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The Scientist Lists CAAT's Breakthrough Machine Learning Research as a Top Technical Advance of 2018. Brief article Mar 22, 2019 127
Workflow for Defining Reference Chemicals for Assessing Performance of In Vitro Assays. Judson, Richard S.; Thomas, Russell S.; Baker, Nancy; Simha, Anita; Howey, Xia Meng; Marable, Carmen Report Mar 22, 2019 10959
Optimizing Drug Discovery by Investigative Toxicology: Current and Future Trends. Beilmann, Mario; Boonen, Harrie; Czich, Andreas; Dear, Gordon; Hewitt, Philip; Mow, Tomas; Newham, P Report Mar 22, 2019 20171
Science and Alternative Methods: Integrated Approaches. Caloni, Francesca; Sambuy, Yula; Antonini, Micaela; Guidali, Maria Luisa; Bistoletti, Michela; Melon Conference news Mar 22, 2019 1438
CAAT Offers New Online Course in Evidence-based Toxicology. Pallocca, Giorgia; Leist, Marcel Brief article Jan 1, 2019 223
3Replacement Winter School--Out of the barriers: In vitro models in toxicology. Caloni, Francesca; Sambuy, Yula; Lombardi, Guerino; Dotti, Silvia; De Angelis, Isabella Conference notes Sep 22, 2018 1663
Database Analysis More Reliable than Animal Testing for Toxic Chemicals; Study Shows that Computer Algorithms Could Replace Standard Toxicology Tests on Animals. Author abstract Sep 22, 2018 112
Utility of Bedside Urine Toxicology Screening Test in Emergency Department: A Retrospective Study. Gunaydin, Gul Pamukcu; Celik, Gulhan Kurtoglu; Ersen, Teoman; Sener, Alp; Ozhasenekler, Ayhan; Gokha Aug 1, 2018 3918
Comprehensive Analyses and Prioritization of Tox21 10K Chemicals Affecting Mitochondrial Function by in-Depth Mechanistic Studies. Xia, Menghang; Huang, Ruili; Shi, Qiang; Boyd, Windy A.; Zhao, Jinghua; Sun, Nuo; Rice, Julie R.; Du Report Jul 1, 2018 15203
EUTOXRISK. Pallocca, Giorgia; Leist, Marcel Jun 22, 2018 1242
Beyond the RfD: Broad Application of a Probabilistic Approach to Improve Chemical Dose-Response Assessments for Noncancer Effects. Chiu, Weihsueh A.; Axelrad, Daniel A.; Dalaijamts, Chimeddulam; Dockins, Chris; Shao, Kan; Shapiro, Report Jun 1, 2018 11707
ICCVAM Elects Co-chairs. Brief article Mar 22, 2018 106
NICEATM and ICCVAM Activities at SOT. Conference news Mar 22, 2018 354
Toxicology 21: Scientific Applications: New Course on Coursera. Brief article Mar 22, 2018 114
Recent publications. List Mar 22, 2018 175
EUTOXRISK. Leist, Marcel Mar 22, 2018 809
The influence of carrageenan on markers of endogenous intoxication in rats. Marushchak, Mariya; Krynytska, Inna; Kopanytsia, Oksana; Tupol, Larysa; Savchenko, Iryna; Mazur, Lyu Report Mar 1, 2018 4990
ASCCT. Conference notes Sep 22, 2017 467
NTP: National Toxicology Program U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Conference notes Sep 22, 2017 1325
ITA: First course on in vitro toxicology in veterinary science master program. Caloni, Francesca Brief article Sep 22, 2017 279
Has toxicity testing moved into the 21st century? a survey and analysis of perceptions in the field of toxicology. Zaunbrecher, Virginia; Beryt, Elizabeth; Parodi, Daniela; Telesca, Donatello; Doherty, Joseph; Mallo Report Aug 1, 2017 10062
Maiden voyage of the collaborative cross mouse: exploring variability in animals' response to perchloroethylene. Schmidt, Charles W. Jul 1, 2017 1071
Electronic Cigarette (E-Cigarette) Using: Toxicological Aspects. Goney, Gulsen Apr 1, 2017 6541
From cells to QSAR: alternative predictive models in toxicology. Sambuy, Yula; Bassi, Anna Maria; Scanarotti, Chiara; Caloni, Francesca Conference news Mar 22, 2017 4017
The public health role of medical toxicology. Goldfrank, Lewis R.; Adams, Herbert W.; Perelman, Ronald O.; Director, Medical Editorial Mar 1, 2017 553
An integrated experimental design for the assessment of multiple toxicological end points in rat bioassays. Manservisi, Fabiana; Marquillas, Clara Babot; Buscaroli, Annalisa; Huff, James; Lauriola, Michelina; Report Mar 1, 2017 8080
Passive sampling for indoor and outdoor exposures to chlorpyrifos, azinphos-methyl, and oxygen analogs in a rural agricultural community. Gibbs, Jenna L.; Yost, Michael G.; Negrete, Maria; Fenske, Richard A. Report Mar 1, 2017 9361
Evaluating the impact of the U.S. National Toxicology Program: a case study on hexavalent chromium. Xie, Yun; Holmgren, Stephanie; Andrews, Danica M.K.; Wolfe, Mary S. Report Feb 1, 2017 7411
Human environmental disease network: a computational model to assess toxicology of contaminants. Taboureau, Olivier; Audouze, Karine Report Jan 1, 2017 8785
IIVS presentation at NAS. Brief article Jan 1, 2017 110
Toxicological studies of the ayurvedic medicine "Naradiya Laksmivilasa Rasa" used in sinusitis. Hasan, Shemonty; Sikder, Md. Mamun; Ali, Massnoon; Hossain, Mustari; Zulfiquar, Tasniya Nahiyan; Akt Report Dec 1, 2016 3864
Commemorating toxicology at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences on the occasion of its 50th Anniversary. Bucher, John R.; Birnbaum, Linda S. Report Nov 1, 2016 2765
Going GLP: conducting toxicology studies in compliance with good laboratory practices. Carroll, Erica Eggers Oct 1, 2016 4271
Advancing toxicology research using in vivo high throughput toxicology with small fish models. Planchart, Antonio; Mattingly, Carolyn J.; Allen, David; Ceger, Patricia; Casey, Warren; Hinton, Dav Report Sep 22, 2016 15290
New alternative models for in vitro Toxicology. Caloni, Francesca; Meloni, Marisa; Sambuy, Yula; Alloisio, Susanna; Mazzoleni, Giovanna Conference notes Sep 22, 2016 914
Using ToxCast[TM] data to reconstruct dynamic cell state trajectories and estimate toxicological points of departure. Shah, Imran; Setzer, R. Woodrow; Jack, John; Houck, Keith A.; Judson, Richard S.; Knudsen, Thomas B. Report Jul 1, 2016 8009
Developmental effects of the ToxCast[TM] phase I and phase II chemicals in Caenorhabditis elegans and corresponding responses in zebrafish, rats, and rabbits. Boyd, Windy A.; Smith, Marjolein V.; Co, Caroll A.; Pirone, Jason R.; Rice, Julie R.; Shockley, Keit Report May 1, 2016 8973
What's the buzz in drug testing? The future of toxicology testing in the clinical lab. Thompson, Carol Brief article Jan 1, 2016 249
Evidence from toxicology: the most essential science for prevention. Mandrioli, Daniele; Silbergeld, Ellen Kovner Report Jan 1, 2016 5955
Lessons from toxicology: developing a 21st-century paradigm for medical research. Langley, Gill; Austin, Christopher P.; Balapure, Anil K.; Birnbaum, Linda S.; Bucher, John R.; Fente Report Nov 1, 2015 4582
A standard of knowledge for the professional practice of toxicology. Hulla, Janis E.; Kinter, Lewis B.; Kelman, Bruce Viewpoint essay Aug 1, 2015 3727
Optimal exposure biomarkers for nonpersistent chemicals in environmental epidemiology. Calafat, Antonia M.; Longnecker, Matthew P.; Koch, Holger M.; Swan, Shanna H.; Hauser, Russ; Goldman Report Jul 1, 2015 3464
Forensic Medicine vs Forensic Pathology. Report Jun 30, 2015 1246
Potential mitochondrial toxicants: Tox21 screen identifies chemicals of interest. Potera, Carol Jan 1, 2015 1001
Human Exposure to Mycotoxins : A Retrospective Review of Leading Toxins and Metabolites in Human Biological Matrices. Technical report Dec 31, 2014 9460
Health hazard assessment and the toxicity clearance process. Mughal, Mohamed R.; Houpt, John; Kluchinsky, Timothy A., Jr. Report Jul 1, 2014 1285
Toxicological evaluation of imidazole following direct exposure to bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells. Reshmitha, T.R.; Remya, N.S.; Mohanan, P.V. Report Jul 1, 2014 3710
Instruments for assessing risk of bias and other methodological criteria of animal studies: omission of well-established methods. Beck, Nancy B.; Becker, Richard A.; Boobis, Alan; Fergusson, Dean; Fowle, John R., III; Goodman, Jul Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2014 2408
Arsenic Toxicity in Broiler Chicks and its Alleviation with Ascorbic Acid: A Toxico-patho-biochemical Study. Khan, Ahrar; Sharaf, Rabia; Khan, M. Zargham; Saleemi, M. Kashif; Mahmood, Fazal Report Dec 31, 2013 4946
Fibromyalgia pain, neurotransmitters, and toxic metals: connecting the dots an interview with Joseph Hickey, MD. Hickey, Joseph Nov 1, 2013 5189
Toxicological effects of phosphide powder residue in female rats. Iyanda, Ayobola Author abstract Oct 1, 2013 3482
Instruments for assessing risk of bias and other methodological criteria of published animal studies: a systematic review. Krauth, David; Woodruff, Tracey J.; Bero, Lisa Report Sep 1, 2013 9677
Bias detection: study identifies instruments for evaluating animal studies. Betts, Kellyn S. Sep 1, 2013 1387
The endocrine game. Gaudreau, Kyrke Sep 1, 2013 448
Nutritional and Toxicological Evaluation of Grewia asiatica (Phalsa) Powder Used as a Summer Drink. Atiq-Ur-Rahman; Fatima, Nudrat; Imran, Hina; Saleem, Nida; Sohail, Tehmina; Raif, Muhammad; Yaqeen, Report Jun 30, 2013 2650
Monitoring intracellular redox changes in ozone-exposed airway epithelial cells. Gibbs-Flournoy, Eugene A.; Simmons, Steven O.; Bromberg, Philip A.; Dick, Tobias P.; Samet, James M. Report Mar 1, 2013 6022
Toxicological function of adipose tissue: focus on persistent organic pollutants. La Merrill, Michele; Emond, Claude; Kim, Min Ji; Antignac, Jean-Philippe; Le Bizec, Bruno; Clement, Report Feb 1, 2013 9721
15 years out: reinventing ICCVAM. Birnbaum, Linda S. Report Feb 1, 2013 872
Contrasting theories of interaction in epidemiology and toxicology. Howard, Gregory J.; Webster, Thomas F. Jan 1, 2013 6410
Cumulative risk assessment toolbox: methods and approaches for the practitioner. MacDonell, Margaret M.; Haroun, Lynne A.; Teuschler, Linda K.; Rice, Glenn E.; Hertzberg, Richard C. Report Jan 1, 2013 20386
Toxicologic assessment of a commercial decolorized whole leaf aloe vera juice, lily of the desert filtered whole leaf juice with aloesorb. Sehgal, Inder; Winters, Wallace D.; Scott, Michael; David, Andrew; Gillis, Glenn; Stoufflet, Thaya; Report Jan 1, 2013 10028
Optimizing metabolism: the toxicity trifecta: treating the underlying causes of fatigue. Kohlstadt, Ingrid Report Oct 1, 2012 1247
Occurrence of [.sup.210]Po and biological effects of low-level exposure: the need for research. Seiler, Ralph L.; Wiemels, Joseph L. Sep 1, 2012 10841
A three-stage algorithm to make toxicologically relevant activity calls from quantitative high throughput screening data. Shockley, Keith R. Report Aug 1, 2012 8297
Impact of oil shale opencast mining and combustion on Narva River and its tributaries: chemical and ecotoxicological characterisation. Orupold, Kaja; Heinlaan, Margit; Pollumaa, Lee; Dubourguier, Henri-Charles; Kahru, Anne Report Jun 1, 2012 7700
Toxicity of Selected Indigenous Plant Extracts against Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae): A Potential Dengue Vector in Dengue Positive Areas. Bilal, Hazrat; Akram, Waseem; Khan, Hafiz Azhar Ali; Hassan, Soaib Ali; Khan, Imtinan Akram Report Apr 30, 2012 2899
Toxicological studies of astavarga kvatha curna, an ayurvedic formulation, on liver function parameters of rat plasma. Hamid, K.; Urmi, Kf; Kabir, Ms; Ullah, Mo; Choudhuri, Msk Report Jan 1, 2012 2784
Computational systems biology in environmental health research. Brief article Dec 1, 2011 166
Signal-to-noise crossover dose for risk assessment. Brief article Dec 1, 2011 135
Translating arsenic toxicology to human pathology. Brief article Oct 1, 2011 152
Arsenic toxicology: translating between experimental models and human pathology. States, J. Christopher; Barchowsky, Aaron; Cartwright, lain L.; Reichard, John F.; Futscher, Bernard Report Oct 1, 2011 10234
Evaluation criteria for publishing in top-tier journals in environmental health sciences and toxicology. Lee, Byung-Mu Report Jul 1, 2011 3942
Fuzzy edges make for sloppy thinking. Mar 1, 2011 939
Computational Toxicology: realizing the promise of the toxicity testing in the 21st century. Rusyn, Ivan; Daston, George P. Conference news Aug 1, 2010 4547
Epidemic: fatal pharmaceutical abuse in West Virginia 1991-2008. Kaplan, James A.; Richards-Waugh, Lauren L.; Bailey, Kristen M.; Kraner, James C. Report Jul 1, 2010 1589
Hormesis: Calabrese responds. Calabrese, Edward J. Apr 1, 2010 1313
Funcao protetora de gengibre e curcumina contra alguns efeitos toxicologicos induzidos por oleo de algodao frito termoxidado. Hamoudah, Somaya Youssef Mostafa; Hassanin, Mahrousa Mohamed; Youssef, Gehan Ahmed Report Jan 1, 2010 4219
Tackling toxicology and environmental health. Ehrenberg, Rachel Interview Aug 15, 2009 832
In vivo antimalarial activity and toxicological studies of some quinoline methanol metal complexes. Obaleye, J.A.; Tella, A.C.; Arise, R.O. Report Jan 1, 2009 4135
Metals (micro nutrients or toxicants) & Global Health. Mudipalli, Anuradha Clinical report Oct 1, 2008 2140
Potential considerations & concerns in the risk characterization for the interaction profiles of metals. Choudhury, H.; Mudipalli, Anu Clinical report Oct 1, 2008 17866
Cadmium & its adverse effects on human health. Bernard, A. Clinical report Oct 1, 2008 5838
Poison and the victorian imagination. Burmey, Ian Mar 1, 2008 4013
Toxicology steps up to nanotechnology safety: mandatory nanotoxicology testing is just around the corner. Are you ready? Teeguarden, Justin; Gupta, Amit; Escobar, Patricia; Jackson, Mark Table Feb 1, 2008 948
Toxikon: an ancient word fits modern-day poisons. Hays, Jeffrey H. Dec 1, 2007 4360
Toxicology testing and results for suicide victims--13 States, 2004. Karch, D.; Crosby, A.; Simon, T. Nov 24, 2006 3365
National toxicology program. Brief Article Nov 1, 2005 192
Unintentional non-fire-related carbon monoxide exposures--United States, 2001-2003. Vajani, M.; Annest J.L.; Ballesteros, M.; Gilchrist, J.; Stock, A. Jan 21, 2005 2856
Poisoning can mimic other common illnesses. Wood, Debra Sep 1, 2004 592
U.S. border concerns keep researchers home. Apr 1, 2004 623
Nonstick but not nontoxic. Aug 30, 2003 430
Toxicological evaluations of long-term consumption of Solanum lycocarpum St. Hill fruits in male and female adult rats. Maruo, V.M.; Bernardi, M.M.; Spinosa, H.S. Jan 1, 2003 2725
Bailus Walker to chair NAS Committee on Toxicology for second term. (People on the Move). Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 172
A Better Way to Measure the Effect of Pollution on Human Lungs. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 277
Cut-off and toxicity levels for drugs-of-abuse testing. Statistical Data Included Aug 1, 2001 1300
Portals to Toxicology Online. Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 198
Advances in Biology Could Help in Assessing the Impact of Chemicals on Children. Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 612
Illnesses Associated With Use of Automatic Insecticide Dispenser Units --Selected States and United States, 1986-1999. Statistical Data Included Jun 9, 2000 1641
Adverse Events Associated with Ingestion of Gamma-Butyrolactone - Minnesota, New Mexico, and Texas, 1998-1999. Feb 26, 1999 1914
Toxicology made easy: what every trial advocate should know. Dukes, David E. Jul 1, 1996 4411
Risky business. Pope, Carl Column Nov 1, 1994 801
The gender benders: are environmental 'hormones' emasculating wildlife? Raloff, Janet Jan 8, 1994 3062
Toxicology & alcohol abuse info on Life Science Network. Brief Article Nov 1, 1992 157
Early lead screening. Apr 1, 1991 227
A decade of vital research on CD-ROM. product announcement Feb 1, 1990 494
...and toxic chemicals from the blood. Amato, Ivan Apr 29, 1989 216
Embedded sentinels of toxicity; scientists are beginning to identify when, where and how certain toxic substances affect the body by studying aberrations in body levels of chemicals known as porphyrins. Raloff, Janet Feb 21, 1987 2371
Signs of how lead toxicity begins. Raloff, Janet Jul 26, 1986 358
A single-instrument approach to TDM toxicology. Sealfon, Michael S. Jul 1, 1986 914

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