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Draining Days: Hunting dogs may be born to retrieve, but it takes training to bring out the best of their natural abilities. Pelt, Kody Van Aug 23, 2021 353
Boat etiquette: our dogs love the water, but improper introduction can lead to disaster. Dokken, Tom Oct 1, 2013 991
How good is good enough? Core competencies for a useful waterfowl dog. Mason, Chad Oct 1, 2013 1171
Seeing is believing: to appreciate the springer's versatility, sportsmen must hunt over them. McGonigle, John Column Oct 1, 2013 902
Defensive growling: punishment is not the way to deal with this. Bailey, Ed Oct 1, 2013 1203
Handsome is and handsome dogs: friendly and hard-working, goldens shine in the field and the show ring. Nelson, M.J. Cover story Oct 1, 2013 1957
Igniting the fire: pre-season bird work pays off come hunting season. McGonigle, John Sep 1, 2013 1227
Secondary socialization: plus, tips for overcoming shyness. Bailey, Ed Sep 1, 2013 1321
Summer walk-throughs: get your dog's mind and body right for the fall's first flights. Dokken, Tom Sep 1, 2013 1051
The Large Munsterlander: this dual-purpose breed thrives under challenging conditions. Thoms, Jerry Aug 1, 2013 2031
Old dog man, new tricks: turns out there are some new things under the sun, after all. Van Etten, Rick R. Aug 1, 2013 1804
The YIN and YANG of Yo: a stubborn griffon pup tests her trainer's patience. Carty, Dave Essay Aug 1, 2013 1594
Puppy summer school: doves and pigeons are the perfect "intro" birds for South Dakota grouse. Winston, Scott Essay Aug 1, 2013 1759
Field etiquette: how to take your dog from crate ready to blind steady. Dokken, Tom Aug 1, 2013 1014
Whoa! Now! This command is absolutely non-negotiable. Carty, Dave Column Aug 1, 2013 1339
Hand signals: here's how to help your partner look good. McGonigle, John Aug 1, 2013 1281
Canine conditioning: this is the most important preseason training for your bird dog. Carty, Dave Aug 1, 2013 383
Dealing with HD: also, tips on housebreaking that new pup. Bailey, Ed Column Aug 1, 2013 1042
E-collars, redux. Column Jun 1, 2013 352
Great expectations: no single dog has everything you are looking for ... but so what? Carty, Dave Column Jun 1, 2013 1147
Don't screw this up: improper gun introduction will wash out your pup. Mason, Chad Column Jun 1, 2013 1075
Testing vs. hunting: the transition between the two is sometimes difficult. Bailey, Ed Column Jun 1, 2013 1266
That's no blarney: though seldom seen afield, the Irish water spaniel is a capable performer. Nelson, M.J. Jun 1, 2013 1579
Twelve-gauge trained: gunfire introduction is an intense but critical process. Dokken, Tom Jun 1, 2013 1077
First year issues: forget the "terrible twos"; the first season is when problems begin. Carty, Dave Mar 1, 2013 1293
Training is a treat: there's nothing wrong with giving pup a few rewards. McGonigle, John Dec 1, 2012 1335
Old dog: same tricks: your seasoned hunter deserves some special attention. West, Bob Dec 1, 2012 1151
Hail Caesar! Control your stylish pup with training and repetition. Spencer, James B. Dec 1, 2012 1094
General Training. Brief article Dec 1, 2012 150
Featured Releases. Brief article Dec 1, 2012 208
Ready for the uplands: on-the-job training is the name of this game. Spencer, James B. Nov 1, 2012 1119
Search behind the duck: enthusiasm is critical to keeping your dog motivated. Bailey, Ed Nov 1, 2012 1106
Popular pointer: the versatile German shorthair capably handles every upland endeavor. Thoms, Jerry Nov 1, 2012 2848
Ruffed grouse challenge: train and tune a pointer to hunt the king of gamebirds. Carpenter, Tom Nov 1, 2012 1801
Swim lessons. Genzel, Joe Brief article Oct 26, 2012 105
Game-day gaffes: your dog can sense more than fear. Spencer, James B. Oct 26, 2012 1344
The future looks black: an exuberant lab makes a successful first retrieve. Vance, Joel M. Essay Sep 29, 2012 1493
Soft training: some dogs are sensitive, so go easy. Carty, Dave Sep 29, 2012 1297
Work hard, play later: interaction is key to getting pup comfortable with strangers. McGonigle, John Essay Sep 29, 2012 1252
Quit being laissez: there is no reason for your pointer--or any dog--to be disobedient. Carty, Dave Aug 29, 2012 1246
Phone phobia: a puzzling case of sound sensitivity, or ...? Bailer, Ed Aug 29, 2012 1306
Tune up that pup: the season's almost here, make sure your dog's ready. Spencer, James B. Jul 29, 2012 1242
There's still time: the season's fast approaching, so get in some last-minute lessons. McGonigle, John Jul 20, 2012 1134
Controllin range: start with a refresher course in basic obedience. Bailey, Ed Jul 20, 2012 1124
An accelerated retriever: have a high performance hunter in just 12 months. Hirt, Jack Jul 20, 2012 2082
Scent success: help your dog make the best use of his nose. West, Bob Jul 20, 2012 1468
Dog games & the hunter: there's a format to fit just about everyone's taste. Spencer, James B. May 12, 2012 1219
Brit gets English spaniels: Mike Gilpin tempers strictness with variety and fun. McGonigle, John May 12, 2012 1063
Foster the pointing instinct: for starters, put away the wing-on-a-string. Bailey, Ed May 12, 2012 1424
Gray ghost revival: despite setbacks, today's Weimaraner is a capable hunter. May 12, 2012 2587
Field tests for puppies: they're a valuable learning experience for both you and your pup. West, Bob Mar 1, 2012 906
Birds galore equals sensory overload: here's how to keep your dog under control when a nose full of scent pills him over the edge. Lynn, Brian Mar 1, 2012 1964
In search of style: you can't teach birdiness, trainability, coordination, or speed into a dog born without them. Spencer, Jim Mar 1, 2012 1341
E-collar how to: Minnesota legend Tom Dokken talks canines and training tips. Genzel, Joe Interview Mar 1, 2012 606
Dokken talks E-collars. Brief article Mar 1, 2012 309
You're bringing who? How to handle your friend's dog. Carty, Dave Feb 29, 2012 1506
Steady does it: patience is needed to make a truly reliable dog. McGonigle, John Dec 1, 2011 1409
Crate control: keep dogs calm when home alone. Bailey, Ed Dec 1, 2011 1321
Team Player: the Llewellin setter specializes in hunting for the gun. Thoms, Jerry Dec 1, 2011 1833
The most important command: the latest training techniques for pointing breeds, retrievers and spaniels. Spencer, James B. Dec 1, 2011 1915
Antler ambitions shed-hunting dogs take the birding world by storm. Peterson, Tony J. Dec 1, 2011 1299
You call that a retrieve? Reviewing the good, the bad & the ugly. Cochran, Bruce Dec 1, 2011 1243
For whom the dog tolls: look ma, no calling: dancing dogs draw ducks to gun. Spencer, James B. Dec 1, 2011 1396
Wait, don't train: some training is best left for a dog's second season. Carty, Dave Nov 1, 2011 1246
Anxious destruction: what causes a dog to develop separation anxiety? Bailey, Ed Nov 1, 2011 1135
Don't untrain your dog! The latest training techniques for pointing breeds, retrievers and spaniels. Spencer, James B. Nov 1, 2011 1811
In hot pursuit: the Deutsch Langhaar hunts it all--and does so well. Thoms, Jerry Nov 1, 2011 1591
Justifiable pride: hunting with a steady dog entitles you to bragging rights. McGonigle, John Oct 1, 2011 1554
Issues in hunt trials & tests: what to do if your dog rolls on a bird or breaks at the shot. Bailey, Ed Oct 1, 2011 1107
Training for distractions: keep your dog diligent in the boat and in the blind. West, Bob Sep 30, 2011 865
Training equipment. Thoms, Jerry Sep 1, 2011 1971
Featherweight. Aug 30, 2011 436
Curing "flagging": how to stop a moving tail ... maybe. Duffey, Dave Aug 30, 2011 722
Getting past hardmouth: the latest training techniques for pointing breeds, retrievers and spaniels. Spencer, James B. Aug 30, 2011 1913
Outdoor DVD library: train like an expert when you learn from the experts. Jul 26, 2011 682
Good enough: what behavior is acceptable in the field? Carty, Dave Jul 23, 2011 1470
Same goals, different paths: taking close notes at a British field trial. McGonigle, John Jul 23, 2011 1295
Itscl spinone! The tireless, birdy Italian gun dog. Thoms, Jerry Jul 23, 2011 2239
The forced retrieve: force breaking isn't always fun, but it works. Carty, Dave Jun 1, 2011 1464
The next step: develop a training plan for your pup's first year. West, Bob Jun 1, 2011 1158
A hit or miss propositions: plus, what's the true definition of a "double"? Duffey, Dave May 24, 2011 1256
A pointer & flusher Combo? It can be done, but compromise is key. Duffey, Dave Mar 1, 2011 1717
How contagious is parvo? Also, can you hunt a one-eyed pointer? Holcomb, Tom Mar 1, 2011 1478
Preparation gets the job done right: start looking for that puppy now. McGonigle, John Dec 1, 2010 1161
Osmotic dog training, part 2: more tips on informal, everyday lessons. Duffey, Dave Dec 1, 2010 1221
Defining aggression: explaining the difference between dominance and defensiveness. Bailey, Ed Dec 1, 2010 1264
Honoring. Spencer, James B. Dec 1, 2010 1973
Guerilla tactics for birds: control makes these tips work. McGonigle, John Oct 29, 2010 1102
Osmotic dog training, pt. 1; your dog will learn plenty from informal daily lessons. Duffey, Dave Oct 29, 2010 1342
Retrieving problems: a structured program will provide solutions. Bailey, Ed Oct 29, 2010 1462
The Spaniel Whisperer: a soothing voice and calm demeanor are key to bringing dogs under control. Sisley, Nick Oct 29, 2010 2223
Outdoor DVD Library: train like an expert when you learn from the experts. Oct 29, 2010 676
Acquiring a trained dog: the latest training techniques for pointing breeds, retrievers and spaniels. Spencer, James B. Oct 29, 2010 1950
Using the e-collar while hunting: the latest training techniques for pointing breeds, retrievers and spaniels. Spencer, James B. Sep 22, 2010 1962
Hey pup Hey pup: a rookie learns the basics of gun dog training from pro Rick Smith. Horan, Tim Sep 21, 2010 3124
Too hot, too cold: what's the optimum temperature range in which to work your dog? Duffey, Dave Sep 21, 2010 1533
Dominance or insecurity? Mistaking one for the other can have tragic results. Bailey, Ed Sep 21, 2010 1384
Open-water mallards: helping your retriever handle those "mega marks.". Romanack, Mark Sep 21, 2010 1836
Just say no: there's more than one way to correct your dog. Carty, Dave Sep 1, 2010 1531
Teaching disdain for decoys: dogs must to learn to ignore the fakes. Spencer, James B. Sep 1, 2010 1472
Flushing birds is only half the job: retrieving is an essential task, and one for which spaniels are ideally suited. McGonigle, John Aug 31, 2010 1407
Overcoming gunshyness: the key is taking it slowly. Bailey, Ed Aug 31, 2010 1274
Outdoor DVD library: train like an expert when you learn from the experts. Buyers guide Aug 31, 2010 684
Tools for training. Thoms, Jerry Aug 31, 2010 2076
Dr. Brittany Barker: Dog Psychiatrist: she's trained and certified to help with retriever "issues". Cochran, Bruce Jun 1, 2010 1295
Don't lose your dog: prevention and common sense will help prevent losing your best friend. Carty, Dave May 15, 2010 1499
Getting a handle on your dog, part 1: learning how to "read" what he "writes.". Duffey, Dave May 15, 2010 1681
What is a point? Plus, sensitivity and aggression. Bailey, Ed May 15, 2010 1739
Warm weather training: the latest training techniques for pointing breeds, retrievers and spaniels. Spencer, James B. May 15, 2010 1986
Introducing pups to water; it's the perfect warm weather training exercise. West, Bob May 15, 2010 1037
Natural retrieving instinct: you must train your puppy to bring the dummy directly to you. Spencer, James B. Apr 1, 2010 1440
Invaluable training aids. Romanack, Mark Viewpoint essay Apr 1, 2010 1838
Take your time and do it right: repetition and moderation are key. McGonigle, John Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2010 1381
Pup-picking pointers; tips on choosing your next gunning partner. Duffey, Dave Mar 1, 2010 2186
Prey drive? Sorry, folks, there's no such animal. Bailey, Ed Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2010 1459
Shed hunter: finding and retrieving shed deer antlers is a fun off-season activity for you and your dog. Thoms, Jerry Mar 1, 2010 2085
Dealing with growling: rewarding proper behavior is key. Bailey, Ed Dec 1, 2009 1625
Enlarging your year-end review: enjoy the present, but took to the future. McGonigle, John Dec 1, 2009 1021
Life after hunting season: these winter projects will keep you busy--and benefit your dog. West, Bob Dec 1, 2009 1184
Gunshyness in gun dogs. Spencer, James B. Dec 1, 2009 1977
Alpha Wolf, R.I.P.: in a departure from the usual Q&A format, Dr. Bailey lays to rest an obsolete training concept. Bailey, Ed Nov 1, 2009 1661
Group training can provide great results ... and perhaps a bit of group therapy, as well! McGonigle, John Nov 1, 2009 1549
The trainability of females: plus, eliminating on command. Duffey, Dave Oct 1, 2009 1298
The importance of consistency: be a leader, not an alpha male. Bailey, Ed Oct 1, 2009 2052
Extend your hunting season: entry level hunting test programs will keep you and your dog in the field. West, Bob Oct 1, 2009 1072
Marking off the barrel: train your dog to focus where you point the gun. Spencer, James B. Oct 1, 2009 1426
The most important command: pointing breeds. Spencer, James B. Sep 1, 2009 661
The most important command: retrievers. Spencer, James B. Sep 1, 2009 662
Making the transition: focus on your dog's behavior during early-season hunts. Spencer, James B. Sep 1, 2009 1426
Blind retrieve lining: helping your gun dog find the right "picture" is the key to successful lining. Spencer, James B. Aug 1, 2009 1474
Birds first! Introducing your pup to birds before you begin obedience training can prevent future problems. Carty, Dave Aug 1, 2009 1484
Boot camp gets results; but act like a trainer, not a drill sergeant. McGonigle, John Aug 1, 2009 1405
Mouth problems: plus, more on adjusting range. Bailey, Ed Aug 1, 2009 1706
Goose dogs: it's more a matter of temperament than size or breed. Duffey, Dave Aug 1, 2009 1192
Adjusting range: plus, thoughts on whistle response. Bailey, Ed Jun 1, 2009 2266
Droppers, blinkers and breakers: plus, more on "osmosis training". Duffey, Dave Jun 1, 2009 1872
It ain't always so: people love to lump things into broad categories, but trying that with gun dogs is usually a mistake. Arnette, Joe Jun 1, 2009 797
Dude's first duck. Hamre, Ryan Apr 1, 2009 390
The sound and the furry: in thick cover, you can't "see" your dog unless you can hear him. Carty, Dave Mar 1, 2009 1853
Hunting: for the gun: tips for keeping flushing dogs in range. Duffy, Dave Mar 1, 2009 2128
Destructive chewing: plus, bolting and chronic barking. Bailey, Ed Mar 1, 2009 1954
Pro tips: the latest training techniques for poiting breeds, retrievers and spaniels. Spencer, James B. Mar 1, 2009 1980
THE HOMESTEAD HOUND. Geller, Jon Aug 1, 2000 2266
SHOCKING RESULTS. DORSEY, CHRIS Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 576

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