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Tracing pathogens in th food Chain.

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This book reviews key aspects of the surveillance, analysis and spread of foodborne pathogens at different stages of industrial food production and processing.


l. Introduction, 2 Surveillance for foodborne pathogens in humans 3. Systems for real time, linked foodborne pathogen surveillance 4. Detection, investigation and control of outbreaks of foodborne disease, 5. Attributing the burden of foodborne disease to specific sources of infection 6. Determining the economic costs and global burden of foodborne disease 7. Phenoytypic subtyping of food borne pathogens 8. Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis and other commonly used molecular methods for subtyping of foodborne bacteria 9. Emerging methods for foodborne bacterial subtyping 10. Development, validation and quality assurance of methods for subtyping of foodborne pathogens 11. Sample preparation for the detection of foodborne pathogens by molecular biological methods 12. A comparison of molecular technologies and genomotyping for tracing and strain characterisation of Campylobacter isolates 13. Investigating foodborne pathogens using comparative genomics 14. Protein-based analysis and other new and emerging non-nucleic acid based methods for tracing and investigating foodborne pathogens 15. Virulotyping of foodborne pathogens 16. Using ribotyping to trace foodborne aerobic spore-forming bacteria in the factory 17. Biotracing: a novel concept in food safety integrating microbiology knowledge, complex systems approaches and probabilistic modelling 18. Tracing pathogens in red meat and game production chains and at the abattoir 19. Tracing pathogens in fish production chains 20. Tracing pathogens in poultry and egg production and at the abattoir 21. Tracing zoonotic pathogens in dairy production 22 Tracing pathogens in molluscan shellfish production chains 23. Tracing pathogens in fruit and vegetable production chains.

edited by Stanley Brul, Pina M. Fratamico, and Tom A. McMeekin
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Author:Fratamico; McMeekin, Tom A.
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Mar 1, 2011
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