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Toxic chemicals a threat to everyone; Views of Wales.

I READ Michael Ryan's letter "Incinerator emissions a threat to babies" (March 24).

He's a scientist and researcher who has official figures that prove that infant death rates increase near incinerators.

Incinerators can give off toxic chemicals, such as dioxins, which are proved to cause cancer and birth defects. Incinerators need to be operated at the correct temperature or pollution will occur.

Dr Dick Van Steenis and the US Environmental Protection Agency say there are better alternatives. Where are the government measures to get manufacturers to stop excess plastic packaging? Burning plastic gives off toxic chemicals such as cyanide. Councils should recycle all types of plastic and end this wastefulness.

A Wills Ruislip, Middlesex

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Mar 31, 2016
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