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Articles from Townsend Letter (November 1, 2012)

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A Journey to Explicate the Underpinnings of Living Physiology. Bongiorno, Peter Book review 731
Almonds improve glycemic control in type 2 diabetics. Gaby, Alan R. 331
An anti-aging medical approach to diabetes prevention. Klatz, Ronald; Goldman, Robert Column 647
Antifibrotic protocol for hepatitis C. Abshier, Thomas Lee Report 3657
Antioxidant found 'innocent' in clinical trial. Moss, Ralph Report 2347
Ayurveda, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Klotter, Jule 698
Boost fruits and vegetables to reduce diabetes risk. Klatz, Ronald; Goldman, Robert Brief article 163
Calendar. Calendar 1426
Can the 'obesity paradox' be explained by pesticide exposure? Gaby, Alan R. 311
Cancer and low body temperature. Jernigan, David A. Report 3233
Chemicals in personal care products may raise diabetes risk. Klatz, Ronald; Goldman, Robert Brief article 231
Chronic hepatitis C: the hidden epidemic. Patrick, Lyn Report 5283
Combating radiation exposure before disaster strikes. Braverman, Eric R.; Baker, Robert J.; Loeffke, Bernard; Ferrer-Gonzalez, Gustavo Report 8048
Dairy and metabolic syndrome. Klotter, Jule 868
Diabetes and environmental chemicals. Klotter, Jule 568
Diabetes: helping patients succeed in weight loss. Kohlstadt, Ingrid Report 1677
Diet type affects energy expenditure. Klotter, Jule 627
Diet, exercise, and chocolate. Hudson, Tori 1177
Do Cow's milk and enterovirus infection lead to type 1 diabetes? Gaby, Alan R. Brief article 224
DSHEA--from safe harbor to sinking harbor: is there a way to bypass the FDA's regulatory roadblocks? LeBeau, Conrad Report 3193
Fatigue, immunity, and inflammation: their resolution using natural medicine. Ash, Michael; Settenari, Robert; Nicolson, Garth L. Report 3888
From the publisher. Collin, Jonathan 1303
Functional medicine approach to metabolic syndrome. Klotter, Jule 687
Glucocorticoids Are Orthomolecular Hormones. Fonorow, Owen Book review 1723
Helping the body process sugar better one step at a time. Chen, Julie T. 1010
Homeopathic treatment for addictions. Klotter, Jule 580
Integrative treatment of liver disease. Berkson, Burt Report 3665
Iodine vs. gut microbes for health. Letter to the editor 257
Is hCG miraculous? Gerber, Michael Report 2382
L-carnitine for asthma. Gaby, Alan R. Brief article 170
Life is not a dress rehearsal: what I learned from a mistaken metastatic cancer diagnosis. Reichenberg-Ullman, Judyth 3392
Metabolic effects of fructose. Gaby, Alan R. Brief article 300
More about nuts and type 2 diabetes. Gaby, Alan R. Brief article 184
Multiple sclerosis: environmental factors and treatments--Part 1. Marchese, Marianne Report 2771
New study shows further benefits of maitake SX-Fraction. Report 337
Omega-6 fatty acids and inflammation. Gaby, Alan R. Editorial 808
Physical activity and metabolic syndrome. Klotter, Jule 930
Raisins help to steady blood sugar levels. Klatz, Ronald; Goldman, Robert Brief article 168
Raw milk. Klotter, Jule 626
Real Health-Care Reform. Duff, Katherine Book review 881
Secondhand smoke linked to diabetes and obesity. Klatz, Ronald; Goldman, Robert Brief article 343
Selenium may protect against diabetes. Klatz, Ronald; Goldman, Robert 496
The death of Michael Jackson: was malnutrition a factor? Cartmell, John W. 663
The fatty inflamed liver. Morstein, Mona 2926
Type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, obesity, and blood sugar control. Yates, Beverly Report 1889
Vitamin C cures two cases of serious illness. Clinical report 376
Vitamin C decreased postoperative morphine requirements. Gaby, Alan R. Brief article 193
Vitamin D improves blood glucose control. Gaby, Alan R. 334
Vitamin D. Smith, Pamela Report 3058
Weight training for insulin management? Teta, Jade; Teta, Keoni 1141

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