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Trademark bullies should be held accountable.

The headline for this article is terribly misleading, as is the article itself. ("The Truth About Trademark Bullies," November 2014) It's as bad as a headline such as "The Truth About Animal Abuse" for an article that tries to justify animal abusers. But of course, like animal abuse, trademark bullying is by definition very bad and harmful, and should be prevented and punished as much as possible. So the actual "truth about trademark bullies" is that if a "large corporation is ... abusing its power by unreasonably enforcing its trademark rights against a smaller business or individual," then that corporation should be held accountable and be significantly penalized, just as if a large corporation would hopefully be if they were found to be abusing animals. While not all large trademark holders are guilty of trademark bullying, it's no surprise that the International Trademark Association is the source of this article. The INTA is made up of many large trademark holders who abuse their power by unreasonably enforcing their trademark rights against much smaller businesses or individuals.


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Author:Smith, Scott
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Date:Jan 1, 2015
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