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Toyota, Honda in tight race to be first with fuel-cell car. (The Pulse).

A few weeks after Toyota announced plans to sell its fuel-cell hybrid car to businesses and research centers by the end of the year, Honda made a similar announcement. The race to develop fuel-cell vehicles is kicking into high gear. The automotive industry is focused on fuel-cell technology, which uses clean-burning hydrogen to power cars, and the fact that Toyota moved up its release of the FCHV-4 (see photos) by a year to 2002 is significant. While carmakers, including Toyota, say they don't expect fuel cells to be used widely to power cars until 2010 or so, within the industry there is a fierce race to get the new engines in cars and on the market sooner than that. Clearly, in the early stages of this race Toyota and Honda are out in front of carmakers from other nations.
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Publication:Japan Inc.
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Date:Sep 1, 2002
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