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Tragedy should spark re-think.

I WAS very sorry to read about the death of a girl bungee jumping due to her not comprehending the Spanish instructor when he said "No jump" ie do not jump - and actually jumped.

It reminds me of that tragic aircraft accident in the 90s in Tenerife where the largest number of people died in an aircraft accident primarily because the Spanish controller said: "Not cleared for take-off " but the pilot heard it as: "Cleared for take-off " and proceeded down the foggy runway to collide into another aircraft that had been cleared to cross the runway.

Since then air traffic controllers have been banned from using the phrase "Not cleared for take-off " or any similar negative instruction that includes the words "takeoff ".

The latter phrase may only be used when an aircraft is actually cleared for take-off.

Jump instructors should adopt the same policy and only use the word "jump" when the individual is actually cleared to jump and never use it in any instruction denying clearance to jump.

WJ CASEY, North Shields

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 8, 2017
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