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Transfer window causing real stir.

MANY Premier League managers have voiced concerns about the transfer window, particularly the timing of it in relation to the starting date of the England top-flight's season.

The Premier League markets itself - with some justification - as the biggest and the best in the world, but its club managers must realise that the transfer market is a global business and that not all leagues start and finish on the same date.

Just because the Greenwich Meridian runs through east London, they should not necessarily expect transfer dealing activity to be arranged just to suit them and the Premier League clubs of which they are in charge.

Along with the gripes about the timing of the window there has also been a lot of sniping about the behaviour of clubs and managers with the usual smattering of hypocrisy and duplicity.

It's not very often that Chelsea can claim the moral high ground, but in recent weeks their pursuit of Wayne Rooney has been completely above board and comments from Jose Mourinho have been very illuminating.

He has been quite willing to speak openly about his desire to sign the Manchester United striker, which these days is very unusual, and he respected the Old Trafford club by not making what would have been a third bid in the week prior to Monday night's Premier League clash between the two title rivals.

And his attempts to buy Rooney's Jose Mourinho services have come on the back of a clear indication from the player that he wants to quit United in favour of a new start at Stamford Bridge.

Whether or not that is entirely compatible with football regulations regarding transfers, the fact is it happens all the time.

It's one phone call from Rooney's agent to someone connected to Chelsea so if anyone is at fault for 'unsettling' the player, it is not United manager David Moyes or Mourinho, but the player himself.

Under the circumstances it's easy to understand the frustration and anger felt by Moyes and Manchester United, particularly since it's only a couple of years since a similar scenario saw the player clearly come out on top.

Having said that I don't rule out two or three huge transfers going through in the next four or five days, especially bearing in mind that United have not yet bought anyone of note since the window opened in the summer.
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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
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Date:Aug 28, 2013
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