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Trade and Professional Magazine, journal, newsletter & online information periodicals, start-up or announced, second quarter, 2006.

Title/Publisher/City/Frequency                         Category

Absolute Return NL-Hedgefund Intelligence, New         financial
  York 10x
Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal-Lippincott          nursing
  Williams & Wilkins, Phil., PA 4x
Aerospace & Aviation Industry Trends NL-IHS,           aviation
  Englewood, CO 12x
American Banker Texas (O)-SourceMedia, New York        banking
American Nurse Today-Healthcom Media, Doylestown,      nursing
  PA 12x
Antitrust Report NL-Mealey Publications, King of       legal
  Prussia, PA 12x
Applied Research in Quality of Life-Springer           social science
  Science & Business, New York 4x
Architect-Hanley Wood, Washington, D.C. 12x            architecture
Aviation Safety World-Flight Safety Foundation,        aviation
  Washington, D.C. 12x
Banknet360 (O)-Royal Media Group, New York             banking
Bankruptcy Report NL (O)-Mealey Publications,          financial
  King of Prussia, PA 24x
Bariatric Nursing & Surgical Medical Care-Mary         medical
  Ann Liebert, New Rochelle, NY 4x
Behavioral Healthcare-Medquest Communications,         healthcare
  Cleveland, OH 12x
BioSocieties-Cambridge University Press, New           life sciences
  York 4x
Biotechnology and Molecular Biology Reviews            biotechnology
  (O)-Academic Journals, New York 4x
Business Renaissance Quarterly-Business                business
  Renaissance Institute, Pasadena, CA 4x
California Labor & Employment Law Bulletin-Matthew     legal
  Bender, Charlottesville, VA 12x
Computational Intelligence & Neuroscience-Hindawi      science, r&d
  Corp., New York 4x
Computer Architecture Letters-IEEE, New York 4x        computers
Criminal Law & Philosophy-Springer Science +           legal
  Business, New York 4x
Developing Highly Qualified Paraeducators NL-LRP       education
  Publications, Palm Beach, FL 12x
Digital Content Producer-Prism Business Media, New     video
  York 12x
Disability & Rehabilitation: Assistive                 medical
  Technology-Routledge, New York 4x
Divorce in Denver-DD, Inc., Denver, CO 6x              legal
Dr. Dobb's Journal/Russia-CMP Media, Manhasset,        computers
  NY 6x
Educational Research and Reviews (O)-Academic          education
  Journals, New York 12x
EE Times Europe-CMP Media, San Francisco,              elec.
  CA 6x                                                engineering
Employment Litigation News NL-Rutter Group,            human resources
  Encino, CA 12x
ENT Today-Lippincott Williams & Wilkins,               medical
  Philadelphia, PA 12x
European Company Law-Kluwer Law International,         legal
  New York 6x
Food Biophysics-Springer Science + Business,           chemistry
  New York 4x
Forensics Toxicology-Springer Science & Business,      chemistry
  New York 4x
Gas Utility Week NL-SNL Financial,                     utilities
  Charlottesville, VA 52x
Geomechanics & Geoengineering-Taylor & Francis,        engineering
  Philadelphia, PA 4x
Government Technology's Emergency                      security
  Management-e.Republic, Folsom, CA 4x
GreenSource-McGraw Hill Construction, New York 6x      contruction
Healthcare Finance News-MedTech Publishing,            healthcare
  New Gloucester, ME 12x
Health, Economics & Law-Cambridge University Press,    healthcare
  New York 4x
Hospitality Construction-D&D Comm. Group, Cummings,    construction
  GA 6x
Hospital Medicine Alert NL-Thomson American health     medical
  Consultants, Atlanta, GA 12x
Inside GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite               aerospace
  System)-IGNSS, Eugene, OR 8x
Instrument Design & Technology-Webcom Comm.,           control &
  Greenwood Village, CO 6x                             instrum.
Insurance Litigation News NL-Rutter Group, Encino,     legal
  CA 12x
Intelligent Service Robotics-Springer Science +        robotics
  Business, New York 4x
International Community Law Review-Brill Academic,     legal
  Boston, MA 6x
J. of Alternative Schooling-Heldref Publications,      education
  Washington, D.C. 4x
J. of Children & Media-Taylor & Francis,               child care
  Philadelphia, PA 4x
J. of Control Science & Engineering-Hindawi Corp.,     control &
  New York 4x                                          instrum.
J. of Creativity in Mental health-Haworth Press,       psychology
  Binghamton, NY 4x
J. of Criminal Profiling-Haworth Press, Binghamton,    criminal justice
  NY 4x
J. of Digital Forensic Practice-Taylor & Francis,      criminal justice
  Philadelphia, PA 4x
J. of Electronic Resources in Law Libraries-Haworth    library
  Press, Binghamton, NY 4x
J. of Empirical Research on Human Research             ethics
  Ethics-Univ. of Calif. Press, Berkeley, CA 4x
J. of School Choice-Haworth Press, Binghamton, NY 4x   education
Lab Manager-Vicon Publishing, Amherst, NH 12x          science, r&d
Litigation Report: Benzene-Mealey Publications, King   legal
  of Prussia, PA 12x
Medicare Patient Management-Healthcom Media,           medical
  Doylestown, PA 6x
Men in Nursing-Lippincott Williams & Wilkins,          nursing
  Philadelphia, PA 10x
Modern Hygienist-Advanstar Dental Media, Northfield,   dental
  IL 10x
Mycological Process-Springer Science + Business,       biology
  New York 4x
Naturopathy Digest-MPA Media, Huntington Beach,        healthcare
  CA 12x
Pharmaceutical Law Insight NL-Informa Law,             legal
  New York 12x
Plasmonics-Springer Science & Business, New York 4x    science, r&d
Renal Business Today-Virgo Publishing,                 medical
  Phoenix, AZ 12x
Review of International Organizations-Springer         government
  Science + Business, New York 4x
Rural Life-Farm Progress Co., Carol Stream, IL 4x      agriculture
Same Sex Partnership Law Report NL-Law Journal         legal
  Newsletters, New York 12x
Shattered-Shattered LLC, New York 10x                  business
Social Influence-Psychology Press, New York 4x         psychology
Southeast C-Store Journal-Griffin Publishing,          grocery
  Pembroke, MA 12x
Sustainability Science-Springer Science +              life sciences
  Business, New York 4x
Theoretical Economics-Society for Economic             economics
  Theory, Philadelphia, PA 6x
Transactions on Information Forensics &                security
  Security-IEEE, New York 4x
Ultimate Home Design-Ultimate Home Design, Inc.,       construction
  Temecula, CA 6x
Update on Cancer Therapeutics (O)-Elsevier Science,    medical
  New York 4x
Victims & Offenders-Taylor & Francis,                  criminal justice
  Philadelphia, PA 4x
VoIP Line NL-CMP Media, Manhasset, NY 52x              computers
Your NCLB (No Child Left Behind) Advisor NL-LRP        education
  Publ., Palm Beach, FL 12x

All titles are magazines or journals unless otherwise noted. O-Online;
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Publication:Business Publisher
Date:Jul 1, 2006
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