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Traditional and Roth IRAs. (Fast Tax Facts 2002).


                                               2001    2002

Contribution Limit                           $2,000  $3,000
Catch-up Contribution (50 and old)                      500
IRA Deduction Phaseout for Special
  Single                              34,000-44,000
  Married filing jointly              54,000-64,000
IRA Deduction Phaseout for Spousal
  Married Filing jointly            150,000-160,000
Roth IRA Contribution
  Single                             95,000-110,000
  Married Filing Jointly            150,000-160,000
  Married Filing Separately               $0-10,000
Roth IRA Conversion Phaseout
  Single                                    100,000
  Married Filing Jointly                    100,000
  Married Filing Separately              Ineligible
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