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Training a vine to perform in tight space.

Training a vine to perform in tight space

To brighten blank walls and other drabspaces, few plants perform faster and more effectively than flowering vines.

Shown here are five ways you can put thevines to use. Two are pictured: star jasmine engulfs a rustic picket fence while more of it forms an L around an entry. The other three are diagrammed below.

The smaller your space and support structure,the more important it is to choose a plant that's naturally compact or easy to confine. Good choices for fairly small spaces include many clematis, hardenbergia, gold flame honeysuckle (Lonicera heckrottii), star jasmine, Carolina jessamine, Mandevilla "Alice du Pont', and annualls such as canary vine, morning glory, and--in cool-summer climates-- climbing nasturtiums.

If you use several paneled modules, youcan add the more sprawling Clematis jackmanii, Guinea gold vine, and stephanotis to the list.

For the horizontal bars, limber-limbedviny shrubs are particularly good choices. Try abutilon, sasanqua camellia, fuchsia, climbing roses, or cape honeysuckle (Tecomaria capensis).

Vines climbing vertical support systemsneed less frequent training, but vines trained horizontally tend to bloom more heavily.

For plant descriptions and to find whichvines best suit your climate, check the Sunset Western Garden Book or ask at a local nursery.

Photo: Freestandingtrellis: sturdy post can be anchored in the ground or a large pot. Plastic-coated wire fastens to eye screws on crossbars. To help vine grip, twist or knot tiny loops into wire every few inches

Photo: Vertical panels can be used on a wall, asfreestanding screens, or both. Grill of 2-by-2s screws to two 2-by-4s. For removal during painting, hang with hooks and eyes

Photo: Offset pairs of 1-inch dowels slipinto eye screws set in wall. Idea works best with viny shrubs or vines that develop a woody stem

Photo: Playing multiple roles, star jasminespills through the picket fence and clambers on wires over the entry. The amount she prunes determines its size
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Date:May 1, 1987
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