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Trade and professional magazine and journal start-ups, 2003.


Title/Publisher/City/Freq.                                  Category

J. of Foot & Ankle Surgery-Elsevier Science, Phil., PA 6x   medical

J. of Gay & Lesbian Issues in Ed.-Haworth Press,
  Binghamton, NY 4x                                         education

J. of Grid Computing-Kluwer Academic, Norwell, MA 4x        computers

J. of Healthcare Safety-Nat'l Publishing Corp.,
  Weston, MA 4x                                             healthcare

J. of Holography & Speckle-ASP, Stevenson Ranch, CA 4x      r&d

J. of Int. Commercial Law-Ashgate Publ.,
  Burlington, VT 6x                                         legal

J. of Int. Entrepreneurship-Kluwer Academic,
  Norwell, MA 4x                                            business

J. of Internet Commerce-Haworth Press, Binghamton, NY 4x    Internet

J. of Low Power Electronics-ASP, Stevenson Ranch, CA 4x     elec. eng.

J. of Social Work in Disability-Haworth Press,
  Binghamton, NY 4x & Rehabilitation                        healthcare

J. of the Nat'l Comprehensive-Jones and Bartlett,
  Sudbury, MA 4x Cancer Network                             medical

J. of Transformative Educatlon-Sage Publ.,
  Thousand Oaks, CA 4x                                      education

Landscape Design/Build-Advanstar Comm., Cleveland, OH 6x    landscape

Law Firm Inc.-American Lawyer Media, New York 4x            legal

LBM Journal-Custom Built Publ., Richfield, MN 10x           lumber

Linux Business & Technology-Sys-Con Media,
  Montvale, NJ 12x (closed)                                 computers

LinuxWorld-Sys-Con Media, Montvale, NJ 12x                  computers

Logistics Today-Penton Media, Cleveland, OH 12x             business

Lupus Now-Lupus Foundation, Wash., D.C. 4x                  medical

M2M-Speclalty Publ., Carol Stream, IL 4x                    telecom

Manure Matters-Issues Ink, Winnipeg, MB 4x                  agriculture

MarketingNPV-MarketingNPV, Princeton, NJ 6x                 adv
                                                            & mrktg.

Maternal & Child Nutrition-Blackwell Publ.,
  Malden, MA 4x                                             medical

Mechanics/Chemistry of Biosystems-Tech Science Press,
  Forsyth, GA 4x                                            r&d

Media Business-Crain Comm., Chicago, IL 10x                 publishing

MediaWare-IRMA, Princeton, NJ 6x                            media

Memory Care Professional-Virgo Publishing,
Phoenix, AZ 4x                                              healthcare

Metobolic Syndrome-Mary Ann Leibert, Larchmont, NY 4x       medical

Midwest In-House-Lawyers Weekly, Boston, MA 4x              legal

Minnesota Farm Guide-Lee Agri-Media, Bismarck, ND 26x       agriculture

Mobile Business Advisor-Advisor Media, San Diego, CA 12x    telecom

Modern Healthcare for Women-Advanstar Comm., New York 6x    healthcare

Multiscale Computational Engineering-Begell House,
  New York 4x                                               engineering

MX Developer's Journal-Sys-Con Media, Montvale, NJ 12x      computers

NanoExpress-IEIS, San Marcos, TX 12x                        r&d

.NET Developer's Journal-Sys-Con Media, Montvale, NJ 12x    computers

New England In-House-Lawyers Weekly, Boston, MA 4x          legal

North American Windpower-Zackin Publ., Waterbury, CT 12x    energy

Nursing Home Economics-Multimedia/Healthcare Freedom,
  Plainsboro, NJ 4x                                         healthcare

NeuroRX-ASENT, Milwaukee, WI 4x                             medical

New Atlantis, The-EPPC, Washington, D.C. 4x                 government

Next American City, The-Next American City, New York 6x     urban

Nurse Leader-Elsevier Science, New York 6x                  nursing

Obesity Management-Mary Ann Leibert, Larchmont, NY 6x       medical

Ocular Surface, The-Ethis Comm., New York 4x                medical

Ohio Entrepreneur-Great Lakes Publ'g, Cleveland, OH 4x      business

Packaging Machinery Technology-PMMI, Arlington, VA 5x       packaging

PC Magazine Malaysia-Ziff Davis, New York 12x               computers

PC Magazine Singapore-Ziff Davis, New York 12x              computers

Perspectives on Politics-Cambridge Univ. Press,
  New York 4x                                               government

Phenomenology/Cognitive Sciences-Kluwer Academic,           r&d,
  Norwell, MA 4x                                            science

Physics of Life Review-Elsevier Science, Phil., PA 4x       physics

Plant Biotechnology-Blackwell Publ., Malden, MA 6x          biology

Pork Business Journal-Farm Journal, Philadelphia, PA 7x     agriculture

Portals-Line56 Media, Los Angeles, CA 5x                    business

Power and Energy-IEEE, New York 6x                          energy

Printed Circuit Design & Manufacturing-UP Media,
  Atlanta, GA 12x                                           engineering

Pristine Processing-Chemical Week Assoc., New York 4x       engineering

Professional Door Dealer-Virgo Publ., Phoenix, AZ 6x        retail

Public CIO-e.Republic, Folsom, CA 4x                        government

Quantitative Marketing & Econ.-Kluwer Academic, Norwell,    adv.
  MA 4x                                                     & mrktg.

Refrigerated & Frozen Foods Retailer-Stagnito,              food
  Deerfield, IL 12x

Research on Language & Computation-Kluwer Academic,         r&d
  New York 4x

Retail Traffic-Primedia Business, New York 12x              real estate

Review of Econ. of the Household-Kluwer Academic,           economics
  Norwell, MA 4x

Re/Views in Environmental Science-Kluwer Academic,          r&d,
  Norwell, MA 4x & Bio-Technology                           science

RUSI/Jane's Homeland Security-Jane's, London 6x             security

Salud! y Buen Provecho-Oxford Publ., Oxford, MS 4x          restaurants

Secure Enterprise-CMP Media, Manahasset, NY 12              computers

Security Professional Journal-Virgo Publishing,             security
  Phoenix, AZ 6x

Seminars/Integrative Medicine-Elsevier Science,             medical
  New York 4x

Sensor Letters-ASP, Stevenson Ranch, CA 4x                  r&d

Spa 20/20-Virgo Publ., Phoenix, AZ 4x                       resorts

Sports Venue Security-Virgo Publishing, Phoenix, AZ 6x      security

Storage Pipeline-CMP Media, Manhasset, NY 12x               computers

Strategic Organization-Sage Publ., Thousand Oaks, CA 4x     business

Tax Planning Int. Asia-Pacific-BNA International,           taxes
  London 4x

Tax Planning Int. indirect taxes-BNA International,         taxes
  London 12x

Technical Textile Technology-Int. Media Group,              textiles
  Charlotte, NC 4x

Technology, Instruction Cognition-Old City Publ'g,         education
  Phil., PA 12x & Learning

TelevisionWeek-Crain Comm., Detroit, MI 52x                 radio, tv

Transactions on Applied Preception-ACM, New York 4x         computers

Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization-ACM,     computers
  New York 4x

Transactions on Speech & Language-ACM, New York 4x          computers

Transmit-Transmit Publ., Englewood, CO 12x                  radio & tv

Travel Medicine & Infectious Disease-Elsevier Science,      medical
  Phil, PA 4x

VON, Melville, NY 6x                    telecom

Wireless Comm. & Networking-Hindawi Publ.,                  telecom
  Sylvania, OH 4x                                           tech

Wireless Fidelity-Virgo Publ., Phoenix, AZ 4x               telecom

Women Dentist Journal-PennWell, Tulsa, OK 6x                dental

World Corporate Finance Review-BNA Int., London 12x         financial

World Investment Regulation Review-BNA Int., London 12x     financial

Worldviews/Evidence-Based Nursing-Blackwell Publ.,          nursing
  Malden, MA 4x

Xtreme Video-CMP Media, Manhasset, NY 6x                    photography

Youth Violence & Juvenile Justice-Sage Publ.,               social sci.
  Thousand Oaks, CA 4x

Zebrafish-Mary Ann Liebert, Larchmont, NY 6x                r&d

z/Journal-z/Journal, Dallas, TX 6x                          info. tech.
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