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Training Teachers: A Harvest of Theory and Practice.

Staff development for early childhood educators has been long overlooked as a vital ingredient to appropriate teacher expectations. In this book, Carter and Curtis respond to the need for effective early childhood teacher training perspectives.

The book offers suggestions for reaching adult learners and planning workshops. The authors reflect on a trainer's responsibilities and emphasize that early childhood teachers must be trained in culturally sensitive and anti-bias practices if they are to be effective with students, staff and families. The workbook format includes wide margins that invite readers to record their personal reflections.

Each chapter shares strategies for enhancing a trainer's abilities. While the book could be read cover to cover, each chapter can stand alone as an independent source of information. A glossary and appendices add to the book's value.

The authors' experiences as advocates for young children, college instructors, and resource and referral agency consultants left them frustrated with unorganized, diffused teacher training delivery systems. They wrote this book as an antidote to those frustrations.

Carter and Curtis contend that teacher training should reflect the same methods and approaches that teachers will use with their students. Their narrative format, filled with sound strategies, will empower teachers to go forth with conviction and creativity. Reviewed by Victoria Speaks-Folds, Vice President, Tutor Time Child Care Learning Systems, Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Author:Speaks-Folds, Victoria
Publication:Childhood Education
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Dec 22, 1996
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