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Training for the laboratory worker.

What do medical laboratorians have to do to prepare themselves for the molecular-testing world? What are the avenues down which they will need to travel in order to stay on top of the latest information that emanates from this "New World"? Here is some easily accessible assistance listed on the CDC's website to direct interested students of any age (

* The National Credentialing Agency for Laboratory Personnel conducts certification of medical laboratory personnel and other credential-related activities.

* The World of Genetic Societies' includes major organizations involved in graduate training in human genetics and provides career information, a guide to graduate and post-graduate training, and medical school curricula.

* The American Board of Pathology/American Board of Medical Genetics has a sub-specialty certification in molecular genetic pathology. The ABP offers primary certification through three routes: combined anatomic pathology and clinical pathology, anatomic pathology only, and clinical pathology only.

* American Association of Clinical Chemistry Certification in Molecular Diagnostics consists of an examination in molecular diagnostics designed to test knowledge of principles, concepts, methodologies, and usage of molecular biology techniques as applied to the clinical laboratory.

* The Association of Genetic Technologists dispenses information about education programs, certification programs and requirements, continuing education opportunities, protocol manuals, training guides, certification study guides, and professional publications.

There are many other resources available for those laboratory personnel who have the desire to become more involved in this exciting field of testing.
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