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Transaction of bank review in prospect.

Byline: Vaedy Xiao

There are numbers of professional works in banks that are needed artificial review, which should be careful and conscientious. Therefore, there are higher requirements for bank tellers when dealing with bank professional works. Especially the loan service in banks, which requires the tellers to have deep knowledge about the information of lenders and their loanprojects. Besides, ensuring the integrity of loan material and its authenticity is also of great necessity. What's more, they should have fully understand to costumers' identities and background and ensure they have enough qualities to carry out loan activities, and these factors tend to be the important basis to examine and verify their credit situation.

Customers' identity and background information mainly includes industrial and commercial registration information, violation records in management institutions and banks, bad records, business status, shareholders or actual controllers, major affiliates, upstream and downstream counterparties, external ratings, credit history, finance indicators, sources of wealth, etc.

Most banks have classified customers of various foreign exchange businesses into 'trusted customers' and 'focused customers' according to the "General Principles of Banking Foreign Exchange Business Exhibition Principles", and the bank implements general review measures for trusted customers in order to facilitate customers' trade and investment activities. Besides, the tellers will implement intensive review measures for focused customers and prudently handle their business.

This category will be reviewed and updated on a regular term. In practice, the App 'Sky Eye Check' can be utilized to quickly understand the overall customers' information. The home page of this App can view the business information and risk information of the enterprise. The 'Tianyan Relationship' can view the related party information, and the 'Tianyan Risk' can view the risk information such as administrative punishment and court proceedings.

The review of customers' enterprise information should follow the principle of logical rationality. The proof materials should be original and there is no contradiction between the internal elements, the proof materials, the proof materials and the customers' background. The proof materials can be mutually verified to form a complete chain of evidence. The first is cross-examination. The contract should be read from start to finish. Each time a document is involved, it ought to be immediately checked. In the next, workers must follow the principle of commercial rationality.

For example, they should review whether the business requirements, funding sources or uses are consistent with the customers' production and operation scope and financial status. In addition, as for trusted customers, the bank reviews their information by reviewing the compliance and authenticity of their qualifications and business background. Finally, the bank should strengthen the reviewing measures according to the actual situation, avoiding foreign exchange supervision, and speculative arbitrage in the fictitious transaction background.

When it comes to cross-border transaction, the tellers should check more information. The politic and economic situation in customer's country should be stable, and both parties to the transaction mustn't be involved in money laundering, counter-terrorism financing, sanction and other sensitive transaction. The transaction should be refused if there is sensitive wording like sanction (this principle also applies to individual foreign exchange).

The tellers in the bank should examine and verify the customers' valid ID card and relevant proof materials, and the customers should be divided into focused customer and trusted customer. The customers who tally with the following conditions should be regarded as 'focused customer'. First, the individuals who are regarded as 'focused list' and 'advanced focus' belong to the focused customer. Second, the individuals who are listed into blacklist by other supervision departments or regarded as the people who lose credibility by the law court. Third, the people who have violation records or bad credit in supervision agency and bank. Fourth, the individual clients who have the characteristics of foreign exchange split transaction.

As for the tellers in the banks, they should be strict with themselves. They should earnestly examine the clients' identification paper and business situation. The proof materials that customers offered should be authentic and legal.

There is no contradiction between proof materials and customers' background. Besides, the banks should have full understanding of the transaction's essence, purpose, and background. What's more, the transaction's rationality should be also examined. As for trusted customers, the business within the quota can be processed directly with valid identification documents on the premise of confirming the nature of the transaction.
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Author:Xiao, Vaedy
Publication:Pakistan & Gulf Economist
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Date:Jul 21, 2019
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