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Tourism key industry.

Minister of Industry, Investment & Commerce Karl Samuda, said tourism is Jamaica's most important industry, offering the best chance for lasting economic development, reports JIS (Oct. 23, 2007):

This is not "simply because we have hotels that attract guests, but because of the linkages that it offers. We could produce what is used in the hotels, we could feed the guests with what we grow, we could make ourselves self-sufficient in that industry, and make us an independent country economically that is not subject to the vagaries of (other industries)." Bauxite and alumina account for 60% of the country's exports, but dependence on the sector could have negative effects on the economy, when there are fluctuations within that sector, he noted;

Government is dissatisfied with the fact that 70% of the island's workforce has received no vocational training at all, he added. "Jamaica has to wake up and realize that nobody owes us a living. We are only going to come out of the difficulties we face through the productivity of our people, and in making them more productive, we must apply the technologies used throughout the world," he stated.
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Date:Dec 1, 2007
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