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Training tools.

Most gun dog owners would agree that training their canines is easier, more effective, and more efficient because of today's improved equipment. As an owner, do you need your first e-collar, or are you looking to upgrade an older model to one with more sophisticated features? To answer this question ask yourself if you can consistently enforce your dog's learned commands or control its impulsive behavior (such as fighting skunks or chasing deer). Can you always find your dog in the field' after it has disappeared in 7-foot prairie grass or in deep woods brambles?

Are you always able to communicate with your canine by voice or whistle at great distances out of hearing range? If the answer to any of these questions is "no," you can easily turn it into "yes" with one of the e-collars described here.

Also included are some new-style and much improved training dummies and dummy launchers for some real innovations in dog training gear and training methods.


The Upland Special G3 EXP is another version of the modern "combination" e-collar that provides stimulation and a beeper/locator. As with other combo e-collars, the stimulation mode can be used up to one mile to enforce training lessons and discourage impulsive behavior with 18 levels of momentary and six levels of continuous stimulation.

In addition, this collar has a remotely activated beeper that can be operated manually to give a dog's location and set automatically to tell if the dog is on the move or standing still. The beeper in this collar has an audible range of a quarter-mile with adjustments for two "point" tones and four "run" tones. The transmitter also remotely operates the Tracer TM Light, making the collar and dog wearing it visible in the dark up to a half-mile.

(800) 456-4343



After a morning of limiting on roosters, take the TEK-V1LT GPS/e-collar combo off your pointer and run hounds for bears or hogs. OK, maybe that's not a likely scenario. What is likely is the high performance you'll get from the industry's first remote training and tracking system. The versatile V1LT--expandable up to 12 dogs--allows hunters to make a correction while getting an instant fix on a dog's location up to seven miles. Equipped with a backlit liquid crystal display screen waterproof remote, the receiver features SportDOG's DRYTEK design, making the collar submersible up to 25 feet--though we hope your duck dogs aren't that determined. (800) 732-0144.



You and your gun dog are hunting ruffed grouse in the dense and gnarly cover of the north woods. Or you're after pheasants in 250 acres of tall CRP. Your dog suddenly disappears way out of voice or whistle range and beyond the distance that a beeper/locator can be heard by the human ear. What to do?

Well, if your dog is wearing a Garmin Astro 320/DC 40 GPS Tracking Unit, the problem is on the way to being solved. The DC 40 collar will transmit any dog's location to the hand-held Astro 320 receiver. The receiver screen will show where the wayward canine is and where it has been in actual distance up to nine miles away. The screen is easy to see with bright, high-resolution graphics and clear, large fonts. The Astro 320 has a built-in tone and vibration alert that tells a hunter when his dog is on point or is running out of GPS range.

(800) 800-1020


D.T. Systems

Though D.T. Systems has a wide variety of e-collar models, the H20 1800 Plus Series is one of the most popular because of its many features, which make this remote training tool very versatile and adaptable to all breeds of gun dogs. The H20 1830 Plus comes with Jump and Rise options. The Jump choice allows the user to preprogram stimulation so that with a single touch of a button, power will instantly increase from a lower to a higher level, making training decisions much faster and more efficient.

The Rise option allows for a steady rise in stimulation intensity by pushing a single button, thus giving the trainer a quick and effective way to deliver a persuasive influence on a dog's behavior. All e-collars in the 1800 Plus series have a one-mile range and 16 levels of nick and constant stimulation.

(214) 350-9446


Lion Country Supply

Though one of the least expensive e-collars on the market, the Bird Dog Trainer II by Lion Country Supply is among the most feature-filled. Advertised as "the complete dog training system," the Trainer II has four main functions: stimulation on multiple levels quickly and easily delivered from a key board-type transmitter; a beeper/locator simply activated for keeping track of any dog on land or in water; a control button for triggering a backing dog silhouette; and a switch for remotely operating a spring-loaded, box-type bird and dummy launcher. A second e-collar receiver can also be added to the Trainer.

(800) 662-5202


Collar Clinic

Do you want to buy, trade in or repair a D.T. Systems, Tri-Tronics, Dogtra, Einstein Education, Innotek, or a Lovett's Electronics e-collar? Or a Garmin or Tracker GPS dog locator? The Collar Clinic is the place to go for all these products as well as a full line of anti-bark collars and electronic "invisible" fences. Repair and reconditioning usually are done in one week with a six-month warranty on all fixed products.

(800) 430-2010



Keeping track of a far-ranging dog is easy with a Tracker Classic System. Portable and lightweight, Tracker antennas feature steel hinges that fold along the body of the receiver to create the most easily transportable receiver/antenna combination available. Tracker also incorporated an adjustment wheel on the left side of the receiver to fine tune the frequency to assure maximum distance tracking and make it more audible. Find the Classic in kits paired with up to two collars and a carrying case for one affordable price.

(800) 900-2113


Unleashed Technology

The Remote Trainer with Vibration PLUS is unique due to its vibration mode that is combined with 15 levels of stimulation delivered on a choice of three buttons, each with a pre-set and progressive level of power. By combining vibration with stimulation, the canine student is gently but firmly persuaded to comply with commands, even if he's unusually stubborn, active or sensitive. Vibration can later be substituted for stimulation once dogs adjust to their e-collar. The Remote Trainer has a waterproof transmitter and collar-receiver, half-mile range and a Safety Time-Out feature.

(866) 795-7387


Dokken's Dog Supply

When buying gun dog retrieving tools, if the product looks like a duck, feels like a duck, floats like a duck, and weighs the same as a duck, it's probably a "DeadFowl Trainer." Made with a firm foam body and hard plastic head and feet, the DFT is designed to replicate the appearance, feel, and weight of a live gamebird. These features expedite the transition from retrieving an artificial dummy to fetching a real gamebird.

Because of the hard head and feet, dogs are encouraged to grasp the DFT by its softer foam body, thus encouraging a well-balanced hold that makes carrying a real bird more natural and efficient. With its attached cord, the DFT is easy to throw. All DFTs will easily absorb commercially-manufactured wild bird scent. DFTs are available in 33 gamebird species.

(507) 749-2616 www.deadfowltrainencom



Losing a bird and dummy launcher in heavy cover during a training session is a common and annoying problem solved by a remotely activated beeper-locator on the M-Doggies Bird and Dummy Launcher, one of the least expensive launchers on the market. Made from a lightweight and durable polycarbonate plastic, it is a compact, spring-loaded, box-type device that can propel live birds such as pigeons, quail, chukars, as well as standard retrieving dummies, up to 30 feet in the air.

The battery-powered hand-held transmitter is rechargeable, has a range of 100 yards, and can operate up to three launchers.

(937) 597-5027


Zinger Winger

Anyone teaching a gun dog to retrieve any kind of gamebird will find a good use for the Zinger Winger. Designed as a spring-cord powered launcher big enough to send a live bird or retrieving dummy several feet straight up or at an angle, the Zinger Winger can be triggered manually or by a remote transmitter.

In four models (The Field Trialer, the Mini-Zinger, the Uplander, and the Zinger Winger), each is manufactured from tubular aluminum with a total weight of 12 to '15 pounds. Each can be folded up into a portable, quick-to-dismantle, easy-to-carry 'package, and then reassembled in a few seconds.

(800) 351-8411


Lovett's Electronics

Lovett's manufactures a beeper/trainer combination collar with five levels of stimulation, a half-mile range and four-mode beeper that is activated from the transmitter. The top-mounted beeper indicates if a dog is still or running for a variety of time durations. Both the collar and transmitter are waterproof and are powered by easy-to-find nine-volt batteries. The combination collar is also available as a two-dog unit. Also available from Lovett's are other models of beepers, an anti-barking collar and a heated whelping nest for puppies.

(800) 446-1093


Real Duck

Hand-made from super sturdy, polyester fabric, double-stitched fire hose material and stuffed with super-buoyant granulated 100 percent cork, Real Duck retrieving dummies are guaranteed to hold up to the hard use of hard-core daily dog training. In four sizes, each Real Duck comes with a 24-inch long braided polyester throw rope that makes tossing these retrieving tools easy and efficient.

The fire hose fabric and granulated cork work well to float the Real Duck high in the water for greater visibility and to hold commercially-manufactured gamebird scent. (888) 252-3388



Take a 2 1/2-inch diameter firm foam ball that really bounces and attach it at both ends to 24-inch long surgical tubing to form a slingshot-like loop that really stretches. Hold the surgical tubing in a hook on a plastic hand-held launcher. Pull the ball back as far as possible. Then let the ball go and watch it fly 35 yards or more through the air to the ground where it will bounce several times up to 10 feet high. Because a gun dog cannot resist chasing after and fetching up a bouncing ball, the Go-Frrr is the ideal device for giving lessons in retrieving.

The Go-Frrr also floats, so launching one into water will give every dog a chance for a cooling swim on a hot day. Anyone can operate a Go-Frrr, from little kids to older folks with arthritis, and it can even be launched from a seated position.


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