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TransCore and Gatekeeper Systems Inc Strike Partnership, Uniting Leaders in Wireless, Automated Ground Transportation Management Systems.

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Technology and Software Companies Team to Offer Airports

Systems that Manage Ground Traffic, Improve Customer Service and

Increase Landside Revenues

American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) Conference and Exposition, May 19, 2002 -TransCore and Gatekeeper Systems Inc. enter a strategic partnership that provides the airport market a way to manage ground traffic while generating revenue streams and providing better customer service. The agreement leverages TransCore's hardware technologies and Gatekeeper's software development capabilities to offer ground transportation management systems (GTMS) that enhance security, monitor commercial vehicle locations and reduce dwell times. This is the first time in the industry that a technology and a software company have agreed to team on an ongoing basis to offer a complete GTMS solution.

"Commercial traffic congestion at airports is a growing problem. After 9/11, many airport operators need a way to recoup revenues lost from concession areas. We can help airport operators deal with both issues," said Forrest Swonsen, TransCore's western regional manager, aviation. "In the past, airports have had to procure radio frequency identification (RFID) from one vendor and software from another. But now airports have an integrated, one-stop shopping solution at their disposal."

GTMS relies on RFID technology for automatic vehicle identification (AVI), linked to computer database and software systems. TransCore's wireless vehicle tags and readers automatically provide data such as when, where and which airport bus, taxi or other RFID-equipped vehicle enters or exits a facility, or particular sector of a facility. Gatekeeper's software systems use that data to enable monitoring, tracking, controlling, recording and reporting of commercial vehicle operations.

GTMS offers airport operators multiple benefits: increased revenues, by charging commercial vehicles for access on a "per use" basis versus the "honor" system; improved control of commercial vehicle movement; more information on vehicle operator and company activity levels and passenger preferences; increased vehicle operator compliance with airport rules and regulations; better customer service to the traveling public; more efficient use of curbside space; reduced vehicle emissions; and more.

At many non-GTMS airports, taxis create serious congestion on roadways and especially at terminal curbsides throughout the day, regardless of demand. Airport operators can minimize this problem by either limiting the number of cabs allowed into the facility or by building more terminal curbside space. GTMS allows operators to reduce or forgo more expensive curbside and roadway construction while precisely controlling cab traffic with an automated, wireless dispatch system.

Gatekeeper's dispatch software module allows operators to provide thousands of passenger pick-ups per day with multiple or single curbside waiting spaces for taxis or other commercial vehicles by dispatching them from nearby holding areas. Vehicles from one or more holding areas are automatically dispatched to one or more terminals as other vehicles leave, ensuring consistent traffic flow and rapid service to passengers. Additional commercial vehicles can be dispatched manually during peak times. Attendants at the terminal can use the system to accommodate passenger preferences such as vehicle type, smoking preference, payment options and other special needs. The system can also operate without an attendant. Vehicle operators can turn off their engines and leave their vehicles at holding areas while waiting for dispatch prompts displayed on a monitor.

The system enables payment on a "per use" basis, in addition to payment via an annual fee or license. Fee structures can be designed to modify operator behavior and ensure compliance. For instance, drivers who have not paid required fees could be denied access to holding and pick-up areas. The system also generates detailed and accurate reports on traffic and facility use to help airport operators make better decisions and develop more effective policies. The reports indicate peak usage periods, numbers of trips and more. Additionally, the system is designed to integrate with airport operators' existing accounting and financial software systems, and provides financial, transaction and usage reports.

Since GTMS generates revenue by properly assessing the correct fees for airport facility use and by reducing the need for new construction and remodeling of terminal roadways, most systems pay for themselves in a short period of time. Systems at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and John Wayne Airport in Orange County, Calif., saw a return on investment in less than two years. Other large airports around the world that use GTMS by TransCore and Gatekeeper include London Heathrow Airport, Las Vegas McCarran Airport, Indianapolis International Airport, Minneapolis International Airport and Houston Airport Systems.

About Gatekeeper Systems Inc.

Gatekeeper Systems Inc., based in Eagan, Minn., is a pioneer in integrated, real-time computer access control into and out of defined areas, including software applications for airport commercial vehicle management and parking access control. Gatekeeper is among the first to provide a turnkey approach to airports for the purchase and implementation of complete access control systems. Gatekeeper's management and technical experience in both airport ground transportation and software development for vehicle operations and parking access ensures delivery of the benefits enabled by technology systems. Visit for more information.

About TransCore

TransCore is a privately held transportation services company with 1,700 employees and more than 80 locations throughout the world. With installations in 37 countries, including 53 airports, 80-plus patents and a world-class manufacturing facility, TransCore's expertise in providing technology-based applications that improve transportation efficiency is unparalleled. For more information, visit
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Date:May 19, 2002
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