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Toxic Faith, Understanding and Overcoming Religious Addiction.

TOXIC FAITH, Understanding and Overcoming Religious Addiction

Well-meaning but misguided people can turn religion into a harmful addiction, the book's message warns. When religion becomes a means to avoid pain, reality, and fear it also serves to prevent growth. This is the type of religiosity that the authors call toxic.

Toxic Faith is not the work of critics of religion. The publishers are noted for their systematic production of eminent treatises on religion, especially the Christian faiths. "Its purpose is to distinguish healthy faith from misguided religiosity and provide the balance between the destructive extremes of being dependent or being independent," Arterburn and Felton say. "Lack of balance is the key; are you allowing your relationship with God to free you? Or are your thoughts and beliefs being controlled by a religious group, leader, or practice?"

The message of the book, apparently, is to warn the multitudes who have sought consolation and promise of miracles from the self-serving evangelists. The concern with cults proliferating is also growing among respectable religious leaders. The toxic faith system has no place for anyone who challenges or disagrees with the leader, but it does not ignore the wealth that can be extracted from the gullible.
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Publication:Nutrition Health Review
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Date:Mar 22, 1991
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