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Tourists? No, the biggest band in the WORLD; ++The Beatles take America: 50 years on ++.

Byline: JADE WRIGHT Music Writer @jadewright

AFTER the Ed Sullivan show the band stayed in New York to do more interviews. They were the darlings of the media, and on the front of the newspapers across America.

Despite the hectic schedule the band were on sparkling form, batting back witty answers to even the dullest questions.

Photographers snapped day and night while the Beatles obligingly balanced ash-trays on their heads, feigned cutting each other's hair, ate chicken - or simply yawned.

And they never gave the same answer twice.

At one press conference a reporter asked: "Who would you like to have as leading lady in your film?" George Harrison promptly replied: "The Queen - she sells in England, you know."

Another queried: "What do you think of New York?" Paul McCartney said: "We haven't seen much, but what we've seen is great," and John Lennon added with a straight face: "It's tall, too."

When asked how they felt about appearing at two more concerts in New York's plush Carnegie Hall, all four of them chorused "wonderful" with an additional from John, "Let's hope the mics are on."

That was a dig at the Sullivan show technicians, who had allowed John's microphone to drop below proper power during Sunday's television performance.

The press loved Paul's answer to "What do you think of the Playboy Club?" "The Playboy and I," Paul said, "are just good friends."

But it is George who is really suspected of being the gag writer.

"Why aren't you wearing a tie?" asked a supercilious lady. "Why aren't you wearing a hat?" asked George.

The writers asked him if the place he was brought up in was a bit like Greenwich Village. "No," said George. "More like Bowery."

One lady asked Ringo which was the biggest threat to their career, the atom bomb or dandruff.

"The atom bomb," he said promptly. "We've got dandruff already."

One polite person said she was sorry to interrupt while they were eating but what did they think they would be doing in five years' time, when this was all over.

"Still eating," said John, One woman told Paul he looked just like her son. "You don't look a bit like my mother," replied Paul politely.

One man of many years' experience said: " It's a funny thing. I didn't think much of them at first. Now I feel kind of fond of them."

In Washington, an English hairdresser said: "It's frightful to admit, but, with some modification, nearly everyone in Liverpool wears his hair that way."

There, Lady Ormsby-Gore, wife of the British Ambassador, sent an invitation to the Beatles to attend her charity ball after their show.

They also received two gold discs to mark million dollar sales in America of their long-player, Meet the Beatles and single I Want To Hold Your Hand, and then signed a contract to appear in three films . Shooting on the first movie was to start shortly after their return to England.

John told the ECHO: "No title has yet been fixed, but it will have the word Beatles in it somewhere, I understand. Can we act? We're going to have a bash, but we don't reckon to be a bunch of Richard Burtons."

The final stop on their 10-day trip was Florida.

"According to reports from Miami Beach, where the Beatles go on Thursday to prepare for next Sunday's second live Ed Sullivan show from the luxury Deauville Hotel, security precautions there will be even stricter," said the ECHO.

A Deauville Hotel spokesman said: "We shall have 80 guards on duty to prevent our guests being disturbed."

The Beatles travelled to Miami from New York on February 13.

Their arrival was watched by 7,000 fans, who had been alerted to The Beatles' ' presence by local radio stations WFUN and WQAM.

"Miami was like paradise," Paul said on Anthology. "We had never been anywhere where there were palm trees. We were real tourists; we had our Pentax cameras and took a lot of pictures. I''ve still got a lot of photos of motorcycle cops with their guns. We''d never seem a policeman with a gun, and those Miami cops did look pretty groovy. We had a great time there."

The Beatles'' second appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show was to take place at their Miami hotel, the Deauville one week after their record-breaking debut.

There was an audience of 2,600 - but there were 3,500 tickets issued, and police had to calm angry ticket holders who were denied entry.

The Beatles performed six songs: She Loves You, This Boy, All My Loving, I Saw Her Standing There, From Me To You and I Want To Hold Your Hand.

The show was watched by an estimated 70 million people.

Ed Sullivan said of the lads: "The thing that impresses me most about the Beatles is that despite their youth they are real professionals.

" That's about the highest compliment you can give a person in show business.

"It's obvious to me they were brought up right. They are polite, intelligent, youngsters. They're gentlemen."

After a couple of days off The Beatles flew from Miami to New York, where they boarded an aeroplane to take them to London. They arrived back in the UK following day.

They had been away for only a few days but in that time everything had changed. America had fallen in love with The Beatles and Britain's hold on the band had slipped, ever so slightly on what was fast becoming the biggest band in the world.


POPULAR: Ringo with John, being mobbed on the beach, above, and on the train after the Ambassador''s party FAMILY TIES: George with sister Louise

FAB FROLICKERS: The Beatles the sea in Miami Florida as high school girls rush to join them
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