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Articles from Transactions of the Missouri Academy of Science (January 1, 2002)

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Title Author Type Words
A case study in paleoecology from the Mississippian of Missouri, with a focus on chondrichthyan teeth. Brandenburg, J.P. 1793
Additional cases of predation on horsehair worms (Phylum Nematomorpha), with a recent record for Missouri. Cochran, Joseph A. 2042
Agriculture section. (Senior Division 2002). Wilson, Mack 890
An evaluation of an experimental and a deepwater benthic fish trap in a large river system. Hrabik, Robert A. 2770
Atmospheric Sciences. (Senior Division 2002). Lupo, Anthony R. 2028
Biology section. (Collegiate Division 2002). 5108
Biology section. (Senior Division 2002). 2781
Biomedical/biotechnology section. (Senior Division 2002). Witkowski, Colette M. 2110
Changes in antler characteristics from harvested white-tailed deer across 50 years. Beringer, Jeff 2491
Chemistry section. (Collegiate Division 2002). 1516
Comments on Coenogonium missouriense Davis, a unique microlichen from a cave in central Missouri. Davis, Joseph S. 1255
Computer Science. (Senior Division 2002). Wang, Yang 1080
Conservation section. (Senior Division 2002). Chevalier, Cary D. 2071
Construction and evaluation of a semi-portable radiotelemetry tower system at Prairie Fork Conservation Area, Missouri. Mong, Tony W. 3188
Design and construction of mourning dove research pens. Millspaugh, Joshua J. 2237
Determining the spring to summer transition in the Missouri Ozarks using synoptic scale atmospheric data. Baxter, Martin A. 6514
Effect of soil pH and zinc on rice cultivars in Missouri. Horn, Justin 2865
Elemental distributions in Eutric Brunisols from the northern glacial Lake Agassiz region of Manitoba. Cwick, Gary J. 4152
Energy conservation using the closed water loop heat pump. Rao, Guruprasad 2687
Engineering. (Senior Division 2002). Varma, Virendra K. 795
Exercise physiology. (Senior Division 2002). Nelsen, Janice E. 530
Geography. (Senior Division 2002). McCray, Tom 1655
Geology and geophyscis. (Senior Division 2002). Wronkiewicz, David 466
Geology section. (Collegiate Division 2002). 670
Harmonic oscillator damped by sliding friction. Ottinger, Dr. Michael B. 2415
Hydrolysis of p-nitrophenyl acetate: estimation of rate enhancement by various catalysts. Scism, Allen 2841
Physics. (Collegiate Division 2002). 699
Physics. (Senior Division 2002). Dahiya, Jai N. 455
Science education. (Senior Division 2002). Forawi, Sufian 3743
Social and Behaviorial Sciences. (Collegiate Division 2002). 279
Speleology. (Senior Division 2002). Ashley, David C. 837

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