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Trade report.

LONDON, Friday Night.

THE Markets for Colonial Produce' have been very quiet for the past week, and there is little to report iu any article. SUGAR.--Raw Market, which had been closed since December 19, re-opened on Wednesday, January 1. The quantity of sugar offered at auction was small, and the trade showing-rather more disposition to buy at previous rates, nearly the whole was disposed of.

Wednesday.--The public sales consisted of 451 hlids. 5 tierces, and 16 barrels Barbadoes; about 350 sold at from 33s. to 41s. 510 bags Benares, all sold, at 43s. to 14s. Cd. * 322 bags Gurpattah Date ditto, 37s. Gel. to 40s.; 278 mats Mauritius, very-dark, 29s. 6d. to 31s.; a few lots low yellow, 34s. 6d. to 35s. Gel.

Thursday.--One sale of Porto Rico: 338 hlids., 45 tierces, and 127 barrels Porto Rico, all sold, at 34s. to 41s., excepting one lot, at 43s.

Friday.--Public sale, consisted of 441 hlids. and 31 tierces Barbadoes, 101 hlids. and 4 tierces Berbice, 92 hlids. and 8 tierces Demcrara, 59 hlids. and 7 tierces Tobago, G500 mats new Mauritius; grey crystallised, 43s. to 45s.; greyer fining kinds, 39s. to 42s.; low black, 30s. Gd. to 32s.--all sold; 1600 bags Benares, about half sold, 42s. to 44s. Gd.; 500 bags Gurpattah Date, bought in at 39s. to 39s. Gd.; 800 bags low Demerara ditto, 30s. to 32s.; G44 bags very low ditto, 29s. The market closes firm, with an increased disposition to buy.


The demand for pieces and crushed is good, and prices are about on a par with those paid before the holidays. Bastards range from 27s. to 36s.; pieces (which are relatively cheap) from 38s. Gd. to 45s.; grainey pieces 42s. to 45s. Gd.; crushed from 46s. to 47s. 6d. Dry goods are rather didl of sale and a fair quantity offering at prices about equal to those asked be-fore the Market closed. Patent treacle 16s. 6d. to 17s. Gd.; golden syrup 18s. 6d. to 21s.

In Coffee little business has been done, but the market remains firm. 300 bags of dull ordinary mixed Rio have been sold at 54s. 3d.; 200 bags Rio at 58s. to 59s.; 500 bags good ordinary to bold native Ceylon, at 68s. Gd. to 70s. Gd.; 73 casks, 43 barrels, 30 bags, Plantation Cevlon, fine ordinary to low middling, 72s. Gd. to 74s. Gel., triage, 66s. to 71s. A floating cargo of 5000 bags fine Santos, per Merck, has been sold for a near port at 64s. Gd., insured free of 10 per cent.

The landings in the week ending December 2S ult. being 450 tons less than in the corresponding week of 1860, the excess in the stock is reduced to 800 tons, although the deliveries are 45 tons less this season.
 1861. 1860.

Stock, December 21, 1861. 8319 tons against 7027 tons.

Landed last week 211 666
 __ __

Delivered for home use. 173 8530 126 7098 tons.

 " export. 76 249 167 293

 __ __

Stock, December 28 8281 tons against 7400 tons.

Cocoa continues in steady demand, though few transactions have taken place, owing to the high prices asked. Of 432 bags Trinidad, offered by auction, only about 50 bags sold at 66s. to 67s., the remainder, was bought in; gray to good red 62s. to 74s,

Tea.--The Market remains firm, with a fair business doing.

Rice.--Little business has been done in this article last week; prices remain steady, however, and there is a fan demand for cleaned. 300 tons Ballam have been sold for arrival at 10s. 3d. ex ship, or 10s. 9d. landed. Landed week ending 28th December ult., 3307 tons. Delivered 529 tons; stock, 30,161 tons, against 33,382 tons at the corresponding period of 1860.

S^Upetre.--RoxSy y any business has been done, and there is very little inquiry for the article; 150 bags refracting 2$ lbs. have been sold at 40s. Landed week ending 28th December ult., 169 tons, LDelivered S3 tons: stock 3139 tons, against 3799 tons at the corresponding period of 1860.

Tallow--Market inactive. Transactions entered into for January to March 50s.

Provisions.--We have had more inquiry for Irish butter during the past week, and prices have an upward tendency. There is a good demand for prime Waterford bacon, and some shippers will not sell under 64s. F.O.B. for sizeable bacon. In lard there is still little doing. There is but a limited inquiry for hams, small sizes only being wanted. In American cheese prices are firm, though there is but little doing, owing to the Christmas holidays.

Nothing to report in other articles.

BRISTOL, Thursday Night.

TILE Grocery trade in this city, as elsewhere, has experienced during the week the reaction which usually follows in the wake of Christmas, and the extreme prices obtainable, for some commodities, at that festive season have reverted to the ordinary currencies.

Sugar.--Our Sugar Market is exceedingly bare of stock, and prices are firm for all crushed and pieces. 'There are no lumps m first hands in consequence of the stoppage of Messrs. Frizel and Co.'s refinery for repairs. The raw market can hardly be said to have opened, as, although it nominally re-connnenced on the 1st, no business has been done.

Butter and Cheese.--There is a steady demand for most descriptions, and prices have had rather an upward tendency. Within the last few days, however, this has been checked; and should our pacific relations with the United States be main-tained, we may look for large supplies in aid of the home markets. The following are our present prices:--Single Gloucester cheese, 44s. to 56s. per cwt.: Double Gloucester, 54s. to 64s.; Cheddar, 66s. to 72s. Butters are pretty firm: Dorset, fine, Is. Ofd. to Is. Id. per lb. Corks can be obtained here in large quantities at the market quotations. American butter SOs. to 105s.

Hams and Bacon.--There is a consumptive demand equal to what might have been looked for so early iu the year. HAMS.--English smoked 74s to SOs per cwt.; sides 60s to 63s; middles 64s to 66s; of American the old stocks are nearly exhausted, but new may be thus quoted:--Short bone-legs 49s to 51s; short rib-encls 47s to 49s * long bone-legs 47s to 49s; long rib-ends 45s to 47s; Cumberland cuts 45s to 47s; English bladder larcl 68s to 76s; American ditto 60s to 65s; keg lard 47s to 56s.

Soaps and Candles.--There is a moderate demand for soap, and the following prices prevail:--CURD SoArs.--Best white 45s; best brown 37s; best mottled 37s; brown 36s; third 34s; lower qualities range down to 25s per cwt. YELLOW SOAPS.--Primrose 37s; best pale 36s; first extra 35s; second ditto 33s; first London 28s; second ditto 26s; third ditto 24s. PATENT SOAPS.--First patent pale 29s; second 26s; third 22s; first patent brown 24s; second 19s; fourth 15s 6d. COMPOSITE CANDLES.--No. 1, 9s. 6d.; No. 2, 8s. 9d.; No. 3, 8s. Dips, best, 6s. 3d.; second 6s. Toilet soaps hi bar, and fine almond, 56s.; fine scented curd, 56s.; line curd, 48s.

LIVERPOOL, Thursday Night.

This has been a holiday week, and scarcely any business has been done. A slight increase of activity has, however, been manifested during the last two days, especially m fruit. The trade has shown more interest, and for good fruit, which is very scarce, a demand has sprung up. Several articles have only been nominally quoted during the week.

Sugar.--There has been a fair demand for sugar at steady rates, and the pacific news from America yesterday slightly affected the market in an upward direction. 15 hogsheads of Porto Rico were sold at 41s.; and 12,100 bags of clayed Manilla at 22s. Cd. from the quay. 6400 bags of Pernams and Paraiba brought 21s. for old, and 21s. 3d. for new. Today sugar has been firm, and business has been limited by holders. 5000 mats clayed Manilla was the only transaction on the spot, and the price was 22s. A cargo for arrival of 6S0 tons was sold at 22s. 6d. per cwt.

Bice.--3000 bags of .Rangoon were sold on Monday, at lis. 9d. No sales of importance have taken place since.

Cocoa.--112 bags Guayaquil, part all faults, were sold at GIs. per cwt. for sound on Tuesday.

Currants.--A fine cargo of Cephalonias, amounting to 160 tons, has arrived, and is going into store on Importer's account. Yesterday 200 barrels of low Patras were sold at 2Ss.; a small of of finer at 31s.; and 70 barrels of Ceplialomas at 33s. today several sales have taken place, but only m retail.

Dates.--About 150 barrels of Egyptians have been sold at 25 s. from the quay.

The following are interesting particulars of the amount paid in this port on the articles named, comparing the year and the month which closcd on the 31st ult. with the same period in 1SG0:
 During the Year
 Ending Dec. Ending Dec.
 31,1860. 31,1861. Increase Decrease

Coffee 46,047 5 7 32,180 16 10 13,857 6

Molasses 92,094 13 6 112,776 3 3 20,681 9 9

Sugar 930,878 17 7 941,056 18 7 10,178 1 0

Tea 355,544 1 9 358,117 18 1 2,578 16 4

 During the Year
 Ending Dec. Ending Dec.
 31,1860. 31,1861. Increase Decrease

Coffee 4,063 9 6 2,142 19 7 1,920 0

Molasses 10,266 12 6 7,382 9 9 2,884 2

Sugar 55,729 18 1 77,929 13 9 21,899 1 0

Tea 24,482 19 6 28,021 7 4 3,538 16 4

HAMBURG, January 2.

OUR Markets for Colonial produce have been for the past week in rather a torpid state in consequence of the Christinas holidays, and there is but little to report in any article.

Coffee is remarkably firm, owing to the favourable advices by the last mail from the Brazils, and there is every prospect of a further improvement in prices, as our stocks are but small when compared to previous years. The transactions were limited to small parcels to supply immediate wants, and about 3000 bags of Fio at 5.1 Schillings Banco per lb. for good ordinary, and 5-J to 6 for real ord. St. Domingo is worth 71 Schillings. For East India descriptions, the Market offers but a poor assortment at present.

Sugar.--With the exception of brown and yellow Havanna, in which some extensive sales have been effected, the Market remains calm and previous rates are fully maintained.

In the Refined Market but little doing.

Rice has been very lively, with successive higher prices. In the absence of supplies of Carolina, on account of the American difficulty, attention is more generally tinned to East Indian descriptions, of which we ha ve a very fair assortment. Bengal is worth 9 to 10 marks Banco per 100 lbs. Arracan, Rangoon, and Moulmain, 6i to 8, Java, 9 to 1H, and the small stock of Carolina on hand is held at .19, but without finding purchasers.

Spices, tea, and fruits, without animation,

AMSTERDAM, January 2.

IN Coffee the transactions of the week have been limited to the execution of small orders for immediate requirements, and full prices are willingly paid for Company's Java of clean taste.

Sugar.--There has been a fair demand for Java descriptions, and prices are fully maintained. A circular has been received by the last mail from Batavia, signed by fifteen of the most influential firms in that city, stating that, in consequence of numerous complaints of sugars made by the so-called centri-fugal process, and shipped from Sourabaya and the other ports at the eastern end of the island, rapidly deteriorating in quality, even during the voyage to this country, they have united to establish a difference in price of 2 florins per picul of 133 lbs. in favour of sugars not made by the centrifugal process. Ihe sl ocks of East India sugar in bond arc more than double what they were a year ago, being 34,172,746 kilogrammes on the 15th December last, against only 16,610,947 kilogrammes at the corresponding period of 1S60.

Our refiners arc deeply engaged with contracts for delivery up to the end of February, and even March, and very few ready goods are to be had; but, oil the other hand, there is at this moment but little demand, the principal bulk of the orders--mostly tor shipment to the North of Europe--having been completed before the holidays. There is, however, a brisk inquiry lor candy, and whatever is offered for sale finds ready purchasers at stiff prices.

Rice Market inactive, but the holders are firm in their demands, and anticipate a further rise.

Tea and Spices are neglected.

Fruit.--There have been some considerable sales by auction winch went off with spirit, and the whole taken at remunerative prices. Amongst others may be mentioned 8948 boxes and drunis of new Smyrna figs at rates ranging from 17.1 to 28-A florins per 50 kilogrammes, according to quality; 150 barrels of new Smyrna raisins, at from 171 to 171 fl.: and 123 barrels of inferior quahty, at 12j. to 12| 11. Among the private transactions were 500 barrels of new Samos raisins, and 225 casks of new black ditto, at full prices. Currants were in less demand; but a parcel of SS butts of ncw Vostitza realised 13111. in public auction.

The subjoined Table has just been received in this country from Batavia:--
Comparative Table of the crops of Java in 1860 and 1861. Made up
To the end of September.

 1860. 1861.

Coffee,-- Government * 960,069 piculs 909,959 piculs
 Private trade * 99,971 " 94,249 "

 Total 1,060,040 piculs 1,004,208 piculs

Sugar, --Government * 831,970 piculs 880,261 piculs
 Private trade * 372,215 " 368,184 "

 Total 1,204,185 piculs 1,248,415 piculs

Tea. --Governemnt * 1,919,469 lbs. 1,900,678 lbs.
Cinnamon. --Government 222,283 " 185,831 "
Pepper.--Government * 113,620 " 49,615 "

ROTTERDAM, January 2.

Coffee.--The deliveries of Company's Java in the month just elapsed, were not so large as usual; but, on the other hand, those for the whole year were 24,253 bags more than hi I860, and 108,967 bags in excess of the previous year. The unsold stocks in the Company's warehouses at the end of December were 257,619 bags, against 213,319 bags at the same period of 1SG0, and 233,637 bags in 1859. As usual at this time of the year, the demand for Coffee is but small, and there is no alteration to report in the quotations; good ord. Java cannot be had under 44.V cents per lb., but this price is merely nominal.

In Raw Sugar the transactions have been extremely limited, but though there is no demand, holders are by no means anxious to realise.

The refined market is decidedly dull, the season of the year precluding shipments, though the navigation is not yet interrupted by the frost.

Tea firm, but with reduced st ocks and very little enquiry.

Spices quiet. A few sales of Amboyna cloves reported at an advance of 20 cents on the Company's last sale prices. The stocks in the Company's warehouses on December .31., as compared with previous years, were as follows:
 1861. 1860. 1839. 1858.

Nutmegs Casks 4753 4064 3726 3784
Mace " 1488 1400 1327 1855
Cloves " 3565 3307 3494 4074

TRIESTE, January 1.

IN spite of the holidays, the year closes with a very animated market for nearly all descriptions of grocery articles.

Coffee.--There have been some large sales effected, both for export to the Levant, and for consumption in the interior, at higher prices than could have been obtained last week. A cargo ot good, middling St. Domingo, and the greater part of a cargo of Gouaives, easily realised 59 florins percentner. Several parcels of Rio and Santos, of unexceptionable quality, were taken for the local trade. 1537 bags of sea-damaged, part of a cargo sold, last week at 484 fl-, fetched the same price as the sound.

Refined Sugar was in fair demand, and the transactions would have been larger had there been a better assortment to sclcet from. This applies particularly to crushed lumps. All the disposable loaves were eagerly bought up, either not j et landed, or on arrival, per sample. New red Raisins met a limited inquiry at former quotations, while black were held for higher rates.

Currants.--The transactions were mostly confined to sea-damaged parcels, the prices being nearly the same as previously.

Datersvcre in great favour, and prices advanced considerably, as the last steamer from Alexandria brought no fresh supplies.

Figs-- A good deal of business was transacted in Calamata figs in wreaths [kranzfeigen), and prices were also higher; Smyrna were rather inactive, but quotations steady.

The sales of the week comprised 1500 bags Rio Coffee, ordinary to fine, at from 42 to 53 fl.; 1537 do. sea-damaged, 48.H tl.; 1890 do. St. Domingo at 55 to 59 fl.; and 160 do. Santos at 50 11. Sugar, 60 casks, 60 tierces, and 280 barrels of Dutch crushed lumps, at 29 to 30 tl.; 300 casks and 4419 loose loaves, of French manufacture, at 29* to 3111. Oranges, 1000 chests of Puglia, at from 3fl. 50 kr. to 1 11. 50 kr., according to quality. Dates, 200 cwt. Alexandria, at 16 to 13 fl. Figs, 3500 cwt. Calamata, in wreaths, at 9 fl. to 10 fl.; 2Q0 cwt, do. loose, at 5 fl.; 150 cwt. Smyrna at 16 fl. to 19 11.; SO casks of Dalmatia at 10 11. Lemons, 1000 chests of Sicily at 3.V to It 11. At month, new Puglia (sweet), at 39 to 40 fl. Raisins, 200 barrels red Cismc, at 17 to 18 11.; 150 do. Jerli, at 16 to 17 h fl.; 700 do. Samos at 911.; 250 do. Sultanas, at 21 to 28 fl., according to quality; 600 cwt. black Cismc, at 9 to 9i fl. Currants, 1300 cwt. Morea, at from 11 to 15 fl.--All per cent-ner of 100 lbs. Austrian weight.
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