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Trade and professional magazines and journals, start-up or announced, 2007 (J through Z).

Trade and Professional Magazines and Journals, Start-Up
or Announced, 2007 (J through Z)

Title/Publisher/City/Frequency                     Category

Jobsite Concrete-Trades Publishing,                construction
  Lambertville, NJ 6x
Johnstown Business Weekly-Community First          business/regional
  Holdings, Johnstown, PA 50x
J. of Aging, Humanities & the Arts-Taylor &        healthcare
  Francis, Philadelphia, PA
J. of Applied Remote Sensing-Int'l Soc. for        optics
  Optical Engineering, Bellingham, WA 12 (O)
J. of Artificial Evolution and Applications-       computers
  Hindawi Publishing, New York 4x
J. of Biophotonics-John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken,     engineering
  NJ 6x
J. of Breath Research-Institute of Physics         healthcare
  Publishing, Philadelphia, PA 4x
J. of Clinical Lipidology-Elsevier, New York 6x    medical
J. of Clinical Sport Psychology-Human Kinetics,    sports
  Champaign, IL 4x
J. of Communications Research-Nova Publishers,     social science
  Hauppauge, NY 4x
J. of Computer Systems, Networks & Communica-      computers
  tions-Hindawi Publishing, New York 6x
J. of Current Issues in Crime, Law & Law           criminal justice
  Enforcement-Nova Science, Hauppauge, NY 4x
J. of Current Issues in Globalization-Nova         economics
  Publishers, Hauppauge, NY 4x
J. of Current Issues in Finance, Business &        economics
  Economics-Nova Publishers, Hauppauge, NY 4x
J. of Current Issues in Media and                  media
  Telecommunications-Nova Publishers,
  Hauppauge, NY 4x
J. of Data & Information Quality-Association       computers
  for Computing Machinery, New York 4x
J. of Dermatology for Physician Assistants-        medical
  Physician Assistant Comm., Manlius, NY 4x
J. of Diversity in Higher Education-Amer.          education
  Psychological Assoc., Wash., D.C. 4x
J. of Drug Addiction, Education & Eradication-     healthcare
  Nova Science, Hauppauge, NY 4x
J. of Education Research-Nova Publishers,          education
  Hauppauge, NY 4x
J. of Electronic Resources in Law Libraries-       library
  Haworth Press, Binghamton, NY 4x
J. of Fixed Point Theory & Applications-           mathematics
  Birkhauser, Boston, MA 4x
J, of Hospital Ethics-Washington Hospital          healthcare
  Center, Wash., D.C. 4x
J. of Human Capital-University of Chicago          economics
  Press, Chicago, IL 4x
J. of Informetrics-Elsevier, New York 4x           science, r&d
J. of Instrumentation-Institute of Physics,        physics
  Philadelphia, PA 12x
J. of Intellectual Property Law & Practice-        legal
  Oxford Univ. Press, New York 12x
J. of Int'l & Intercultural Communication-         social science
  Routledge, Philadelphia, PA 4x
J. of Leadership Studies-John Wiley & Sons,        business
  Hoboken, NJ 4x
J. of Legal Technology Risk Management-LTRM,       info. technology
  Issaquah, WA 4x
J. of Library Metadata-Haworth Press,              library
  Binghamton, NY 4x
J. of Life Sciences-Life Sciences Journal,         life sciences
  San Francisco, CA 6x
J. of Location Based Services-Taylor & Francis,    telecom tech.
  Philadelphia, PA 4x
J. of Medical Devices-American Society of          engineering
  Mechanical Engineers, New York 4x
J. of Mixed Methods Research-Sage Publications,    science, r&d
  Thousand Oaks, CA 4x
J. of Modern Dynamics-American. Inst. of           mathematics
  Mathematics, Springfield, MO 4x
J. of Nanophotonics-Int'l Soc. For Optical         optics
  Engineering, Bellingham, WA 12x
J. of Nature Science and Sustainable               science, r&d
  Technology-Nova Publishers, Hauppauge, NY 4x
J. of Ocular Biology, Diseases & Informatics-      biology
  Springer Science + Business, New York 4x
J. of School Choice-Haworth Publications,          education
  Binghamton, NY 4x
J. of Sensors-Hindawi Publishing, New York 6x      computers
J. of the American Society of Hypertension-        medical
  Elsevier Science, News York 6x
J. of Tissue Engineering & Regenerative            medical
  Medicine-J. Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, NJ 6x
J. of Uncertain Systems-World Academic Press,      computers
  Liverpool, UK 4x
J. of Web Librarianship-Haworth Publications,      library
  Binghamton, NY 4x
J. on Computing & Cultural Heritage-Assoc. for     computers
  Computing Machinery, New York 4x
J. on Multimedia User Interfaces-Springer,         computers
  New York 4x
Labels and Labeling-Tarsus Group,                  clothing
  Brookfield, WI 6x
Laser & Photonics Review-Wily-Blackwell,           science, r&d
  Malden, MA 4x
Law & Financial Markets Review-Hart                financial
  Publishing, Oxford, UK 6x
Learning Inquiry-Springer Science + Business,      education
  New York 4x
Letters in Spatial and Resource Science-           science, r&d
  Springer Science + Business, New York 4x
Liquid Real Estate-Euromoney Institutional         real estate
  Investor, New York/London 4x
Luxury Hotelier-Questex Media, Cleveland, OH 12x   hotels, motels
Macromolecular Reaction Engineering-John           engineering
  Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, NJ 4x
Margin: Journal of Applied Economic Research-      economics
  Sage Publ., Thousand Oaks, CA 4x
Materials Science Research Journal-Nova            chemistry
  Publishers, Hauppauge, NY 4x
Mathematics & Financial Economics-Springer         financial
  Science + Business, New York 4x
Medico Interamericano-Sunshine Media,              medical
  Scottsdale, A7, 6x
Michigan Merit-Associated Builders &               construction
  Contractors, Lansing, Ml 4x
Microbial Biotechnology-Wiley-Blackwell,           biotechnology
  Malden, ASA 6x
Military Logistics Forum-Kerrigan Media            military
  International, Rockville, MD 4x
Mind, Brain & Education-Blackwell Publishing,      education
  Malden, MA 4x
MIX Korea-Penton Media, New York 6x                motion, sound
Nanoethics-Springer Science + Business, New        nanotechnology
  York 4x
Nanotechnology Research Journal-Nova               nanotechnology
  Publishers, Hauppauge, NY 4x
Nanotoxicology-Routledge, Philadelphia, PA 4x      nanotechnology
Nature Photonics-Nature Publishing, New York 12x   science, r&d
Neglected Tropical Diseases-Public Library of      medical
  Science, San Francisco, CA 4x
New Jersey & Co.-ScheinMedia, Kingston, NY 12x     business
NurseWeek Southwest-Gannett Healthcare Group,      nursing
  Hoffman Estates, IL 24x
Online Marketing> Denver, CO 6x   adv. & mrktg.
Operating Room Nurse-Lippincott Williams &         nursing
  Wilkins, Philadelphia, PA 10x
Pathfinder Business-Pathfinder Business,           business
  London 6x
PEI Journal-Petroleum Equipment Institute,         energy
  Tulsa, OK 4x
PERM Quarterly,, New York 4x           immigration
Personality and Mental Health-Wiley-Blackwell,     psychiatry
  Malden, MA 4x
Perspectives on Prostate Disease-Harvard           medical
  Health Publications, Cambridge, MA 4x
Pharmacist's Digest-Brandofino Communications,     pharmaceutical
  Syosset, NY 4x
Physica status solidi (RRL), Rapid Research        physics
  Letters-Wiley-Blackwell, Maiden, MA 6x
Plaintiff Magazine-Neubauer & Associates,          legal
  San Francisco, CA 12x
Plant Biotechnology Reports-Springer Science +     agriculture
  Business, New York 4x
Plumbing Business Owner-Cahaba Media Group,        heating/plumbing/ac
  Birmingham, AL 12x (closed)
Politico, The-Allbritton Communications,           government
  Arlington, VA 3x/week
Polk County (FL) Business Journal-New York         business/regional
  Times, Lakeland, FL 12x
Polymers Research Journal-Nova Publishers,         chemistry
  Hauppauge, NY 4x
Primary Care Topics in Women's Health-Advanstar    medical
  Comm., Woodcliff Lake, NJ 6x
Prion-Landes Bioscience, Austin, TX 4x             biotechnology
Private Wealth-Charter Financial Publishing,       financial
  Shrewsbury, NJ 6x
Progressive Farmer, Commercial-DTN, Omaha,         agriculture
  NE 12x
Proteomics, Clinical Applications-John Wiley       medical
  & Sons 12x
Proteomics Research Journal-Nova Publishers,       biology
  Hauppauge, NY 4x
Psychiatry Research Journal-Nova Publishers,       psychiatry
  Hauppauge, NY 4X
Psychological Injury & Law-Springer, New York      psychology
Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity & the         psychology
  Arts-Amer. Psychological Assoc., Wash.,
  D.C. 4x
Real Estate Florida-ALM, New York 12x              real estate
Regulation & Governance-Blackwell Publishing,      business
  Malden, MA 4x
Renewable Energy Focus-Elsevier Renewable          energy
  Energy, London 4x
Renewable Power Generation-Institute of            energy
  Engineering & Technology, Herndon, VA 4x
Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders-             medical
  Elsevier Science, New York 4x
Research Letters in Materials Science-Hindawi      science, r&d
  Publishing, New York 4x
Research Letters in Physics-Hindawi Publishing,    physics
  New York 4x
Restoration & Remediation-BNP Media, Troy,        construction
  MI 6x
Retinal Cases & Brief Reports-Lippincott           medical
  Williams & Wilkins, Phil. PA 4x
Review of Endocrinology-Bryn Mawr                  medical
  Communications, Wayne PA 11x
Review of Environmental Economics and Policy-      environment
  Oxford Univ. Press, Cary NC 4x
Review of Management Science-Springer Science      business
  + Business, New York 4x
SAS Journal-Spine Arthroplasty Society             medical
  International, Aurora, IL 4x
Science & Technology of Nuclear Installations-     energy
  Hindawi Publishing, New York 4x
Security Products-Global Sources, Hong Kong 12x    security
Senior Living Business NL-Irvin Levin              healthcare
  Associates, Norwalk, CT 12x
Sensing and Instrumentation for Food Quality       food
  & Safety-Springer Science, New York 4x
Service Oriented Computing & Applications-         computers
  Springer Science + Business, New York 4x
Signal Processing-Institute of Engineering &       telecom tech.
  Technology, Herndon, VA 4x
Signal, Video & Image Processing-Springer          engineering
  Science + Business, New York 4x
Small Scale Forestry-Springer Science +            forestry
  Business, New York 4x
Southeast Wealth Management Business-France        financial
  Publications, Atlanta, GA 12x
Southwest Florida Business Today- SFBT, Naples,    business/regional
  FL 12x
Statistical Analysis & Data Mining-J. Wiley &      info,. technology
  Sons, Hoboken, NJ 6x
Stem Cell Research Journal-Nova Publishers,        biology
  Hauppauge, NY 4x
StudioArts-StudioArts Magazine, Summit, NJ 4x      art
Styling & Performance-Advanstar Communications,    automotive
  New York 12x
Sustainability Research & Practice-Mary Ann        business
  Liebert, New Rochelle, NY 6x
Synthetic Biology-Institute of Engineering &       biology
  Technology, Herndon, VA 4x
Systems & Synthetic Biology-Springer Science       biology
  + Business, New York 4x
TeleHealth World-Webcom Communications,            healthcare
  Greenwood Village, CO 4x
Telepresence World-Hemisphere Expo Services-       business
  Steamboat Springs, CO 6x
Theoretical Ecology-Springer Science +             environmental
  Business, New York 4x
Therapeutic Advances in Cardiovascular Disease-    medical
  Sage Publ., Thousand Oaks, CA 6x
Therapeutic Advances in Respiratory Disease-       medical
  Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks, CA 6x
Thermal News-Webcom Communications, Greenwood      energy
  Village, CO 4x
Transactions on Autonomous & Adaptive Systems-     computers
  Assoc. for Computing Machinery, NY 4x
Transactions on the Web-Assoc. for Computing       computers
  Machinery, New York 4x
Triangle Real Estate-Business Leader Media,        real estate
  Raleigh, NC 4x
Tropical Plant Biology-Springer, New York 4x       biology
Unlimited-Venture Publishing, Edmonton, AB 6x      business
Urban Water Management-PennWell, Tulsa, OK 6x      water
Vaccine Quarterly-Lippincott Williams &            medical
  Wilkins, Philadelphia, PA 4x, Irvine, CA/Outlook         medical
  Media, Irvine, CA 4x
Virginia Fire & Rescue-First Responder             safety
  Publications, Lynchburg, VA 4x
Virtualization Review-1105 Media, Chatsworth,      business
  CA 12x
Vocations and Learning Studies in Vocational       education
  and Professional Education-Springer,
New York 4x Wildlife Professional-The Wildlife     environmental
  Society, Bethesda, MD 4x
Wetpixel Quarterly-Wetpixel Quarterly,             photography
  Sausalito, CA 4x
Women in the Triangle-Business Leader Media,       business
  Raleigh, NC 4x
World Art Glass Quarterly-World Art Glass,         glass
  San Jose, CA 4x

All titles are journals or magazines and are published at least
four times a year.
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