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Back to Basics: Five Universal Truths of CIT Training: What Five Service Trips to the Dominican Republic Have Taught Me About Cit Training Back Home. Fleischner, Nicki Mar 1, 2020 1381
Camp Staffing: WE CAN AVOID A CRISIS! Smith, Joanna Warren Mar 1, 2019 1914
Staffing Strategies: WHERE HAVE WE BEEN AND WHERE ARE WE HEADED? Jordan, Debra; Aycock, Kim Jan 1, 2019 2442
Where Are Their Adult Pants? Tools, Catchphrases, and Understanding for Choosing Today's Staff Members. Rogge, Ariella Randle; Marable, Elizabeth Rundle Jan 1, 2019 2590
Tough and Tender: An Optimistic Trend in Male Staff. Ditter, Bob Sep 1, 2018 1518
CAMP INCLUDES ME SERIES CAMP AND CULTURE: The Core Competencies Deeply Engrained in Culturally Responsive Camp Leaders and Counselors. Whitaker, Sonya Sep 1, 2018 2544
TURNING CAMP STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS INTO CARING LEADERS: As an eager freshman at the University of Georgia, I sought out opportunities to volunteer for Organizations whose purposes were meaningful to me. Whitaker, Laura Mar 1, 2018 1806
Communication Strategies to Create a Positive and Safe Camp Environment. Paver, Sarah; Wahl-Alexander, Zachary Mar 1, 2018 1743
Training for social justice with camp staff. Ozier, Lance May 1, 2017 3343
With that in mind, Part I: what directors need to know about staff mental health. Thurber, Christopher Mar 1, 2016 3224
In it to win it. Tyrrell, Diane May 1, 2015 2178
Keeping staff training relevant. Elloy, Chicka Mar 1, 2015 1270
Sport education: an innovative practice for activities at camp. Wahl-Alexander, Zachary; Sinelnikov, Oleg A. Nov 1, 2014 2386
Mini camp ... a taste of sleep-away camp. Dawson, Bonnie; Clark-Thomas, Beth Anne Jul 1, 2013 2050
Staff training resources. Mar 1, 2013 283
Can I have another bowl of cereal? Using the Summer Food Service Program at your camp. Dake, Robin Mar 1, 2013 1875
Building a "healthy camp": strategies that worked! Garst, Barry A.; Marugg, Mary; Thompson, Sandra Mar 1, 2013 2400
Staff training: what do you expect? The best camp counselors know that we are always learning and growing and that every day at camp there are things to learn and ways to grow. Arizala, Scott May 1, 2011 2522
The impact of counselor training on new and returning camp counselors. Baldwin, Jamie; Duerden, Mat D.; Witt, Peter A. Survey Jul 1, 2010 1857
Excellence in staff training to reduce bullying. Haber, Joel D. May 1, 2006 3149
Beginning with the end day camp training by design. Pulliam, Linda Grier Jan 1, 2006 2219
Looking for solutions, not problems. Garr, Minda Jan 1, 2006 1938
Language of problems to the language of solutions. Jan 1, 2006 879
Building your dream staff. Scharff, Constance Jan 1, 2006 2213
Bullying prevention taken to new heights at Camp Sewataro. Schiering, Joshua A. Mar 1, 2005 1548
Are CIT programs worth the risk? How can they meet your expectations? Cronin, Greg Mar 1, 2005 2401
Eliminate gossip and rumors ... and create a fully unified staff. Leiken, Jeffery Jan 1, 2004 2439
The kurse of Kumbayah: five camp stereotypes that derail new staff. Malinowski, Jon C. May 1, 2003 2840
Five factors to consider when developing games for your staff training. Nathan, Randy May 1, 2003 1137
Preparing your staff for emergencies. Maurer-Starks, Suanne Mar 1, 2003 1531
Crossing organizations for professional training. Gans, Cheryl Jul 1, 2002 2069
The evening dance program at camp. Cain, Dr. Jim May 1, 2002 2032
Making the Most of Year-round Training. Hanover, Carol Jul 1, 2001 1489
Words of Encouragement to the Camp Counselor. Schottenfeld, Allen Brief Article May 1, 2001 632
Successful Counseling. Grayson, Randall May 1, 2001 1639
If X, Then Y: Teaching Critical Thinking Skills. Powell, Gwynn M. Jan 1, 2000 1375
Everything You Say and Do Matters. Leiken, Jeff Jan 1, 2000 1466
Developing a Strong Staff Team. Privitt, Kelly Jan 1, 2000 2170
Teaching health and safety: preparing staff for the unexpected. Cronin, Greg Jul 1, 1999 1310
How three special teenagers with disabilities became CITs. Graham, Jennifer M. Jul 1, 1996 1333
Leadership complexities. Jordan, Debra J. Mar 1, 1996 1187
Counselors-in-training: creating leadership opportunities. Ambler, Holly P. Mar 1, 1996 939
Staff orientation. O'Brien, Laurie Nov 1, 1995 925
Celebrations and preparations. Coutellier, Connie May 1, 1994 617
Research notes. Jordan, Debra J. Column Sep 1, 1993 1082
Finding instructor certification courses. Porter, Laurie J. Jul 1, 1993 1628

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