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Crisis Communication Put to the Test: The Case of Two Airlines on 9/11. Aug 1, 2005 176
"Cynical Politics" versus "Scientific Truth": Communication Crisis at Brookhaven National Lab. Aug 1, 2005 116
The Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant Eroded Reactor Head: A Case Study. Aug 1, 2005 101
Introduction to the Special Issue on New Case Studies for Technical and Professional Communication [Special Issue]. Aug 1, 2005 172
Teaching the Air Midwest Case: A Stakeholder Approach to Deliberative Technical Rhetoric. Aug 1, 2005 163
Teaching Enron: The Rhetoric and Ethics of Whistle-blowing. Aug 1, 2005 227
Using Criteria in the Recommendation Report: A Case Study of the Texas A & M University Bonfire Commission Findings. Aug 1, 2005 150
Act Well Thy Part: Performing Technical Writer and Engineer. May 1, 2005 194
Creating Hybrid Distributed Learning Environments by Implementing Distributed Collaborative Writing in Traditional Educational Settings. May 1, 2005 155
Designing for the Changing Role of the Instructor in Blended Learning. May 1, 2005 131
Reducing the Distance: A Study of Course Websites as a Means to Create a Total Learning Space in Traditional Courses. May 1, 2005 170
Gray Matters: Where Are the Technical Communicators in Research and Design for Aging Audiences? May 1, 2005 112
Building Trust in Virtual Teams. Feb 1, 2005 118
Multinational Data-privacy Laws: An Introduction for IT Managers. Feb 1, 2005 152
Toward Accommodating Gender Differences in Multimedia Communication. Feb 1, 2005 106
The Development of a Construct for Measuring an Individual's Perceptions of E-mail as a Medium for Electronic Communication in Organization. Feb 1, 2005 199
Thinking about Thinking Aloud: A Comparison of Two Verbal Protocols for Usability Testing. Feb 1, 2005 197
Acquiring Procedural Knowledge of a Technology Interface [Special Issue]. Nov 1, 2004 122
Factors Affecting the Processing of Procedural Instructions: Implications for Document Design. Nov 1, 2004 136
The Four Components of a Procedure. Nov 1, 2004 132
Solving Problems on Your Own: How Do Exercises in Tutorials Interact with Software Learners' Level of Goal-orientedness? Nov 1, 2004 199
Some Effects of System Information in Instructions for Use. Nov 1, 2004 151
Multinational Data-privacy Laws: An Introduction for IT Managers. Nov 1, 2004 146
Using Internet-based, Distributed Collaborative Writing Tools to Improve Coordination and Group Awareness in Writing Teams. Aug 1, 2004 142
As the Case May Be: The Potential of Electronic Cases for Interdisciplinary Communication Instruction. Aug 1, 2004 174
Mediators of the Effectiveness of Online Courses. Aug 1, 2004 168
Engineering and Technology Student Perceptions of Collaborative Writing Practices. Aug 1, 2004 105
The Not-so-distant Future: Composition Studies in the Culture of Biotechnology. Aug 1, 2004 149
After Hypertext: Other Ideas. Aug 1, 2004 152
Documents as Prototypes: Designing Written Drafts for Communication Across Cross-disciplinary Teams. Aug 1, 2004 131
Case Study on the Development of a Computer-based Support Tool for Assisting Japanese Software Engineers with Their English Writing Needs. May 1, 2004 217
Communicating in the Intercultural Classroom. May 1, 2004 188
Developing Language Support for Nonnative Speakers of English in Science and Engineering [Special Issue]. May 1, 2004 105
Mover: A Machine Learning Tool to Assist in the Reading and Writing of Technical Papers. May 1, 2004 130
The Science of Conversation: Training in Dialogue for NNS [Nonnative English Speakers] in Engineering. May 1, 2004 122
Helping Interviewees Tell Their Stories. May 1, 2004 105
The Impact of Benefits on Graduating Student Willingness to Accept Job Offers. May 1, 2004 128
Making Contact in International Virtual Offices: An Application of Symbolic Interactionism to Online Workplace Discourse. May 1, 2004 155
Resume Writing and the Minority Student. May 1, 2004 146
Action research: lessons learned from a multi-iteration study of computer-mediated communication in groups. Feb 1, 2004 191
Web-based surveys for corporate information gathering: a biasreducing design framework. Feb 1, 2004 156
Presenting information on the small-screen interface: effects of table formatting. Feb 1, 2004 163
Successful Sino-western Business Negotiation: Participants' Accounts of National and Professional Cultures. Aug 1, 2003 136
Promoting Innovation in the Workplace: the Internal Proposal. Aug 1, 2003 144
Managing Communication within Virtual Intercultural Teams. Aug 1, 2003 131
The Contribution of Electronic Communication Media to the Design Process: Communicative and Cultural Implications. (Communication). May 1, 2003 179
E-collaboration: The Reality of Virtuality. (Communication). May 1, 2003 163
E-cooperative Design among Mechanical and Electrical Engineers: Implications for Communication between Professional Cultures. (Communication). May 1, 2003 114
Power and the World Wide Web [Special Issue). (Education). May 1, 2003 123
Power, Language, and Identity: Voices from an Online Course. (Education). May 1, 2003 180
Breaking the Island Chains: A Case Study Exploring the Intricate Powers of Language Shared on the World Wide Web. (Language). May 1, 2003 162
Technical Communicators Beware: The Next Generation of High-Tech Recruiting Methods. (Professional Issues). May 1, 2003 108
International Communication Technology [special issue]. (Technology). May 1, 2003 107
The Politics of the Program: MS Word as the Invisible Grammarian. (Technology). May 1, 2003 101
Compensatory adaptation to a lean medium: an action research investigation of electronic communication in process improvement groups. (Communication). May 1, 2002 154
Meaning to change: how diverse stakeholders interpret organizational communication about change initiatives. (Communication). May 1, 2002 142
Web accessibility for people with disabilities: an introduction for web developers. (Design). May 1, 2002 109
Designing online courses: User-centered practices. (Education). May 1, 2002 114
So you are going to be an online writing instructor: issues in designing, developing, and delivering an online course. (Education). May 1, 2002 133
Textbooks versus technology: teaching professional writing to the next generation of technical communicators. (Education). May 1, 2002 138
The communication characteristics of virtual teams. (Communication). Feb 1, 2002 171
Technical innovation and global business communication [special issue]. (Communication). Feb 1, 2002 580
Collaboration in technical communication: A qualitative analysis of journal articles, 1990-1999. (Professional Issues). Feb 1, 2002 109

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