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Articles from Transactions of the Missouri Academy of Science (January 1, 2001)

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A Description of Two Biospeleology Courses Available to Missouri Students. (Speleology Section). Brief Article 143
A Novel Arabidopsis Thaliana Mutation Causes Defects in Cellular Development. (Biology Section). Brief Article 197
A Preliminary Investigation on the Mutagenicity of Parsnip Root. (Biology Section). Brief Article 226
A Quality Checking Procedure for the Automated Weather Monitoring Network in Missouri. (Atmospheric Science Section). Brief Article 202
A Survey of Arachnids and Insects, with an Emphasis on Blister Beetles, Inhabiting Alfalfa in Western Missouri and Eastern Kansas. (Biological Science Section). Brief Article 177
A Survey of the Nutritional Make Up of an Average Community College Student in the Midwest. (Biology Section). Reichard, L.A. Brief Article 241
A Two-Year Study of Transient and Nesting Bird Species in Five Habitat Categories With an Analysis of the Effectiveness of 15-Minute Vs. 8-Minute Sampling Count Durations in a Point Count Survey. (Conversation Section). Rushin, J. Brief Article 255
Academic Achievement in Introductory Biology: The Relationship of Student Variables. (Science Education Section). Brief Article 223
Actively Engaging Students in Learning Physics Using the KWL Method. (Science Education Section). Brief Article 182
Activity Coefficients for the System HCl + [YCl.sub.3] + [H.sub.2]O at 5[degrees]C, 25[degrees]C, 55[degrees]C. (Chemistry Section). Brief Article 169
An Analysis of Census Geography. (Geography Section). Peterson, T.L. Brief Article 150
An Overview of Mineralogical Characterization Techniques Emphasizing Applied Microscopy. (Geology/Geophysics Section). Brief Article 125
An Overview of the Interactive Forecast Preparation System. (Atmospheric Science Section). Brief Article 202
Antibacterial Properties of Toad Skin Secretions. (Biological Science Section). Brief Article 240
Assessing Stress in Mourning Doves Using Noninvasive Techniques. (Biological Science Section). Brief Article 205
Biodiversity of Tree Canopy Cryptogams in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. (Biology Section). Brief Article 284
Biological Jewels in Tree Canopies. (Biological Science Section). Brief Article 286
Cave Vandalism: A Pervasive Problem. (Speleology Section). Brief Article 221
Comparison of Scales: Evaluation of STATSGO and SSURGO soil survey data within the DRASTIC model. (Geography Section). Johnson, A. Brief Article 207
Critical Thinking and the National Science Standards. (Science Education Section). Brief Article 137
Design, Synthesis and Complexation Characteristics of a Simple Dipyridyl Ligand. (Chemistry Section). Brief Article 111
Differences in Feeding Behavior, Prey Size and Dietary Composition Among Banded Sculpin Populations in Perry County, Missouri. (Speleology Section). Brief Article 269
Effect of [CaSO.sub.4] (Gypsum) on cotton lint yields, soil fertility, and physical soil properties of heavy clay soils in Missouri. Phillips, Andrea Statistical Data Included 2548
Effects of Agrigro Fertilizer on Yield Potatoes. (Agricultural Section). Stevens, C. Brief Article 153
Effects of Prescribed Fire and Canopy Thinning on the Herbaceous Vegetation of an Oak-History Savanna Restoration. (Conversation Section). Raveill, J.A. Brief Article 201
Evaluation of the Population Status of the Tumbling Creek Cavesnail (Hydrobiidae: Antrobia culveri). (Speleology Section). Brief Article 169
Feasibility of Applying Horizontal Well Technology to the Heavy Oil Sands of Western Missouri. (Geology/Geophysics Section). Brief Article 236
Fragipan Formation and the Role of Silicon. (Agriculture Section). Brief Article 141
Functional Genomics in the Undergraduate Curriculum. (Science Education Section). Brief Article 240
Geological Relationships in New Precambrian Rock Exposures Near Millcreek, Missouri. (Geology Section). Brief Article 195
Geophysical Investigation of a Third Order Splay of the Simms Mountain Fault Zone in Cape Girardeau, Mo. (Geology Section). Brief Article 186
Harned's Rule for the System HCl + [HOCl.sub.3] + [H.sub.2]O from 5 to 55[degrees]C. (Chemistry Section). Brief Article 119
Homonuclear Decoupling and 2-D NMR in Undergraduate Research and Teaching. (Chemistry Section). High, K.G. Brief Article 147
How to Balance Theoretic Foundations and Practical Skills in Computer Science Undergraduate Courses? (Computer Science Section). Wang, Y. Brief Article 122
Hybridization in the Flora of North America. (Biology Section). Brief Article 202
Impact of Drought Conditions on Populations of the White-Fringed Prairie Orchid (Platanthera praeclara) at Three Northwest Missouri Prairies. (Conservation Section). Billups, H. Brief Article 174
In Vitro Correlates of Glycated Proteins Found in Diabetes Mellitus. (Biological Science Section). Brief Article 189
Increasing Active Learning Activities in Introductory Physics. (Science Education Section). Brief Article 253
Influence of Food and Photoperiod on the Metabolic Rate of Banded Sculpin, Cottus Carolinae. (Speleology Section). Brief Article 290
Influence of Food Quality and Habitat Density on Development of Aedes Triseriatus. (Biological Science Section). Brief Article 224
Instant Feedback in the Classroom Using PRS Infrared Remotes. (Physics Section). Brief Article 194
Materials science: Internet and WebCT[R] enhanced laboratory in general chemistry. McKay, Scott E. 3137
Mineralogy and Ore Textures of the Shepard MTN Iron Deposit, Iron Co., Missouri. (Geology/Geophysics Section). Nold, J.L. Brief Article 207
Mitochondrial DNA Deletions as Indicators of Oocyte Aging in Rats. (Biological Science Section). Brief Article 232
Musical Acoustics of the Guitar. (Physics Section). Brief Article 229
Number Sequences for Computer Science. (Computer Science Section). Vollmar, K.R. Brief Article 84
Occurrence of Magnetite and its Relationship to Pegmatitic Carbonatite, Pyroxene Carbonatites at the Alkaline Igneous-Carbonatite Complex, Okorusu, Namibia. (Geology/Geophysics Section). Brief Article 193
Optical Absorption Measurements of Ytterbium(III) Ions in Aqueous and in Ethanol Solutions. (Physics Section). Brief Article 202
Optical Spectroscopic Studies of Conjugated Molecules/Polymers. (Physics Section). Brief Article 183
Preliminary Insights to the Growth, Reproduction, and Polution Tolerance of the Northern Crayfish, Orconectes Virilis, in the Blue River. (Conservation Section). Brewer, S. Brief Article 207
Preservice Teachers' Perceptions of Science Field Experience. (Science Education Section). Brief Article 127
Promoting Active Learning in Physics Lecture Classes Using Interactive Demonstrations. (Physics Section). Brief Article 204
Reduction of 2- and 4-alkylcyclohexanones with sodium borohydride in alcohol solvents: The effect of the solvent on the stereochemistry. Chittenden, Cheryl L. Brief Article 954
Results and Reflections From the Eisenhower Workshops for High School Teachers, "Show-Me" Chemistry in the Marketplace. (Science Education Section). Brief Article 140
Scripting in C++. (Computer Science Section). Shade, E. Brief Article 190
Sequential Alteration of Large Pyrrhotite Crystals to Marcasite, Skeletal Pyrite, and Goethite in Pegmatitic Carbonatites and Fluorite Ores at Okorusu, North Central Namibia. (Geology/Geophysics Section). Brief Article 225
Some Uncommon Lightning Aspects and Spectral Features Documented Using Special Photo Techniques. (Atmospheric Science Section). Brief Article 176
Spatial Assessment of Nonpoint Pollution Using Bed Sediment Surveys in the Kings River, NW Arkansas. (Geography Section). Pavlowsky, R.T. Brief Article 318
Speleological Focus of a Beginning Cave Exploring Class in the Curriculum of Missouri Western State College. (Speleology Section). Brief Article 164
Spring-To-Summer Transitions in the Missouri Ozarks Region. (Atmospheric Science Section). Brief Article 315
Status of Spring Cavefish in Missouri: A Study in Progress. (Speleology Section). Brief Article 258
Stratigraphy and Fluid Evolution of the Bushy Park Deposit, South Africa. (Geology/Geophysics Section). Gregg, J.M. Brief Article 179
Stretch Receptors in the Mammalian Tympanic Membrane. (Biological Science Section). Brief Article 175
Structural State of K-Feldspar in Granites of the Taum Sauk Caldera, St. Francois Mountains, Southeast Missouri. (Geology Section). Brief Article 262
Student-Constructed Spectrometers for Demonstrating Beer's Law. (Chemistry Section). Brief Article 146
Study of the Small Angle X-Ray Scattering Data of Solids With Two Length Scale Structure. (Physics Section). Brief Article 151
Success in the Classroom With Internet Notes and Powerpoint Lecture Slides. (Science Education Section). Brief Article 205
Survey for Sarcocystis Neurona in Taxa of Small Mammals from Johnson and Henry Counties, Missouri. (Biological Science Section). Brief Article 251
The Changing Landscape of Mexico's Population Geography 1900-2000. (Geography Section). Dodds, C. Brief Article 131
The Columbia (MO) Heat Island Experiment or "Cohix". (Atmospheric Science Section). Brief Article 304
The Effect of Low Salinity Exposure on the Survival and Development of Siphonaria Alternata. (Biological Science Section). Brief Article 251
The Effectiveness of Using Environmental Education to Content. (Science Education Section). Brief Article 210
The Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide on the Early Germination of Sweet Corn, Zea Mays. (Agriculture Section). Brief Article 268
The first distributional record of the least weasel, Mustela nivalis, in Northeastern Missouri. Easterla, David A. 2551
The influence of pH and phosphorus on the adsorption of chromate on smectites having synthetic hydroxy-Al interlayers. Cummings, Mark Statistical Data Included 2895
The Long Ball and Chain on Russian Economic Reform. (Geography Section). McCray, T.R. Brief Article 141
The Missouri Department of Conservation's Cave Program. (Speleology Section). Brief Article 208
The Ozark Underground Laboratory: 35 Years as an Educational Resource in Speleology. (Speleology Section). Brief Article 164
The Place of Old Geography. (Geography Section). Meserve, P. Brief Article 177
The Short and Long-Term Variability of Selected Midwestern Tornadoes. (Atmospheric Science Section). Brief Article 264
The Significance of Carrollite Replacement Textures in Bornite Pods at the Sweetwater Mine, Viburnum Trend, Southeast Missouri. (Geology/Geophysics Section). Brief Article 242
The Verification of Columbia Area Weather Forecasts: Seasonal Variations. (Atmospheric Science Section). Brief Article 273
The Vertebrate Paratympanic Organ. (Biological Science Section). Brief Article 148
Transformation and Expression of a Pullulan Gene in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. (Biology Section). Brief Article 280
Troglomorphic Banded Sculpin (Cottus Carolinae) in Perry County, Missouri: Morphological Variation and Conservation Status. (Speleology Section). Brief Article 281
Using Bed Sediment to Monitor Phosphorus Transport and Distribution in the James River Basin, SW Missouri. (Geography Section). Pavlowsky, R.T. Brief Article 309
Using Partner Schools to Teach the Show-Me and National Science Education Standards. (Science Education Section). Brief Article 139
Utilizing Digital Orthophotos to Assess Stream Channel Migration Patterns. (Geology/Geophysics Section). Brief Article 210
Valley anticline associated with the Warrensburg Sandstone in Missouri. Nold, John L. 3853
Variation in Grid Soil Sampling. (Agriculture Section). Brief Article 220
Watershed Information & Education for Natural Resources Conservation. (Conservation Section). Madzura, T. Brief Article 292
Who is Teaching Your Children Computer Science? (Computer Science Section). Naugler, D.R. Brief Article 210

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