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Towards A Solution.

One solution is a proposal made in 1986 by Lebanon's then President Amin Gemayel. At the time he proposed creation of the post of vice president and give it permanently to the Shi'ites who are the largest community in Lebanon. This would mean the Sunnis have the premiership, the Maronite Christians have the presidency, and the Shi'ites get the chairmanship of parliament and the vice presidency. Revisiting it today, along with the proposal of Arab League Secretary-General Amr Mousa for the 19+10+1 formula, might prevent the civil war which is looming on the horizon.

The 19+10+1 formula means a new Siniora government of 30 ministers, in which 19 posts would go to the ruling March 14 Forces (to which Siniora belongs), 10 would go to the opposition including Hisbullah, and one would go to an independent. This, however, would need the co-operation of Saudi Arabia and Iran.
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Title Annotation:political conditions in Lebanon
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Date:Feb 5, 2007
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