, Trudy; Reynolds, Daniel; Padgett, Donald; Masters, Jeffrey; Henderson, Taylor; Guer Jun 1, 2021 19401
Trans-gender lifter Hubbard's presence in Tokyo unfair, says rival. May 31, 2021 288
On screen: An exploration of sexuality. May 29, 2021 1258
Pride is protest. May 29, 2021 1566
Why the church should fight anti-transgender legislation. Horan, Daniel Column May 28, 2021 1635
All of us just want to get on and live our lives. SHARON VAN GEUNS AND ALEX LLOYD LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT May 27, 2021 787
LG Dept recommends 2pc job quota for eunuchs. May 25, 2021 296
Women's groups call for #JusticeForEbengMayor. May 25, 2021 448
Mansehra admin to address housing issue of transgender persons. May 23, 2021 371
STUC: End delays to gender bill reforms. May 23, 2021 174
Mayor Belmonte condemns killing of transman. May 23, 2021 155
QC gov't condemns killing of transgender man as QCPD nets three suspects. May 23, 2021 568
QC gov't condemns killing of transgender man as QCPD nets three suspects. May 23, 2021 472
PNP vows justice, forms task force for slain transgender man. May 22, 2021 470
The 6th Census counts 21774 transgender persons. May 21, 2021 411
Sonia Naz becomes first transgender to open business under KJP. May 18, 2021 362
Transgender people face 'barriers' to cervical cancer screening, charity warns; Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust says more must be done to ensure transgender and non-binary people can access the programmes. By, Ella Pickover (PA) & Erin Santillo May 18, 2021 577
EU on IDAHOT: Consensual same-sex relationships criminalized in 69 countries. May 17, 2021 449
DOT probes Samal Island resort over transgender discrimination. May 13, 2021 538
Abused daily for being trans; Joy tells Poppy Watson how she has suffered countless attacks from men because of her sexuality. Poppy Watson May 12, 2021 829
Biden administration restores transgender health protections. RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR Associated Press May 11, 2021 563
US restores transgender health protections denied by Trump. May 11, 2021 1001
Sonia Naz becomes first transgender to open business under KJP. May 10, 2021 356
Sonia Naz becomes first transgender to open business under KJP. May 10, 2021 356
Two eunuchs get job at ICTA office on daily wages. May 9, 2021 363
Two eunuchs get job at ICTA office on daily wages. May 9, 2021 364
Republican Caitlyn Jenner calls herself an 'outsider' in California governor race. Michiel Willems May 6, 2021 435
Salmond caught up in transgender rights row. EXCLUSIVE CALUM ROSS May 5, 2021 566
Changing legal gender will now cost only £5; £140 fee for how a person changes their legal gender will be reduced to single figures from today. By, Daniel Smith May 4, 2021 462
UK Government reduces cost of officially changing gender; The fee that is paid by transgender people for a Gender Recognition Certificate, which changes the information on their birth certificate, has been slashed from [pounds sterling]140 to [pounds sterling]5 by the UK Government. Gina Davidson May 4, 2021 585
McHenry Township clerk comes out as transgender. sam Lounsberry Shaw Media May 4, 2021 446
Transgender Laws Draw a Hot Spotlight. Massey, Kyle May 3, 2021 1875
'Politics has no place here,' AAP says about transgender care. Baulkman, Jaleesa May 1, 2021 866
Arkansas first state to ban transgender medical treatments for youths. Ellis, Ralph May 1, 2021 357
Trans-Gendered, or How to Disapper. Blanchard, Sessi Kuwabara May 1, 2021 804
How physicians can provide better, more inclusive care. Baulkman, Jaleesa May 1, 2021 1757
Transgender plight in Pakistan | By M Hussain Hunarmal. May 1, 2021 681
Scottish Election 2021: Trans rights issues are being debated without any actual trans people. All we want is fair treatment - Vic Valentine; Maybe you are excitedly following the election build-up. Or maybe not. Vic Valentine May 1, 2021 618
Transgender community wades through troubled waters. Apr 30, 2021 467
Two arbitrators held for intimidating transgender person. Apr 28, 2021 277
Aetna expands gender-affirming surgery coverage. Apr 26, 2021 506
Palatine legislator's opposition to bathroom bill dubbed 'transphobic'. Andrew Sullender Chicago Sun-Times Apr 24, 2021 503
A community on the far fringes of immunization. Apr 24, 2021 741
LOOK: Why this community pantry offers contraceptives. Apr 23, 2021 168
Gender change fee reduction 'generous' IN BRIEF. Apr 22, 2021 161
Adult transgender care: A review for urologists. Anderson, Kate; Krakowsky, Yonah; Potter, Emery; Hudson, Jill; Cox, Ashley R. Apr 20, 2021 5157
This community pantry on Matatag St. is offering free counseling, HIV testing. Apr 20, 2021 200
NHS England to set up review group probing use of puberty blockers for under 16s; Move follows court ruling which allows parents of transgender children to consent to treatment on their child's behalf. By, Brett Gibbons Apr 16, 2021 431
Two Catholic bishops assure transgender people: 'God resides in you'. Davison, Madeleine Apr 16, 2021 821
Lives of transgender authors captured in graphic novels. Apr 16, 2021 979
Arkansas Bans Treatment For Transgender Minors. Apr 12, 2021 282
We're No. 1! (& That's Bad). Apr 12, 2021 298
Policemen sensitised on transgender rights. Apr 11, 2021 197
Transgender person shot dead in Wah Cantt. Apr 9, 2021 294
Candidate's victory hailed as win for trans community. Russell Lissau Apr 8, 2021 702
Joey hoping his TikTok mission can bring change to transgender attitudes; 22-YEAR-OLD IS KEEN TO TACKLE DISCRIMINATION ISSUES. LOUISE LAZELL Apr 7, 2021 1431
Lake County Board member condemned over 'deadnaming' transgender candidate. Mick Zawislak Apr 6, 2021 393
Inclusive staff make MI6 much stronger. Apr 4, 2021 225
Inclusive staff make MI6 much stronger. Apr 4, 2021 225
MI6 is flying the flag for trans spies; Diversity is a strength, says boss. EXCLUSIVE by SEAN RAYMENT Apr 4, 2021 323
MI6 is flying the flag for trans spies; Diversity is a strength, says boss EXCLUSIVE. SEAN RAYMENT Apr 4, 2021 320
Council's flying flag for Transgender Day. CHRIS PICKLES @C_Mc_Pickles Apr 2, 2021 382
Four arrested for molesting transgender person. Apr 2, 2021 158
Addressing mental health for transgender patients during the pandemic. Brandt, K. Ashley Apr 1, 2021 693
'I THINK I'M TRANSGENDER': A clinician's guide to next steps. Pine, Elyse D. Apr 1, 2021 1443
Transgender persons seek govt jobs. Mar 26, 2021 156
Arkansas governor signs transgender sports ban. ANDREW DeMILLO Associated Press Mar 26, 2021 199
First openly transgender federal official confirmed. DAVID CRARY AP National Writer Mar 25, 2021 318
A Conversation with Lizz Winstead. Clymer, Charlotte Interview Mar 22, 2021 2538
GIRLS WILL BE BOYS. Eberstadt, Mary Mar 22, 2021 3755
Transcending Sex: Protecting Transgender Access Through Federal Intervention. Foster, Jessen N. Mar 22, 2021 14089
Business Ethics in the Marketplace: Exploring Transgenderism. Tarwater, John; Lenow, Evan Mar 22, 2021 7586
Lessons from Aurat March |. Khalid Ranjha Mar 19, 2021 1017
Govt introducing bill to protect rights of transgender people, says Augustine. Mar 18, 2021 376
Chromosomal Evaluation Results for Transgender Individuals and Questioning the Necessity of Karyotyping. Cankaya, Tufan; Onur, Duygu Cura; Ozkalayci, Hande; Ulgenalp, Ayfer Report Mar 18, 2021 2357
Speakers call for increasing employment quota of women, disable and transgender. Mar 16, 2021 340
The meaning of feminism. Castelano, Dominique Mar 12, 2021 918
Mississippi governor bans transgender athletes from girls', women's teams. EMILY WAGSTER PETTUS Associated Press Mar 12, 2021 258
S'di-T'di network of churches demands proscription of homosexuality in Ghana. Mar 11, 2021 554
When John becomes Jane and God nothing. Mar 11, 2021 1326
3 kill transgender friend in Jessore. Mar 10, 2021 351
Women & the Hate Crime Bill; OPPOSING GROUPS DEBATE LEGISLATION Row after protections for trans people added to law proposals. SALLY HIND Mar 10, 2021 951
Apprentices give us cause for celebration; College is full of praise for such ambitious talent. Mar 9, 2021 514
Current Law Not Protecting Victims Of Domestic Abuse. Mar 9, 2021 361
SHC seeks report about separate barracks in prisons for transgender inmates. Mar 7, 2021 570
Three arrested for injuring transgender persons in Swabi. Mar 7, 2021 179
Transgender people urged to register with NADRA. Mar 5, 2021 303
Only 900 transgenders enrolled for Sehat Sahulat Programme. Rahul Basharat Mar 5, 2021 534
Clinics raided over illicit transgender surgeries. Mar 5, 2021 418
Tashnuva Anan becomes Bangladesh's first transgender news anchor. Mar 5, 2021 221
5 ways parents can help kids avoid gender stereotypes. Mar 4, 2021 985
Anger as South Korean transgender soldier found dead. Mar 4, 2021 763
Lawmakers can't cite local examples of trans girls in sports. DAVID CRARY and LINDSAY WHITEHURST Associated Press Mar 4, 2021 1194
Women's Rights Organizations Push for an Office of Gender Equity at the U.S. Department of Education. Weissman, Sara Mar 4, 2021 865
Transgender ex-soldier forced to discharge found dead at home. Mar 3, 2021 166

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