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The Online Outlook: What role should virtual intensives play in your training this summer? Holmes, Kathryn Jan 1, 2022 816
Going Upside Down: Tips to get comfortable with inverted movement in any style. Wingenroth, Lauren Dec 1, 2021 943
A New Physicality: Has training at home reshaped dancers' movement? Sandall, Emma Jun 1, 2021 1215
Make the Most of the Music: How to develop versatile musicality. Caldwell, Rachel Mar 1, 2021 1088
Dancing After COVID-19: How to safely resume your training after recovering from the novel coronavirus. Henderson, Garnet Dec 1, 2020 778
Rev Up for Reentry: Smart ways to prepare your body and mind for going back to the studio. Bauer, Claudia Sep 1, 2020 976
Write It Down: How journaling can benefit your dance career. Hilton, Haley Aug 1, 2020 1463
When Rehearsal Is Not Enough: Gaining the stamina to tackle those "puffy" pieces isn't impossible. It just requires some homework. Thompson, Candice Aug 1, 2020 1319
Become Anyone: How to get into character when it matters most. Rivers, Ashley Aug 1, 2020 835
A Balancinq Act: Nine tips for juggling both competition prep and regular training. Caldwell, Rachel Jul 1, 2020 589
Branch Out: Should young dancers avoid specializing too soon? Scher, Avichai Jun 1, 2020 618
Late Bloomers: Five dancers share how starting their training later shaped their careers. Caldwell, Rachel Jun 1, 2020 1335
But Can You Sing? How much vocal training you really need to book musical theater. Hilton, Haley Apr 1, 2020 711
Bridging the Gap: Some programs are easing the transition from training to professional life. Hilton, Haley Mar 1, 2020 754
Face the Music: Tips for becoming a more musical dancer. Rizzuto, Rachel Oct 1, 2019 728
From Tilts to Tests: What it takes to transition to college life as a former comp kid. Giles, Jessica Aug 1, 2019 607
Into the Unknown: Get ready to try experimental choreography. Peters, Jen Jul 1, 2019 639
Be Prepared: What you should do each week before your summer intensive. Foster, Hannah Jun 1, 2019 766
Debrief Your Dancing. Sandall, Emma Mar 28, 2019 1062
Upper Body Upgrade: How to make epaulement a natural part of your dancing. Rizzuto, Rachel Mar 28, 2019 489
The Waiting Game: What to do if you get waitlisted. Friscia, Suzannah Mar 1, 2019 655
Blinded by the Light. Hamilton, Linda Brief article Feb 1, 2019 171
Thomas Forster: Being a personal trainer has taken this ABT soloist to new heights. Giles, Jessica Feb 1, 2019 390
Sky's the Limit: What concert dancers can get out of learning aerial. Ward, Saralyn Feb 1, 2019 584
Is Training Load Associated with Symptoms of Overuse Injury in Dancers? A Prospective Observational Study. Boeding, Jeske R.E.; Visser, Edwin; Meuffels, Duncan E.; de Vos, Robert-Jan Report Jan 1, 2019 3334
Streams of Sweat: The best online workouts for dancers. Feller, Alison Jan 1, 2019 636
Lung Power: How to use breath to enhance your movement. Henderson, Garnet Jan 1, 2019 699
The Future of Dance Training Is ... Online? These days, taking class from a video is a whole new experience. Rizzuto, Rachel Nov 1, 2018 785
Need for Speed: How to become a faster mover. Henderson, Garnet Jun 1, 2018 632
The Overprepared Understudy: What it takes to become the backup a company can depend on. Brady, Kristyn May 1, 2018 961
Resolutions Teachers Wish You'd Make: Seven ways to start off the new year right. Hench, Julie Diana Dec 1, 2017 730
Training wheels: Hubbard Street Dance Chicago launches its new Professional Program. Warnecke, Lauren Aug 1, 2017 321
Summer Study Regrets: five pros share what they wish they'd done differently as summer intensive students. Holmes, Kathryn Jul 1, 2017 782
Less is more: dancers are often told to "make it look effortless." but what does that actually mean? Whittenburg, Zachary May 1, 2017 681
Take corrections, correctly: learning how to incorporate criticism is an essential part of any dancer's training. Diana, Julie Apr 1, 2017 829
From studio to summertime: start planning your summer break now. Wingenroth, Lauren Jan 1, 2017 922
Collaborative learning: at Hubbard Streets new intensive in Los Angeles, dancers dig into the choreographic process. Bauer, Claudia Jan 1, 2017 955
Stretch yourself: New York City Dance Alliances summer intensive pushes dancers beyond their comfort zone. Schwab, Kristin Jan 1, 2017 738
Lonely at the top: prodigies face unique challenges during training years and beyond. Schwab, Kristin Nov 1, 2016 810
Master the convention class: smart strategies to make the most of a crowded, hectic room. Feller, Alison Oct 1, 2016 801
Studying the street: more colleges are incorporating hip hop into their programs, and students are reaping the benefits. Wingenroth, Lauren Oct 1, 2016 700
Get more turnout: learn your potential, find your alignment, then strengthen strategically. Grossman, Gayanne Sep 1, 2016 1020
Take a (productive) break: start planning now to pursue a unique dance opportunity over your semester break. Wingenroth, Lauren Sep 1, 2016 523
Look before you leap: how to avoid--and escape--nightmare jobs. Thompson, Candice Aug 1, 2016 845
Lucrative learning: small companies jump on the summer intensive bandwagon. Thompson, Candice Jul 1, 2016 486
Friends with the floor: four tips to help you master floorwork. Whittenburg, Zachary Jul 1, 2016 895
A man's world: the female dancer's guide to men's technique class. Zar, Rachel Apr 1, 2016 910
Beyond college walls: why you should pursue dance projects outside of school. Escoyne, Courtney Mar 1, 2016 605
The waiting game: you've been wait-listed to the summer intensive of your dreams. Now what? Zar, Rachel Feb 1, 2016 855
The company question: should you attend an intensive connected to a company? It depends on your stage of training. Rivers, Ashley Jan 1, 2016 977
Trading plies for popping, locking and breaking: what street styles can do for concert dancers. Feller, Alison Oct 1, 2015 809
Make this your best year yet: set yourself up for success. Rivers, Ashley Sep 1, 2015 805
Dancing on a budget: how to keep up your training without breaking the bank. Castro, Ali Sep 1, 2015 969
Cast aside? Don't let favoritism affect your training. Brady, Kristyn Jun 1, 2015 794
Russian season: what do Americans get out of training at Bolshoi Ballet Academy? Perron, Wendy May 1, 2015 1587
Crystaldawn Bell: the Robert Moses' Kin dancer ramps up with high-intensity interval training. Bauer, Claudia May 1, 2015 575
China's top talents: how Beijing Dance Academy became a force at competitions and companies abroad. Foyer, Maggie May 1, 2015 783
Movement in the moment: choose an improv method that will challenge your weaknesses. Rivers, Ashley Feb 1, 2015 737
Somatic Practices Movement Arts Dance Medicine. Brief article Feb 1, 2015 229
Considering choreography: could an intensive's repertoire offerings be the key to your summer growth? Rivers, Ashley Jan 1, 2015 1061
So you want to go pro: the Joffrey West summer intensive is a window into the commercial world. Bauer, Claudia Jan 1, 2015 944
Bournonville with a twist: Danish Dance Masters brings Bournonville to a new generation of American dancers. Thompson, Candice Jan 1, 2015 858
Cold season survival strategies: how to stay well around sick dancers, dealing with company troubles abroad and auditioning with a safety net. Hamilton, Linda Jan 1, 2015 887
Trainee program truths: do they really lead to a job? McGuire, Kathleen Dec 1, 2014 679
Somatic Practices Movement Arts Dance Medicine. Brief article Dec 1, 2014 230
Making workshops work. Zar, Rachel Nov 1, 2014 1211
Choose your next move: the twofold benefits of choreographic workshops for dancers. Thompson, Candice Sep 1, 2014 926
Leaving the nest: how do students know they're ready for full-time training? Rivers, Ashley Aug 1, 2014 1024
2014 Dance Magazine Scholarship Guide. Bugge, Nicole; Renck, Lauren Directory Aug 1, 2014 5960
Your strategic summer schedule: how to use rest to strengthen your body--without losing technique. McGuire, Kathleen Jul 1, 2014 1017
Gabrielle Salvatto: the Dance Theatre of Harlem dancer uses her weekend to work on problem areas. Feidelson, Lizzie Jul 1, 2014 459
Mind over muscles. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 133
Zero value? How to break out of the free rehearsal loop. Thompson, Candice Jul 1, 2014 710
Training in Germany: the European dance hub is home to many affordable, innovative schools. Cappelle, Laura Jun 1, 2014 1410
The sounds of silence: exploring the challenges--and benefits--of dancing without music. Molzahn, Laura May 1, 2014 720
Not your average residency: three colleges that have formed innovative partnerships with dance artists. Fuhrer, Margaret May 1, 2014 491
Somatic practices movement arts dance medicine. Directory Apr 1, 2014 279
A dance to the music of Tommies. Ryan, Zoe Feb 28, 2014 975
Mentors of the Mariinsky: inside the influential relationships between Russian dancers and their coaches. Pawlick, Catherine Jan 1, 2014 1345
Class on the cheap: work-study programs reward dancers with training and exposure. Benjamin, Meredith Jan 1, 2014 1045
Triple-threat training: a summer intensive at The Boston Conservatory blends traditional dance and theater programs. Rivers, Ashley Jan 1, 2014 733
Dancing with purpose: anti-bullying programs that aim to start a conversation and stop the violence. Hunt, Mary Ellen Dec 1, 2013 1143
Influence of dance training on sacculocollic pathway: vestibular evoked myogenic potentials (VEMP) as an objective tool. Swathi, V.M.; Sathish, Kumar K.N. Clinical report Oct 7, 2013 3062
Do cooldowns work? Dancers aren't like other athletes when it comes to post-workout exercises. Wozny, Nancy Sep 1, 2013 425
Bollywood: expand your range with the East-meets-West style. Kay, Lauren Sep 1, 2013 953
Dance in the Ivy League: what's changing at Yale, Princeton, and Harvard. Burke, Siobhan Aug 1, 2013 1409
College goes commercial: Pace University offers a new program. Kay, Lauren Aug 1, 2013 572
Hear, him roar: the Lion King's Ray Mercer. Kay, Lauren Aug 1, 2013 871
from facebook. Reed, Georgia; Barnes, Edward; Takacs, David Brief article Jul 1, 2013 109
When your teacher is your mom: five dancers discuss how learning from their mothers shaped them. Stuart, Elaine May 1, 2013 1468
Now and next: mentoring for college-age dancers. Traiger, Lisa May 1, 2013 626
Teacher training guide: opportunities for continuing education summer 2013. Calendar May 1, 2013 1422
Stressors, recovery processes, and manifestations of training distress in dance. Grove, J. Robert; Main, Luana C.; Sharp, Lucinda Report Apr 1, 2013 7441
Med Probl Perform Art: Effects of supplemental training on fitness and aesthetic competence parameters in contemporary dance: a randomised controlled trial. Angioi, M.; Metsios, G.; Twitchett, E.A.; Koutedakis, Y.; Wyon, M. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 266
Double-duty dance lives. Wozny, Nancy Mar 1, 2013 1423
Learn to fly: increasing your versatility through aerial dance. Rizzuto, Rachel Mar 1, 2013 1022
Toni Lugo: strong and committed onstage and off. Adams, Kathy Interview Mar 1, 2013 976
The 2013 Auditions Guide: employment * training * education. Smallridge, Jared Directory Feb 1, 2013 2476
A two-way street: CityDance paves the way for students and pros to collaborate. Traiger, Lisa Feb 1, 2013 907
Star-quality workouts: three top dancers on their cross-training discoveries. Stuart, Elaine Jan 1, 2013 1461
Follow the money: the many rewards of a merit scholarship. Stahl, Jennifer Jan 1, 2013 1449
A Bauschian Day at Williams College. Hecht, Elena Jan 1, 2013 691
Mean it! How to keep your competition routine energized all season long. Schrock, Madeline Oct 1, 2012 1020
Katherine Fisher: improving stamina in body and mind. Edwards, Jennifer Sep 1, 2012 942
Dancing in the wild. Rizzuto, Rachel Brief article Aug 1, 2012 110
The beginner's score. Aug 1, 2012 358
Build a better yoga class. Brief article Aug 1, 2012 168
Weight shift: traditional kettlebells can build core strength. Wozny, Nancy Jul 1, 2012 563
Nikolais/Louis Summer Dance Intensive. Brief article Jun 1, 2012 106
The somatics infusion: more teachers are blending awareness principles with technique. Wozny, Nancy May 1, 2012 1405
Get the edge: smart ways to train at home. Hanlon, Khara May 1, 2012 457
Courtney Elizabeth: taking good care of her body and mind. Hunt, Mary Ellen May 1, 2012 1022
Perfect timing: knowing when your student is ready for pointe. Brandt, Amy Apr 1, 2012 1109
Advice for dancers. Hamilton, Linda Column Mar 1, 2012 867
First-hand experience. Looseleaf, Victoria Mar 1, 2012 704
Abby Silva Gavezzoli: this Parsons dancer is fiercely focused--and becoming a mom hasn't stopped her. Kay, Lauren Mar 1, 2012 1043
Master classes, coast to coast. Burke, Siobhan Brief article Feb 1, 2012 127
2012 Summer Study Guide. Brief article Jan 1, 2012 125
On the verge of professional: a rigorous, star-studded intensive, the Carreno Dance Festival gives students a taste of company life. Poon, Kina Jan 1, 2012 896
Learning from the Masters: at Steps on Broadway, summer brings classes and auditions with top-notch contemporary choreographers. Hecht, Elena Jan 1, 2012 920
Cambridge state of mind: three studios form, a nurturing dance network. Fanger, Iris Jan 1, 2012 1053
LEAPing toward change. Singer, Toba Jan 1, 2012 922
Kylee Kitchens: building strength as she moves up the ranks. Berardi, Gigi Dec 1, 2011 664
Staying warm: 'tis the season for winter workshops. Kay, Lauren Column Nov 1, 2011 1019
Singing for Dancers. Poon, Kina Brief article Nov 1, 2011 130
Star makers: ICON uses competition to train dancers for commercial careers. Branagan, Alexis Oct 1, 2011 531
Campus connections: at colleges that are major dance presenters, opportunities abound. Looseleaf, Victoria Oct 1, 2011 886
Making discoveries in Dublin. Perron, Wendy Oct 1, 2011 586
The judges' pet peeves: what they do--and don't--like. Wozny, Nancy Oct 1, 2011 1067
A new dance workout. Stahl, Jennifer Brief article Aug 1, 2011 232
Curtain up. Perron, Wendy Column Jul 1, 2011 390
New York state of mind: a dancer's guide to starting out in the Big Apple. Peters, Jen Jul 1, 2011 1738
The Wooden Floor. Burke, Siobhan Brief article Jun 1, 2011 122
Q&A. Hamilton, Linda Column May 1, 2011 948
Puanani Brown. Kay, Lauren Apr 1, 2011 647
Doctor dancer: Carla Watson's dual career. Huggins, Terri Apr 1, 2011 441
So you think you can ... back flip? How versatility can help dancers land gigs. Peters, Jen Mar 1, 2011 1065
Domenico Luciano. Kay, Lauren Mar 1, 2011 763
Aszure's audition adventure: one dancer's journey. Peters, Jen Feb 1, 2011 953
Turning exercise on its head: a memory of Joe Pilates. Underwood, Sharry Jan 1, 2011 902
Conservatory vs. company school: which is right for you? Brandt, Amy Jan 1, 2011 1338
Creative encounters: Strictly Seattle gives a workout for body and mind. Gaynor, Rosie Jan 1, 2011 778
Dance rehearsal practices in early modern court spectacles. Nevile, Jennifer Essay Jan 1, 2011 8548
Q A. Hamilton, Linda Dec 1, 2010 880
Standing its ground: why jazz belongs in universities. Kay, Lauren Dec 1, 2010 919
Mental blocks in class. Peters, Jen Dec 1, 2010 736
Q & A. Hamilton, Linda Column Nov 1, 2010 877
Why I dance. Eichelberger, Erika Essay Nov 1, 2010 710
QA. Hamilton, Linda Oct 1, 2010 875
Reaching beyond limits: in an Israeli "dance village," students test their boundaries and discover peace of mind. One dancer reports. Hecht, Elena Oct 1, 2010 911
Get more Gaga. Burke, Siobhan Brief article Oct 1, 2010 146
The inside moves: jazz up your competition choreography with the pros. Wozny, Nanzy Oct 1, 2010 901
Advice for dancers. Hamilton, Linda Sep 1, 2010 924
Contributions to dance sport training methods at beginners' level, 6 to 9 years old. Florica, Grigore Maria; Virgil, Grigore; Vladimir, Potop; Cosmina, Cheram Report Jun 1, 2010 2849
For dancers, English is a second language. Shapiro, Lauren Apr 1, 2010 3202
Grab your partner. Brief article Aug 1, 2009 88
QA. Hamilton, Linda Column Aug 1, 2009 878
Finance your fouettes, pay for your passes: working your way through school in a recession. Rasminsky, Abigail Aug 1, 2009 1419
Empty studio = opportunity. Breau, Rebecca Aug 1, 2009 164
Lengthening your lines. Lewis, Kristin Jul 1, 2009 702
It's non-Western training, noh? Brief article Jul 1, 2009 192
Strengthening your upper body. Clements, French Jun 1, 2009 741
Head first: Alexander Technique can aid injury recovery. Peters, Jen May 1, 2009 710
Advice for dancers. Hamilton, Linda Apr 1, 2009 931
The extended audition: giving dancers more time to shine. Peters, Jen Feb 1, 2009 920
The night before a show. Brandenhoff, Peter Feb 1, 2009 613
From dance to danse: why so many American dancers are heading to Europe. Berardi, Gigi Jan 1, 2009 1535
Training the whole dancer. Fuhrer, Margaret Jan 1, 2009 978
Shaking up the summer workshop scene. Kay, Lauren Jan 1, 2009 721
The Rolex initiative's global reach: the pairing of mentors and proteges. Amini, Daniela Nov 1, 2008 554
Solo savvy: your guide to costuming, choreographing, and casting soloists. Feller, Alison Oct 1, 2008 1148
Training right: why what you dance matters to your workout. Thompson, Jen Aug 1, 2008 709
Teaching improvisation: how to bring students through the moment of not knowing. Straus, Rachel Aug 1, 2008 773
Improving turnout. Lewis, Kristin Aug 1, 2008 807
Bringing summer back: holding onto the summer intensive experience. Poon, Kina Jul 1, 2008 867
Improving jumps. Carman, Joseph Jul 1, 2008 1003
Improving extension. Lewis, Kristin Jun 1, 2008 901
Wave of movement: with new facilities and a growing audience, San Diego's dance artists are bustin' out. Steinberg, Janice Jan 1, 2008 1807
Pump it up: how to keep up the energy during long summer days of dancing. Alfaro, Nancy Jan 1, 2008 1235
From Santa Fe to broadway. Noyer, Jennifer Jan 1, 2008 1068
Somatic practices, movement arts, and dance medicine certification and training in somatic and movement-based arts. Jan 1, 2008 1056
RAD method. Loizou, Stephanie Dec 1, 2007 819
Step, lines, and videotape: using DVDs and videos to learn repertoire. Carman, Joseph Mar 1, 2007 976
Attitudes. Barnes, Clive Mar 1, 2007 819
Houston's Jazz Center: "The Met" is the go-to studio for serious training. Wozny, Nancy Oct 1, 2006 962
New Orleans report. Hasselle, Della Brief article Apr 1, 2006 280
Flight lessons: as aerial dance soars in popularity, practitioners begin laying down a curriculum for training in the form. Cunningham, Cari Feb 1, 2006 994
Wake up your body: dancers' favorite warm-up moves. Hanlon, Khara Oct 1, 2005 1430
Centering work: integrating movement. Kraus, Lisa Sep 1, 2005 758
Mind your body: Pilates or Gyrotonic? Don't be systematic. Murphy, Ann May 1, 2005 760
Studio gear: turning downtime into quality time. Hanlon, Khara May 1, 2005 413
Heartland hotspot: university faculty models performance careers for students. Connors, Thomas May 1, 2005 932
Burnout: the problem with hard work. Hamilton, Linda May 1, 2005 554
The dance teacher: the ideal case and daily reality. Van Rossum, J.H.A. Sep 22, 2004 6480
Street to studio: tips from the pros. Johnson, Tamara Jul 1, 2004 556
Advice for dancers. Hamilton, Linda Jun 1, 2004 890
Mind your body: Alexander Technique: get in gear. Weeks, Janet May 1, 2004 642
Attitudes. Barnes, Clive May 1, 2004 880
Advice for dancers. Hamilton, Linda Column Feb 1, 2004 842
Health and fitness for life. Martin, Suzanne Feb 1, 2004 627
Advice for dancers: former New York City Ballet dancer Linda Hamilton Ph.D., is a lecturer, a psychologist in private practice, and author of Advice for Dancers (Jossey-Bass). She has been offering advice to Dance Magazine readers since 1992. Hamilton, Linda Jan 1, 2004 873
Students board new DMA ship. (Conversations With Jazz Dancers). Hildebrand, Karen Aug 1, 2003 472
Advice for dancers. Hamilton, Linda Jul 1, 2003 546
Sci-fi dance. (News). Wisner, Heather Jun 1, 2003 617
Am I stalling out before I start? (Answers 4 Dancers). Dale, Grover Apr 1, 2003 448
The apprentice zone. (Audition Guide 2003). Sperling, Jody Feb 1, 2003 1625
Advice for dancers. Hamilton, Linda Column Nov 1, 2002 906
Opening the door: teaching to the person inside the student. (The Teach--Learn Connection). Siegenfeld, Billy Column Nov 1, 2002 592
Answers 4 dancers. Dale, Grover Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 872
Answer 4 dancers. Dale, Grover Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 792
Training. (2002 Auditions Guide). Directory Feb 1, 2002 1696
The teach-learn connection. Hildebrand, Karen Jan 1, 2002 1353
Inner strength: its not all in your head. (Health and Fitness for Life). Fukushima, Rhoda Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 1024
The impolitic body. (Starting here). Patrick, K.C. Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 814
Answers 4 dancers. Dale, Grover Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 830
Just Imagine: Dance Training in a Perfect World. GOLD, RHEE Brief Article May 1, 2001 772
Dancer Tastes Taylor Life at Summer Intensive. SILVER, ALEXIS Critical Essay Jan 1, 2001 1197
Studying? Hedge Your Bets. Hamilton, Linda Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 664
Boston Drives Dancers to Do It All. Pigott, Ellen Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 945
Vicky Sheer questions competitions. Horosko, Marian Oct 1, 1998 945
New York: LaGuardia High School. Dionne, Alexandria Brief Article Nov 1, 1997 923
Is a high school that specializes in dance right for me? Topaz, Nuriel Brief Article Nov 1, 1997 669
Walter Nicks: the teacher's teacher. Meyers, Martha Biography Nov 1, 1997 1010
Beyond ballet: two devoted ballet students explain their transitions to modern dance. Paolucci, Christina Sep 1, 1997 1178
North Carolina School of the Arts. Horosko, Marian Sep 1, 1997 1366
Shopping for a company. Rath, Ellen Feb 1, 1997 1296
Which companies are shopping for dancers: a guide to 1997 auditions around the world. Sims, Caitlin Directory Feb 1, 1997 6844
The big B: Boston Ballet Center for Dance Education. Horosko, Marian Jan 1, 1997 834
What will I do on my summer vacation? Thom, Rose Anne Jan 1, 1997 1071
Interlochen Center for the Arts. O'Neill, Kate Jan 1, 1997 823
2 days in the life of Alexandra: portrait of a young dancer. Sims, Caitlin Illustration Nov 1, 1996 1731
Focused on dance. Lewis, Jean Battey Jul 1, 1996 704
Abominable abdominals. Horosko, Marian Feb 1, 1995 678
Paris Conservatory. Topaz, Muriel Apr 1, 1994 818

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