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Traffic mayhem.

It happens justbefore a much anticipaA[degrees]ted holiday. Typically, such ascene would unfold on a Thursday evening just as people get into festival mode, shopping or visiting friends. The traffic gradually begins to build up at signals. Then there invariably comes a point when the traffic before and after a signal merge and it's one long line of cars bumper to bumper blocking the flow of traffic in any direction. To add to the confusion, there will be some smart aleck who will decide to steer his car in a different direction throwing the situation into pandemonium. There is little you can do in such a situation other than twidA[degrees]dle your thumb and crawl on an inch at a time, waiting for someone to come and clear the block. But no one ever comes. It's usually another motorist stuck in the mayhem and has had enough of the nonsense who will then get out of his car and take on the responsibility to direct the traffic. It takes considerable time before the block is cleared, but thanks to that good Samaritan, traffic finally starts moving.

If only people followed the rule of not entering the yellow box until the exit is clear. It's the most basic rule but most of us think we know better. No matter how heavy the traffic or busy in a juncA[degrees] tion, if motorists enter the yellow box only when the exit is clear, we can avoid jams. Not all juncA[degrees] tions have clearly marked yellow boxes, but we all know where the box is. How difficult can it be to follow this basic rule of thumb?

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Publication:The Week (Muscat, Oman)
Date:Sep 29, 2016
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