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Town Hall, Center Office repairs leap ahead.

Byline: Craig S. Semon

STURBRIDGE - An update on the $5.3 million Town Hall and Center Office Building renovation project says it's ahead of its original completion date.

Thomas Kondel, project manager, told selectmen this week that its projected completion date is a couple of weeks ahead of the June 29 completion date. The town is putting $1.5 million in Community Preservation Act money toward the project.

Phil O'Brien, the principal at J. Stewart Roberts Association, said they are not insulating the exterior walls of Town Hall is that because they are made completely out of brick, so it would be risking water infiltration and water damage in the building.

Mr. O'Brien said vapor is coming in from the outside and if trapped inside, it will recondense into liquid water and run down the inside face of the building.

The following has been accomplished, according to last month's progress report, as presented by Mr. Kondel.

Framing at the addition at the Center Office Building is now complete.

The slate roof is complete and the final pieces of trim are being installed.

The electrical, plumbing and mechanical rough-ins are complete and town inspectors have conducted inspections. Drywall installation will begin shortly.

The foundation at Town Hall has been completed, and framing is set to begin

The elevator shaft is complete.

The additional beams have been added, carrying the second floor, and the second-floor joists that have to be "sistered" have started the rough-ins at the building.

Binder and finish coats of bituminous paving have been placed at the street and the alley leading to the lower parking lot.

Staging along the north and south side of the roof has been erected. The building has been stripped. The plywood has been installed. The ice and water shield has been installed and they are laying the slate for the roof.

Brickwork at the Center Office Building was scheduled to begin last week.

Word from the restoration contractor is that they are close to being ready for the windows to be returned to the site, and that is critical for the temporary heat inside the building.

At Town Hall, the addition framing will be complete and the roof trusses and plywood installed.

The second-floor joists that have to be sistered will be completed

Once the brickwork is completed at the Center Office Building the mason plans to move directly to Town Hall for work at the addition. The brickwork will be completed while the roofer concentrates on the main building

Reframing of the front portico roof will be complete before the entire roof is sheathed and the slate work stated.

The mechanical trades will be working on rough-ins.

The Central Office Building is in good shape and will soon be ready for interior finishes to commence. Town Hall is slowly shaping up.
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Publication:Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)
Date:Jan 14, 2010
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