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Training: top trends in executive education.

At Columbia University Business School, Dean Ethan Hanabury asked his faculty and staff to identify top trends they are seeing in executive education today. Five of those they came up with are:


* Travel is Back -- Corporate travel bans have been lifted, making global travel more of a personal decision. With that, global applications pools are again growing for executive education programs.

* The New Signing Bonus: Credentials -- As companies move away from defined perks, executives are beginning to ask for a new kind of sign-on bonus--executive education. As executives move around more, and rely less on company executive development programs and mentors, they are beginning to seek out their own growth opportunities.

* Is Coaching Encroaching? -- How is the executive coaching trend impacting executive education? Can it replace executive education, or is it an additional tool? Many executive education programs are incorporating one-on-one coaching.

* Companies Have Been "360'd" to Death -- Among some companies, the perennial feedback method is losing its charm due to overuse. Is anything replacing it? If not, what are the ramifications of not having structured feedback?

* Managing Global Work Groups -- In most international corporations, work groups are now dispersed across the globe. What are the best ways to manage these "virtual" teams? New skills are needed, and these are being addressed by global executive education programs, often comprised of more than 75 percent international students.
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