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Track Data Releases myTrack 5.0.

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Mutual Fund Trading and

Free Mutual Fund Research From Morningstar

Added to the Direct Access Trading Software

Track Data Corporation (Nasdaq NMS: TRAC) has just released version 5.0 of its myTrack online trading software, with some major enhancements that include the ability to trade mutual funds and research mutual funds using Morningstar Quicktake(R) Reports provided by Morningstar, Inc., a leading investment information firm.

myTrack members with trading accounts will now be able to trade not only stocks and options, but also more than 6,500 mutual funds from 432 mutual fund companies. Load, no-load, and low-load funds will all be available, at a flat transaction cost of $25.

myTrack members have always been able to monitor mutual funds by simply entering the fund symbol in the myTrack portfolio page, but now members will also have access to Morningstar Quicktake(R) Reports. By right-clicking on the fund symbol, selecting 3rd Party, and then choosing Morningstar, myTrack members can view a comprehensive report that includes recent fund performance (vs. benchmark index and vs. its fund category), relative risk, top holdings, expense ratio, and the Morningstar Rating(TM).

"A lot of people assume that since myTrack is a direct access trading system for active traders, mutual fund trading is superfluous," said Barry Hertz, Track Data Chairman and CEO. "But even among active traders there are many who own some funds. By offering mutual fund trading, we give our members the opportunity to consolidate all their holdings in a myTrack account."

"There is a natural symmetry for Morningstar to provide myTrack with comprehensive mutual fund data," said Kelly Messman, manager of the Internet Business Development group for Morningstar. "Both have been working with financial institutions and individual investors for nearly 20 years to provide them with reliable information so they can make better investment decisions. When Track Data decided to expand into mutual funds, we felt that it was great fit for us to provide them with the crucial mutual fund research capabilities."

About Track Data

Track Data is a New York-based financial services company that provides real-time financial market data, news, and research to institutional and individual investors through dedicated telecommunication lines and the Internet.

For individual investors, Track offers myTrack, a fully integrated, Internet-based online trading and market data system. myTrack's direct access online trading has commissions starting at $12.95 per trade and allows users the choice of where to route their orders. myTrack's continuous, dynamic stream of live market data is powered by application-based software and a constant server connection similar to systems used by professionals, making it faster than the HTML web-based static pages offered by most of its competitors, such as Schwab (NYSE: SCH), E*Trade (NYSE: ET), and TD Waterhouse (NYSE: TWE). In addition to all the free data supplied to myTrack users--streaming delayed quotes, company news, charting for technical analysis, and a proprietary library of intra-day market statistics--myTrack users can choose from a selection of paid data and research, including streaming real-time quotes and Nasdaq Level II. myTrack offers access through PCs, browser phones, and PDAs, such as Palm Organizers (made by Palm Inc. (Nasdaq: PALM)) and Visors (made by Handspring (Nasdaq: HAND)).

myTrack offers the first week of trading commission-free. To open a trading account, go to or call 1-800-myTrack.

About Morningstar, Inc.

Chicago-based Morningstar, Inc. is a leading provider of independent investment information. Morningstar offers an extensive line of print, software and Internet-based products and services for individuals, financial advisors, institutions, and the media. The company is the trusted source for investment information, data, and analysis of stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, closed-end funds, and variable annuity/life subaccounts. is listed among the top investing sites by publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, SmartMoney, Money, Worth, and U.S. News & World Report. Morningstar provides investment information for a number of leading Web sites, including Microsoft MoneyCentral,, America Online, Yahoo! Finance, and Netscape Personal Finance.
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Date:Jul 9, 2001
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