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PFApocalypSe Now: The PFAS Firestorm and Implications for Florida. DeMeo, Ralph A.; Caspary, Jorge May 1, 2020 3820
The Lessons of Lone Pine. Engstrom, Nora Freeman Oct 1, 2019 36141
Statistically Significant Association: Preventing the Misuse of the Bradford Hill Criteria to Prove Causation in Toxic Tort Cases. Andrichik, William R.; Goldkind, Jeremy S.; Smith, Derek C. Apr 1, 2019 2300
Seventh Judicial District takes novel approach to toxic tort cases. Loudon, Bennett Mar 11, 2019 894
Conditional Innocence and the Myth of Consent: The Subtle Coercion of CERCLA's Contiguous Property Owner Protection. Hockstad, Trayce Jan 1, 2019 13088
Closing Superfund Sites Under Florida's Risk-Based Corrective Action: The Time is Now! DeMeo, Ralph A.; Powell, John K.; Caspary, Jorge R. Jun 1, 2018 3205
The Common Law of Liable Party CERCLA Claims. Pidot, Justin R.; Ratliff, Dale Jan 1, 2018 38128
Cigarettes and Coffee: Do Newly-Discovered Sources of Diacetyl Spell the End of Popcorn Lung Litigation or the Beginning of a New Phase? Talarico, George R. Jan 1, 2018 4261
Cruel and unusual construction: the Eighth Amendment as a limit on building prisons on toxic waste sites. Russell, Kelsey D. Feb 1, 2017 21217
Differential diagnosis and Daubert: preventing the misuse of differential etiology to prove causation in toxic tort cases. Hopp, Anthony G.; Goldkind, Jeremy S.; Cummings, David M. Jan 1, 2017 11141
Waging war with CERCLA: divisibility for the sovereign. Walker, David L. Jun 22, 2016 17024
Willow Springs: a Louisiana civil action. Houck, Oliver A. Jun 22, 2016 28253
Lone Pine orders and proposed revisions to rule 26(b)(1). Redmond, Robert F., Jr. Oct 1, 2015 2337
Use and abuse of "historical experts" in toxic tort cases. Kozak, Scott Jul 1, 2015 2505
Peut-etre. Incertitude du risque et dialectique de la responsabilite. Forray, Vincent Jun 1, 2014 18816
Trouble in paradise: Hawaiians push back against big AG. Mitra, Maureen Nandini Mar 22, 2014 4203
Digging deeper: mass toxic tort class certification after Dukes, Comcast, and Amgen. Coughlin, Timothy; Lum, Barbara A. Oct 1, 2013 3181
When oil attacks: litigation options for Nigerian plaintiffs in U.S. federal courts. McCaskill, Lauren Jan 1, 2013 7388
When oil attacks: litigation options for Nigerian plaintiffs in U.S. federal courts. McCaskill, Lauren Jan 1, 2013 17269
When does the clock stop? An analysis of point-in-time and continuing offenses for venue purposes. Byrd, Emily C. Sep 22, 2012 5520
Comparing U.S. and EU hazardous waste liability frameworks: how the EU liability directive competes with CERCLA. Tabatabai, Maryam Jun 22, 2012 11544
Defending Marcellus shale groundwater contamination claims: the case against class actions and other theories of liability. Mullady, Raymond G., Jr.; Doyle, Sandra J.; Fitzpatrick, Charles A., IV; Guarino, Angela M. Apr 1, 2012 13134
Toxic chemicals legislation. Klotter, Jule Nov 1, 2010 586
SEPA tells polluters to mend ways. Brief article Oct 15, 2010 208
Captain planet takes on hazard transfer: combining the forces of market, legal and ethical decisionmaking to reduce toxic exports. Giampetro-Meyer, Andrea Jun 22, 2009 8955
A small newspaper tackles a big investigative project: the persistence of two reporters pays off in revealing how local government failed residents who worried about connections between corporate behavior and the high incidence of brain cancer. Craver, Kevin P. Mar 22, 2009 1629
What a long, strange trip it's been: broader arranger liability in the Ninth Circuit and rethinking the useful product doctrine. Henson, Tommy Tucker, II Jun 22, 2008 17618
Alabama Supreme Court ends toxic-tort catch-22. Porter, Rebecca Apr 1, 2008 660
Class proceedings on the environment. Mitchell, Teresa Mar 1, 2008 162
The complementary roles of common law courts and federal agencies in producing and using policy-relevant scientific information. McGarity, Thomas O. Sep 22, 2007 17198
Property and half-torts. Fennell, Lee Anne May 1, 2007 34789
Genomics and toxic torts: dismantling the risk-injury divide. Grodsky, Jamie A. Apr 1, 2007 34684
Endocrine disrupters: the potential cloud of manufacturer toxic tort liability. Berger, Bruce J.; Junk, Michael L. Apr 1, 2007 7598
'Sick' courthouses spur suits. Villa, Alba Lucero Feb 1, 2007 1710
Defending property owners in toxic and hazardous substances-related premises liability litigation. Cohen, Roy Alan; Pypcznski, Jeffrey M. Jan 1, 2007 7103
The politics of risk: pre-litigation site assessment in Houston, Texas. Macey, Gregg P. Jan 1, 2007 22150
Confronting toxic work exposure in China: the precautionary principle and burden shifting. Hawthorne, Monique Lee Jan 1, 2007 10755
EPA pesticide-testing rules don't protect the vulnerable, critics say. Jurand, Sara Hoffman Apr 1, 2006 921
Toxic mold liability update: implications of Kilian v. Equity Residential Trust. Aalberts, Robert J.; Hoyt, Richard W. Mar 22, 2006 6443
Recognizing neurotoxicity: the symptoms of brain injury from exposure to hazards like lead paint and toxic chemicals vary widely. But there are ways you and your experts can pinpoint the damage and its cause. Johnson, Dana Darby Mar 1, 2006 4496
Defining the boundaries of "personal injury": Rainer v. Union Carbide Corp. Sen, Maya Feb 1, 2006 7013
N.Y. high court blocks claim of secondhand asbestos exposure. Sileo, Carmel Jan 1, 2006 776
Uncertainty and informed choice: unmasking Daubert. Berger, Margaret A.; Twerski, Aaron D. Nov 1, 2005 18904
Current trends in toxic tort litigation. Landin, David C. Aug 1, 2005 1464
Tattoo inks contain unhealthy levels of toxic metals, suit claims. Porter, Rebecca Nov 1, 2004 784
An overview of Lone Pine orders in toxic tort litigation: by requiring plaintiffs to produce early in discovery the specifics of their claims, judicial resources are preserved and contentions sharpened. Muehlberger, James P.; Hoekel, Boyd S. Oct 1, 2004 5023
Whither medical monitoring claims? Last few years give reasons for optimism: courts are critically examining whether these claims can be independent actions or remedies and whether they are suitable for class action status. Copeland, Morgan L., Jr.; Rodriguez, Sandra G.; Goldberg, Daniel S. Jul 1, 2004 3435
Welding rod litigation heats up; workers claim toxic fumes cause illness. Hellwege, Jean Jul 1, 2004 1766
Asbestos: a legal primer for Air Force installation attorneys. Cannizzo, James V. Jan 1, 2004 11084
Keep good science in toxic tort cases; plaintiff lawyers can use a new section of the Restatement (Third) of Torts to help judges widen the gates to causation evidence. Jensen, Steve Baughman Dec 1, 2003 2572
New opportunities for Native American tribes to pursue environmental and natural resource claims. Kanner, Allan; Casey, Ryan; Ristroph, Barrett Sep 22, 2003 13712
Suit claims emissions from oil wells under Beverly Hills High caused cancer. Hellwege, Jean Aug 1, 2003 711
Making the case against medical monitoring: has the shine faded on this trend? Three recent state supreme court cases have refused to recognize this novel extension of established tort law, and class certification looks dim. (Feature Articles). Harbour, Laurel J.; Splittgerber, Angela Jul 1, 2003 8081
Premises liability. May 1, 2003 389
Policyholder may receive coverage despite lost liability policies so long as other proof is sufficient to demonstrate existence of insurance. (Recent Court Decisions). Stempel, Jeffrey W. Mar 1, 2003 1125
Toxicogenomics: new chapter in causation and exposure in toxic tort litigation: this new science has the potential to identify biological clues to disease, and both plaintiffs and defendants will strive to use it to their advantages. Childs, John C. Oct 1, 2002 3561
Protecting against toxic mold lawsuits. (Insiders Outlook). Harrison, Eric Brief Article Aug 28, 2002 1263
Dramatic rise in toxic mold claims, litigation, and legislation demands pro-active response from insurers. (Notes and Issues). Williams, Del Apr 1, 2002 2479
Breakthrough in Sulzer suit. (Financial News). Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 178
The MTBE controversy: defending mass tort claims: the forces of the plaintiffs' bar, commercial competitors, and "junk science" must be met "head on" with coordinated efforts. Speelman, Joseph F. Jan 1, 2002 8640
Beyond sick building syndrome: mold litigation enters the main stream: Mold; a superficial, often wooly growth, found especially on damp or decaying matter or on living organisms. (Cover Story). Deering, Ann Cover Story Nov 1, 2001 2922
Medical monitoring: pay me now or pay me later. Bloom, Laurie; Rooney, Susan; Leghorn, Joseph Oct 1, 2001 3919
Chubb Unveils Policy to Stem Environmental Cleanup Costs. Oct 1, 2001 455
"One man's ceilin' is another man's floor": property rights as the double-edged sword. Cutting, Robert H. Sep 22, 2001 38655
Scientific ignorance and reliable patterns of evidence in toxic tort causation: is there a need for liability reform? Cranor, Carl F.; Eastmond, David A. Sep 22, 2001 24620
The admissibility of differential diagnosis testimony to prove causation in toxic tort cases: the interplay of adjective and substantive law. Sanders, Joseph; Machal-Fulks, Julie Sep 22, 2001 18340
Homeowners, insurers spar over spores in toxic-mold cases. Reichert, Jennifer L. Sep 1, 2001 1850
Monsanto pays off for PCB exposure. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 157
Grace Won't Pay. Cray, Charlie Brief Article May 1, 2001 266
Upsetting the balance between adverse interests: the impact of the Supreme Court's trilogy on expert testimony in toxic tort litigation. Berger, Margaret A. Mar 22, 2001 22270
Sharing the burden: allocating the risk of CERCLA cleanup costs. Theurer, Kenneth Michael Jan 1, 2001 33177
Trumping pollution exclusions. Bencivenga, Daniel Oct 1, 2000 4101
Ethically representing thousands of plaintiffs: conflict problems in mass toxic harm cases. Toops, Sarah A. Oct 1, 2000 9822
Intentional disregard: remedies for the toxic workplace. Gorton, Michelle Sep 22, 2000 17844
Case summaries. Jun 22, 2000 23180
Coal Miner. Mar 1, 2000 151
Prospective purchaser agreements: EPA's new outlook on landowner liability. Lifsey, Margi Jan 1, 2000 29287
CERCLA Section 113(h) & RCRA citizen suits: to bar or not to bar? Reiter, Jonathan N. Dec 22, 1999 11770
Creeping Toxic Waste: Unresolved Issues. Inman, Thomas Oct 1, 1999 2467
Pollution Exclusion Inapplicable to Blood Plasma Contamination. Jun 1, 1999 126
CGL pollution exclusion provisions and the sick building syndrome. Mitchell, William J. Jan 1, 1999 6666
PIC, POPs and the MAI apocalypse: our environmental future as a function of investors' rights and chemical management initiatives. Cowling, Robin L. Jan 1, 1999 20488
Getting the lead out of your insurance problems. Zeldes, Michael Nov 25, 1998 895
Fifth Circuit extends Daubert to physicians' causation testimony. McMurry, Kelly Nov 1, 1998 947
'Arranger liability' under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA): judicial retreat from legislative intent. Lannetti, David W. Oct 1, 1998 19019
Classifying CERCLA claims: a critique of Pinal Creek v. Newmont Mining. Taylor, Tamara A. Sep 22, 1998 15087
Deadlines required for Amoco cleanup agreement in Illinois. Dilworth, Donald C. Brief Article Apr 1, 1998 454
Successor liability and CERCLA: the runaway doctrine of continuity of enterprise. Baumann, Christopher J. Dec 22, 1997 26194
Taxes, torts, and the toxics release inventory: congressional voting on instruments to control pollution. Hamilton, James T. Oct 1, 1997 10652
EPA proposes new Superfund policy. Kocheisen, Carol Jul 21, 1997 594
CERCLA investor liability: "don't ask, don't tell" won't work. Kavanaugh, Judith S.; Earl, William L. Jul 1, 1997 4696
The constitutional rights of nonsettling potentially liable responsible parties in the allocation of CERCLA liability. Man, Christopher D. Jun 22, 1997 15661
CERCLA's mistakes. Nagle, John Copeland May 1, 1997 26125
Providing adequate remedies to toxic tort victims. Evans, W. Neil Apr 1, 1997 3275
Getting the lead out. Farquhar, Doug Dec 1, 1996 1905
Insurance co. must defend on lead. Weiss, Lois Oct 30, 1996 832
Stalking the silent killer: carbon monoxide. Presley, Kirk R. Aug 1, 1996 2968
The continuing nature of notification violations under environmental statutes. Klein, Roger M. Jun 22, 1996 13380
Rethinking regulatory reform: toxics, politics, and ethics. Michaelson, Jay May 1, 1996 19751
IRS rules remediation-related costs deductible. Howe, Vicki Apr 1, 1996 450
Facility closure or renovation: planning for success. Balco, John J. Apr 1, 1996 1464
New poisons bury old ones. Jacklet, Ben Mar 1, 1996 608
Judicial assistance in CERCLAing the wagons: application of the self-critical analysis in the private cost-recovery arena. DePrim, Susan Neiswender Mar 1, 1996 3219
CERCLA's "all appropriate inquiry": when is enough, enough? Thurmond, Michael Mar 1, 1996 2354
Radiation overexposure claims: fighting defense tactics creatively. Simon, Ron Jan 1, 1996 4230
Revising the Superfund: this time let's get it right. Mahoney, Richard J. Jan 1, 1996 2432
Requests for class action certification of medical monitoring claims. Campbell, Richard P.; Schaffer, Michelle I. Jan 1, 1996 7711
Toxic dreams: a California town finds meaning in an acid pit. Hitt, Jack Jul 1, 1995 6996
Toxic and hazardous substances litigation. Cohen, Roy Alan; Pomerantz, Randi N. Jul 1, 1995 1414
Toxic apportionment: a causation and risk contribution model. Boston, Gerald W. Jun 22, 1995 55417
Genetic injury in toxic tort cases: what science can and cannot prove. Cepelewicz, Barry B.; Wiechmann, Eric Watt Apr 1, 1995 7385
Redevelopment under state superfund laws. Klodowski, Harry F., Jr. Feb 1, 1995 3502
Litigation and lead paint claims. Fogel, Richard A. Cover Story Feb 1, 1995 4185
The case against intermediate owner liability under CERCLA for passive migration of hazardous waste. Bronston, Robert L. Dec 1, 1994 16412
The aftermath of Key Tronic: implications for attorneys' fee awards. Mullins, Robert A. Oct 1, 1994 22742
Understanding epidemiological evidence; what to ask the expert witness. Karns, M. Elizabeth Sep 1, 1994 4002
Love Canal polluter settle state case. Sargeant, Georgia Brief Article Sep 1, 1994 287
Superfund reform likely to limit municipal liability. Tabin, Barrie Aug 22, 1994 1010
Property transfers and environmental pollution: incentive effects of alternative policies. Segerson, Kathleen Aug 1, 1994 8133
Environmental liability in the European Union. Kurland, Orin M. Aug 1, 1994 871
Who decides who's liable under CERCLA? EPA slips a bombshell into the CERCLA reauthorization process. Johnston, Craig N. Jul 1, 1994 3739
Title X deadline approaching: time for lead abatement nears. Jun 1, 1994 743
Know the facts about lead abatement. Klein, Ruben Jun 1, 1994 1210
Love Canal polluter found negligent but not reckless; punitive damages ruled out. Sargeant, Georgia Jun 1, 1994 932
Hands-on pays off. McEwan, Bruce Column Jan 1, 1994 685
Wizards of ooze: lawyers shouldn't be the only ones cleaning up under Superfund. Strock, James M. Jan 1, 1994 2563
Admissibility and reliability of expert scientific testimony after Daubert. Livingood, John A., Jr. Jan 1, 1994 5767
Sources of proof of causation in toxic tort cases. Voke, Brian P. Jan 1, 1994 3901
Getting the lead out. Countryman, Carol Nov 1, 1993 612
PL products subject to same liability as branded ones. Pennington, David Oct 11, 1993 1058
The latest trend in toxic torts. Christine, Brian Oct 1, 1993 673
Childhood lead poisoning near abandoned lead mining and smelting areas: a case study of two affected households. Evans, R. Gregory Oct 1, 1993 2626
Trends in Superfund reform. Christine, Brian Aug 1, 1993 1600
Superfund liability dumped onto local governments. Steinzor, Rena I.; Kolker, David Aug 1, 1993 2910
The proper income tax treatment of environmental remediation expenditures. Jul 1, 1993 13841
Compounder wins emissions suit. Jun 1, 1993 722
The verdict. Bedsworth, William W. May 1, 1993 1709
AICPA convenes environmental issues roundtable. Fleming, Peter D. Apr 1, 1993 895
Stop Superfund waste. Reilly, Bernard J. Mar 22, 1993 4011
Indemnification agreements under CERCLA. Miller, Lisl E. Jan 1, 1993 8030
The solid waste dilemma: municipal liability and household hazardous waste management. Meske, Paula J. Jan 1, 1993 8539
The auditor, SAS 54 and environmental violations. Specht, Linda B. Dec 1, 1992 3031
Lead concern to increase damage claims. Sachs, Nancy Fairchild Nov 4, 1992 839
Owners focus on lead liability issues. Gibbons, Thomas Oct 28, 1992 872
Industry ready for lead lawsuits? Weiss, Lois Sep 23, 1992 1954
Holding directors to a higher standard. Kurland, Orin M. Jul 1, 1992 1316
Heed new rules for hazardous materials shipping. Gerhart, Clifford Cover Story Jun 1, 1992 2614
New environmental laws offer hope for real estate lending. Kellman, Mark A. May 1, 1992 1380
Carcinogen risk assessment. Billings, Clayton H. Column Apr 1, 1992 673
Whistling past the site: directors' and officers' personal liability for environmental decisions and the role of liability insurance coverage. Biel, William Scott Nov 1, 1991 20507
Journalists in the age of toxics. Burns, Patrick column Oct 19, 1991 2006
Proposed legislation alters hazardous waste liability. Tatelbaum, Charles M. Sep 1, 1991 1683
The environmental crisis: why is cleanup taking so long? Strong, Henry L.; Flood, Kathleen E. Aug 1, 1991 1937
Turning the tide of hazardous materials spills. Diekemper, Roman F. Aug 1, 1991 1537
Recent court decisions. Darr, Frank P. Mar 1, 1991 1687
Lending liability legislation. LaFalce, John J. column Jul 1, 1990 1097
Toxic-cleanup laws and real estate transactions. Clark, Stephen E.; Everett, Mary Lu May 1, 1989 1612
Poison gas, up two bucks. editorial Mar 6, 1989 315
Grace guilty of tainting Woburn water. Aug 16, 1986 257
Runaway chemicals. editorial Aug 31, 1985 480
Whose technology? Mackenzie, Angus editorial Apr 27, 1985 381
Technology out of control. Engler, Robert Apr 27, 1985 9210

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