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Transcultural, Transnational, Trans-disciplinary Perspectives on Women's Literary History: Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan 26-28 November 2012.

Transcultural, Transnational, Trans-disciplinary Perspectives on Women's Literary History

Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan 26-28 November 2012

The Faculty of Polish and Classical Philology (Institute of Slavonic Studies and the Interdisciplinary Center for Gender and Identity Studies) of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan hosted on November 26, 27 and 28 in 2012 the Third Milestone Conference of COST Action IS 0901, Women Writers in History: Toward a New Understanding of European Literary Culture, entitled Transcultural, Transnational, Trans-disciplinary Perspectives on Women's Literary History. An MC meeting was also held on November 27 in the Senate Room in Collegium Minus of Adam Mickiewicz University. Thirty-three Action members from universities and institutions throughout Europe (The Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Norway, The United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, The Czech Republic, Romania) took part in the conference.

The meeting was very fruitful and concentrated on the different "TRANS" categories mentioned in the title, which turned out essential for COST Action WWIH participants at this stage of their research: they provide a critique of binary oppositions and take into account the migration, mobility, different forms of nomadism which are characteristic for women's writing in different European literatures. The contributions announced in the program were presented in different sessions insisting on these "Trans" perspectives and entitled: "Polish Women Writers and their International Connections," "Transnational Perspectives of Women Writers (and how to visualize them)," "International Traveling of Women Authors," "Transgressing Genres," "Marrying a Foreigner," "Writing Women's International Literary History."

The keynote speech, opening the conference, was given by Ewa Kraskowska and Brygida Helbig Mischewski, who treated the eminent Polish female writer Maria Komornicka. She was a distinctive figure of transgender, trans-disciplinary categories and her most important gender transgression took place in Poznan. That is the reason her picture was placed in the logo of the conference. Adopting "Trans" perspective made us realize also that it can be a step towards a new historiography of female authorship, allowing to approach it using other than chronological criteria. It helped the participants to understand the complexity of women's contribution to literature showing contradictions between norms and images regarding women's behavior and their actual desires and activities.

This was in particular discussed during the central session, which was devoted to the different ways in which our data can be visualized in order to understand connections between authors and readers, and to create starting points for studying gender characteristics of the women's texts. IT specialists from different countries (GertJan Filarski--collaborating with Astrid Kulsdom, Ronald Dekker, Ales Vaupotic and Jan Rybicki) showed and commented different possibilities, some of which will be realized soon, thanks to CLARINNL funding which has been granted.

Another interesting illustration of "TRANS" categories was a Monday (November 26) afternoon guided walk entitled "Poznan as a Transnational Women Writers' Space." It was devoted to visiting places connected with the life of greater Poland Women Writers. The guides during the tour were Lucyna Marzec, Adriana Kovacheva and Katarzyna Kohczal from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. For participants of the walk (in particular WG 4 members) it was a beautiful example for developing similar tours in their own cities and countries. The online "Greater Poland Dictionary of Women Writers" was also shown to the participants by Adriana Kovacheva and Lucyna Marzec.

The conference was also a good opportunity to present recent COSTWWIH activities in particular to a number of "new" Action members participating for the first time. In a specific session future or new projects, such as COBWWWEB (CLARIN-NL), TTT (HERA), SHARP and the results of COST Action Think-Tank meetings were presented.

This 3rd Milestone conference in Poznan was a great opportunity for the Action members to also plan the work for the last year of COST Action WWIH (meetings in Munster and The Hague).

The outcomes and the importance of the conference for Polish researchers were presented in Adam Mickiewicz University monthly "ZYCIE UNIWERSYTECKIE" in December, number 12 (paper "Kobiety a literatura":


Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan
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