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Train drivers go on strike, rail traffic stalls.

Since Wednesday evening when train drivers and employees of MZ Transport AD Skopje went on strike, rail traffic in Macedonia has been put on hold. According to the web portal, the trade union demands regular payment of salaries, regular health insurance and dropping of charges against train drivers.

"Instead of one year of reduced service every three years, we are given one in every four years. Because of their very stressful job, train drivers are hard put to pass their health tests," MZ Transport employees say.

They said they did not want to do any harm to MZ Transport AD Skopje and that all freight and international trains would take the goods to their final destination. The strike will continue until the train drivers' demands are met. The Independent Union of Train Drivers of Macedonia and the Trade Union of Train Drivers of Macedonia are both involved in the organization of the strike.

MZ Transport Director Oliver Derkoski said Thursday that train drivers were illegally trying to obstruct the company's operations and that they had been taking advantage of their position.

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Date:Feb 13, 2015
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