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Toyota Barbel Competition.

The Toyota Annual Barbel Competition recently held at Inyankuni Dam 70km south of Bulawayo attracted 60 teams.

The tournament started at 8am on the Saturday and ran through to 12 noon on Sunday. Three weigh-ins were conducted during this period. Most anglers appeared to camp out with their families where their braai fires and lights could be seen dotted all around the dam.

When the weigh bay opened at 3.30pm on Saturday after the first leg the catches were impressive which set the trend for the event. All the fish caught were released back into the dam after each weigh in. After the first session team Busters (Spike & Justin Claassen) were in the lead with 30.710kg followed by team Always Thirsty (Brian Ellement and Holly York) with 21.420kg, while Kunda Thunder (G Mitchell and V Whitehead) with 17.300kg were in third place.

Positions changed dramatically after the evening session. Team Busters remained in first place with 39.670kg followed by the Sils (Kim and Bronwyn Blignaut) with 22.120 up from 6th position. Team BLTC Great Wliites (Ethan & Paige Oxden-Willows (jnrs) were in third place with 22.040kg only 80 grams behind up from 9th place.

Some notable catches were biggest barbel 10.58kg by Brian Ellement, biggest barbel caught by a lady 9.82kg by Vikki Rosenfels and 2 1/2 year old Patrick Blignaut with an incredible 7.99kg barbel.

Hosts of the event Bulawayo Light Tackle Club would like to thank sponsors Toyota Zimbabwe Bulawayo for their generous support and to Dabec Fishing, Electrosalaes and Bulayawo Gift Box for their generous donations.



Winning Team--Seco Trophy

Busters                   Spike & Justin (Jnr) Claassen    39.670kg

2nd Team

The Sils                  Kim & Bronwy Blignaut            22.120kg

3rd Team

Bite Great White Sharks   Ethan & Paige Oxden-Willows      22.040kg

Individual Aggregate Overall--BLTC Shield

Busters                   Justin Claassen (Jnr)            20.570kg

Individual Aggregate Men--Vic & Jo Ireland Trophy

Busters                   Spike Classen                    19.190kg

Biggest Barbel

Always Thirsty            Brian Ellement                   10.580kg

Winning Male/Female Team

Always Thirsty            Brian Ellement/Holly York        21.420kg

Winning Senior/Junior Team--Ivan Rose Memorial Trophy

Busters                   Spike & Justin Claassen          39.670kg

Winning Ladies Team

The Sils                  Kim & Bronwyn Blignaut           22.120kg

Ladies Individual Aggregate

The Sils                  Bronwyn Blignaut                 16.630kg

Ladies Biggest Fish--John & Jean Baker Trophy

Big Fish                  Vikki Rosenfels                  9.820kg

Junior Winning Team

BLTC Great Wliites        Ethan & Paige Oxden-Willows      22-040kg

Junior Individual Agregate--Jordan Smith Trophy

Busters                   Justin Claassen                  20.570kg

Junor Individual Aggregate under 10--Kyra & Riley Trophy

Balabala Barbel           Emily Stanton                    13.620kg

Junior Biggest Barbel--Tex Stevens Trophy

Big Fish                  Patrick Blignaut                 7.990kg

There were 205 barbel caught weighing 409.53kg, for an average weight
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Author:Oxden-Willows, Tom
Publication:African Fisherman
Date:Jun 1, 2015
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